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I'm a 500lb fat kid at heart but unlink so much of America, I don't look it. Remember to eat in moderation...unless it's dessert.
  • 85 W Colorado Blvd
    Pasadena, CA 91105
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    Finally got around to trying this place after walking past it 100+ times over the years. There is almost always a line, which is a good sign and a bad sign. When you need a fix you better pray to the dessert gods and hope that the line isn't out the door and around the corner.

    After lunch one Saturday I was pleased to see there wasn't a line and I had a sweet tooth that wouldn't shut the front door.

    This isn't your average froyo kinda place. It's more Coldstones meets froyo with more creative flavors and less guilt because it's frozen yogurt.

    Grab a taste, the Circus Animal Cookie tastes just like it's cookie counterpart. The Rootbeer Float tastes exactly like it should. The Almond Joy is like biting into an Almond Joy. Get just the froyo or have them crush in come other cavity inducing goodie and enjoy.

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    So here the story of a man and lady who are getting married. They had a little pre-wedding get together. Nothing too fancy or extravagant, some guys making street tacos in the back yard, some beer and sodas, chips and dips, the average fun party food to share with friends.

    A few days prior to the party I was on groupon like I always am and was introduced to All American Softy. It's an ice cream truck, just like the one that came around when you were a kid and sold frozen novelties, except this one was better.

    All American Softy pulled right up to the house right on time and from what the drive told me they will go pretty much anywhere as long as they aren't blocking traffic and don't have to worry about getting stabbed. They served up Soft Serve ice Cream Cones dipped in chocolate and then in toppings like sprinkles. They had Root Beet Floats and Slushies. Hot Pretzels and Hot Drinks like espresso, tea and hot chocolate. Personally I had a Root Beer Float and stole a few chomps from my ladies Chocolate Cone Dipped in Sprinkles.

    While we all stood around the truck trying to decide and pick something, enjoying the music and remembering the ice cream men of our childhoods we were delighted to hear the Beach Boys and Frank Sinatra pump out of the truck instead of the more common and irritating Pop Goes the Weasel or other tinny and twangy abuse to the ears.

    Mike aka Mike The Driver aka Mike the Ice Cream Man aka Mike the Giver of Ice Cream to Dogs, even served up bowls of the cold stuff for the dog, hence the reason for aka Mike the Giver of Ice Cream to Dogs. That isn't a title that can be bestowed upon just anyone. You have to earn it.
    In the end Mike had to leave us to go share joy on cones and in cups and bowls but we could not have been happier with the service, the goodies that came out of the little window, or the fun that we had, trying to decide what treat to take. Check them out. No lie, we had a great time.

  • 26584 Bouquet Canyon Rd
    Santa Clarita, CA 91350
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    There is a BR that is closer to me but I drive across town to this one because i feel like I get more ice cream. I swear the older dude that is always there is on crack or coffee or coffee and crack because dude has soooo much energy. He's either high on life, or high on something else. Either way, he's crazy, a little nutty and at times will insult you to your face like a Willy Wonka of ice cream. Can't tell what the dudes deal is, but they serve up some pretty decent frozen stuff.

  • 926 Broxton Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
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    Sure 1,700 people have written reviews already and most of the reviews correctly identify Diddy Reise as what it really is, delicious and cheap. The sad thing is that they are all spot on, hit the nail on the head correct. When I'm around friends that don't want to risk the wait to get some cookies and ice cream or even an ice cream cookie, I have to speak in code so i don't have to deal with the, "yo bring me back a diddy dozen". NO NO No no, you go get your own. I'm not waiting in line for you.

    Be it a dozen, a ice cream sandwich or both, it's a friggin deal and worth the wait. And don't go crying about the line. Enjoy a little adventure and figure out your cookie/icecream combo. I'm a fan of the m&m cookie with a white chocolate chip w/ nuts and strawberry ice cream. It's a mini sugar coma. User beware.

  • 168 S Beverly Dr
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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    My friend brought home a half dozen mixture of c-cakes. the Red Velvet, Strawberry were good. They didn't seem all that spectacular though. She also told me that the Kardashian hookers love this place which makes it a lot harder for me to like. Being fair and objective I didn't hold that against the cupcakes. It just proves that Ray J's penis and a video camera can make someone moderately famous but it isn't powerful enough to make a cupcake famous.

  • 9255 Reseda Blvd
    Northridge, CA 91324
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    Mmm good is the only way I can think to explain this little bit of fluffy, sweet, wonderfulness. I made a promise to a friend that I wouldn't go here for the two weeks that they were out of the country. But I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that I will be breaking that rule and I'm not even going to lie and tell them I didn't go. I'll tell them straight to their face that I had the Root Beer Float and then went back another day and had something else that was equally fluffy, wonderfully.

    What are you waiting for? They are open late, so get out hot ass over there and cool down. NOW! Or at your earliest availability.

  • 24715 Railroad Ave
    Newhall, CA 91321
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    I like doughnuts, especially old school one and this is what Honey Doughnuts has. It's a little place and the doughnuts aren't anything to get up and scream about. The place was neat, tidy and clean, all important things. Sometimes doughnut shops just feel like the have a film on them. Honey Doughnuts doesn't have that feel. So if you were looking for a greasy grungy place, sorry this isn't the place for you They are just as good as any other local doughnuts shop. But here's the difference. The lady that was behind the counter was so nice. You know when you meet someone and you just think to yourself, I think I like you and I know nothing about you, but I like you. She was that kinda person.

    Usually when I go into a doughnut shop they look at me with a blank stare and just grab what ever doughy treat I point at with the tongs, squish the hell out of it and then toss it in a bag. She seemed to really care. It was nice, she made sure I got the exact ball of fried dough I pointed at, asked me about the weather, and then folded the bag neatly and cleanly. I think I have a crush on her. It's a healthy crush though. So the bottom line is that their doughnuts are good, but more importantly I think I found a new friend. And that makes me happy.

  • 27598 Sierra Hwy
    Canyon Country, CA 91351
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    YAH!! I don't have to drive to the valley for Boba! Dear white friends, don't worry I'll take you and explain. Even though Asian Grandma married white and mom married white I still have enough Asian in me to be able to explain it to you. Just don't be all "white people" about it and don't worry, yes you can steal it and make it your new trend to replace frozen yogurt. That was so last year, like Ed Hardy and Affliction last year. Those should have been year never trends.

    There is a minimum for credit cards. I don't remember what it is but if you get two drinks you will cover the spread. So bring a white friend and then laugh when they take a Boba ball to the back of the throat. Dear white people, make this place popular enough that I don't have to drive to the valley for a boba fix. But don't make it so white that it's frozen yogurt.

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    The only reason I ever go here is for a pie and it's a last resort. I've never actually eat here. Yeeears ago I ate here, I haven't been back to this location. When I go pick up a pie it's always quiet and depressing. There is supposed to be a comedy club there or something some nights. I dunno the place is always empty , boring and sad. . I don't think I'd want to go there to laugh or eat. I'll take my pie and have a good day.

  • 66-087 Kamehameha Hwy
    Haleiwa, HI 96712
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    I think I listened to the hype too much. I figured I couldn't go wrong with the Matsumoto and my cousins suggested that I add ice cream and red bean. I like ice cream. I like red bean. I like shave ice. But put them all together and I wasn't big on it.
    This should have been a 4 review, but here's the thing. Outside it smelled so much like hot garbage it turned every sense that should have been focused on my frozen treat to an attack of the sense mostly with the attack being on my nose.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm a glutton for punishment and I'll go back. Just no red bean for me. Or no ice cream in my shave ice. It's one or the other for me, can't do both.

  • 3500 Las Vegas Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    This is the story of how we saved $12 with a Groupon. The story starts late one night online. Groupon had a $12 for $24 deal so the purchase was made with the idea that LA is only a few hours from Vegas and we'll be out there in the six-months before the Groupon expires. Well time did what time does and the expiration date was fast up on us so a trip to Vegas was planned. Another couple was found to join us on the adventure and we made our plans to stop by the outlets to shop and then go here for dinner. So pretty much we drove to Vegas for dinner just to save $12. Doesn't make a ton os sense but it turned out to be a really fun day that was highlighted by some tasty grub and chocolate.

    So we drove all the way from LA to Vegas for dinner, that's a lot of pressure but Max Brenner lived up to the hype we had built up for it. The Unforgettable Spicy Tuna Salad Sandwich is actually unforgettable mostly because they put crushed up bbq chip in the sandwich which is something I've done after a night of drinking but never thought I'd see it in a restaurant. The Waffle fries that come with it are dusted with cocoa but I just didn't get any of that flavor. Maybe my taste buds had been over worked by the jalapenos from the sandwich. Next time I want to try the turkey burger, i hear it's bugerlicious.

    The little lady does this disgusting thing where she will order a pasta with alfredo sauce and not only ask for extra but ask for extra extra and she usually has to ask for more. i swear she should weigh 400lbs and no longer be a little lady. She of course asked for this when she ordered and I was amazed that when it came out she didn't have to ask for another side of alfredo sauce. The friends that were with us also ordered a pasta dish so there was some making a comparison between extra sauce and normal person sauce was easy. They didn't drown the pasta in alfredo but there was a little extra. I think it's because they have good hearty sauces and you don't need to drown pasta in it to get the goodness.

    We were all pretty full after dinner so we decided to share a dessert. Even though we wanted to try so many of the sweets they have we figured sharing the Crystal Sugar Churro Fondue would be the easiest to share. We all agreed that we could have done without the muddled raspberries but really enjoyed the chocolate and caramel sauces. Don't judge us but after the churros were gone we might have dipped a knife in the sauces. fat kids at heart I tell ya, fat kids at heart.

  • 26865 Sierra Hwy
    Santa Clarita, CA 91321
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    It's good, just another frozen yogurt place. I do like that it's in a circle. Most places are in a straight line and when that line get long it can get clustered and something about it being set up in a circle made me happy.
    We had a 50% off coupon that we used and for the two of us it was just over $10 before the coupon but we really tried to load the cup up.
    It's self serve so you can pile the goodies high and thick. Have fun.

  • 7290 Beverly Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    I'm pretty sure the 4 out of 3 dentists wouldn't recommend that I eat that I eat the Warm Ooey Gooey Chocolate Sunday and I bet they would think even less of it if they knew that I switched out the Coconut Ice Cream for Coffee Toffee and Nutella. But I just can't say no. It's so warm. It's so Ooey. It's even Gooey and this time gooey is a good thing. Not like that really bad first date I went on once.

    The Prosciutto & Provolone sandwich is a pretty tasty sandwich. It's filling so I would share it so you still have room to ruin your teeth with sweets.

    Speaking of ruined teeth. Suck on this little tidbit. 26 years and not a single cavity. Knock on wood. How have I done it you might ask? It's just another of my super powers. I also control street lights. When you drive by one and it turns off randomly, yea that's me. Don't ask me how that's helpful, but you're welcome

  • 800 Lighthouse Ave
    Monterey, CA 93940
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    Holy Crapple is a cupcake and it's soooo G-double-O-D, good. The Cookies and Cream have a little special surprise in the bottom. Not only is there an Oreo on top of the frosting, which was pretty good frosting, it wasn't just sickeningly sweet frosting it was good. but I digress and back to the surprise. There is another Oreo at the bottom of the cupcake. It was a great surprise.
    They have your regular run of the mill flavors as well. Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet. They are all quite a nice little treat. Small enough to eat more than one, but rich enough that one is probably enough.

  • 24201 West Valencia Blvd
    Valencia, CA 91355
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    I've walked past this place a few times. I'm not an avid mall goer so we actually went out of our way to go here. Why you ask? Well I'm a coupon whore and had a $10 voucher that I actually got for free from a website because I had some credits for the site. 4 people, ice cream for everyone and it cost me, because I was treating, $1.18.

    The lady working was really nice. Usually I feel bad for asking for samples but it was our first time and she was not only happy to serve up a taste or two but she was giving us samples of anything she though we might like.

    I'm a pain in the ass sometimes and asked her what her worst flavors were, usually people say something like, oh they are all good, everyone likes some and don't like others. This lady on the other hand said, "no, this one and this one are terrible, I hate them. Try them!" So I did and they were pretty, not good. I like the honesty. It made me happy.

    I ended up with the Macadamia Nut, It was good, not too sweet because some of the flavors are very rich. When I'm at the mall, which isn't all that often, I opt for better malls, but I'd pick New Zealand Natural over the other options there. way better than Dairy Queen and I liked it more than PinkBerry. I'm kinda over the froyo craze. Damn white people over do everything.

  • 271 Bonifacio Pl
    Monterey, CA 93940
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Reminded me of living in Paris. There are a lot of places that like to call themselves a Parisian bakery and very few live up to it. It might sound weird but it smells just like this great little place in Paris that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of. I ate lunch there at least once a week and if I lived closer to Monterey I would do the same here. Any time I go through or to or near Monterey, a stop here is a must for me.

  • 9466 Charleville Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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    5.0 Sterne

    I'm really glad that making a perfect macaron is incredibly difficult. Why am I happy about this? Mostly because hopefully that will keep these wonderfully addictive little pillows of lovelyness from being the next cupcake aka on every single street. I will gladly take a macaron over a cupcake any day.
    I was spoiled because when I first had a macaron I was at Pierre Hermé in Paris Paris, so not to say I know what I'm talking about but I know what I'm talking about. Paulette makes perfect macarons. If you don't believe me, when they have a cracked one, even if it's just a tiny little crack, they use them as samples and if it's anything worse than that you will never see them.

  • 18641 Devonshire St
    Northridge, CA 91324
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I haven't been here in years. There used to be one down the street from my house and that was back wayyyy before frozen yogurt was the bees knees. They don't have a huge selection or anything but it's a memory of childhood. Every Penguin's smells the exact same, I think it's the machines but it's one of those smells that ingrained in my brain.
    If you didn't grow up eating this cold stuff, it's still a solid treat that has never disappointed me.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    I got spoiled with really good, really cheap gelato in Europe so I'm a little snobby with my gelato.

    The little woman wanted a frozen treat so we stopped in while we walked down Colorado. I took notice of the $1.95 cone poster and was pretty much set on just getting that. We tasted quite a few of the flavors and I settled on the tiramisu. I was alright. I was just tired of asking for tastes of the other flavors and there was a small group forming behind us.

    I've had better I've had worse. On a warm Pasadena day it was a nice treat and for $1.95 you really can't be mad.

  • 1387 Westwood Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Perfect. It's fresh and tastes exactly like you would want it to. I wasn't sure why I knew the name of Saffron and Rose but when we were eating dinner across the street I went with my gut feeling that I was told at some point in my life that I had to try this place and my gut was spot on correct.
    We let the guy working know that it was our first trip in and I usually won't give out a 5er on a one trip experience, but the guy behind the ice cream counter was so nice. He filled spoon after spoon with each delicious flavor and asked us what we though. We gave an answer and depending on what we said, a little sweet, oh I liked that, etc. he would decide what we might like next. i think we tried all but 2 flavors.
    $2.75 for one scoop of ice cream isn't a crazy price especially when it's this ice cream.
    This is, go out of your way to get some, good ice cream. We will be back a soon as we are in the area.

  • 712 N Heliotrope Dr
    Los Angeles, CA 90029
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    1,356 review in. Why bother with another. Um because their ice cream will make you want to slap yo mamma. If your mamma isn't there then, it's so good it will make you want to kick a puppy. It would go like this, I want that flavor, taste, punt puppy and then go to hell for being a horrible person.

    The flavors are really unique, like if a mad scientist really like ice cream and made that his muse instead of putting together a bunch of pieces of dead people.

    Don't be a jerk and make faces about the flavors until you taste them, unless it's something banana because banana is gross and the only people that liked banana was Beethoven because he wrote a song about it that went like this, Ba-na-na-na-naaaas.

    Careful parking it's easy to get a ticket, a buddy and I parked, went in tried three or so flavors each, then picked the ones we wanted, paid and went back to the car and BAM ticket.

    PS. Sorry dude, if I wasn't nearly a hobo I'd help you out with it. Instead I'll use some of the change I collect on the freeway offramp and treat you to some ice cream.

  • 3400 Overland Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90034
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Don't let the 4 stars fool you this is still the best, most unique and interesting ice cream in town. The original is a 5 this is a 4 because of there aren't as many flavors. It would be a 3 compared but there is free parking this isn't the case at the other location. Just make sure to read the signs on the street because there is street cleaning on certain days and a parking ticket, although it won't ruin you ice cream, it will give it a bad after taste. Just ask my friend that got two parking tickets while enjoying the other location. Dude really needs to learn how to read.

  • 27023 McBean Pkwy
    Valencia, CA 91355
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    Not impressed with the shave ice at all. The interior was fun that that's where the fun stopped. It's insanely over priced. There is a place in Northridge, I won't call out the name but I will say that it rhymes with Get Shaved. I'm pretty sure that since my car gets pretty alright gas mileage it would be cheaper for me to drive from Santa Clarita to Northridge for some really good, worth the drive shave ice.
    The ice at Shave It wasn't fluffy or packed down too tightly, something just wasn't great about it. It isn't often that I don't finish something sweet. Cavity free since baby teeth and I like my sweets. This just didn't do anything special for me and for the price you gotta be crazy.
    I'll put on my jet pack and zip over to Northridge next time.

  • 23886 Copperhill Dr
    Valencia, CA 91354
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    The place was clean and totally empty, maybe that's because it was like 9:30pm on a Monday night. I felt like the epitome of American culture since I walked there, got a cup full, which seemed pretty pricey for what I got and then finished our nice healthy walk with a bowl full of sugar and the most unhealthy toppings you can imagine.

    This all started because this place is walking distance from the lady friends house. We didn't intend to actually go here but it was open and I'm getting fat so i figured, why not.

    The flavors were better than say, Golden Spoon, white peoples favorite froyo, but not as good as say, Yogurtland.

    For the price and for the sake of comparison, Yogurtland wins for selection and price. Swirly's wins for being walking distance for my fat ass.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    So unless you are in Hawaii at the Dole Plantation this is the only place you can get a Dole Whip. Had my first Dole Whip on O'ahu at Dole and these are exactly the same. The line was about 20 people deep but it went quickly and it was well worth it. The prices are pretty good too, $3 for something at Disneyland. Who knew it was possible.

  • 349 S Robertson Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    The place was super clean and they had a good mix of flavors and toppings. I found my way in while I was waiting for the chicky in my life to get a massage. I like to carry tension in my body so i can spring to action when ever trouble arises. So no massage for me. They didn't have another appointment until wayyy later in the afternoon. So Fro-Yo for me.
    I'm still a sucker for some Yogurt Land but this was a solid stand in.

  • 2490 Kalakaua Ave
    Honolulu, HI 96815
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Better than back in the connected states because they have wayyy better toppings. They have these little popping yogurt ball things that I've never had before and I'm still on the fence if I love them or hate them but they are fun and I get them every time.
    There are other places on the street for a sweet frozen treat but this is the spot for me.
    The machines are clean and the toppings are well stocked and neat. No Oreo crumbs in the sprinkles or mango in the strawberry.
    If you've never had Yogurtland before, 1, you're crazy and 2, they are open pretty late so you have time to get there.

  • 304 N San Fernando Blvd
    Burbank, CA 91502
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    The flavors are always great, the toppings are always full and fresh. It can get busy but the wait has never been too bad. The line can be a little bit of a jumble but the yogurt is good. I like the flavors and toppings at Yoguartland a lot more than any of the other places I've tried.

  • 1588 Mission Dr.
    Solvang, CA 93463
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    Maybe I've just been spoiled by really good, unique and different ice cream. Maybe it's because I have a freezer full of ice cream. It could be that it's nothing more than Thrifty ice cream that they scoop here and that's exactly what I have in my freezer because it was 2 for $6 on sale recently.

    This little shop just isn't something special that I'd go out of my way for. And for being just Thrifty ice cream it's a tad overpriced. I mean at least pack the tubs of ice cream in tight enough that I can't see the name printed all around the packaging.

    Also it's cash only. Not that it's a problem, just a general FYI.

  • 1630 W Redondo Beach Blvd
    Gardena, CA 90247
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    The ladies that work here are so nice and at times funny. If you want to make them really happy, exact change will do it. This has been the go to place for sweets since i was a kid. We always have to stop here when Grandma is in town so she can get her fill of goodies before she goes back home where these wonderful little Japanese sweet treats don't exist. That's what you get Grandma for living on the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Sorry. Make sure to check the house since they open and close on the 45 and don't forget, CASH ONLY.

  • 1525 N La Brea Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Oh what a bummer in the summer. It's that old yelp story about driving by countless times, hearing good things and then finally going in to experience something and it being so, Eh.

    I was the last customer of the night and the girl working was still kind enough to make suggestions and give my the chance to get the full experience and had she not been so nice I honestly think I would have been fine with nothing more than samples but I felt guilty that I had taken so much of her time and was literally the last customer of the night so after trying the creamy rose water, orange blossom, herbal snow and one or two more I left with an orange blossom sandwich.

    I sat outside and really tried to like it. I really wanted to like my treat but it was disappointing. I like my ice cream sammich with cookies ala Diddy Riese.

    It's worth a try, not sure it's worth a return trip.

  • 23626 Valencia Blvd
    Valencia, CA 91355
    Vereinigte Staaten
    2.0 Sterne

    It's a nice little shop that of course smells great. The staff was very friendly and welcoming but in the end a cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake is a cupcake and at around $3 for a friggin ccake, gtfo.

    We tried a variety of flavors, so here my opinion on the ones we had. Take it for whatever it's worth, The S'mores left me feeling cheated our of the entire s'mores experience of smelling like campfire and having a stick in my hand with a burning marshmallow on the end of it. It was nearly flavorless and would have been without the graham cracker crust on the bottom.

    The Black and White was probably the favorite but that's a kind word for a cupcake that was still disappointing. I found myself enjoying picking at the little tiny chocolate chips that had fallen off the frosting more than the cupcake itself.

    The Heavenly would have been better if it was wrapped in tinfoil and I had stuck it into my freezer like I do when I eat a Hostess DingDong. Save the $3 you will spend on one of their cupcakes and spend it on an entire box of DingDongs and if you've never put them in the freeze, do that, it's fan-freaking-tastic.

    I think the other flavor that was in the box was a lemon something or other that my mom and brother ate and their response was a shoulder shrug and then a look of amazement when we told them how much they cost.

    I'll take a box of Funfetti and that weird frosting that has the colorful little candy balls in it next time.

  • 7901 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    It used to require a flight to Hawaii or a ticket to Disneyland to get some DoleWhip but that has all changed. The frozen delight is just like its better known Hawaii and D-land counterparts but it's right in the middle of West Hollywood. Parking is a bit of a nightmare, but you get a free topping with a check-in. Honestly name a place in West Hollywood that isn't a parking nightmare anyways.

  • 6333 West 3rd Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    The Milkshake is the best thing on the menu. They make it with custard instead of your average boring ice cream.

    Their Spuds are like Captain Crunch. They taste good but they cut up the roof of your mouth.

    The burgers have been kinda meh. The pork burger is just alright, I like the pork options at Umami more.

    It's really all about the milkshakes for me. I just feel like you can get a better burger with more enjoyable sides other places.

  • 1701 Pico Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Holy bucket of boba. I felt like a small child as I walked out with a HUGE cup, no, more like bucket of boba milk tea. It took me two hands to hold the cup and I don't have small hands, we're talking, palm a basketball size hands. So I was a little wired the rest of the day but for the price, it's a cheap buzz.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    I have never had a bad time here. Even when it's pack with so many people you're shoulder to shoulder with the person next to you it's still such a great place with the nicest staff.

    It seems like I swing through here once a month or so. Sometimes it's just to grab some to-go food. The Imperiale Di Pollo is super simple but really good. It's well seasoned and the little grilled cheese sandwich that comes with it is just prefect. The Panini's and Bocadillos are great too. I know what you might be thinking, what about the churros. Also great, they are perfectly cooked and just sweet enough. These aren't your average run of the mill theme park churros.

    The guys that work there are also so friendly and no matter how packed the place gets the services is always good.

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Ramen, Ramen and uh, Ramen (16)

You say amen, I say Ramen

DineLA (2)

Culture Vultures (32)

A select list of some of my favorite museums, galleries and local attractions.

Truckin' stuff up! (11)

It's food, from a truck, eaten on the corner.

So Yelpy! (25)

Yelpish events

BookWorms!! (13)

Only the bookiest of book related bookishness

Chips and Salsa (11)

In the mood for Mexican food

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"Mildly immature, but can work the crowd with sophistication."

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Los Angeles, CA, Vereinigte Staaten

Yelper seit

August 2009

Dinge, die ich mag

Good music, art, films

Hier bin ich häufig anzutreffen

your fridge eating all your food.


LA Suburb but feel more at home in Paris.

Mein Blog oder meine Website


Warum du meine Beiträge unbedingt lesen solltest

It's either this or porn...

Meine zweitliebste Website

Was ich zuletzt gelesen habe

Something by Vonnegut, or Dr. Seuss. Don't remember

Meine Henkersmahlzeit

Grandmas cooking, for sure.

Erzähl's nicht weiter, aber...

I secretly catch butterflies and frolic in fields of infinite possibilities.

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