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    Wow, this place is overrated by most reviewers, if you ask me.  I've been to many truck stop restaurants in my time because as a kid and tween, I traveled with my truck driving dad in Canada and the U.S.  I also had a client that worked in one so I visited him on site.  This place is brutal and I actually was taken aback when I walked in for the first time today.  

    The decor is tacky.  Not in a cool and classic way, but in an "I'm too lazy to renovate and won't lose business if I don't" kind of way.  I do not recall any truck stop joint that I've ever sat in to look this gaudy or smell like body odor.  Maybe it was a patron and not the cushions, but that was my first whiff in the door and it also put me off.  

    The servers are very friendly but due to lack of communication, no one approached our table for ten minutes and that's because we didn't wave someone down earlier.

    Our food arrived quickly, but the chunky potato hash browns were not browned at all and very blah.  I had the cheddar cheese omelet and somehow it also was blah.  The only thing I truly enjoyed was my buttery toast.  I asked for tea and wasn't given a choice.

    The only factors that nearly warrant Blackfoot Truck Stop two stars is the pleasant staff and the foamy soap.  I was asked to meet here and will never return if I have my way.

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    I've never eaten at Mary Brown's before and spontaneously stopped in this afternoon.  I had to yell for service after a minute or so as the staff were in the back and didn't hear me come in.  The ladies apologized but the one who handled my transaction had an awkwardly cold attitude for the first few minutes.  The front of her shirt was absolutely filthy.  I don't know if they have aprons and if not, they should invest in some.  At least it could be removed for front-line work and would save someone from looking like they were butchering chicken and repulsing the customers.  She finally made an attempt at small talk as I waited for my order.  However, she lead the discussion to a negative subject and just made me want to leave.

    I tried the Pulled Chicken Sandwich.  Not sure what to think of it.  Some of the chicken pieces were dry and I don't know if I'm a fan of the coleslaw on it.  The buns are not super high quality so the sandwich got soggy rather quickly.  The taters are good, I'll give them that.  The seasoning used on them is such that you don't really need ketchup or anything else to dip them with as they have their own flavor.  A small order was plenty enough for me.

    If I ever return, I'd likely go to another location and try the Big Mary, which is what the cashier recommended.

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    19.12.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I am saddened.  I purposefully stopped in to grab food from the deli and bakery for lunch yesterday and there were no menus posted, no prices and not an ounce of ready-to-go food aside from baklava.  It was 12:30pm.  What the heck?  I decided to wander over to the bulk food section and as I was browsing, I saw a moth flying around in one of the nut containers.  Gross.  That has turned me off enough that I'll never darken the doors again.

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    10.8.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Holy samosa, batman!  I tried not to race to the bakery section, as I wanted to be sure to take it… Weiterlesen
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    This place is operated by an elderly couple who appear to treat the store like their own house.  There are dishes, food and other items left on the shelves alongside the liquor bottles.  There was a little dog roaming around as well, which I assume is also normal practice for them.  I was okay with it following me around until I was jumped on.  The wife called the dog to her so it stayed behind the counter, but then it just growled.  Awesome.  Not a welcoming feeling, that's for sure.

    The beverage selection is kind of bizarre.  Who carries six 750ml bottles of Lemon Gin?  Maybe there's a demand for it in this neighborhood.  Who knows.

    The atmosphere seemed awkward and I wasn't in the store for long before leaving empty handed.  Presentation is everything these days and North Star Liquor does not offer a pleasant shopping experience.

    April Challenge: The Underdog  15/30

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    What is going on in here?!  I have never been in a more cluttered, confusing and overwhelming convenience store.  It is so full that I felt I was pouring myself in between shelves and stands.  It's like one thousand warehouses came together and dropped off their leftovers.  Items are piled on top of each other and there's not much for rhyme or reason.  However, if you really needed some random item, like a spatula or box of crackers, you might find it if you look for 10 minutes.  I have the sense that everything in here is old, although I may be wrong.  However, I wouldn't purchase a food item of any kind.  I think I was most stunned by the porn magazines.  

    I'm not sure how this place stays in business, but good for them, I guess.  I didn't end up purchasing anything and will never try again.

    April Challenge: The Underdog  14/30

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    I've previously commented that Vietnamese restaurants basically can do no wrong, but I've found one that epic failed.  

    My lunch partner was running late, so upon being seated I was brought water and was not once asked if I wanted anything else while I waited, which turned out to be a half hour.  During this time, I became highly irritated by the blasting music and actually asked them to lower the volume.  They did and immediately I could tell that other patrons weren't talking so loudly anymore.  

    Once my friend arrived we had to flag a server to take our order because we certainly received no attention.  Our food arrived quickly, but everything about my noodle bowl was completely flavorless.  I had asked for the lemongrass chicken and the chicken was naked.  I was stunned at how bad my meal was because I've never experienced this in a Vietnamese restaurant before.

    Our visit turned into two hours and the remainder of our food sat on the table with us for that long as well.  We were ignored until we again flagged a server to remove the food, as we were ready to leave.  The man who assisted me with paying my bill was not friendly.  It took all I had to leave a tip and I'll never go back if I can help it.

  • 1323 Centre St NW
    Calgary, AB T2E 2R5
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    There is nothing wrong with the coffee or food, but the atmosphere is the issue.  I'm sorry, but chillin' in a long line with a bunch of teens from the neighborhood high school is not where it's at over the noon hour.  I've got my head in work mode and like, all I can hear, dude, is ridiculous and loud comments between friends like "You're the lamest gay guy I know" and I totally want to give someone the elbow to leave me some space, you know?  

    The place was a crumby mess with lots of kids crammed inside, eating lunches they didn't purchase there.  Point is, don't go anywhere near this Tim's around the noon hour or after school, especially if you want to get any work done or conduct a meeting.  It's a small space and there's no escaping any ruckus.  Thankfully the majority of the rowdies and loiterers left before my meeting started.

  • 24 Aero Drive Ne
    Calgary, AB T2E 8Z9
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    It only takes one poor experience to put a bad taste in my mouth and it happened recently.  

    I'm home all day and does the Fed Ex delivery person ring my door bell or knock?  No.  This person drops the door handle notice in between my two front doors and leaves.  He or she doesn't even bother to hang it up and it's very obvious.  Rather than receiving my package at home like I was supposed to, now I'm wasting time and gas to pick it up at the Aero Drive location.  I put in my complaint and a supervisor was supposed to call me within the week to discuss the consequences and actions taken by them to correct the situation.  Did this happen?  No.  I still haven't decided if I'm going to make a follow-up phone call.  

    I work from home and for as often as I receive Fed Ex packages, I never hear the doorbell ring.  At least in the past the notice has been hanging on the door knob.  It just makes we wonder how hurried they are to deliver their packages and how often they actually make an effort to connect with the customer.

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    Craft was a pit stop during a bachelorette party I attended this past weekend.  What a gong show.  As a thirty-something woman, I was grateful that at least half of the crowd consisted of my peers, but there's no need for mature adults to be shoulder to shoulder, yelling over loud music, fighting for service and spilled on without a hope of getting a seat.  The only reason we were here was because the doormen let us skip the line.  No one in our group would have waited to be a part of this circus.  

    I wanted to ask questions about the beer but it was just too busy to bother.  Service was slow.  We tried to get a breather from the crowd by standing on the upper floor, just to be patronized by the male staff.  They worked hard at kicking us out of that area and practically held our hands as we were lead downstairs and encouraged to put our names on a wait list for a table.  No thanks, I'd rather leave than wait yet again.  

    I would be thrilled about Craft if I were ten years younger and single.  I think that people watching is a big attraction here and it's easy to mingle because everyone's space is always being invaded.   If I knew exactly when there was no line-up and guaranteed seating, I'd dare to give it a second try.  Otherwise, forget it.

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