Korea-moku ....we go

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Honolulu's un-official Korea Town. Keeaumoku street!
  • 655 Keeaumoku St
    Honolulu, HI 96814
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    my SIKDORAK haiku:

    meats, so good in face
    clothes smell of yakiniku
    water cup is dry

    this place is small, but PACKED.... clearly these folks know where to come to get some good yakiniku eats.

    the banchan offered were kimchee, bean sprouts, etc... your standard fare.

    the main event consisted of sliced beef tongue, seasoned short rib, "spicy" pork and RIBEYE steaks!

    everything was really good.  the meats were soft and tasty.  the spicy pork was not really spicy at all, but so so tender (i do wish it was spicy tho).  and if you're not a fan of short-rib bones, they lop them off for you (i like the bones, but i'm ok without them too)

    we also tried the seafood pancake which was just ok..... if you go to eat here, stick to the meats.  this pancake was a little burnt and did not have much seafood swimming inside, so you can skip this.

    also, flag down the waiters if you want water, b/c chances are - they're so busy, they probably wont fill your water cups unless you say something.  they also have a good sense of humor, so joke with them, you'll have fun.

    SIKDORAK.... you're my new food crush :D

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    Super Nice Service with good food!  

    compared to other places i like for yakiniku (Sikdorak or 678 for example), this place has a more relaxed feel to it.  you can enjoy your meal, have a conversation, and feel like you're really being taken care of.  i felt like my relatives were serving me dinner.  for a little while, the lady owner came and helped us cook, and even gave us some suggestions on how long to cook the meat so they were not too burnt.

    there are only 6 tables, so it is fairly small, but they seem to do well.  while we were there, every table began to fill up.

    we ordered the beef tongue, brisket, and deng jang stew.   the beef tongue slices were slightly thick, and brisket is a decent sized pile of meat.  they also give you a LEMON sauce to use with the beef tongue - this is delicious!  and different from other restaurants that serve tongue.... the lemon really adds another dimension of flavor!

    other yelpers talk about the quality of meat - and they're right!  the quality is very good.  some might say the portions are on the smaller side, but when combined with all the other stuff you're eating, you still leave full.

    the deng jang is good too, and only $4.99.  they use firm tofu, which i thought was interesting, b/c usually restaurants use soft.  the stew itself was delicious! and they put lots of pieces of brisket inside.

    they also gave us FREE steamed egg, FREE mackerel, and FREE sang chu mu chim (salad).  your meal also comes with a small cabbage salad, kim chee and spicy takuan.  rice on request.  there are other items on the menu that are listed as "free" as well, but i believe you have to order them.

    the bill was about $40 for 2 people, and we left stuffed.  

    they have 2 tv screens in there as well if you want something else to look at while you eat.... when we went, they were playing sports and k-pop :)

    also, also - other yelpers talked about not smelling afterwards - well, this is pretty true too!  the ventilation must be amazing in there b/c after we were done eating, i sniffed my clothes, and there was only a very faint smell of yakiniku.  WOW......

  • 911 Keeaumoku St
    Honolulu, HI 96814
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    i've always passed by and wanted to try the food here.... even before it was "Ireh"!  

    it is a pretty small restaurant with only 9 tables but this 3 woman operation is very efficient and super delicious!

    their dishes include hand cut noodles, porridges, toppoki (dukboki) and all incorporate fresh ingredients.  

    the waitress that served my friend and i was very nice!  i recognized her from taiyo noodle.... i guess she works here now.  she was nice there, and nice here too.

    i ordered the toppoki with udon, and my dining partner ordered the mushroom jook.  we both shared the pan fried mandoo.  everything was good!  the toppoki was cooked well and the noodles were nice and chewy.

    the mushroom jook was really good too - it might be a good option for vegetarian diners (double check this though, b/c i'm not 100% sure of all the ingredients).  it was.... "clean" in flavor... you know, bright, fresh.... i'm not sure how else to describe it?  but it was good.

    and the mandoo was great too!  get some while you're there.  

    many of the dishes are large enough to share, so bring friends, and go family style.

    they have a shave ice type dessert there that i wanted to try, but was too full to get.... next time!

    another interesting thing - my friend and i were pretty much the only non-korean native people in there.... i'm korean, but i'm from Hawaii, so that doens't really count :(

    BUT, you know what that means.... if you're in a restaurant filled with koreans, the food must be good!

    other great things? - they take credit cards, and the bathroom is clean!!

    komapsumnida! (did i spell that right?..... probably not)

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    if you blink - you'll miss it!

    its tucked away pretty good, and if i hadn't been mindlessly looking out the window while riding passenger, i wouldnt have seen it at all.  

    this market is SUPER-CLEAN, and pretty big.  one of the bigger korean markets on the island.  they have a full meats section, and a pack-your-own kimchee, and sides area (similar to Palama market, but cleaner).

    prices are about the same here compared to Palama, but i think they have more selection.  

    AND, they have a small bakery!! :D

    i think i just found a new korean market to frequent!!!

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    i don't know why, but for some reason i got way more messy here than i did at Crab City.... completely my fault i'm sure, i just can't figure out how it happened?!

    this place also gives you ill-fitting gloves, shell crackers, and crab rippers to massacre your food - but a nice touch is they leave the paper towels on the table for your continuous use!  

    the servers are very friendly, and try to accommodate you as best they can.

    now lets get down to the nitty gritty......

    ordered the combo ($35), and chose the mussels, snow crab and shrimp - got "the works" as a seasoning, and a medium level heat WITH a side of the ghost pepper chili sauce :D  also added another rice and another corn as i shared this combo.

    the combo itself comes with 1 rice, 1 cajun fries, 6 sausage PIECES..... and 1 corn cob.   when i say pieces i mean it literally came with 6 small sausage SLICES..... (at Crab City they give you huge chunks of sausage).  

    the fries were ok, but ask for more ketchup b/c you'll need it.  when the bucket of seafood comes out, it comes out piping hot!  but... keep in mind, if you're dining with several people, everyone's food comes out at different times, so if you're the courteous diner, you'll have to wait until everybody gets their food, and you'll have to wait a while......

    the flavor itself of all the seafood and sauces were ok.  honestly, i thought Crab City's flavor was better - NOT TO SAY that Raging Crab was junk.... their flavor was good too, but IMO, Crab City's was better, and they kind of give more food at CC....  ALSO - the Ghost Chili sauce wasn't as hot as i thought it would be.... but i'm korean yo....

    also, just like CC, the seafood was a little over-cooked, but not too too bad....

    a plus is, if you spend more than $100, you get a free shave ice to share with your friends!  nice and refreshing after such a rich meal.....

    the table spacing is horrible - you're constantly bumping into your neighbors, and trying to navigate the labyrinth of tables when getting up to use the restroom, or wash your hands....  i think maybe they should re-evaluate the table arrangements?

    i would come back b/c it was pretty good, but i'm thinking i might choose Crab City first over RC.... :P

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    K-Pop fans rejoice!  There is now a restaurant that will invade your ear-drums AND your eye sockets with all the K-Pop you can possibly stand.   Boy bands, girl bands.... They all look the same really.  And unless you actually understand korean, they kind of sound the same too.....

    Wait, what was I talking about?  OH it's a restaurant... I almost forgot.  For a second I thought I was in a korean dance club.

    I was extremely torn about that kind of rating I was going to give this restaurant.  


    Coming here for my big ol' birthday, with a group of about 20 people, we might have been a little more than the restaurant could handle.

    We had been split up into 2 tables, obviously because of the size of our party.  Everything started out pretty good.... The waiters are extremely friendly and helpful when you're asking about dishes.  Many of us had no idea how to navigate the menu, so the waiters were good at explaining dishes.

    Table 1 ordered, then table 2 ordered.  We redeemed the free popcorn shrimp courtesy of the YELP check-in (yay!), and this came out fairly quick.... But.....

    Table 1 got their food... one dish after another, after another.... While table 2 got NOTHING.  Table 2 had to wait about 20-30 minutes before anything came out, while table 1 got to eat to their hearts content.

    I had to talk to the servers, then to the manager about why our food was taking so long... why only half of my party had received food while the other half had to sit by and watch while starving... apparently, they only make food as it is ordered INSTEAD of making a larger batch (for example, if table 1 and 2 ordered the same thing, instead of bringing it out to both tables, they would make them one at a time, in the order they were ordered in..... WTF).  This makes no sense.

    Only AFTER table 1 was done eating, did the food come out for table 2.  I was pissed.

    At this point, the manager comes over to me and is extremely apologetic.  He says free desserts for the entire party (it was 1 ice cream mochi for each guest, we did not get to pick the flavor), a free pitcher of their fresh fruit rice wine, and he also handed me a $25 gift certificate to come back to Red House.  He mentioned it was for my birthday, but was it for my birthday?  Or was it to make up for my starving guests?

    I should probably mention the food somewhere in here..... it is KOREAN FUSION, so do not expect your average, run of the mill korean food.....
    I tried:
    - 2 different kinds of fried chicken
    - Toppoki special (they spell it with a T) - includes Blood sausage, duk boki pieces, and gyoza
    - Fried rice
    - Pork belly
    - "pizza" tonkatsu
    - Bulgogi rice pizza
    - Popcorn shrimp
    - Fried mochi
    - Chigge, comes with weird egg cheese thingy.....
    - fresh fruit sake/rice wine, whatever...

    Delicious things = blood sausage (it surprised me really, normally I don't like it), bulgogi rice pizza, and chigge... oh and that fruit sake was DELICIOUS (i got it free, originally its $18)

    Ok things = pork belly, fried mochi, anything chicken related, fried rice, gyoza, popcorn shrimp, toppoki (i've had better)...

    Gross things = that weird egg cheese thing that came with the chigge.  AVOID this.  It was gross.

    This is a kind of new restaurant, so maybe they have not had the chance to work out all their kinks yet?  But REALLY?  Half of my party had to wait WAY TOO LONG FOR THEIR FOOD..... this is ridiculous.  

    If you're looking for a place to have a big party, do not go here.  If you maybe want to have an interesting dinner with a couple of friends, this might be a good place.  

    I'm giving them ONE more chance.... Mainly because I gotta use this gift card they gave me :P

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