Idiot's Guide to the Oak Park area

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As a relatively new suburbanite, here are the do's and don'ts and probably won'ts of Oak Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • 7347 Madison St
    Forest Park, IL 60130
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    Beitrag des Tages 18.1.2012

    If you really want to have a laugh at someone else's expense, bring them to Brown Cow and have them order a double scoop on a cone.  And then watch their shock and awe as they receive about a gallon of ice cream on a teeny leetle cone.  Grab a bib folks, because they don't mess around.

    At first, their ice cream tasted odd to was creamier, sweeter, and heavier than what I'm used to, but that's because it's homemade.  This is what ice cream is supposed to taste like when it's not pre-packaged and blown up with cost-saving, volumizing air.  Makes me wish I were 5 again so I could demand an ice cream cake party in their back room.

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    All burger joints are measured against my first true love, Blimpie Burger in Ann Arbor, MI, which explains why Five Guys came in as a close, sexy encounter - HOT, JUICY, MADE-TO-ORDER burgers, smothered with a slew of sloppy toppings (burgers bring out the alliteration in me).  Condiments?  You name it, they got it, and after a few bites, I was a mess of oozing sauces and piping hot meat juice, and I LOVED it.  

    Awesome cajun fries.  If you're not the thick cut, all-natural, straight from Potatoville, Idaho (there's actually a board there telling you where the fries are from), steaming hot, avalanche of fries kind of person....then Five Guys is not for you.  

    Surprisingly good soda selection as well. I had my first Caffeine-free, diet Raspberry Coke (who knew there was such a thing), and it was nice.  

    My only gripe is that we decided to eat in and it was freezing.  Thank goodness I had the bag of fries as a handwarmer.

  • 6831 W North Ave
    Oak Park, IL 60302
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    Professional and cheesy.  That's how I would describe Edwardo's.  They're my go-to delivery place for big orders (Superbowl parties, surprise parties, parties for absolutely no reason at all), first at the Dearborn location when we lived downtown, and now at the Oak Park location.  

    I've ordered complex, large orders days in advance, specifying the time when I needed our pizza to arrive, and they have always been perfectly punctual, and have never messed up an order.  

    Great thin crust with a delectable cheesy layer and natural ingredients - the meat lover's and spinach is especially good.

  • 315 Harlem Ave
    Forest Park, IL 60130
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    Two necessities when moving into a new neighborhood is a cozy coffee shop, and a sushi place where I can wear my stretchy pants.  Why stretchy pants?  Because when I'm in slacker mode, I can justify my laziness by having a healthy meal, like rolls and a Kirin light.  

    Enough about me.  Let's talk about their scrumptious and creative rolls.  The New Volcano roll was awesome.  I've spent some time in Japan and the rolls were not as elaborate as here.  My husband likes their bento meals.  They usually give us complimentary samples (which is why my pants need to be stretchy).  

    5 star service in a casual environment, and drink specials to boot.  What's not to daisuki?

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    Our condo complex needed new railings so I called Budget Right.  They were very responsive.  One of their handymen was not available so they had someone else call me.  Dan came out the next day and fixed the railings within 3 hours.  He also gave us some much needed estimates on other work on his own time.  Dan was a great guy and very professional.  The company is very straightforward with the estimate and seems very trustworthy.  I would definitely recommend Budget Right.

  • 825 S Oak Park Ave
    Oak Park, IL 60304
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    As the parents of a newborn, we have a newfound appreciation for Avenue Ale House because not only is it kid-friendly, but it's very baby-friendly as well.  They have a baby-changing station, they're always willing to accommodate us when we bring in our stroller to park it next to our table, and there's enough background noise to muffle our little guy's infrequent fussing.  

    We like their food and it's polished for a bar & grill.  Their wraps and wings are great and their burgers (with bacon, bbq sauce and blue cheese, yum!) are awesome.  Their shrimp pasta dish was surprisingly good, and we've enjoyed everything we've ordered there.  

    They have really upped the quality of their service.  Their servers are friendly and attentive, and we even suspect that one of their servers came from an upscale restaurant because he beautifully folded my napkin and placed it back on the table when I left for the restroom.  

    We've pretty much become regulars, so look for a hungry couple with a stroller and a cozy red-headed baby.

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    After 10 years of serving weekend brunch, we were told recently that they have nixed their brunch… Weiterlesen
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    Avenue Ale House is my brainoff place.  It's where we go when I want to turn my brain off and just… Weiterlesen
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    Did Hemingway's Bistro bring back fond memories of reading "A Moveable Feast" at a romantic Parisian bistro?  No....but only because as a student in Paris, I was living mostly off of horrible French dorm food, but the food at HB was excellent.  

    The zuccini blossom appetizer came with a sweet red pepper sauce that could have used a tad more flavor, but the delicate texture of the blossoms made it worthwhile.  My husband's clam chowder, pureed to a silky smoothness, was succulent without being heavy, which really is the impressive balance that the bistro is able to achieve in their French cooking.  My  coq au vin was amazing, with tender chicken braised in the traditional red wine sauce crowned with mushrooms and pork pieces, and
    my husband's steak frites was above par.  My dirty martini came with blue cheese-stuffed olives, which is always a plus.  

    My only gripe was that my husband had told HB when he made the reservation that it was my birthday, and they completely forgot!  There was no special touch, and we were both disappointed.   Pauvre de nous!

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    Entrees tend to run anywhere from $17 - $24ish, but we went recently for their 4th Anniversary celebration where everything was half off and went a little Latin-crazy.  

    My salmon a la parilla swam upstream through a creamy cauliflower puree into my hungry, happy belly.  My husband's puerco rostistado was a fiesta of flavor, and the "fufu" it rested on was as fun to eat as it is to say.  Our friends enjoyed their duck and enchiladas with mole.  

    Crepes with cajetas was a little heavy (I was hoping for a bit more goat cheese flavor to balance out the sweetness), but their margaritas packed a serious punch, and the red sangria was maybe the most balanced I've ever tasted (it's a narrow road between too sweet and too bitter).

    Friendly service, and live music to add the point to their flavor exclamation.

  • 7230 Madison St
    Forest Park, IL 60130
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    Ever find yourself torn between the sweet KC bbq sauce and the vinegary Carolina version?  Here, you can find the perfect compromise on their ribs.  Why we got ribs at a chop place, I don't know, but I have no regrets.  The meat was fall-off-the-bone without losing its bark and overall texture, with a nice smokey flavor.  The sauce was sweet with a kick, and it had real personality.  My only gripe was that there was not enough of it.  I asked for extra sauce on the side, and they gave me a pitiful thimble-full of it.  Skrine - I promise you, if you give me more of it next time, I will immediately bump up your review to 5 stars.

    They should call their restaurant "Meat," since highlighting their chops alone doesn't do it justice.

  • 7237 W Madison St
    Forest Park, IL 60130
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    It's no Argyle street pho, but I don't think it's fair to compare SaiGon with a restaurant that has 10 similar pho places competing for the same customers.  My chicken pho was pretty good, although it could have used more SHTUFF in it (chicken, veggies, you know what I mean).  And the pho really should be served with the side of sprouts, jalapenos, cilantro, etc. as a default, but I don't think that's the case here since we had to request it.

    That being said, have you ever dined with someone who just can't order off the menu?  It has to be - substitute this, add that, completely rearrange the dish for me?  That's my mom, God love her.  We took her to SaiGon and she completely reinvented her pho, and SaiGon was SOOOO accomodating.  This deserves an extra star.  And the spring rolls had this crunchy core to them that made them exceptional. Great addition to FP.

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    Went here on a Friday night desperately hoping for a new OP hangout with good food and ambiance.  

    Ambiance:  warm, friendly, great outdoor seating (despite the construction) on Marion street.

    Food:  They have a "breading" problem.  Their crab bisque was overly floured and low on flavor.  Shrimp po'boy was bland, under-shrimped, served on a cold white bread roll and underwhelming.  They advertise a "light tempura batter" but it doesn't really meet my po'boy standards of a deep-fried, satisfying crunch.  Their wings are over breaded which makes them soggy.  However, the jambalaya is good and spicy, and the snow crab legs dish is a satisfying meal.  If you stay away from breaded dishes, you'll be fine.  

    As for prices, since previous yelpers have commented on them and there is no online menu available (a serious flaw), their po'boys run around $10, their meal soups around $13, and the rest of their seafood dishes are in the $20s.  Their oysters are $2 a piece.  After a meal of one soup, 2 entrees and 3 drinks, our dinner ran about $50.

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    The yelp description is outdated since they don't serve beer or wine.  In fact, when I asked them about it, they said it's BYOB, but there is no BYOB sign anywhere, so BYOBAYOR (at your own risk).  

    We tried the A-8 Pabellon Arepa and it was ok, not stunning.  The bread was a bit too crunchy, resembling a stale texture, but the meat was tender.  The fried plantains and white cheese added nothing to the flavor.  Arepas are a good baseline food, but I wish there were zesty sauces to add some kick to these pocket sammies because it took a lot of Louisiana hot sauce to tease some flavor out of them.  

    Portion size depends on your appetite.  I was full, but my petite girl friend was still hungry after her arepa.

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    I wanted to love this place because of its warm, bustling ambiance, and friendly, efficient service.  But my meal was so disappointing that I can't justify the prices for this place.  I ordered the pasta with sun dried tomatoes and peas, and the peas were obviously the mushy kind that comes out of a can, with big chunks of sundried tomatoes and a bland, watery sauce.  And we definitely felt a little rushed out.  Considering the abundance of Italian restaurants in Forest and Oak Park, I won't be back.

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    Just ordered pick-up from here and the King and I will have more of a short fling than a lasting relationship.  

    I don't have crazy high standards for an $8 dinner, but the portions were small (the pepper steak was about a cup or less of food and mostly liquid), the hot & sour soup was really salty and strange (it definitely was not the right color), and the egg roll was about the size of my thumb.  And there were absolutely no utensils, plates, napkins, etc. included which is amateur for a pick-up order.  

    If this is what passes for good Thai in Oak Park, I'll have to move a Park over.

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