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When I don't take my Pepcid! Places I have liked and loathed to get my drank & partying on.
  • 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    You know the saying everything is better when it's free?  Well I have to say, it did apply to my visit at Hakkasan on Thursday night.  Free bottle service...oh the perks of having friends in Vegas that know people.  But, I've heard mixed reviews on the place, and was a little skeptical even with this perk.  Lines here definitely get long, even the bottle service line can get long, but that may be because the club doesn't start letting people in until 11...then it's pretty easy breezy after that.

    Hakkasan is so beautiful, the music was great (Daddalife & Fergie DJ were there) and the staff was awesome.  Our bottle service girl was so sweet and the staff here was so attentive, they definitely kept checking to replace our mixes and take away empty glasses.  I noticed this more so than at Body English and Tao I must say where I've experienced a kinda shared bottle service experience.  Also, we ladies loved how the guys by the stairs would shine the light so you could see where your going as your walking down them and they offer you a hand as well...this should be a must in every club!  The DJ line up is amazing too I must say.  XS & Marquee have stiff competition.

    I've been to Hakkasan in SF (just a restaurant here obviously) so I must say, just go to Hakkasan in Vegas for clubbing and skip the overpriced Asian fusion food.  I hope my next experience is just as great even without bottle service.

  • The Embarcadero
    San Francisco, CA 94105
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    When I heard about Michael Chiarello opening a new restaurant along the Pier, I knew I had to check out, especially since we love Bottega.  After a month of it opening we finally got to last night.  I tend to feel a little lukewarm towards tapas restaurants, but Coqueta blew us away.  The food was excellent and the service was knowledgeable and as top notch to match. I loved how we got a big round table to sit (table size for four), so he and I could sit next to each other making it easier to share.Since bf was so eager about being at Coqueta, we went a little crazy with our ordering.  

    *White wine sangria ($9): Probably the best sangria I've ever had.  So light and refreshing, you don't really taste the wine much, but it's not sweet either..if that makes sense?
    *He got a red..forgot which one!
    *Chorizo & roasted artichoke & piquillo pepper bite ($2.50/each): How can you not like sausage?  The chorizo was a little milder than what I'm used to so the artichoke & pepper stood out more.  But all-in-all, a nice bite.
    *Jamon Serrano bite ($2.50): Serrano ham with manchego cheese & apricot.  I loved this & generally I'm not too big on ham or apricot.  The cheese was mild yet distinct enough and everything tied well together.
    *Smoked Salmon open faced sandwich ($5):  OMG this was one of my absolute favorites here & I usually don't like salmon because I find the "fishy" taste to be strong every time I've had it.  I absolutely loved the creamy queso fresca and the truffle and honey were divine.
    *Chicken & English Pea Croquettes ($9): How do you not like something breaded and fried?  Our waiter perfectly put it, "it's like chicken pot pie filling."  And he was so right!  Creamy chicken and pea filling!  So good!
    *Tattas bravas ($8): crispy potato and ham nuggets with aioli.  It was our least favorite, but still good nonetheless.  I liked how it was the perfect ratio of potato, ham, and crispiness.  
    *Tortilla Andres ($6): Mix of sweet onion, potato, asparagus topped with piquillo pepper aioli.  This is a cold tapas.  I loved this.  Good carby but veggie filled tapa to fill you up.  The aioli was what this cold dish needed as well.
    *Crispy Shrimp ($10): Little shrimps fried with chickpea flour to make a crisp pancake served with saffron aioli.  Some of the shrimps tasted a little seafoody, otherwise this dish worked.  Again, anything fried crisp is pretty much a winner.
    *Pluma ($38): Our waiter described it kobe-like pork.  And it pretty much was!  It's a pork shoulder loin served with a honey chile sauce on the side.  The pork was so tender, juicy and had a wonderful nutty texture to it.  It was charred nicely too.  It looked more like steak than pork.  We wish there was more pieces of pork though of course!
    *Churros: These were mini churros "u" shapped and came with a chocolate dipping sauce served alonside with a berry powder.  Fine with just the chocolate dipping sauce, the powder was a little on the sweet side.  They weren't greasy either.

    After a visit to Coqueta, you'll be like Cha Cha who?  Coqueta sets the bar in my opinion for tapas.  It's a little pricey, but quality and taste-wise it's worth it.

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    LOVE this place for happy hour!  The owners and bartenders are sooo nice!  I've been here twice after work for happy hour.  We also like how they serve food too because everyone needs booze food, but this girl definitely needs food to coat her stomach for drinking due to being on a salad lunch diet most of the week!  While there are fried items on the menu, they serve up some delicious alternatives to the usual fried fare.  Their tacos are really good & are spicy; I recommend the shrimp & the beef.  The crab & truffle mac n cheese is so yummy too!  And let's not forget their truffle fries if you want to get your fried fix!  Good music, nice ambiance, good drinks and delish food & John Colins next door.  Minna is crackin after work!

  • 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    What else is there to say since everyone else nailed it!  XS is thee best club ever, period!  Good music, sexy as hell ambiance, plenty of room and places to sit, & shot girls walking around.  And for those of you who want to be ballin' there's so many options for bottle service.

    Maybe I'm sorta cheap, but I hate paying for cover for clubs, but, XS is worth the cover.  Since bf & I were staying at Wynn, we got line passes for us & my girls from the concierge, $20 for the ladies & $30 for guys, & yes it felt good passing by those waiting in line even that jerk in the bottle service line who had to make a comment at us while we walking by.

    Well deserved 5 stars for sure.

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    I planned in advance a Napa trip for my bf's birthday since we've been dying to go sometime.  I already knew what restaurant I wanted to take him to.  So, back in April, I was reading a bunch of winery Yelps & of course checking on my Yelp buddy Kathy D's Napa list.  Yes, one big reason I chose Hendry was because it was a free taste & tour, since I didn't want to pay a lot for tastes since we don't even care much for wine.  Bf & I are trying to transition into drinking wine, he can take it more than me, while I prefer sweet whites, and even that can be a struggle for me.  

    The tour is free but is very educational and generous.  They let you sample 12 wines and give you some saltines to much on too.  Jeff, our nice & humorous tour guide, told me during the tour all the wines that all the wines were dry and meant to be paired with food...none of my sweet wines like Rieslings, but I was not disappointed.  We took home a half bottle of Block 28 Zinfandel & a bottle of Pinot Gris.  

    I was not steered wrong.  I loved all the information I received on the 2 hour taste & tour, and will use it as my taste for wine evolves.  Plan your taste & tour here & you won't be disappointed, keep a look out for the random teeny little frogs that hop around here too!

  • Bar
    3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    A yard drink....or half yard...or Pilsner (if you're trying to watch your alchie/sugar intake) is a MUST get in Vegas.  Adult Slurpees for sure.  It's a win win, it cools you off and gets you buzzed.  I got the Mango Pilsner for $11 and my friend treated me to a Cosmo Mother Pucker shot served in a test tube ($2 each).  

    Bf got his 190 Octane, which is made of Everclear, at the MGM location which gave him a very good buzz.  I had a few sips of it, I could taste the alchie in it more than in my drink but it still tasted fruity.  I knew I couldn't handle all that Everclear, because unfortunately I'm a lightweight.  But I love their assorted flavors & variety of cup sizes I can get.  

    Fat Tuesday is a Vegas staple and probably the best place that you can get your yard drink at.

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    I love the ambiance--the dim lighting, the candles at the tables, the soft red seats, the music.  This place is very nice & even the bathroom is super clean!  The only thing I don't like is the size of this place, it is kinda small & the walkway between the booths and the bar is pretty narrow.  

    Anyways, it's all about the drinks!  I LOVE the watermelon sojutini; it's just soju & watermelon juice but tastes sooo good, I try to get it everytime I go.  The Happy Family is also good.  K Crush is also a nice fruity drink.  Unlike everyone else who's had it on here, I did not like the Lychee Sojufusion, maybe because it wasn't as fruity tasting to me as the other drinks?  The Superfly can be pretty strong depending on who's making it that nite (it's their version of an AMF).   For those not feeling the mixed drinks you can always do a k bomb.

    I haven't eaten any of the food there but I heard their chocolate cake, shrimp & calamari are hella good.  

    The place is mostly Asians but on some nights I've seen a little more diversity.  I've been on Friday nights and on a Saturday night.  Most of the times it has been packed, so expect a little wait if you want a table.

  • 875 N Michigan Ave
    Chicago, IL 60611
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    It's always busy and with only one elevator going to the top, there's always a wait at the bottom and when you're waiting to be seated.  Is it worth it?  Yes!  Why?  Because the views are amazing!  We actually came here the night before, but stupid me left my ID at the hotel (they will check at the bottom of the lobby).  I so wanted to see it at night with the lights all lit up, but maybe it was better in the day so I can actually make out the buildings and get nicer pictures.  

    My friend told me that the cheapskate way to do it is just go in the women's restroom for what some say is the best view and leave without sitting at the lounge, but we came all this way, so we were going to stay.  We waited for about 7-10 minutes before being seated before 3pm on that Monday we were there.  We lucked out and were able to share a 4-seater table with a nice mother and son we met.  And of course the waitress did separate checks.  Generally, the majority of the window seats are for at least 4 people.  So if you're couple try to get friendly with another one.  However, of course this didn't stop people from coming up behind me and taking pics near our table.  

    Our waitress wasn't the most attentive, and I felt like she needed help at times because she'd be carrying so many drinks and ask for patrons' help.  Drinks are around $15, he got an Old Fashioned & I got a Watermelon Gimlet..mine was more juice than booze, but it still had me glowing a little.  We also shared the Angus Mini Burgers because of the mention of foie gras butter and the side of truffle chips.  They were alright, couldn't taste the foie gras but smelled it and loved the fragrant truffle chips.  $14 for only 3 though.  

    4 stars because you have to see the amazing views here!  Better than paying twice the price of a cocktail to pay for the observatory deck.  Besides, the drinks are okay and the sliders weren't all that bad.  You can opt for a cheaper non-alcoholic drink or go super cheap/ghetto like my friend recommended (if you are a female) and just head to the women's restroom.  Sorry guys, no view for you when you go to the bathroom!

  • 662 Mission St
    San Francisco, CA 94105
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    Never been to Fluid, but Novela was so pretty!  I decided to stop by Novela on a Saturday night last month to have a low key birthday get together.  I actually originally wanted to go to Hawthorn but didn't want to pay cover, so Novela it was!  

    Handcrafted delicious cocktails, though it can take awhile to get a drink, not to mention the attention of a bartender.  I ordered the Ophelia ($11) which was a pisco based blackberry and lemon drink.  It was very refreshing.  I had a sip of my friend's punch which was good too.  Given the fact that it can take awhile to get a drink, you may just want to split a pitcher of punch with your friends.  

    I was surprised at how packed it was on a Saturday night.  Unless the tables are marked, seating is first come first serve.  This place doesn't have a dress code and draws in a mix crowd, from those wearing sweats and Hawaiian shirts to the casual to the super glammed up crowd.  And of course, what place wouldn't be complete without a d-bag or two?  Totally met one who's friends let me sit at their table.  I'll definitely have to check out Novela sometime after work for another go around.  Security wouldn't let my friend back in to tinkle after last call.  Parking is a pain in the ass, so you will probably have to park several blocks up...if you're lucky!  3.5 rounded up.

  • 431 Natoma St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    Anyone who knows me can describe me as girly and okay...bougie!  So, with that being said, I do not do dive bars.  However, my friend and I were meeting up with her friend and all her friends here.  Tempest is on Natoma which is an alleyway pretty much in between 5th & 6th Streets..so yes, it is in a teeny bit shady location...thank goodness we got back to fiance's car in the nick of time, that's all I gotta say.  

    Anyways, good vibes, chill people, attentive staff looking around to take away glasses.  Just didn't like how we ended up at a table by the pool table so I had to watch out for a few pool stick jabs.  My vodka pineapple was fine, not sure about prices as I didn't pay though.  Super convenient for them to have the food order window right outside.  My friend shared her garlic fries with us which were a little greasy but hit the spot.  She also got a bacon wrapped hot dog, but they burnt hers a little.  Seems like the wait was a teeny bit long for a window at a bar, prices were so so.  The ladies room was just a single toilet and sink, which was pretty clean for a dive bar, but smelled like pee, perhaps a guy used it before us?  3.5 but rounding up.

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    Bf & I love Paul Martin's at Hillsdale Shopping Center, so naturally we thought of Paul Martin's in Mountain View for a double date meet up with my friend that lives in the area.  It looks just like the one in SM but the lighting seems a little dimmer in this one.  We had lunch here on a rainy Sunday.  Service was friendly and attentive.  We usually go for happy hour and dinner, so lunch was different; though there were some dinner menu items that were on the lunch menu, lunch is a little more limited with mainly sandwich-like entrees and such. My friend and I both got the House Champagne Lemonade drink which was meyer lemon vodka, basil, lemon juice and Piper Sonoma sparkling wine.  It was strong, but still drinkable due to the lemon juice.  Loved the basil leaf in it too.  While I love their burger, since it was available I went with the Sunday Prime Rib dinner.  It came with my choice of soup or salad, prime rib with garlic mashed potatoes and a scoop of ice cream all for $25.  

    I chose the butternut squash soup and it was so tasty, light but yet creamy rich tasting.  It also came with a drizzle of sage pesto.  They actually let you choose which cut of prime rib you'd like so I chose the center cut medium rare.  They gave me a whole hunk of beef and a ginormous amount of garlic mashed potato.  The beef was cooked perfectly medium rare and was so juicy and served with au ju poured all over it.  The beef was a little more on the fatty side and could have used a tiny bit more seasoning, but still satisfying.  The garlic mashed potatoes were whipped just right with a subtle garlic flavor and just the right amount of comforting butter.  Their housemade ice creams are on point (love the coffee and chocolate).  They gave me a choice of a chocolate, vanilla and pistachio and I chose the pistachio.  We were both about to burst but downed the pistachio which came with the dust of pistachio topping as well and was a nice end to our meal.  Everyone else enjoyed their entrees - bacon and steak tacos, cheeseburger with bacon and avocado and the bbq tri tip sandwich.  

    Paul Martin is the spot to be for happy hour, but definitely try them for a lunch or dinner if you love American eclectic food..plus they make everything in house (minus the Acme bread) and use local and sustainable ingredients.

  • 1117 Polk St
    San Francisco, CA 94109
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    They have a good Porter's chocolate stout and the bartender created me an orange drop after asking me a couple questions on what I like in a drink.  I also can't really drink dark liquor, but I had a sip of my bf's drink that was recommended by his friend that frequents the place..I believe it had bourbon in it, and it was well made & tasty.  

    I didn't get any of the food but the bbq looked and smelled good as I saw it go around.  I was surprised to actually like the atmosphere of Bitters, Bock & Rye.  It's not she she, but not a dive bar, no hipsters here either, I think it's perfect for everyone and different for the Polk Street stretch.

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    So glad I finally got to check out Paul Martin's the other night for happy hour.  This is definitely what Hillsdale needed, because, let's face it; Cheesecake, CPK, Outback & TGI Fridays isn't good food; I'd rather just eat at the food court instead.  PM's is a small chain in California, with it's roots from Fleming's & PF Chang's.  Everything is made in-house (with the exception of the yummy Acme bread) & they use seasonal and sustainable ingredients.  The interior is nice which makes it look more loungey than restaurant, but in a good way!  We enjoyed the beautiful weather by sitting outside at a table in the lounge area to enjoy happy hour.  

    Got lucky before 6 on Monday with seating.  We over ordered and got:

    1.  Housemade flatbread ($8): Homemade burrata, arugula, and prosciutto.  His favorite.  It was light and refreshing and tasty.  
    2.  Smoked Chicken & Wings ($4): Chopped up and served with pesto slaw.  Our least favorite, it was too salty; and I didn't get much pesto taste from the slaw.
    3.  Maple Cider Grilled Chicken Skewers ($4): Served with tomato & olive salsa.  Lots of moist chunks of chicken.  
    4.  Meyer Lemon Drop ($4): Meyer lemon infused vodka & triple sec..a little stronger than what I remembered lemon drops to be..they used to be my drink 5 years ago.  But still good and a great deal.
    5.  Burger+Beer + Fries ($12).  Your pick of three listed burger combos, plus any of their draft beers and choice of house fries or sweet potato fries.  We chose the applewood smoked bacon & jack cheese burger, the house fries & for him to sip on an Anchor Steam beer.  The burger was huge and juicy.  And who doesn't love crispy bacon.  Fries were done right too.  
    6.  Stuffed but we forced the tempting Banana Cream Pie ($8) down.  Layers of vanilla bean pastry cream, chocolate, bananas and fresh whipped cream.  The bananas were sweet and ripe, but the overall pie itself wasn't overly sweet.  Liked how there was a thin layer of chocolate between the bananas and the pie crust as well.  It was the perfect ending to a night of gluttony!

    Service was good, food was great, and the ambiance was really nice.  Their happy hour is such a good deal, that it will be hard to shy away from it and try their regular menu.  But will try their regular menu items as well, as they looked good when some of them would pass us.

  • 1748 El Camino Real
    San Carlos, CA 94070
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    Came here with a friend on a Friday night at 6.  The place was pretty busy already.  We were sad that we literally just missed their happy hour which is from like 2:30-6.  Don't people have work??!  Anyways, we decided to sit at one of the communal tables.  

    She got a Water Cooler ($8), which is a mint mojito, & I got the same thing but asked for a little bit of pineapple juice to be splashed in it.  It was really good, not too minty and not too strong on the rum.  Since she wasn't hungry, we decided to share an appetizer.  We shared the Blue Collar chips ($9), it's fresh cut and fried potato chips topped with bleu cheese, bacon, green onions and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  Since I don't care for bleu cheese we asked for it on the side, and we asked for the bacon on the side since she's a vegetarian.  Little did we know that the bleu cheese is actually the sauce..not crumbles of bleu cheese we were thinking of..I did end up putting some bleu cheese on my chips and to my surprise it wasn't stinky, it was pretty mild.  I think the cheese, bacon and balsamic vinegar all worked well.  They gave us a generous portion, but we both felt it probably should've been listed a little cheaper on the menu.  

    Service was good, drink prices are standard, and the menu names are cute!  I like how they have the covered patio seating as well for those warmer days/nights.  Overall, I think it's a good option for winding down when you need a drink and some tasty bar food to soak up the booze.

  • 8445 Silverado Trl
    Napa, CA 94558
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    Poppin bubb at 10AM on a Tuesday..cuz that's how I roll!  Okay usually not...but the past Tuesday, yes because I was off due to the Memorial Day holiday.  We were up early & trying to kill time before our 11:30 reservations at Bottega, so why not go wine tasting?  Mumm was open at 10 & so we did.  

    We had a 2-for-1 coupon and sat outside admiring the view.  We tasted from each others but he did the DVX Taster ($25) & I got the Staff Favorites ($22).  The DVX taster consisted of DVX 2005 & 2006 & the  DVX Rose 2007.  The DVX collection can only be tasted and bought at the winery.  Each glass was a 3oz. pour.  The Staff Favorites consisted of the DVX 2005, Brut Reserve Rose, & Blanc de Blancs 2007.  I think my favorite was the DVX 2005.  I also liked the Blanc de Blancs.  Our host was sweet & asked if he could offer us a comp pour of something we liked, and since I was curious seeing the other tables with the Sparkling Pinot Noir, I decided to ask for a pour.  It was so pretty, but I'm not too much of a red drinker (he is) and definitely not a Pinot girl!  The sparkling wines were refreshing and I've always wanted to visit Mumm since I've had it and enjoyed their Brut before.  The grounds are lovely and I appreciate the crackers they served with the wine since it was super early in the morning!  

    Bought the wine themed (didn't taste like it though) Pinot Noir lip stain in the gift shop for $10 & the sparkling wine Mumm logo toppe for $10 as well.  I'd definitely pay Mumm another visit sometime, though the 2-for-1 deal does help.

  • 475 3rd St
    San Francisco, CA 94107
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    The sangria & crispy tacos OH MY!  Came here for happy hour and it didn't disappoint.  We ordered an assortment of the happy hour special crispy street tacos (carne asada, carnitas & chicken).  We also quenched our thirst with sangria.  

    The tacos were yummy and filling, however, one of my friends says that the carnitas should have been more tender.  They were crunchy but didn't totally snap like I'm used to when my dad would make crispy tacos at home.  We ordered a seared ahi tuna taco for his CEO and it looked so good; perfectly seared and a big piece of fish.  The side of chips were ordered were long tortilla strips salted just enough served with some pico de gallo.  The sangria was deadly as you couldn't really taste the alcohol but it totally hit the spot and was icy like  a slushy.  

    We liked the divey feel of the place (without feeling dirty) and our dinner was excellent.  Can't wait to come back to try more food and drink more sangria.  Don't forget to bring cash because it's cash only.  Garaje is a great happy hour spot!

  • 334 Grant Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    Comfy & big leather couches + deadly good champagne sangria = post-work nap at Rouge et Blanc.  Game over!!

    The sangria came in a carafe (about 4ish glasses) for I wanna say around $24...sorry I didn't pay & I was pretty buzzed when the bill came.  

    This is a nice after work spot when you want to unwind with some wine!

  • 620 Treat Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94110
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    Came here on a Saturday night around 9ish after the Niners & Packers game & despite the fact that this place is huge it was packed!  We headed upstairs and managed to find three open seats at the bar.  You place your drink and food order at the bar and get a number for your food to be brought to you.  Waters, dishes and silverware are all for you to get yourself in the back corner by the bathroom.  

    My friend got a burger.  Bf & I shared the crispy brussel sprouts and sage fries.  I was able to get a half pint of the Belgian Wit & the guys got a pint of the Belgian Wit & the California Blonde.  Both were really clean & refreshing.  The Belgian had a little bite to it.  The portions were generous!  The sage fries were crispy and perfectly seasoned; loved the sage!  The sprouts were a little greasy but the apricot glaze and bacon worked well with these tasty sprouts.  

    The location is totally random, but it may work in its favor since you can actually get lucky with parking.  Just wished it was easier to get a table and that they had another restroom; there's only one unisex restroom at the top past the bar.  3.5 rounded up.

  • 246 Kearny St
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    Been here twice over the past few months and my most recent visit was better than the last.  I can't believe that this place gets soo soo packed though after work; doesn't matter if it's a Tuesday or a Friday!  Dimly lit, a fair amount of seating & minimal decor & stuffy from all the bodies.  

    I had the La Bonne Vie with vodka which was well crafted and sweet enough for me; I liked the basil leaf in there too.  Not sure if they have happy hour, but the drinks are a little pricey & the bartenders are always busy!  

    Not a bad option for some after work fun in the FiDi!

  • 1221 Polk St
    San Francisco, CA 94109
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    Bumpin on a Saturday night for sure.  I haven't done a run on Polk since my 21st.  My friend chose this place because she was having dinner nearby.  Place gets crowded but the birthday girl managed to snag a table.  Good drinks specials like $9 Patron shots & $5 Watermelon Shooters.  Surprised that the space it's bigger than the pictures make it out to be.  

    It's a chill place and I usually go for a more "dressy" lounge but it's not a bad place at all.  And the birthday girl had a good time so that's all that really matters right?  Only minuses: Cash only & parking was horrible!  We ended up parking at the garage a block away for a decent rate for a little over an hour, but they're closed on Sundays, meaning we had to get back to the garage before 12AM.  3.5 rounded up.

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    Classy wine bar in downtown PA.  You may just redeem the area for me Gravity because parking in this area is horrible!  I've been to Gravity twice and both times thought it was a good spot.  I haven't ordered any food here but I've seen the appetizers and the portions for those look a little small.  Drinks are decently price.  I'd recommend the white sangria, it's yummy!  I was surprised that the place was packed on a Tuesday night.  Service was alright.  

    It's a step up from my favorite wine bar in San Mateo, but I'd have to say Gravity would be a runner up.

  • 2825 Sand Hill Rd
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
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    My friend who occasionally meets a client here took me here one Friday night.  It's tucked away on VC row inside the Rosewood Hotel.  I think if it weren't for his client, he may have never known about this lounge.  He was definitely right though how it's the older crowd (like 50's-60's mainly) with a handful of cougars.  Though I saw a mixed crowd as well, like one girl who was probably in her late 20's was a tad gothy and had pink highlights.  I was the baby of the bunch though!  Anyways, as others have said if you can get a seat outside on a beautiful day because the views are amazing!  It was reminded me of being in the hills of somewhere like Malibu.  Unfortunately all the outdoor seating was taken but we got a table inside shortly after sitting at the bar for a little bit.  I always hear not to eat the snacks at bars, but the the popcorn was good.  I loved my refreshing peach white wine sangria and my friend always likes to get the sliders to nibble on.  

    Even though it's not the type of lounge/bar that I frequent, I wouldn't mind coming back to Madera lounge on a beautiful day to unwind.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Sexy, sleek & big enough!  I never went to Suede but my friends that have said that Carbon is a big improvement, though they've done away with the upstairs that Suede used to have.  If you want a table/bottle service Vana is your go to girl!  She is wonderful!  

    There is no live DJ, but the music played with the iPod hooked up was good enough.  Women's restroom had 2 stalls (lighting over the stalls was dim), was clean and just like the lounge..sexy.  Gotta love the exit which leads to the lounge!  I heard the men's room was super dark though!  Drink prices were pretty reasonable, my Yelp Elite buddy Cherylynn treated me to a tequila sunrise with Don Julio in it & it was $10.  There were a ton of guys there...I don't know if it was just cuz all the b-days going on or if that's a normal night.  Something to think about though.  

    I had a great time here for my birthday.  I suggest Carbon if you want a not so crazy night at a very nice lounge, but want some music in the background unlike other lounges.  Parking I thought was going to be difficult but everyone found parking easily.  Come to Carbon if you want to have some good drinks and a sexy ambiance where you have room to move and breath.

  • 234 S B St
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I'm always early or on time...but usually never for a happy hour!  I work in the city and can't get back to the area til after 6 for sure...and by that time most happy hours (even the ones in SF) are done at 6..not at Under Attic baby!  They keep it going til 10!  I like the restaurant but love the option of just getting drinks at Under Attic underneath!  

    Great priced beers, well drinks & select special cocktails with a limited bar menu too!  You gotta get a bowl of the garlic noodles..or the crispy adobo wings!  I like the tequila drink (forgot what it's called..it's almost like a tequila sunrise)..and it's silver tequila not nasty gold, and it's a mere $5.  Heinekens are only $3.  The bartender here is awesome and the space is kinda small but has enough seating.  It does get kinda stuffy in here tho..but I think you can lounge in the upstairs bar/lounge area after you pay for your drink.  There is also only one shared bathroom upstairs between the bar and the restaurant.  Under Attic is a solid choice for drinks & a must for happy hour in San Mateo!  When I think of nice places to drink at in San Mateo that aren't wine bars Under Attic & Mandala are the ONLY two places that come to mind.

  • 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    22.6.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Surrender just keeps getting better & better.  It will never be like XS, but it's XS' little sister after all.  The music keeps getting better & in my opinion the ambiance too.  I feel like with Surrender you get a club & a lounge in one.  I also like how it's outdoors too (most of it) & I always get a cool breeze even on a super hot night!  It's a little more relaxed, so my last trip out I came here on the last night since I had an early morning flight the next morning.  They also kept the comp champagne flowing for ladies from 11-12; we love free!

    Oh Surrender, I think I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for you!

    3.0 Sterne
    22.6.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I knew for this Vegas trip out I had to hit up the hottest three that I have yet to check out:… Weiterlesen
  • 8466 St. Helena Hwy
    Rutherford, CA 94573
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I've always wondered about this winery because I've passed it several times when I've been in Napa.  I won a pair of Pawsports from the Napa Valley Humane society, which entitled us to tastings and such at a select 17 wineries.  Peju was stop number one for the trip.  The landscape is beautiful!  I wouldn't mind just coming here to admire the grounds and the building.  Our server was nice and humorous.  We had a handful of whites and reds for the special tasting, including a Private Reserve 2004 Cab Sauv.  Their Rose version, called the Provance was my favorite, needless to say I snatched up a bottle to take home.

    They have quite a bit to look at in the store including their on mustards & lots of cookbooks such as the Ad hoc & French Laundry cookbooks. Peju is fun to visit, taste, and browse at.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Wine tasting #2 for my Pawsport Wine Tasting winning.  I know I'm getting my reviews out of order, but I just loved their delicious antipasto plate so much that I thought I should share trip number two first!  Located in the Oxbow Market, which I like to call the mini Ferry Building, I was surprised to see in front of me that Ca'Momi is actually a restaurant but of course I was still game.  

    We sat on the patio underneath two heating lamps on a rainy day..needless to say little 'ol me was still cold until I got to my third and last glass!  Presented to us first was the antipasto plate served with different cheeses, proscuitto, salame, and mortadella.  The plate was so yummy!  OMG I love my salty pig parts!  The three wines up for tasting were all reds, I don't care for reds, but the Zinfinadel, the Merlot & Cabarnet Sauvingon all weren't bad here for my picky tastebuds.  If their antipasto plate is a strong representation of the food on their menu, then count me in for a lunch here next time!  Also, if you're like me and can't resist sweets, avert your eyes from the dessert case or else you'll regret it because everything in it looks so delectable.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I went here for happy hour for a colleague's birthday.  We'll just call it happy hour because it was right after work (early enough) despite the fact that Twenty Five Lusk doesn't have happy hour specials.  We were in the downstairs part of the restaurant which is the lounge.  It was a good size with a decent amount of seating.  We eventually took over the tucked away "cave like" area since we had a large group and it was more private.  I got a Stella ($6), he had an Allegash White ($8), and my friend had an SF Yacht Club ($11) cocktail, which was a vodka based cocktail that was perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sweet and sourness.  The three of us shared the Parmesan fries ($6)  served with an avocado puree dipping sauce, and the other which tasted like a slight truffled mustard sauce.

    Fries were cooked well though i didnt taste much parmesan.  We enjoyed the dipping sauces.  He & I were starving so we decided to share the pork loin ($31).  The greens it was served with had a slight garlicky sweetness, and the meat was moist, but could have used some seasoning to help out the apple reduction.  It wasn't the best pork loin I've had but it was in the top 5.  One of my collagues' friends was telling us that she wasn't very impressed when she dined in the restaurant.  She was saying that the food isn't bad, but with SF having so many amazing restaurants competition is fierce and I totally agree.  With that being said Twenty Five Lusk may need to step it up a teeny bit.  

    Despite the prices being a little up there and there being no actual happy hour, Twenty Five Lusk is a nice low key lounge to have some drinks after work or after hours.  I wouldn't mind coming back to sit back and have a drink and soak up the atmosphere.

  • 200 King St
    San Francisco, CA 94107
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I wouldn't come back here to bowl, but definetely to drink, eat and people watch!  My company had a late afternoon work outing here two weeks ago.  We rented 4 of the 7 or 8 lanes and had the whole back bar and game area (pool tables, trivia game) reserved for us.  Okay, so I can't blame it all on the lanes, because I am a bad bowler, but the lanes here are super short.  Anywhoo...I know we had a private party and they weren't that busy on a Wednesday late afternoon, but the service was excellent.  And I was really surprised that the food was pretty good.  We had veggies and dip, fondue, chicken nuggets, coconut shrimp, veggie pizza, veggie potstickers, and sliders.  The coconut shrimp, veggie pizza, and potstickers were my favorite.  The sliders were alright, but they came with bleu cheese which I'm not much of a fan of.  They didn't have any Blue Moon, but they had Allagash White on tap which they said was similar, which somewhat is, but it's a little more of a Hefenweizen.  

    I heard they have a pretty good happy hour, so that's always an option...or...after 8 when the little kids aren't allowed in and when the big "kids" come out to have even more fun!  Lucky Strike is pretty much like a cleaner, nicer, version of Striikes/David & Buster's with way better food and no funky smell!  All in all, we had a great time and if I was around the area I'd come back for some drinks and light bites.

  • 620 Jones St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    That's my ISHHHH!  I've heard good things about Jones and seen mixed reviews, but have been meaning to check it out for quite sometime.  Finally got the chance to check it out a few weeks ago...and I'm a girl that hates to go to the same place too often, but I went on a Friday night then the next night as well!  Jones has plenty of seating, decent drinks, & a wonderful ambiance with great views & plenty of freakin toilets (they're clean too) in the co-ed bathroom!  There are also three bars here, 2 inside & one outside.  I don't know about drink prices because both nights I didn't pay for my drinks, but be prepared as it's cash only (there is an ATM at the outside bar).  Minus one for cash only bar & because it seems like they are somewhat selective with letting certain tennis shoes slide & certain ones not sliding...my guy friend almost didn't get in, but I pleaded a little for him & turned on some charm.....LOVE being a woman!  For the most part, the crowd seems like the pretty people crowd, but we all know some uglies & creepers get around!  

    Tendernob is my new spot to find gem bars & lounges...people that say these bars & such are in super scary areas are just being vajayjays that need to realize what SF is and entails, just act smart!  Smart isn't running your mouth, smart isn't bring that Chanel bag to certain areas of SF, smart isn't acting a fool!  I can't wait to go back to Jones again..and maybe sample their food eventually.

  • 572 E El Camino Real
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Finally got to try Bon Chon because I had some dental work done about five minutes away.  It was still full at 2:30 that Saturday afternoon.  When we walked in however I noticed a foul smell that I couldn't quite distinguish; so not appetizing, but what can you do?  My friend, bf & I shared the large mixed meal, we got both flavors (soy garlic sauce & spicy garlic sauce) and both wings & drumsticks.  

    The large ($19) comes with your choice of two sides-- we chose the kimchi coleslaw & rice.  We also ordered a regular order of french fries ($4) & a small carafe of peach yogurt soju ($10) to quench our thirst...okay who am I kidding, it's cuz I wanted me some fru fru booze in the afternoon, nothing wrong with that, right?!  The drumsticks were huge!  The batter was pretty good and the meat was juicy.  I have to say though that I prefer the soy garlic over the spicy garlic.  SO in SF gets my vote for best spicy fried chicken even if they don't have huge drumsticks!  The kim chi cole slaw was interesting, not very spicy, but I liked it; and I usually don't like cole slaw because after all it's just some raw cabbage with a whole lotta mayo.  French fries were crispy.  Oh and we can't forget the soju!  Peach & yogurt sojus are always good choices, even better when you combine the two!  And don't let the "small" fool you here, it's still big!  

    Not a bad place to get fried chicken at all.  I wouldn't mind stopping by again when in the area & am craving some finger licking tasty fried chicken!

  • 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I did it backwards.  I went to XS for the first time this past summer & again during my last trip out Halloween weekend.  Been wanting to go to Tryst since my 21st before XS existed & when it was the hottest club in Vegas.  Finally, the Saturday night of Halloween weekend I went.  

    After going to XS first, you won't be as impressed with Tryst, as it is the older but smaller stepsister to big, beautiful and younger XS.  But it's not disappointing.  The music was pretty good and it wasn't all house!  The decor and the outdoor area with the much talked about waterfall is still nice.  However like many mentioned, the dance floor is small.  And I don't know why but it smelled all up and over in the club!  

    Not my first pick, but hey, it's still better than Lavo!

  • 38 E 25th Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94403
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Good drinks, good dj, good company & nice ambiance & a back patio.   It's a winner!  The Mandala Sunrise is a nice refreshing fruity drink yet not so sweet & not too girly!  Mandala is a nice alternative to the divey bars of San Mateo.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Chambers is hot hot hot!  Hot, literally, figuratively, & aesthetically!  This place is gorgeous, packed, and has a diverse and pretty people crowd.  Bf & my friends that have been here when it was Bambuddha said the place looks so much better & different now. My belated birthday celebration almost didn't happen here but so glad that it did!  It was a little frustrating after calling three times & talking to two or three different people to find out that after I made it explicit that my party of thirteen plus was just going to have drinks and not eat, so I was wondering if it would be possible to reserve a table solely for that.  The first person I talked to assured me it was.  But then as the day got closer I got two reservation confirmation calls stating dinner reservations, so I called back & the girl told me that she found out from a manager that table reservations were only for dinner.  I called back after a little bit & asked to speak to a manager, luckily Isabelle was a manager & she answered the phone.  She reassured me that everything will be alright & that I will have a table for the next night.  

    When I walked in with a couple friends & my bf, the hostess got Isabelle right away after seeing my reservation & she showed me around asking me what table/area I'd prefer.  We decided on a big table by the walkway which across was the door to the pool outside.  While the back lounge area is absolutely *AMAZING* (if you've been here you get it), it was way too crowded & stuffy.  While we were waiting for the table to clear up she told us to go to the bar & got us 4 drinks on the house.  I enjoyed my Pisco Punch though I asked for it to be a little more on the sweeter than the sour side.  Just like Chambers, Pisco is so hot right now!  

    One handful of friends that came in a little after us said that they tried to get in through the lounge exit but the bouncer said that they were at capacity & that some people were even trying to slip him some money.  Just go through the front restaurant entrance & you'll have no problem getting in.

    As the night went on we kept seeing yummy food pass by us & luckily my friends that came later on indulged in some food, so I got to try some tasty truffle fries.  I did underestimate how many people would show up, so next time lounge couch for sure!  Did I go on an off night because, yes I know it's the TL, but I didn't really see any shady people on the streets!  Loved Chambers, will be back to eat & drink again.  This place is poppin but when I left around 1ish the lounge cleared out pretty drastically.

  • 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I knew I had to check out Marquee, but the question is what day to go because of my whole "clubbing itinerary."  Luckily Marquee is open on Thursdays so that made the decision a little easier.  I tried to sign up on the guest list for last Thursday on the site but it wouldn't work so I called up the club & got put on & the guy first told me to get in line before 12 & then he told me actually 11.  With Strip traffic & us running a little behind we got to Marquee about a quarter after 11, but saw the non-existent line & didn't even mention the guest list; which I don't think would of matter because it seems like guys always have to pay anyways, so the guys had to pay $20 & we girls were free!

    Only the Boombox room is open on Thursdays which was kind of a downer since I heard about how wonderful and huge Marquee is with 3 floors.  But at least the Boombox room plays hip hop so we were all smiles!  Entrance to Marquee is on the 4th floor & the Boombox room was on the 5th.  Upon arrival I noticed how small it was.  Music was good though, drinks were okay & the outdoor patio was nice with some outdoor seating, which was a relief for my toesies!  Crowd seemed a little mix including a group of grandmas/grandpas which before this trip out I would never see in the clubs, but hey it's Vegas!  

    So maybe Thursday is the best night to go to avoid waiting in a fat line, but I hope to return next trip out and hopefully see all three floors though I'd probably migrate and stay in the Boombox room after exploring!

  • 1335 Fulton St
    San Francisco, CA 94117
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I've had Candybar bookmarked for the longest time, but never got to check it out.  When I found out my Yelp buddy/college classmate, Kimmie Q. was celebrating her b-day here last night, I knew I had to go since I've been so intrigued after reading all of the Yelps.

    Parking...was kinda sucky, but we got lucky about a block away.  Love the decor, yet you can still dress very casual, after all, a handful of people were sporting the orange & black, especially since the Giant's clinched the division win a couple hours prior.  We were feeling the music playing, though a lot of it was MJ.  Though we were seated by the door, which was open, the place got kind of warm.

    We ordered:
    *Mango Tango Bellini ($8): Sparkling wine with mango syrup and mango tangerine sorbet.  Sweet but not overly sweet, and very refreshing.  I could sip on a couple of these all night. The waitress recommended this when I told her I was thinking about ordering the Strawberry Kiss and how I like sweet drinks.  She didn't steer me wrong.  
    *50/50 ($8): This was his drink.  Soju with Orange soda & vanilla.  It didn't look very appealing when it came out, but tastes really good like an Orange Creamsicle!  It kind of sucks though that you could not taste any soju at all, which made us wonder how much was in there!
    *Passion Fruit Chocolate Mousse ($10): Chocolate cake with passion fruit curd & vanilla ice cream.  Rich, but not overly insanely chocolatey and it was light enough.  The passion fruit and chocolate worked very well together.  Glad we chose this dessert, it was one of the best desserts I've had in awhile.  

    Though their drinks are delish, if you're not in a mood for drinks, you can also come to this late night spot for some unique desserts.  No more having to just settle for desserts at an HK cafe (though Candybar closes at 12).  This is a cute intimate place to go with a small group of friends for some laid back fun or with the bf for a date night.  I hope to come back with the bf for one of those date nights or happy hour!

  • 345 Spear St
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I finally got to indulge in Palomino's infamous all day everyday happy hour!  Since yesterday was such a nice warm day, we took advantage of sitting on the patio underneath an umbrella & looking at the beautiful view of the Embarcadero.  

    We shared:
    *Crab & Artichoke Dip ($7.50)--This was served with crispy cut up pieces of flat bread.  The dip was not too rich and had enough crab pieces & artichoke...I think it was imitation crab though.
    *Pigs In A Blanket ($4)--Smokey sausages wrapped up in pastry dough served with ketchup.  A kiddie favorite made accessible to us lil kids at heart during HH.  
    *Italian Sausage & Mushroom Pizza ($6)--This was big!  We really liked it, *shockers* even more than Zero Zero's Castro Pizza!  I know, don't slap me!  But the sausage was very flavorful, I'm always a sucker for buttom mushrooms too, and we liked how they sprinkled the chili flakes on the pizza too.  And it didn't leave that bitter burnt taste in my mouth like Zero Zero's.

    We sipped on...
    *(His) Widmer Hefenweizen on draft- ($5) & I had the Pomegranete Margarita ($5)-- Just right for me, since I like my fruity drinks.  It wasn't too fruity, yet not overly potent with massive amounts of tequila.  Very refreshing for a warm day on the Embarcadero.  

    Our waiter was very attentive and friendly too.  He told us on weekends the parking garage in the complex does offer complimentary parking upon validation on weekends.  Too bad we didn't know this & popped $3.25 into a meter around the corner, but good to know!

    We didn't expect the food to be that good, but we enjoyed it.  We definitely will be back for more yummy appetizers & drinks.  Next time, I'm ordering those potatoes gorgonzola because they looked so good!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I went to both the restaurant then the club for my birthday night.

    Our waiter was friendly and the food came out fast!  We came about 10 minutes after my 8:15 reservations , and they asked us if we wanted to be seated immediately outside or wait a few minutes inside for a table.  We sat outside on the hot night but luckily there was a breeze & got a view of Treasure Island's Sirens of the TI show.  The garlic bread wasn't bad and had a tomato dipping sauce.  I wish they would've refilled it, but the portions of our pasta dishes were huge, we didn't need refills of the bread & we took leftovers back to the hotel.  I ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara which was so good!  It may have been the best Carbonara I've had.  And the cream sauce was light.  The bf had the spaghetti with Kobe meatballs which I had a taste of, and the meatballs were soft & yummy! My friend looked like she enjoyed her Rigatoni Melenzana, which was rigatoni in a tomato sauce with eggplant & mozzarella.  And ladies, you must order the refreshing fruity Lavolini, which is Prosecco with passion fruit syrup, & St. Germain Liqueur (made from Elderflowers)! The waiter also gave us complimentary Birthday Tiramisu!  OMG it was huge & deeeeelicous!  The best Tiramisu I've had in a long time!   We got our receipt from the waiter and showed it to the hostess for each of us to get a pass the line stamp.  Since it was still early we went back to our hotel room before clubbing it up upstairs at the club.  I'd definetely come back to eat at LAVO.  Restaurant: 4.  

    It was Lavo's 2 Year Anniversary so maybe that's also why is so packed last Friday night.  Or was it because Kim Kardashian & LMFAO were in the house?  Dance floor was tiny, Miss Kardashian's table took up a decent portion of the dance floor as well.  Music was decent however songs would switch up after only a minute or so of playing.  One of the girls that worked there had a clipboard asking for email addresses for the mailing list for a free drink ticket so my friend & I took advantage of that.  Thank goodness I kept my old teenybopper email addresses open & I put my Yelp name on the list.  The bars were packed however, and my friend ordered our two drinks, Rum & Pineapples, however, mine tasted so bad, it tasted like all rum and ice!   This is definitely Tao's younger sister...packed, hot, and got the girls in the bathtub/ottomans grinding up on each other.  Club: 3ish.

    =Between a 3 & 4...but I'll round up because of the restaurant's food.

  • 3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    19.8.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Oh Tao, you still got some of what I want but I only want it occasionally because I got my eyes on other clubs!  You know what that makes you?  A booty call!  Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to XS my few days out in Vegas, which I was dying to go to, but Tao still gave me a good time.  

    I'm so glad however that this time I didn't have to wait in a fatty line.  My friend who lives out there knows a fabulous promoter and we just had to wait to be escorted, and us girls got free drink bracelets til 12 and her promoter friend & his boss had their own table with bottle service.  *Score!*  Thank you, you know who you are if you're reading this, I don't wanna name drop!  

    My bar drinks could have been made a little better & I think when I ordered my LA Water, the bartender must have heard something else because LA Waters are brown not blue!  

    The decor is still nice, the music is still better than any of the other clubs/bars I've been to out there, and the place is still poppin' but I'm just a bit over it since it's Vegas and new clubs are coming out all the time.  I still got love and a soft spot for you Tao.

    5.0 Sterne
    22.9.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I had the most fun at this club on my trip, but then again..maybee it was just cuz of who I was… Weiterlesen
  • 3814 Noriega St
    San Francisco, CA 94122
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I finally got to try out The Garage!  After hearing about this place so much from my bf when he used to come here for drunk food.  I think Korean food is okay, but I'm not a huge fan & I think it's typically the most expensive Asian cuisine & I also don't care for kimchi, but my friend she didn't either and told me this place is worth a try.  I was also reassured that this isn't your traditional Korean place.  

    We ordered Beef Kimchi Fried Rice & the Spicy Chicken Wings.  And of course we got a bottle of Strawberry Soju!  I asked the waitress if they could make it medium spicy, and she responded to me, "They're not spicy at all, I promise."  I wasn't expecting that but thought it was cute of her to say.  She was right though they weren't spicy at all; they  but still tasty & perfectly crispy.  We also enjoyed the accompanying shredded cabbage due to the yummy dressing it was topped with which reminded me sort of a spicy Thousand Island dressing, but not rich like Thousand Island.  The soju was delicious and tasted like fresh strawberry juice with no taste of alcohol in taste is good, and bad for my fruity alchie loving tongue!  That soju is always a creeper!  It's also fairly cheap compared to other places I've been, it's $11 here vs. $15 at other places.  The Beef Kimchi Fried Rice came topped with an over easy egg.  It didn't taste like the usual kimchi, which I appreciate because I find that kimchi is usually too vinegary/hot for me.  Overall we enjoyed our dishes, the soju, the banchan and the complimentary popcorn.  The portions were a good size too.

    Most of the time service was prompted by the service bell (which I felt bad for pressing a few times because I think it's sort of demeaning/annoying), but the waitresses provided efficient and pleasant service with a smile.  I'm glad the bf suggested Toyose for dinner last night.  It did not disappoint and I would definitely come back.    I do like Korean BBQ, which they don't have, but that may be a good thing since the first time I ever got drunk way back in the day at this one party had to do with a whole lotta booze & a whole lotta Korean BBQ beef, but no carbs, needless to say it was all bad, & I wouldn't want any repeat incidents to tarnish my thoughts of Toyose, so I'm just going to call no KBBQ on the menu a blessing in disguise!

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Mein erstes Konzerterlebnis

Bobby Valentino, Pretty Ricky & Black Ty

Meine Henkersmahlzeit

My dad's fried rice. Din Tai Fung's xiao long bao. Bottega & Gary Danko!

Erzähl's nicht weiter, aber...

I try to diet during the week so I can unleash my inner piggy foodie on weekends

Meine neueste Entdeckung

A yummy red wine.

Ich schwärme gerade für

Bradley Cooper, a mod home in the bay, designer bags, hot cars.

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