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HELLywood, as I like calling it... No, I am not a fan. My friends go there often and so I have the pelasure of exploring Hollywood's... Well, commom places/ clubs/ spots. Hmmm... How do I go through with this?? PRE DRINKS!!! Lots and lots... Haa haaa....
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    Now I know that the Hollywood Club scene is generally.. shitty, common, gross and boring for most parts... But this place really does top them all with.. Shittyness, commonness, grossness!! Hahaa...

    Was here on Saturday night... Was easy to get in, prob a red light, I guess..
    The front, which played top 40 and hipshmop was packed. We were more interested with the back as heard that they play house.
    Surprise surprise it was pretty much empty. Not because they played house there. No. Because the DJ was so bad, it was sad. Very sad.
    The tunes were really old, and he was playing with the flow/ rhythm what not all the time so was difficult to enjoy that... You know, house music, you wanna be able to dance and have fun, right??

    Hmmm, let's get a drink!! (prepare the wallet to be emptied, 'cuz this place is expensive. Don't think you'd enjoy it 'cuz it's watered down.... )

    Ohh God, so many people at the bar.. "What is going on??"
    2 bartenders.... One of them is attending a 'lady's' fronters (she was laying on the side top and I believe she was serving him a drink.. Riiiight)
    The other guy was just being slow and was busy tidying up his hair... Ohh wait, other guy is out of that woman's.. face.... what are they (the 2 guys behind the bar) doing??


    Enough said. If you're doing hollywood.. ( WHY?/ ) Haahaaa, don't recomend this place at all....

  • 8117 Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
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    Oh No. Noooo.....

    Been here last night, as a 'club' night... Didn't dine here...

    It took us about 1 - 1.30 hours to get in, despite being on a list-thing. The bouncer was just being awkward... Finally in.. Ohh MATE I want out...

    This place is like a back yard filled with a ton of bodies.. All pushing and shoving and stumbling everywhere, Ohh DEAR ME, ages to get to the bar (only 3 types of beer?? Really?? ) and when I finally did it "only" took 30 minutes to be served...

    Everything about this place was so disappointing... So typical Hellywood... What a shame
    (Telling you, nothing beats a good ol Live Metal/ Rock show!!)


  • 6507 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Matey Amandor A and I were here a few weeks back...

    My review probably won't reflect the "normal" night here... But basically, cut a long-frikin funny-awesome story short, we had a cool party here and the guys who work here seemed super cool.... We had cool music and were proper chilled...

    The place has a great location (as in this place is a walking distance from bourgandy room, loaded etc hopping kindda night....)

    It's very spacious and got that massiev loft vibe... Fancy that

    Wish they had more beer selection....

    Other than that nothing much to say.... Looking forward to be back :)

    Thumbs up :)

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    Was here on Saturday night so they played junk-top-40-crap... Was horrid.. Sound was a shambles and even I could tell that the mix was a complete randomness and just didnt make sense.

    Crows was a random mix too and the whole night just felt odd and common.

    It was so so bad I wasn't even interested with intoxicating myself with a smooth drink-ey. I went to Dennis!!

    Yes... THAT BAD!

    As the place itself is beautiful and I reckon that a private party would be great at this venue ESPECIALLY a METAL BAND or something GRUNGIE! MMmmm Grunge, yes...

    Hoping that there will be a decent event here though as heard good stuff about this place, but definitely a waste of time when it's a night of Hollywood Club Scene....

  • 755 N La Cienega Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90069
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Eaww Eaww Eaaawww

    The place looks nice.. empty.. with no music.. And probably best when it's dark!!

    Was dragged here with friends.. One of the most horrible, boring night at the "Hollywood club scene"...

    Where to start??
    Expensive watered alcoholic (inspired?) drinks, too many people (I know how the encourage more women, but it seemed like he ratio was 20 to 1.. So basically the place was filled with over whelming perfumes and a ton of shimmer EVERYWHERE), Music was horrendous. Old. Bad sound. Britney spears. Techno than hip shmop. than a great old school dance tune, which has been remixed (if you don't know how to DJ old School, leave it the FUDGE alone)

    Smoking area outside is well dodgy too/ very small so obviously overcrowded... Can't even ash away without being in someones (eye) way....

    Didn't like it here one bit. Not impressed.

    To me this place sets an all time low... One star for the dancing bouncer though, who made me laugh... Lol...

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    Really cool place.. But for shows, not as a club..

    Well Ive been here a couple of time... First time I was here It was for an Alice In Chains show.. Which was amazing... Been all the way at the back and enjoyed the show (and a sneaky smoke, heehee)
    Don't think that the sounds was all that amazing though, which is a shame...

    Other time I was here was at the Pre Oscar Party, and that was super nice as they has a great show on with different artists.. Need to dig up the line up, was really cool... Can't say much about the sounds because I know for a fact that I wasn't paying too much attention THAT night... Hmm...

    The venue itself though is really nice. Cool design and I love all the stairs and levels...

    Really like the 'Smoking Alley' as this is where the band would go out and you can have a lil meet up...
    (Was so close to James Cameron that one time... And nearly managed to get to Juliette Lewis!!) Maybe I'll be more lucky next time...)

    This is Hollywood. Please do expect small ass plastic cups with a shit loads of ice and s splash of whatever you wanted... for like $10 or so...

    PRE Drink, I say....

    Will be back... If a Rock ass show would at this Venue....

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