Highly Recommended Peninsula Places

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Getting bored on the peninsula? Check out these places if you haven't already.
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    It's tempting not to write a review of this place, since there are so many already.  But when a place is as terrific as this one, I feel compelled to comment.  

    This is a great Asian market (mostly Japanese).  There are the usual goodies: fresh tofu, plenty of mochi, readymade sushi, etc.  But it also has some items that other Asian stores on the peninsula don't always have: freshly made udon noodles, frozen manapua, and a HUGE variety of sashimi, including amberjack, monkfish liver (complete with delectable sauce), and several kinds of tuna.  Their saba is especially good.  My only complaint is the salmon, which has been so-so recently, but not sub-par enough to dock a full star.

    I also appreciate the service here.  I'm a white chick, and sometimes have to ask naive questions about preparing Japanese foods.  Everyone I've ever approached in the store has been helpful and friendly, and even though I always seem to end up closing the place down (7 pm?!  Come ON!), they never rush me or do the whole "We're closing in three minutes" countdown, and I appreciate this courtesy.

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    Excellent chocolate, free samples(!), and free wifi.  This place rocks.  The owner is incredibly nice, and very friendly and helpful.  We talked for quite a while about chocolates, Palo Alto, restaurants, iPhones, etc.  Then I came back after they had closed, looking for a restroom, and he let me in and was very cool about it.  He even made me a cup of coffee (this is *after* closing) when I mentioned I was tired and was going to go grab a cup somewhere.  

    Definitely try a few truffles, but also try the hot chocolate.  The hazelnut hot chocolate (which can be made with hazelnut milk[!!]) is terrifically good, if slightly too sweet.  It's like drinking a wee cup of melted Nutella.  And ask the owner for some recommendations based on what you think you might like--I was pleasantly surprised to discover some new chocolate tastes there.  I'll definitely be back!

  • 200 Hamilton Ave
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
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    For the love of God--this place has over 600 reviews and an average of over 4 stars.  Do you *really* need to be reading the Yelp reviews?  Just go.  Yeah, it's expensive ($5.90 for a medium with three toppings), and yeah, it would be nice if they were open later.  But it's REALLY good, and REALLY fresh.  Just GO.  And while you're at it, pick up a lavender sea salt biscotti for me, will you?

  • 1122 2nd Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Where have you been hiding, Golden Nursery?  You are awesome!  How did you manage to escape my notice for so long?

    I went there today to LOOK at the succulents--just LOOK.  But...  they were so healthy and varied and gorgeous that I couldn't resist taking, um, five of them home.  Seriously, who has echeveria blue spurs besides Flora Grubb?  Golden Nursery, that's who.  Terrific selection of echeveria, agave, and more.  

    I didn't think MOST of the prices were out of the normal range--$4-6 for a 3-inch or 4-inch pot.  Oddly, there were a few that were WAAAY out of the normal range, particularly agave ($80 for a medium-sized variegated attenuata!?  $40 for a small potatorum snowfall??  WTH?!!?) and bonsai pots (I have seen the exact same pots--same company and everything--in plenty of other places for literally one THIRD of the price).  Otherwise, they'd get five stars.  

    Wonderful customer service, too.

  • 429 S California Ave
    Palo Alto, CA 94306
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Beitrag des Tages 8.7.2010

    I can't say enough good things about Zombie Runner.  They're very knowledgeable and very friendly, and even helped me find a pair of trail running shoes that don't hurt my feet (for me, that's quite an endeavor: plantar fasciitis + a history of shin splints).  I also appreciated that although I am overweight and unathletic looking, they were *very* nice--not the least bit condescending.  They treated me exactly the same way they treated the marathon trail running guy who came in around the same time.  This isn't always the case at running stores, and I really appreciated that they could help out a beginner just as well as an expert.  

    They also have a great collection of socks.

    As others have pointed out, this is a trail-running store, not a general running store.  If you like to run on pavement all the time, this isn't the store for you.  However, if you're more of a hiker than a trail runner, you'll  find lots of useful shoes and hiking supplies.

    On the coffee side, I have even more to say.  DC, who always seems to be behind the espresso bar playing with various cool, intricate, coffee-brewing contraptions, knows a ton about coffee.  They get the beans from some friend of theirs who's a roaster, and the whole beans for sale always seem to have been roasted less than a week ago.  Amazingly flavorful.  I recommend starting with the Guatemala.  Once you try ZR, you'll be bummed if you have to buy your beans at Peet's again.  Seriously.  It's *that* good.  Excellent lattes and drip coffee, too.  Nowhere to sit, really, but it's fun to get your cup of platinum-quality coffee and walk around the store looking at funky trail running accouterments, books, and zombie toys.  Definitely worth a visit if you live anywhere within an hour or two's drive (I have a friend who gets her coffee here even though she lives in Alameda--and I'd probably do the same!).

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    How does this place only get 3.5 stars?  Come on, Yelpers--if you haven't been there in the last couple years, give it another shot.  Here are some awesome things about it:
    -  Good service.  Friendly.
    -  Decent wine selection
    -  Killer pizza (the Flower Market is numero uno, a mon avis), which you can also get half-baked to-go.  OMG do it do it do it.
    -  Surprisingly good breakfast.  I say "surprisingly" because in our experience, breakfast places in HMB kind of suck.
    -  Inside *and* outside patio seating (with heat lamps and fireplaces)

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