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  • 2900 65th St E
    Inver Grove, MN 55076
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    I love the big Gerten's not far down the road... SO when I heard about this smaller mom and pop flower shop I had to check it out!! Not comparable at all in size to the Gerten's located on 5500 Blaine Ave... Much smaller, but I like this place, not being stampeded by customers was a huge plus!

    There was a wide array of flowers to choose from, minimal shrubs available. Inside the small shop were some pots and other basic gardening accessories.

    I was on a mission to find a hibiscus plant and when I came here I found that they were beautiful, full, and right up my price range!! The Hibiscus plants at the larger Gerten's were about 10 bucks overpriced and not as stunning looking. Home Depots were cheap looking, but around the same price. I got exactly what I came for. I had several questions, and the owner and his daughter were available to answer everything and do it with a smile. Great customer service.

    I will definitely be visiting again this summer! Just an FYI, credit cards are not accepted here. Bring a check or cash! ;-)

  • Zoo
    13000 Zoo Blvd
    Apple Valley, MN 55124
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    I love going to the zoo in the fall... You can still walk outside and see all the animals as well as the changing colors of the leaves. I honestly don't know why I don't go more often. I live less then 5 minutes away!

    Prices only seem to get higher each year... But I'd say you get what you pay for. Great to go with friends, family, or even a date!  My favorite exhibit at the zoo is of course the Dolphins...  You have got to stick around and watch the Dolphin show if you have time!

    The zoo is always clean and very kid friendly, duh! Employees are knowledgeable and overall pretty friendly.

    Heads up! If you are visiting from out of town, it's only like a 10 minute drive South of the Mall of America.

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    I didn't even go here for the food! I went for the apple orchard and the pumpkin picking! This place is a cute little hideaway about a 45 minute scenic drive from the "the Valley" ha. With all the fall leaves and beautiful colors it made the car ride enjoyable.

    When we got there, holy kids! This place is surely for young families! I went with just one other friend... But anyone and everyone was here. It was a Saturday afternoon and it was a busy little joint! There were so many things for the little kids to do, pony rides, great photo ops for mommy's wanting to update their facebook pages. There was a cute little restaurant as well as a bakery and gift shop attached. Hotels were nearby in case you were staying the night. A nice little Minnesota tourist attraction.

    We got to sample the different kinds of apples. My friend walked away with her apple fix - satisfied. and I got my large Cinderella pumpkin. Score!

    I will be going back here again, except next time I will not be wearing high heels, wow. Biggest mistake ever. Ha.

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    If you love your plants and flowers as much as me, you will love Pahls! If you have visited Gertens and you were a little bit overwhelmed, try the smaller, more local version. Outdoor plants, a few greenhouses, a fairly large selection of pottery, fresh vegetables, outdoor decor and seating. It seems like this place has so much to offer the outdoor landscaper.  I love the atmosphere, it kind of puts me at ease.

    Prices for items do vary. I think it's a great idea to purchase planters in the off season... The fall seems to be the perfect time to be on the hunt, right now some of the outdoor pottery you can get 30% to 50% off of the retail price. I picked up 3 rustic clay looking pots today, so cute! Don't wait until spring because that's when the prices seem to spike back up! I also bought some adorable pumpkins to decorate my patio and my desk at work. I need a little color, if ya sense what I'm sayin'. As for the larger pumpkins they charge around .59 to .79 cents per pound, which I find reasonable. Some of the flowers change with the season, right now there are plenty of mums to go around!

    The staff is always friendly and is always very helpful. The attentiveness of the staff is driven by the need of the customer, which is totally cool with me. Most of the time the less pressure there is, the more I end up buying!

  • 5500 Blaine Ave
    Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
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    7.11.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I went in this past Saturday afternoon in search of a mini Christmas tree...  They had 40% off all trees until Monday (11/7), so I thought I better check it out!  They had very few tree's under 5 ft tall, and everything else would've been way to large for my space.  I didn't end up purchasing a tree, however I picked up a handful of ornaments at $10 bucks a pop!  Eeek... Kind of pricey, but I could totally justify the price for the quality.

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    6.9.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Yes this place could be considered pricey, but you totally get what you pay for.  With better… Weiterlesen

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