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Places to go to enjoy fatty goodness and delicious brew for CHEAP!
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    I find this place to have the best deals for rolls in Ventura County. Friendly staff and fast service. I brought a friend here to show her how much of a great place it is and she enjoyed it. My family and I come here on special occasions and it's always been a pleasure. Would definitely come again!

    Note: They have 2 time frames for happy hour: Monday - Friday for lunch time is from 3-6pm and everyday for dinner time is from 9 till closing :D

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    Great place to get together with a group or alone. I came here after my last day of work with my friend/co-worker and my lil bro for happy hour (3pm-7pm) and the food definitely hit the spot. We had a pitcher of Stella Artois, BBQ chicken sliders, BBQ pulled-pork silders, famous fried mac and cheese balls, and chicken tenders. They also gave us a bucket of sauces which made the food even more tastier (I especially enjoyed the house and habanero sauces) and during happy hour, the appetizers are half off and a pitcher was about $9 which is not bad for Stella. I would definitely recommend this place to more people and the service was excellent.

  • 1720 E Ventura Blvd
    Oxnard, CA 93036
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    Happy hour from 2-8pm is hard to find elsewhere.

    I came here with my best friend Gil and we came to get some deals and boy we sure did when we ordered 6 margaritas and a appetizer platter for a grand total of ~$30.

    We had an awesome server named David who kept us laughing and convinced us to upgrade from the house margaritas to Jose Cuervo margaritas.

    It was my first time at this El Torito location and I would def come again for happy hour :)

  • 1413 S Victoria Ave
    Ventura, CA 93003
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    Great place to hang out with friends in a chill environment. The pub has pool and dart games (I love those darts) and delicious brews and dranks. Great location in Ventura and it's not too far from Oxnard. I would come again with good company :)

  • 1437 S Victoria Ave
    Ventura, CA 93003
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    I think I found my new sushi spot with a legit happy hour :D

    They offer happy hour on Monday - Saturday 2:30 - 6pm & 8pm - closing and Sundays 4:30pm - closing. Appetizers and rolls are fairly cheap and if you buy one regular beer or sake, you get the second beer or sake for a $1.

    For my homegirl Liz and I, we ordered 4 rolls, 2 kirin light beers and 2 hot sakes. Our total was about $40 which is a pretty good deal for how stuffed we were afterwards :)

    Only thing that keeps me from giving them 5 stars is the empty ambiance (which was nice at times) and the lack of waters at our table when we just had some hot alcohol and cold alcohol lol

    Oh well, still a great meal but there's always room for ice cream at the 99 cent only store next door haha.

  • 2181 N Rose Ave
    Oxnard, CA 93036
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    I have came here strictly for happy hour (and another time for freshmen year homecoming dinner before the dance lol).

    They have really good happy hour deals such as $5 drink specials by the day of the week, $1.50 basket of fries, $1.50 sliders each, and half off all appetizers (my friends and I got nachos and a quesadilla half off tonight).

    Their service was good because our server checked us here and there but we had to ask for refills and checks, which I thought he would just do automatically.

    The food was tasty being one slider, some fries and most of the quesadilla were all I could eat (recent wisdom teeth removal) and iced water to drink while I watched my friends engorge the nachos and sliders with a mojito to down on the side.

    Great happy hour deals in a reachable location in Oxnard with a good parking lot and we are definitely paying for what we are getting: cheap fatty goodness :)

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    A new spot for happy hour Mondays through Fridays from 3-6pm and 8pm-close :)

    My best friend Gil A. and I came here on a Friday night at 8pm because we were thirsty for brew and hungry for some cheap eats. The restaurant was filled but we had excellent service by our waitress Lindsey.

    We ordered 2 pints of Blue Moon ($3.50 each), sweet potato fries and onion rings (2 appetizer items for $5) as well as a tower of onion rings ($7). Gil also ordered a rum and coke because Lindsey said they were strong for $2.50 (all well drinks are $2.50).

    The onion rings came out hot and fresh and the sweet potato fries were crunchy good. We even got 3 different kinds of sauces to dip them in :) The well drink wasn't that strong so minus 1 star for that but it was alright.

    Our total came out to $23.06 which is pretty good for the amount of food and drinks we ordered :) I would highly recommend this place for HH :D

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    Hooray for Lazy Dog!

    I came here tonight with my homegirl Liz because we were in need of a happy hour get-together and why not check out a new restaurant? To be honest, we originally went to Toby Keith's but they currently have NOT established their happy hours so we rushed over to Lazy Dog afterwards lol.

    it was pretty busy for a Wednesday evening but we helped ourselves to the happy hour at the table seating near the bar. Our server Macy was cool because she checked up on us frequently and tried to make room on our table for our plates of food lol.

    We ordered spicy chicken nuggets, seasoned french fries, spinach dip with chips and chicken lettuce cups for a range of $3-$6 each appetizer. I drank a cucumber mint martini ($6) and a 22 oz Coors light ($5) as well as my homegirl had the pomegranate martini (first one ever) and a Bud light ($5) to finish the meal.

    + Spicy chicken nuggets had a delicious kick like dry sauce BWW
    - Seasoned french fries were tasty but got soggy fast
    + Spinach dip was the best out of all them
    - Chicken lettuce wraps were okay (I've had better at YardHouse)

    I like the idea that they offer a safe space for dogs to hang out in the patio while patrons are dining which makes this a creative spot for dog lovers. This could have been a 5 star review except the food wasn't as delicious and hot as I thought it would be lol Still good and nice first-time visit!

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    My first time at Buffalo Wild Wings and it's definitely a place Oxnard has been lacking. I came here with my best friend Gil and we only waited about 15 minutes to get seated, which was great because I heard people have waited at least 1+ hours to get seated.

    We had an awesome server Sarah who always checked on us and even let us have seasoned potato wedges as a substitute for the out of stock onion rings when we ordered the sampler platter as an appetizer.

    We had drinks such as the Bahama Mama and Strawberry Dacquiri which were delicious and not too crazy alcoholic. For wings, we ordered the 18 pack divided in 3 flavors: Honey BBQ, Caribbean Jerk and Parmesan Garlic. All were tasty, especially Caribbean Jerk.

    The total was $60 for 2 people which is pretty pricey for wings, sampler and drinks but it was well worth it for a first time visit and I'd come again :)

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    I always have a great time at Something's Fishy and they have the best sushi prices from Sunday - Thursday for half off sushi rolls and sashimi!

    The quality of the sushi is a little above average but still a great deal. If sushi is what you're only ordering, you have to wait for the sushi bar to be available for seating.

    And they do take reservations so don't be afraid to call ahead :)

  • 2001 Ventura Blvd
    Camarillo, CA 93010
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    I've always seen Sushi Planet every time I drive up/down the 101 and wondered if it was good. Luckily, I got the chance to try it out on a lunch date last weekend :)

    I completely forgot which rolls I ordered (which probably doesn't help on Yelp) but I remember one of them being a spicy tuna special roll and the other as a salmon special roll. They both tasted pretty good but the spicy tuna wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be.

    Miso soup was a good appetizer but would have liked it to be hotter in temperature. Dessert was really good which we had the vanilla gelato crunchy goodness :D

    The sushi spot does have happy hour on the weekend for their special rolls and more which is great since not a lot of restaurants in general offers happy hour on weekends. I would definitely come back again and recommend it for anyone who likes a cozy and quiet luncheon :)

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    My friend and I came here for their green beer on St. Patrick's Day. Too bad I learned tonight from my microbiology class that binge green beer drinking with food coloring dyes can be toxic (and just plain old binge drinking alcohol lol). OH WELL!

    I had my first green beer here on Saturday and the place was packed after the St. Patrick's Day parade. People were bringing in their babies in their baby strollers and much older folks were filling the place. I prefer the night life here but it was really weird drinking at 11:30am hahah

    I remember there was one cute bartender that day and gave him my number with a heart drawn next to it on the signed credit card receipt but as of now, I haven't heard anything since LOL First time for everything :)

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    A low key place to go with some friends to have a drink and appetizers. We didn't play pool (there were pool tables open) but it did fill up fast later on when the crowds came in. Definitely a place to go when you want to watch a game on their flat screens or avoid popular new places where you'll see people from your old high school/middle school/elementary school lol

  • 2302 Ventura Blvd
    Camarillo, CA 93010
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    I like El Rey Cantina. Compared to the French Bulldog, my friends and I came here afterwards and this place was more of a cray cray happy hour spot. The decor is really eye-catching with a bunch of random vintage stuff and the place doesn't get crowded so it felt like it was just only us :D

    Drinks are reasonably priced here and they range from $4-$9. I ordered a PBR for $3 and a bottle of Corona is $5. I also had a vodka and juice well drink and that was VERY strong.

    I haven't tried their food but one of my friends ordered a quesadilla and that looked pretty good. The service as pretty fast for food and drinks which I definitely liked :) I regret not ordering any food actually because I got really badrunkadrunk at the end of the night lol

    They play some cool salsa music that my friend and I danced to but the employees encouraged us to dance more toward the spacious dance floor than between the high tables lol :P

    Good times here for a place to get ratchet haha ;D

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    I thought Cronies was just a Ventura spot but that's great there's one in Camarillo. I also thought it was just a bar but they do serve amazing breakfast food if you come in the morning :)

    My coworkers and I had came out of a store meeting and thought it would be great to drink some alcohol (not even grab some food but alcohol at 11am LOL). Thus, mimosas were calling our names.

    There is ample seating for large groups and we had nice waitresses. The 20 oz mimosas in schooners were huge for ~$7 each and I paired mine with 3 pancakes and 3 sausages :) I noticed majority of the menu items had eggs included but happy to see one breakfast entree without it.

    Regardless, awesome place to get mimosas, breakfast food and have a good time. If you follow their instagram @eatatcronies and hashtag your Cronies photo #freeisgood, you get a chance to win some moolah! lol

    Wayne S.
    Kommentar von Wayne S. von Cronies Sports Grill
    3.2.2014 Thank you so much! This is such an awesome review. Really brightens up a Monday morning when you… Weiterlesen
  • 9301 Tampa Avenue
    Northridge, CA 91324
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    I've always heard good things about Yard House and went try the closest one nearby at the Northridge Fashion Center (can't wait till they open one in the Riverpark Collection in Oxnard this summer).

    My friend and I had to wait about 30 minutes max upon arrival. Be prepared to wait a bit even on a Saturday around 4:30pm-ish. The place was filled from the dining tables to the bar area and the servers were hot lol

    We ordered the lettuce wraps with shiitake and portobello mushrooms with large lettuce leaves and three dipping sauces. It was light and the only healthy part of the meal lol The not-so-healthy part of the meal (but was really good) was the mac n cheese which came with bits of chicken, bacon and crumbs on top. Our meal was paired with 2 half yards of fruity pebble beer but I couldn't taste the fruity pebbles at all lol

    Our server Spenser was awesome and really made the experience fun. He checked up on us frequently and updated us on our food's arrival :)

    I probably would just check out Yard House during their happy hour times because our shared meal for two came out to be about $60. And be careful about drunk shopping afterwards at the mall :( lol

  • 291 W Ventura Blvd
    Camarillo, CA 93010
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    First time at Applebee's last night and it could possibly or possibly not be my last lol

    My friends and I came for their happy hour at 5:30pm but to our dismay, we found out that their happy hour ends at 6pm haha. We still stayed and just ordered a lot of food during that half hour interval.

    I've always wanted to try their margarita drank with the upside down corona because it looks like a good way to start a fun night lol It was tasty and not too strong which I liked :)

    Potato spirals were delish especially with their dipping sauce and sliders were beefy. The french fries were okay and the nachos were meh.

    One of my friend's boyfriend ordered a steak plate and his proportions came out really small. However, he said the steak tasted pretty good so I guess that made up for it? Applebee's knows how to cook their steaks then lol

    Well I just want to go for their dranks next time :)

  • 501 Collection Blvd
    Oxnard, CA 93036
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    Oxnard has been blessed to have a Yard House! No need to venture out to Northridge (which had the closest one) but just drive on down to The Collection in Riverpark :D

    I have been here on two different occasions with two different experiences. My first time here was during happy hour with a friend and it was AWESOME. I had the fresh chicken lettuce wraps with a wide variety of sauces and it's become my favorite dish here. My friend and I also split the chicken nachos and glad we did because the proportions on that thing is HUGE lol Our split bill came up to ~$11 with tip :)

    On my second occasion, that same friend wanted to have a birthday dinner for 10 people and there must have been some miscommunication with who to talk to about asking for seating for a large party at the restaurant check-in but they do try to accommodate everyone which is cool.

    We asked our server if he can do something special for our birthday friend like bringing out a cute birthday dessert and sing happy birthday but when he brought out a mini dessert for her, he didn't even stay to sing happy birthday. He just brought over her birthday treat and bounced, which is awkward because doesn't everyone stay (including the servers) to sing happy birthday? lol

    Another concern was having the bill not being split for the party of 10. It would have been nice for our server to ask us if we would like to split the bill before ordering and since we're a party of 6+, paying an 18% tip is completely fine but when it's one big check, there's usually not enough money going in :( Such unnecessary hassle and people pitching in extra dollars because we don't know who didn't pay up. This could have been prevented if we had the check split and I think all of us would be happy to wait for it to be separated.

    Not all of the food came out at the same time which is awkward because you don't want to eat in front of your hungry friends and drinks were hardly getting refiled because our server seemed unattentative towards us. He actually got offended when 2 of my friends wanting something and started their requests with "Hey!" instead of calling him by his name. What else could they do to get some service?

    I think this could just be the beginning of getting out all the kinks in the restaurant but looking forward to their happy hour deals, half yard dranks and my friend Veronica working there :D

    Mark L.
    Kommentar von Mark L. von Yard House
    28.8.2013 Hi Youri Y. - While we are happy to hear that you first visit with us went so well, we too are… Weiterlesen
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    Of the two visits, I've only came here during their decently priced happy hour.

    I ordered the wings (medium spicy level) which came with celery sticks and ranch for the happy hour price of $4.75. It was a good deal because I got about ~10? wings and ~6? celery sticks with a side cup of ranch and it filled me up. The wings were glazed with the sauce and tasted at a good amount of spice that I could handle :) celery was good too.

    I would say it does get crowded and really busy here but once you get in, the waiters are always checking on you and are on top of clearing the finished plates.

    I suggest try coming with a group less than 6 people or they charge 18% gratuity on your bill. Jussayin' since it's mostly low budget college students getting their grub and drinks during happy hour here :)

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    First restaurant I ate with a large group in Santa Barbara and it was nicely decorated with ample seating. Mediocre happy hour prices but they do carry unique international dishes on their menu. They did mess up on my friend's order but because of that, they discounted her meal entirely which was awesome. I would come again.

    Alexandra L.
    Kommentar von Alexandra L. von Elephant Bar Restaurant
    9.6.2011 Hi Youri, thank you for joining us for Happy Hour at our Santa Barbara location.  Hope to see you… Weiterlesen
  • 6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd
    Canoga Park, CA 91303
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    I always see and hear good things about this place and went in with high expectations with my friend but I was somewhat disappointed, especially during their happy hour.

    + Ahi Tuna Poke for $6.95 was really delicious and tasted fresh
    + Top Sirloin Stead for $4.95 was tender but I expected more pieces of meat
    + Mushroom Medley for $3.95 was good and flavorful
    + Yaki-Shabu in miso for $2.95 was tender as well but again, I expected more meat
    + Bistro Harami in miso for $5.95 was a good one but I AM A CARNIVORE and wanna eat more meat lol
    + The three sauces available on the table were amazing, especially the citrus one
    + Our server Joe was awesome at explaining to us the different sauces, updating us on our food's arrival and recommendations on drinks
    + The North Bear beverage is worth it for $3.95 because it has two different types of sake mixed and was tangy ;D

    - Spicy Tuna Volcano for $5.95 was kinda tough and hard to eat

    Looking back at the pros and cons, I would really like give Gyu-Kaku 4 stars because of the excellent service and quality of food but I didn't feel like I got a good deal for happy hour (Total came out to $42). Maybe Gyu-Kaku is more about having a cray cray time with dranks and eating than a friendly dinner lol :)

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    A friend and I came here at 5pm on a Thursday for their 4-7pm happy hour. It was OK because they had live entertainment (a guy playing a guitar?) and a good crowd (of older folks in their 40's-50's). Not a place to go buck wild but it has a lounge atmosphere of staying classy.

    We each had a bottle of beer given with a glass and freshly baked bread to start. They were delicious and got us a bit buzzed but it's not the type of happy hour spots we enjoy (El Torito, Red Robin, etc).

    Our server Trevor was awesome and made our experience enjoyable but I don't think the restaurant is my type of scene until I have a stable career going and I'm married lol

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    I met up with friends for happy hour on a Saturday to celebrate a friend's belated birthday as well as another friend getting a full ride scholarship to UC Davis :) We were seated at the outdoor patio and it was such a lovely day for it. It accommodated all 9 of us comfortable.

    The appetizers were delicious, which we had the spinach artichoke dip, garlic pomme frite and calamari steak fritti. The calamari came with a nice red marinara sauce that paired with it well. The garlic fries were very thin and the spinach artichoke dip was creamy.

    The dranks were good too. I tried the 805 beer for the first time and it was smooth. I ordered a mojito afterwards and damn, that was a strong one!

    Service was A-OK because it was hard to flag down a server when we're in the patio area and a few ordered dranks took a while to come out as well.

    Overall, the happy hour here is pretty pricey for food but I think the drinks are worth it :)

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    I've been here twice and both experiences were okay. I think this sushi restaurant has a lot of potential to be great at the Collection but the sushi is not good at all.

    -Vegas roll tasted dry and rice didn't seem fresh
    -Spicy Tuna Tempura roll was good but probably because it was fried
    -Pyramid roll was alright but lacked flavor

    +Plum orange tokyo mojito was the best tasting thing I've had here
    +Beautiful decor and dining set up
    +Server Omar was friendly and fun
    +Great happy hour deals that emulates Sumo Sushi's in Ventura but if their regular hour food is not good, I don't think it'll be the best during their happy hour

    Eh, I have definitely experienced better.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    My classmates and I decided to come here after a friend's piano recital. We had no intention to eat but were just really thirsty for some dranks lol

    It was not busy at all on a Sunday night and there were a couple other patrons in the bar area. I only ordered one margarita and it was pretty strong. I love it when alcoholic beverages are made strong lol. The bartender was courteous and provided drank alternatives when the selected drank was unavailable.

    They have happy hour on Sundays (which is a rare find) so my margarita came up to be only ~$5. Not bad for a cup of fuckery :D

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    My homegirl Liz and I decided to come here to catch up over a meal because we had a groupon.

    The restaurant was almost empty except for two other small groups (three including our group). We received friendly customer service from Jeff who took our order and checked up on us frequently during our meal.

    I ordered the southwestern chicken wrap with sweet potato fries and my homegirl ordered the classic club sandwich with french fries. The presentation of the food looked amazing and tasted just how it appeared. I wish I could have taken photos of it all except my phone already had a full memory haha.

    During our meal and conversation, Jeff interjected my homegirl telling us about his life while doing his work. I thought it was kinda rude but I guess we were the only dining patrons in the restaurant at that point :( lol.

    Vanessa was a great hostess and handled the groupon on the bill. Overall, it was an A-OK meal.

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