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Open after 10 pm, for all you hungry night owls
  • 2801 N Central Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
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    Asian-fusion cuisine at its finest. Sochu House serves up innovative tapas-style Asian bites, as well as larger entrees and noodle dishes. The cuisine spans several types of Asian regions, with a hint of Western influence.

    We ventured in on a Sunday night for dinner. Since there was a Groupon for Sochu House expiring soon (One of the reasons why we went that day), there was a slight wait since it appeared to be a little busier than usual for them (15 minutes). We browsed through the menu, and ordered a few tapas items, and shared an entree.

    The tapas is served izakaya-style, in that it's served to you as it's made. We tried the soup gyoza, the sochu tofu, and another dish that escapes my mind. The soup gyoza was excellent. The pork filling was juicy, tender, and the broth inside the dumpling was divine. The outer dough of the dumpling was perfectly cooked. The only slight negative was that it was served on a dish. I would have liked it to be served in a bowl so I could spoon up the rest of that lovely broth more easily! The sochu tofu was also very good. The tofu was perfectly crisp on the outside, with a soft tofu texture on the inside. The dipping sauces were very nice.

    While the entree was good (Red curry with chicken), the real standouts were the tapas. The curry had a myriad of vegetables, including some okra, which I appreciate as an ingredient in any cuisine, but for me it tasted too gummy/slimy (As okra tends to be) compared to the other vegetables. It was a generous portion of curry, although rice is served on the side and is an extra charge.

    The location is a bit odd, as it's in a strip mall neighboring fast-food type establishments (e.g., a Coney Island dog place), and is across the street from Honey Bear's BBQ.

    I love frequenting restaurants where the chef works hard to create delicious, creative meals, and the passion of chef Johnny Chu shows in each bite of delicious tapas. They are open late too, which is another plus. Sochu House is a definite gem in this Phoenix neighborhood!

  • 37 W Baseline Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85282
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    We came here armed with a coupon for a free donut, and were impressed with the cleanliness and overall atmosphere of this little donut shop. The interior decor is very nice, with warm colored accents and trim, as opposed to the stark white walls and slightly dingy feel of other donut shops.

    In addition to donuts, they also have boba tea, coffee, and sandwiches. They are open 24 hours, and service was friendly and fast at this location.

  • 1835 E Southern Ave
    Tempe, AZ 85282
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    17.12.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    They now have 24 hour drive through service!  Hooray for late-night donuts.  

    P.S. Their iced coffee is also equally as delicious as their donuts, and they even have a sugar-free vanilla flavor.

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    10.8.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Delicious freshly made donuts.  The recently opened Bosa Donuts in Tempe has a wide selection of… Weiterlesen
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    This Denny's has been here forever! There's good reason why, since the location is convenient, being so close to the 60. Service has always been friendly, prices reasonable, and food consistent. Also, it's nice that they are open 24 hours, even on Christmas Eve.

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    24.3.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    After trying various menu items, my favorites are still the breakfast burritos (Either with bacon if you are in a meaty mood, or the bean with added potato), the shrimp diablo burrito (Piquant and spicy!), and surprisingly, the veggie burrito, which is a flavorful and filling mix of veggies, beans, and rice. As for the salsas, I like it, as people say from New Mexico, "Christmas-style", putting both red and green salsas on my burritos!

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    13.6.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Tasty Mexican food with reasonable prices.  Their breakfast burritos are quite large and filling.  I… Weiterlesen
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    Whether you're craving a breakfast burrito, or you have a late night hunger attack for carne asada fries, Filiberto's is open 24 hours a day to meet your quickie Mexican food needs. They have various combos and a good selection of various foods and meats, with even some vegetarian options. Service is usually pretty speedy here, and the salsa bar is usually stocked well with various salsas, pickled jalapenos, and lovely pickled carrots.

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    In Tempe, people don't go to biker bars, they go to bicycle bars. : )  Spokes serves up fresh, slightly healthier versions of your typical bar foods for a reasonable price (Less than $10).  They also offer more vegetarian options.  This is the 3rd day since their opening, and it was decently busy for a Thursday night.

    The interior is pretty nice, and has various bicycle-themed accoutrements, such as a pair of silver owls made out of bicycle parts.  The bar and dining area is very spacious, and TVs line the walls.  There is a patio area which overlooks the gorgeous lake area outside, which I will definitely have to take advantage of once the weather is nicer!

    They offer a wide range of beers available (20+ on the menu), as well as iced tea and soda.  A nice thing about their iced tea is they offer Stevia in their sweetener baskets.  

    Once we were seated, we were handed menus.  Despite it being just their third day since the grand opening, my menu was already splattered, sticky, and had a large tear on the side.  Putting aside my distaste at the sad state of my menu, I opted for the veg-head sandwich, while my husband had the carver burger.  The veg-head sandwich was decent.  It had fresh vegetables such as red bell pepper and eggplant in it, as well as fresh basil and mozzarella.  It had a sweet balsamic vinegar sauce with it.  As a whole, it did taste a little bland (Maybe it needed some more of the balsamic?) and the eggplant was tough and bitter.  I tried the carver burger, which I liked a lot better.  It was a sizable meal, with juicy, perfectly cooked to order meat, and very flavorful ingredients. The only real negative for my husband was that he felt the burger needed some more seasoning to bring out the flavor of the beef more. We both had sweet potato fries as a side, although you can also get sides such as salad, soup, or waffle fries with your order.  The sweet potato fries were awesome.  They were light, crispy, with just the right amount of seasoning.

    Service was fast and friendly, and the owner came by to chat for a little bit, which I appreciated.  They offer happy hour and a reverse happy hour, and are open late until 2 A.M.  

    Overall, a pretty good experience here at a nice restaurant and location.

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    Probably as close to authentic as you can get in Arizona.  The cheesesteak "wiz wit" is close to what you might find in Philly, although not quite as tasty.  Their chicken cheesesteak is pretty good as well.  There are a variety of options to add to your sandwich, such as 3 different types of peppers and mushrooms. Beware, the cherry peppers are very spicy!  The sandwiches themselves are fairly large and you can easily share a full order with sides.  Since they are open 24 hours, it's definitely a good option for when you are craving food late at night.

  • 1989 W Elliot Rd
    Chandler, AZ 85224
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Great Irish breakfasts, and other Irish foods like boxty, shepherd's pie, and corned beef and cabbage.  I can't vouch for the more Americanized foods, but the boxty dishes and shepherd's pie I've tried have been delicious, and although I've never been to Ireland to have an Irish breakfast, it tasted pretty good to me!  They certainly used all the ingredients that one would have in Irish breakfast, including blood sausage (Which tastes quite good, despite the sanguinary name).

  • 920 E Playa Del Norte
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Wow, this In-N-Out was packed to the gills on Friday night! Despite it being so busy, there wasn't any wait to place our order, and there were still seats left for us to enjoy our meal. Even though they were slammed with orders, we still got service with a smile. Our order didn't take too long to get made, and soon we were enjoying our cheap yet tasty burgers.

    I decided to go out on a limb and try something completely foreign to me in the realm of burgers- protein style (Substitute wrapped lettuce for bun)! I had it with cheese, and also animal-style. I shared some fries, well-done (i.e., they are fried twice instead of once), and a fountain drink.

    The burger with no bun and lettuce wrapping was quite good. the crisp, fresh lettuce was a good complement to the hot grilled burger patty and condiments. Despite it being wrapped in the requisite paper pouch, it was still a messy meal as the lettuce does not soak up any of the grease and sauce like a regular bun will, so as I ate more, the paper got soggy and juices started to run down my hand and arm. While I really enjoyed the burger protein-style, I think a single patty just isn't enough for me, since I was still a bit hungry after chowing down so next time I will try it double-double!

    The fries, when "well-done", are a whole lot better than their regular style. Frying them twice made them quite crispy, and the extra frying adds more flavor to the potatoes. I do appreciate that they use freshly cut potatoes though!

    They are open late at this location- Until 1:30 A.M. on the weekends and up to 1 A.M. other nights.

    Overall, a good way to start the end of your work week right!

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    Cheap, open late, and quite tasty.  Need I say more? : )

  • 1807 E Baseline Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85283
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    14.8.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I've dined here a few more times since the last review, and the food's improved. During our last visit, I had the mean green burger with sweet potato tots. The burger was a hearty patty, cooked to order (Medium rare for me), loaded with green chiles, jalapenos, and guacamole. The burger bun was lightly toasted with a light buttery taste. The sweet potato tots, while small, were nicely cooked, and the cinnamon-marshmallow sauce that went with it was amazing!

    While it took a few minutes for a waitress to realize we were seated and come over, service after that was good. Drinks were refilled as needed and she checked up on us regularly.

    Wednesdays are all day happy hour which include discounted burgers, drinks, and appetizers.

    Upgrade one star!

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    26.6.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Cool bar and grill that opened up next to Chinatown Buffet.  Service here is excellent. Everyone is… Weiterlesen
    Lucky B.
    Kommentar von Lucky B. von Lucky Break
    28.6.2012 Karen, thanks very much for taking the time wirte this review and let us know about your experience.… Weiterlesen
  • 3.0 Sterne

    Decent diner food with tasty pies.  It's kind of like a more upscale version of Denny's, but with more selection.  I like to come here on Pie Rush Wednesdays, where you can get a free slice of pie with dinner purchase.  They currently have a seasonal Hawaiian strawberry pie that is pretty tasty!  As for their breakfasts, generally I've been pretty satisfied with their skillet meals.

  • 6022 S McClintock Dr
    Tempe, AZ 85283
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Look beyond the uninviting store front, with windows protected by metal bars, and you'll find a decent restaurant with cheap quickie eats if you're craving Mexican food. It's nice that they are open 24 hours, so you can have a burrito, torta, or taco any time you want!

    We came in search of a breakfast burrito. They have several options here, all under $4. I chose the potato, egg, and cheese ($3.65). It was a hefty burrito, filled to the brim with breakfast ingredients. The textures in the burrito were all too similar, from the slighty mushy potato, the melted cheese, and the soft scrambled egg, and the taste was a bit one dimensional, which made this burrito subpar compared to the heavenly breakfast burritos at Los Favoritos. I had it with some of their hot sauce too, which they only offer in the red variety (Los Favs offers green and red). It was OK, but not as flavorful as hot sauces at other quickie burrito places I've been to.

    While they do have a dedicated parking lot, there are limited spots, especially when it's busy. We had to park around the corner in a residential area and dodge cars coming out of the drive-through lane to get to the entrance.

    I'll come here again to try some of their non-breakfast foods, but for now, they're just A-OK to me.

  • 3415 S McClintock Dr
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Fresh subs that have good portions of meat and veggie to bread.  The subs are untoasted, so they taste more cool and refreshing rather than crispy and hot.  There is a pretty good selection of toppings to choose from, such as mushrooms, bell peppers, tomato, etc.  The interior is really old school, with wood panel counter and older style decor.  I really feel like a mining prospector could come in here, order a sub, and feel right at home.  Service was fast and friendly, although the sub maker messed up the order a bit and added an ingredient I didn't want and forgot an ingredient I actually wanted.  Johnny Cash was playing in the background which also added to the old school feel, and I got a brief musical history lesson from the cashier/sub guy who told me he recorded the song in Folsom prison.  The sub itself was about $6 for a medium, and while it isn't the best sub I've had, it was decent, and a good choice if I am looking for a sandwich late at night.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    52 different beers on tap!  In addition to the standard beers you'll find at any restaurant, they have several locally produced brews so that anyone searching for a beer to fit their taste will most likely find it.  I tried the White Chocolate Ale, which had a nicely toasted nut flavor with a white chocolate background, more of a refreshing light beer.  My friend tried some of it and remarked that if dessert beers ever existed, this would be one of them.  I'm not too much of a beer fan and the closest beer-like beverage I've enjoyed is lambic, but it did taste nice compared to other beers I've had.

    We started with the scotch eggs, which were excellent.  The breading was nice and crispy, the pork sausage was flavorful and moist, and the eggs were perfectly cooked with a deep golden color to the yolks.  I had the vegetable panini for lunch, which was decent, albeit greasy.  The coleslaw I ordered with it was creamy but bland.  The menu itself has a weird mix of foods from different regions.  I was surprised to see orange chicken on the menu on a pub menu that seems to be focused more on pub-type food like fish and chips and scotch eggs.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Decent wings and pizza, slow service.  We tried some medium and teriyaki wings, and a Provence, France pizza.  The medium wing sauce was just right- not too spicy, not too sour, as buffalo wings can sometimes get too vinegary.  The wings themselves are more crunchy than fall-off-the-bone moist.  The teriyaki wing sauce was also pretty good- not too sweet, with just the right amount of sauce coating the wing.  The pizza was decent- very large portions with a good amount of toppings on a thin-crust base.  

    Service was, as stated, pretty slow.  This was in part probably due to the bar being understaffed that night, but I had to personally go find the waitress who was at the bar to get my order in, since we had been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for her to come to our table to take our order.

  • 628 E Adams St
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    After browsing through wares and looking at various paintings and sculptures at First Friday, we were feeling a bit peckish as we walked into The Rose and Crown.  They have an all you can eat fish fry that also comes with the requisite chips/fries.  After ordering the Scotch egg appetizer, I decided to go with the fish fry special.

    The Scotch egg was decent, and came with a mixed green salad with strawberries, which I thought was a bit odd since the heartiness of the Scotch egg didn't really go with the delicate taste of the salad and strawberries.  The fish fry was pretty good, albeit greasy.  The batter was light, and the fish was flaky and moist.  The chips were unevenly cooked and seasoned, as some chips were very salty, while others were very bland.  Also, some chips tasted slightly undercooked and mushy, while others tasted OK.  My friend also ordered the fish fry, and after he had eaten the first 2 pieces of fish that were served, he asked for some more.  It took a very long time to get the 2nd order of fish in, and once it did come in it was just a single piece of fish, swimming with grease.  

    All in all, my experience here was just OK, but if I had a choice in restaurants to eat at in Heritage Square, my favorite so far is Nobuo.

  • 710 E Gilbert Dr
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Went here with a Groupon, and tried a few items on their menu.  I liked the wide selection of different spring rolls, and decided on the soft shell crab spring roll ($6) since I love soft shell crab.  The roll tasted decent, but nothing spectacular.  The same could be said for the salted fish and shrimp fried rice I had as an entree ($9.50).  It was a basic fried rice.  I was surprised to see that the "salted fish" was actually finely meshed bits of fish integrated within the rice as if it were a seasoning for the rice.  Although it just tasted OK, the portions of rice and shrimp were sizeable. My friend had the #2 pho bowl, which was a very large portion, but for her it wasn't too remarkable.

    The atmosphere here is kind of dark and uninviting.  It seems like there are some renovations that need to be done too, since there was a big leak dripping down the ceiling onto the booth right behind us.  

    Service was mixed.  Our main server, while friendly, was very awkward and wasn't very knowledgeable about the menu.  We weren't served any plates to go with our spring roll appetizers, and I had to specifically ask for napkins since there weren't any at the table or any given to us.  The server that refilled our waters and sodas was very nice and promptly gave us refills as needed though.  The soda I had, a diet cola (Not sure if it was Coke or Pepsi, $1.75) tasted very watered down, with not enough carbonation or syrup.  

    There was only one real dessert item on the menu, a Vietnamese style flan ($2.50), which was decent.  It had a nice creamy texture, surrounded by coffee flavored syrup and had ice cubes on top of it.  

    With the plethora of other Vietnamese restaurants in the Tempe/Chandler area, this will probably only be a place I will frequent if the other restaurants are closed and I'm craving Vietnamese late at night, since they are open very late for the last half of the week.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    We stepped into this restaurant and it looked like what I'd imagine an British pub would be. The menu offers several different beer, wine, and liquor options, from several different regions of the world. Food options are a mix of American, Irish, and British pub type foods.

    We started with the medium hot wing drumettes as an appetizer. They were the right amount of heat level- not too hot, not too mild. The sauce itself was very vinegary and the meat tasted a little on the dry side.

    As for entrees, I decided on the fish and chips, and tried some of the shepherd's pie. The fish and chips came as 2 sizable pieces of battered fillets, with a heap of fries. Although I ordered it with peas, it came with an extra side of coleslaw. The batter was excellent on the fish: A beautiful golden brown, and very crisp. The fish though, tasted dry. The coleslaw was crisp, but had no flavor.

    Service was somewhat lackluster. Although our server would take away plates, he did not bother to check on our table to refill drinks (Sodas). Even when asked if we could get a refill he forgot to go to our table until we were done with our meal, and by that time it didn't matter to us if we had refills. In addition, it took a long time to get our check.

    I wasn't too impressed with the fish and chips, but I did like the shepherd's pie better. The mashed potatoes, ground meat, and veggies meshed well together with the gravy.

    While I wasn't very impressed with the fish and chips, I'd like to give George and Dragon another shot. Maybe another item on the menu will be better on the palate!

  • 960 W University Dr
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Heyyy mannn, if you usually talk like how I'm writin' right now, and you, like, wanna spend your time hangin' out and don't mind waitin'... and waitin... for your sammich, this is the place to be dudes.

    Anyhoo, it took me 20 minutes for my sandwich to be made!  The bread is nicely toasted, the ingredients and sauce are plentiful, but the Thai jerk sandwich tasted a bit strange to me (probably related to the sauce), and was not worth the really long wait for lunch.

  • 2.0 Sterne

    Lucille's, I really wanted to like you! I looked at your menu and my mouth watered at all the Southern style favorites you served, such as jambalaya, pulled pork, po' boys, fried okra, and gumbo. However, while I did enjoy a few items here, my experience wasn't too great overall.

    We came here on a weekend for a late dinner, and were seated promptly. There are various non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to choose from, including a few varieties of iced tea and lemonade. I chose the watermelon iced tea ($2.99). It came served in a tall mason jar, with a large wedge of fresh watermelon in the drink. It was quite refreshing with great tea and watermelon flavor. Along with the drinks, we received a basket of sweet butter with light, buttery biscuits (Free, unlimited refills).

    As for appetizers, we opted for the fried okra ($3.99 half portion). It was quite a large portion, with a light, crispy breaded outer layer. The okra itself tasted tender, with not a lot of the "slimy" texture okra can get. It was served with a spicy ranch and creole mustard sauce. Out of the two, I preferred the mustard better. It was made with whole mustard seeds and its flavor and consistency complimented the breaded, fried, okra better than the thinner, more one-dimensional flavor of the ranch.

    I opted for the catfish po' boy sandwich ($11.99), and tried some of the pulled pork sandwich ($10.99). The catfish po' boy looked amazing! It was a huge portion of French bread with large, battered catfish nuggets, mayo with capers, tomatoes, and lettuce. However, the sandwich itself had some problems. The bread was really dry and tasted slightly old, and one of the catfish nuggets was still slightly raw. Setting that undercooked catfish nugget aside, I continued eating the rest of the sandwich, to find an unusual hard chunk while chewing. That hard chunk turned out to be a piece of fish bone stuck in one of the nuggets!

    I had the braised greens as a side, which had a nice smokey flavor with very soft, tender greens from cooking "low and slow." However, as I ate more, I got bits of grit while eating, meaning that they didn't rinse the greens enough before cooking them.

    The pulled pork sandwich was better, but not particularly remarkable. I did enjoy the array of bbq sauces on the table to add to the sandwich though.

    Prices for me, seem a bit high. They do have a nice looking happy hour and reverse happy hour at the bar every day, offering discounted drinks and appetizers which I might be tempted to try out some day. For now though, I'll be a bit hesitant to try more sandwiches and entrees from Lucille's.

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