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    Okay, so I failed in thinking this would be the best option in Marathon to find my pops a heart-healthy breakfast - but I was right in thinking it sounded crazy-good based on Yelp reviews. Cute diner-feel like the kind you see in the movies - complete with a zillion license plates hanging on the wall, swiveling chrome barstools, booths and a wrap-around counter.  

    Highlights from our ordering (many of which have already been raved about in other reviews):

    -fresh orange juice, the real kind, not the "it was fresh one day a while back, but today's not that actual day" I'll pay a pretty penny any day for a real glass of OJ

    -Key Lime Freezes: ahhhhhh!!! So much for not eating beyond my hunger. Clipped a coupon out of the local visitor's book and just HAD to see what all the fuss was about. Definitely worthy of the fuss -part dairy/part lime explosion - you've got to try this!

    -known for their mimosa breakfast specials (order the meal and it comes with a free mimosa) - didn't actually go this route because I was pretty stuck on the idea of a veggie egg-white omelette with artichoke hearts, spinach, tomato and feta (I give myself 5 stars for coming up with this combination). Will definitely visit Mrs. Mac's the next time I find myself in the Keys. Great service and delicious food!

  • 865 Massachusetts Ave
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
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    My love for Natural Born Juicers started on a sunny winter morning in 2010 at the Indy Winter Farmers Market. This sunny morning was also my first tango with wheatgrass...

    Fast forward to 2011 at Indianapolis City Market - three little letters take this small town girl's love for NBJ to a new level: I. O. U.

    Yes, oh yes. If you want to win over a small town hillbilly in the City - show them that you recognize their customer loyalty with an IOU when they foolishly forget you only accept cash. Needless to say, it is not only their expert juice and smoothie making abilities that make this place top notch, but their ability to love on regulars.

    My current smoothie/juice favorites:
    1. Juice: The Glow - carrots, parsley, apple, lemon, dash of smiles
    2. Smoothie: Chocolate Raspberry - the name says it (note that this is a tasty
    cocoa-y approach to chocolate mmm..)
    3.  Smoothie: Spice Cake: cinnamon, carrot, banana, apple, vanilla (I would take this over a real cake any day)

    **Please don't take advantage of the fact that I shared this information - you can bet your bottom I was back in there the next day with my five dollars and forty-five cents.

  • 152 Kearny Street
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    And on the third day....the Jamba Juice crew recognized me by face and order. Not something I'm ashamed of. I went with the not-so-healthy, but-I'd-like-to-claim-it's-fiber-ridden Choco Monkey (I may be saying this name wrong). The smoothie consisted of bananas, cocoa powder, yoghurt and peanut butter. I have to say I was feeling like a rock star after drinking this dandy every morning.

    There are certain businesses and locations to be exact, that despite their being a chain they take the small biz/friendly faces approach. It's amazing what a simple smile and friendly greeting can do to start someone's day off right. I highly recommend this location not only for their delicious smoothies but their 5 star service.

  • 369 E Greencastle Rd
    Mooresville, IN 46158
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    Just imagine it - trees leaning from the weight of apples, kids with apple slushy mustaches, carts filled with pumpkins that are so unattractive that they might just be attractive and a certain redhead hiding between the rows of trees stretching her plastic half bushel bag in a manner that makes room for, dare I say it? ...25+ apples. booyah.

    Fall is upon us and I'm not cutting any corners in celebrating. Gourds. Pumpkins. Cider. Corduroys. Boots. Sunflowers. Apples. You name it. I'm there. Lucky for me, I can head south 20-30 minutes and arrive at a little slice of rural heaven known as Anderson Orchard where all of these things can be found in one stop. Hell, I even pulled over on the side of the road to pick daisies in the ditch. It was that perfect of a day.

    A few notes for your possible visit:

    -pumpkins are priced by weight

    -if you like acorn squash, it's cheap here: $1

    -1/2 bushel: $6

    -known for their cider slushies

    -some produce, cheese, pumpkin rolls and other goodies are available (oh, and caramel apples, duh)

    -why not the 5th start? The service was leaning on the unfriendly side. Come on ladies, please don't rain on my apple parade with those frowny faces.

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    My recommendation (do with it what you wish):

    If you fall into one of the following categories:
    1.) banana fan
    2.) fancy yourself a thick smoothie
    3.) are looking for a stick-to-your-ribs sort of purchase

    then I highly recommend opting for the peanut butter banana Nutella smoothie with a chocolate almond milk substitute. Not that I do not enjoy Nutella but I enjoy PB more, so I pass on the Nutella in hopes of giving the peanut butter center stage.

    And, if 1, 2 and 3 do not fit you - fret not, there are plenty of other refreshing juice and smoothy options to tickle your fancy.

  • 887 H St
    Arcata, CA 95521
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    Thank you Yelpers for never leading me astray.

    I needed healthy and I needed it in Arcata. Luke's Joint was just what I needed.
    Located adorably on the town square (only a block from the Saturday farmers market), Luke's is the kind of place you visit for healthy and refreshing eats alongside a few more gluttonous but who can help but love 'em comfort style eats (a winner for all). The café itself is crazy-cute with a black and white checkered floor, bright walls, unique wall art (check out the bathroom) and open windows onto the street. The only thing it was missing was a rainbow inside the restaurant.

    Staying on par with my "eat something light" endeavors, I ordered the tempeh tamale paired with cilantro sauce (recommended by the waitress). Delicious! I would recommend serving it with a bit more of the sauce though as it was slightly dry which I believe could easily be solved with an extra dose of cilantro magic! (there's nothing cilantro can't fix).  And because I wanted to try at least two things from the menu (it was super duper hard to decide), I had the fresh local greens salad topped with the most amazing tofu I've ever had (BBQ - with a special name), local goat cheese, fresh strawberries, honey balsamic vinaigrette - one of the best salads I've ever had actually, I feel five pounds lighter just thinking about it. If only...
    My pops opted for the turkey club with bacon and other classic turkey club ingredients paired with the made in-house ginger coleslaw (which wasn't mind -blowingly flavorful - not bad - just now "WOW!").

  • 1392 South Rangeline Road
    Carmel, IN 46032
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    Kind of a bummer...I have been building this place up in my head for months - I thought surely with all of the well-to-do Carmelians and suburban momma's with highly-detailed healthy shopping lists this place would be sporting a produce section that would keep me drooling for a good half hour. Unfortunately, the vegetable selection was not as diverse and expansive as the one in my fantasy Earth Fare. Tomatoes. Check. Peppers. Check. Lettuce. Check. Say what? You're looking for mini cucumbers? Get outta town, you're in the wrong place.

    A few things this high end grocery did have going for itself is a juice bar, fresh vegan dessert options, a clearance section near the bathrooms in the back, hot deli bar and bath salts that could be purchased by the pound, if you like, that is. The vibe/scale is similar to Trader Joe's but with fancier signage.

  • 223 E Walnut St
    Des Moines, IA 50309
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    I love menus. Not just the physical appearance but the words, descriptions and creativity of ingredients. Everything about them makes me happy. In the case of New World Cafe, it's their creative ingredient combinations that won me over. For instance, unique and seasonal soups like creamy beet with grapefruit juice or to-die-for beverages like made-from-scratch strawberry rhubarb lemonade. **I cannot begin to tell you how delicious this beverage was. They have wifi so I'd venture to say this place would make a healthier alternative to hanging out at the coffee shop for an hour or two. (the high top seating at the window wouldn't hurt either).

    New World Cafe is the holy land for those of us who love veggies. The menu is 100% vegetarian and innovative. My dining companion ordered the colorful and tasty falafel sandwich served with the salad of the day while I opted for the popular Mexican bowl with quinoa, zucchini, seeds, sauce(?), broccoli, veggies and veggies. Despite my less-than-excellent description, it was quite tasty. I'm confident I would have been satisfied with anything on the menu. As for dessert, the vegan options are aplenty! I'm jealous that Indy doesn't have such a veggie-friendly option like this in the heart of our downtown.

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    I recently had the pleasure of enjoying some exceptional raw zucchini noodles at a vegan eatery in Salt Lake City, so when I came across the reviews noting a Pad Thai version at Seedz, we had to check it out. Plus, visiting a veggie eatery tends to give you good odds of feeling awesome for the remainder of the day.

    Seedz is a cozy and refreshing café with indoor and outdoor seating, white walls and airy décor like you find at most other vegetarian eateries. The prices lean on the higher side with smoothies coming in at $10, so you might want to consider saving it for dinner and lingering longer to enjoy their made-in-house beer, etc. (make an evening of it!). We had the Pad Thai zucchini which was both delicious and huge (I had leftovers), the veggie burger and the banana, date, maca smoothie. My favorite was the Pad Thai and the sesame seed-loaded bun on the burger. All delicious but don't be surprised if you spend a good $40 on lunch here.

  • 11 S Meridian St
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
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    I mistakenly scheduled a meeting here thinking it was more spacious than it actually is: two 2-seater tables and a hightop counter with no seats and room for 3 people standing tops. Lets call it cozy, super-cozy. This location is meant for grabbing what you need and heading back to the office or on down the street.

    Similar to other Hubbard & Cravens coffee shops you'll find pour over coffee, raw bars (my favorite is the peanut butter flax seed - which appears to be everyone else's favorite as well), fresh juice (3 to 4 varieties) and an assortment of carry-out salads, pita and hummus, etc. Oh, and they also have a fair selection of baked goods like pound cake, brownies and pumpkin cheesecake bars.

    The space is very clean and industrious. I'd like to think it fits the 9 to 5 crowd it services - nothing over-the-top...just serving good coffee. If the weather is right, you can take advantage of their three to four tables on the sidewalk facing on to north Meridian Street (prime real estate for people watching downtown).

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