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    Dance. Floor. Orgy.

    Ok, so maybe not exactly an orgy? But close enough. In case you were totally blind last night, there was fiery cavorting of all types going on on the dance floor: Salsa, Merengue, disco, wild jumping up and down and flailing appendages sporadically in all directions... mostly the latter from yours truly. It wasn't my fault! It was the sangria, I swear!

    So let's get to the basics. The menu for the evening provided by the smokin' Ember Room was as follows:

    The drinks: Red wine sangria, mojitos and some kind of beer that I cannot remember for the life of me. The sangria was deliciously sweet but not so sweet that it did not quench my thirst. Oh and garnished with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Hell yeah! I'm not a fan of mojitos but I could have tolerated one of theirs as the mint was not over powering. The beer tasted simple to me but acted as a good chaser to counter out the sweetness of the other two drinks and the exotic food that kept coming my way.

    The food: Papaya salad (spicy!), chicken lollipops, pastrami meatballs, scallop ceviche, beef skewers, veggie spring rolls, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit tarts, and mango sticky rice. I had everything but the mango sticky rice. I don't even know what that is? Was it just sticky white rice with mango flavoring? My favorites for the evening were the meatballs, scallop ceviche and the chicken lollipops. Those lollipops were goooooood. The sauce was tangy, like a sweet chili glaze. And hot. Fresh out of the kitchen hot. In my tipsy state, I was going back and forth between eating them and using them as a mini microphone while "Don't Stop Believing" was playing.

    Overall, this event was hot. Red hot. It was hotter than the fireworks blasting out of Lady Gaga's breasts on the 4th of July. Major props to this place as the Ember Room was the perrrrrrfect conduit for the sexy time we Elite Yelpers knew we were going to have... and did have. Also major homage is due to our fabulous NY team for setting all of this up especially hooking us up with new Yelp goodies! I scored myself some fabulous 80's style red Yelp wristbands that read "Blood, Yelp & Tears" at the door... and I'm pretty sure I am going to wear them to the gym this weekend because they are AWESOME.... and I've always wanted to pretend to be Jane Fonda in a shiny spandex leotard. Oh baby. At one point while wearing these I kept pretending I was Wonder Woman and the bands were my magical golden bracelets that blocked evil death rays aka the camera flashes from the photographer at the event!

    To all the new people I met at the event (you know who you are), twas a pleasure meeting you all and I hope to see you at future events, official and UYEs alike.

    And yeah, I'll say it again. There are going to be a few pictures of me circling the web that I will not be proud of... please be gentle.

    P.S: Did anyone end up taking home the hot bartender in the white shirt? Come on ladies (or guys?)!! Haha

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    See no evil (tourists), Hear no evil (tourists), Speak no evil (tourists!!!)

    Definitely one of the more "normal" bars in the Theater District that isn't swarming with those damn tourists. I like that. Two floors and two bars plus an outside patio to get your drink on. Decent beer selection and pretty good bar food. They play top 40 songs which is such a relief. I have a feeling I'll be frequenting The Three Monkeys more often now as an escape from all the crappy places I'm surrounded by at my current office.

  • 5 Carmine St
    New York, NY 10014
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    Oh Popbar, I finally tried you after passing you many, many times on my way to Fish... and Cones. And let me assure you, I am a fan.... but not of your prices! Oh well, what do you expect in the Village where ice cream joints have to compete with the monster Grom gelato bar?

    It was a treat from the boyfriend so I guess I shouldn't whine about how much it cost. Let's see, in the end I got the chocolate gelato popbar dipped in dark chocolate with almond bits! Wow this was delicious. I loved how everything tasted! So many textures all at once. I was in heaven! Smooth and thick chocolate gelato combined with rich, dark chocolate coating covered in crunchy, almond morsels = taste bud bliss. One of the best treats I have had in a long time. I know now if I am ever in Greenwich Village, I will have to face an internal struggle over whether going with a popbar or a gelato cup from my normal place Cones. I'm usually not a fan of dipped ice cream but I think popbar has totally changed my perspective on the matter. Now I just hope it doesn't change my waistline!

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    With the summer months approaching, deals in laser hair removal were aplenty and I wanted to take advantage! Daily Candy had issued a deal for Danna Homburger Expert Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal in February and I jumped all over that. The deal was $80 for either one session of underarm and Brazilian bikini or one session for lower leg laser hair removal. Not needing the lower leg as I had taken care of that in high school, I opted for the underarm and Brazilian option.

    I only just redeemed my deal a few weeks ago so the experience is fresh in my mind! Scheduling with Danna was a breeze and I found out she was in the same neighborhood as my office so it was perfect. I stopped by right after work and went straight to her suite. At first, I didn't know how to get in (you have to ring or knock and someone has to get you?) and once I did get in, I sat in her small yet comfy waiting room filling out paperwork. Yes, yes, no, no, maybe, no, yes, check and BOOM, done with the paperwork. A few minutes later, Danna's previous client exited and I was ushered in with a warm welcoming. The room is very small but don't be fooled! That giant laser is a God send. Danna was very patient in telling me what to expect with the results, and if that I felt any pain to tell her so she could lower the intensity of the laser. Yeah right, bring on the pain!

    So... clothes come off. First off, Brazilian. Yes little boys and girls, you know what that means. Don't make me explain it. I thought I would wince in pain throughout but I honestly found the laser to be sooooo much easier than waxing! Seriously. It was fine. Don't be afraid, ladies. The laser was cool to the touch and the pain (if any) was very fast. Next were my underarms, which were even easier. I think it took 30 seconds for both of them. Finito!

    Now that it's been a few weeks since the removal, I can definitely tell it worked. I have... um... bald patches in certain places (which is supposed to happen each time as you kill more hairs in the prime of their growth cycle!). I'll just leave it at that. I would love to go back to Danna but I just can't afford normal session prices right now. I am going after any laser hair removal package deals I can find at respectable places and am using those to continue my laser goals. Danna is great and I definitely recommend her especially if it's your first time. She's very warm and knowledgeable so it sets you at ease about the whole experience. Go forth and seek her out, my laser hair removal enthusiasts!

  • 79 MacDougal St
    New York, NY 10012
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    I went here on a Friday night right after work in my fervent quest for $1 oysters. Sometimes I just get those cravings... and nothing can stop me. You know how it is... and knowing that Yelp would come to my rescue, I typed in "oyster happy hour" and the Mermaid Oyster Bar came up as one the top contenders! I tried to get a few people to join me last minute but my efforts were futile. Oh well, off with the always (well, MOST of the time) dependable boyfriend, haha.

    We rush to the Village from Midtown and get to the place a little after 6. Man, the bar itself was already full! The hostess seemed a little shocked that we came without a reservation... but now I know for future reference. We actually just decided to sit at the table that was literally right in front of the hostess stand which had only been moved there due to construction going on. Whatever works, right? Being hell bent on getting oysters, I ordered myself 12 for the fabulously awesome happy hour price of $1 each. Ahhh glorious. Eager to also try a few things off their HH menu, I ordered the lobster slider at $8 each and a glass of house white and the boyfriend got 2 fish tacos at $3 each. Our waitress was very sweet and poured my glass of Pinot Grigio to the BRIM at the table. For food, both the slider and the tacos came out first within 10 minutes.

    Ummm and this is where the stars start coming off. I mean, $8 for something I could have literally swallowed in one bite if I truly tried hard enough?! Yes the slider was meaty but I kid you not, the diameter of this thing was around 2 inches and almost 2 inches thick (most of the thickness being the roll!)... grh. And the tacos?! Three bucks each for something so tiny it would have barely fed my cat! Yikes. I've never felt so huge compared to my food before. I understand that is Happy Hour food but the sizes truly disappointed me. I felt like I was eating tastings from a Joel Robuchon restaurant, which are known for being infinitesimal. After we finished our food in 4 minutes, we sat around for an additional 25 minutes waiting for my oysters to arrive. I heard they were busy in the back from our waitress who checked in with us, but still, over half an hour? Meh. They should have a better assembly line or whatever to get those little suckers shucked! Finally they came out though and they were delicious. Cold, sweet and with all the right condiments. I was oyster happy.

    I think from now on I will be going just for the oyster happy hour, which FYI is from 5:30 to 7 so you better hustle your bustle if you want to get there in time to beat the crowd... The oysters are the best deal by far and that is what I will keep coming back for. Hopefully next time it won't take so long!

  • 105 Hudson St
    New York, NY 10013
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    Simple and sweet, here goes:

    I've been here at Nobu Next Door before but my most recent encounter was dinner for summer Restaurant Week 2010. Eh.... I was expecting better quality sushi with prix fixe meal. I know, I know I ordered a prix fixe meal during RW but still! I even ordered some a la carte and it was still very underwhelming. Oh delicious kanpachi, where art thou? Good miso soup though. I don't think I would come here again unless someone else was paying and we were ordering the creme de la creme omakase. It's just not a restaurant I look forward to spending money on. I think this place has sunk a little low and needs to aim high to meet the quality of its upscale sister next door. Till then, it will always be the less attractive face in the Nobu family.

  • 179 E 86th St
    New York, NY 10028
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    In a time when the economy is rough and it becomes increasingly harder to find a lunch or dinner under six dollars that isn't deep fried in trans fats or previously frozen, Papaya King has become a Godsend for those in NYC on a budget!

    Now, I'm not saying eat hot dogs all the time (because they are high in delicious animal fat) but if you want a hot dog or two and a drink, you've got a somewhat low-cal meal that costs under 6 bucks! Just don't go hyphy with adding cheese and chili and all that other crap people put on their dogs.... but hey, who am I to tell you what to do. Just don't do it.

    Papaya King is the ORIGINAL hot dog/tropical drink establishment in the City. Not Grey's Papaya and certainly not that bastard child Papaya Dog. Although Grey's dogs are yummy, I truly believe that the hotdogs at Papaya King are slightly better. Something to do with the outside texture of the dog itself... Also Papaya King's papaya drink is 10x better there than at Grey's. They just don't have it down.

    As this location is the original spot opened in 1932, it should be considered just as much a landmark as Nathan's on the Coney Island Boardwalk. The store just underwent some very nice remodeling and it still has its quirky old-time appeal aka deliciously tacky and signs everywhere telling you how awesome hot dogs are. Whenever I am in the vicinity of PK, I cannot deny its siren calling.... and by calling I mean smelling that juicy beefy aroma that somehow wafts over a 4 block radius. The streets of NY are good at that.

    Just a note, I always get The Original which for me is 2 dogs with sauerkraut (you also either get relish or onions if you choose) and a medium papaya drink! It hits the spot without being too filling and it doesn't burn a hole in my wallet!

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    I actually had nothing done here BUT I went in for consolation to discuss a mutant pimple on my face a few months ago.

    The presentation of the place was off (felt very sterile and void of really any personal touches) but it was clean and the staff was friendly.

    The woman I talked to was upright and honest and didn't try to sell me anything which was nice. She ended up being wrong about what it was (she said it was a blocked pore but it ended up being weird scar tissue) but she actually advised me to go to a dermatologist to get a professional opinion. She seemed genuinely interested in having me do what was best for me... which wouldn't involve me spending any money at her place. I found that very professional and honorable.

    Other than that experience, I can't rate on the laser hair removal or anything else but I wouldn't mind going there for some sessions. I hope there's a Groupon or Living Social deal here soon!

  • 298 Lafayette St
    New York, NY 10012
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    Good place to chill with friends and have drinks... not much else. Just a standard bar.

    I don't remember a lot BUT from what I do remember- One star off for the douchebag bouncer who made me cry!

    I also remember holiday hats, recession fries, girl drama and doing Irish Car Bombs.... See, that's why I don't really remember my night. Haha

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    Oh, those summer nights. I went to Kiss and Fly this past summer because my friends met one of their promoters at the gym. Yeah, I could already tell this was going to be one of  "those" places. I mean, how many promoters go to the gym and ask girls to their clubs while working out?? And I was right. The promoters were egotistical, shallow and meat heads. Once inside, I didn't find this club to be that much different!

    Although we received free bottle service and were escorted in by said promoters to the front of the line, I'm amazed out how much attitude I still received from the bouncers, bartenders and the security inside. Apparently if you act like a dumb bimbo, you're ok. You're not a threat and hell, you might get something out of her. One guy actually threw ice at me because I wouldn't put up with his backhanded comments anymore. What is it with guys insulting and being mean to women for no reason? Do men actually believe that treating women like crap will make us like you? Whoever believes that needs to have their heads reexamined... and you women who lead men on to believe this, you should have greater respect for yourself.

    The only reason I gave them two stars instead of one was because the interior of the place was pretty (think A Midsummer Night's Dream theme with whimsical lighting) and the House music was actually satisfying... I loved dancing to it with my girls in the rave like atmosphere. Flashing strobe lights anyone?

    Other than that, I won't be back. Not even for comped bottle service or cover. Free drinks shouldn't mean being treated like crap by every penis (excuse me, I mean DICK) in the vicinity...

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    You know it's a good event when MY inebriation is quoted in almost everyone else's reviews!

    Why can't more of my Sundays be Fundays? Oh wait. That's right. I tend to drink like it's a weekend night on Sundays and subsequently forget I have to be up at 6 am the following morning and be functional!!! I think I took too many naps Under the Mango Tree, if you know what I mean. My head hurts.

    That being said, I had a bloody good time last night. The drinks were overflowing all around me in this rooftop Yelp oasis. The Midtown East views were astounding and I felt as if I were at some rich person's engagement shower by accident in my cargo shorts and giraffe print bikini top! The tasty bites served to us by our cute waitresses in sexy LBDs kept me from being even more embarrassing. I stuffed my face a little bit more than I would like to admit but I blame the rum. My favorite of the night were the stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese and pesto sauce. I also enjoyed the chicken skewers as well as the ham and cheese pastry thingies. Those were a little greasy but mmm. Oh and I can't forget the crab cakes! We fondly just called them crab balls all night long though since a. they were shaped into little round balls and b. Phil H. liked putting them in his mouth. Ha!

    So it wasn't just ALL drinking and some food...Ok so it was mostly drinking. And mingling. And drinking and mingling. But I did keep my intoxicated self occupied with all the beach/drunk themed props in the delightful Sweet Booth photobooth for a good half hour! I grabbed my favorite Yelpers to partake in some expected Yelp hard-evidence debauchery. I'll admit there was some anonymous groping going on with a blow-up happy crab balloon, but hey, it wouldn't be a Elite Event without some "too friendly" clawing. Don't worry though, no one was hurt. At least not permanently. I took home 3 photo keepsakes that I know will still put a large grin on my face when I'm 90 years old and my boobs have sagged past my navel!

    Overall, last night's event was certainly a standout. I met some Yelpers in person (finally!!) like Monique R. and THE Britton B. (he's really nice in person contrary to all the bitchy stuff he says online haha) plus I saw my regular homies like Phil, Wing, Rich, Leaf, and of course the Lovely Jane K! Thank you Jane, Yelp and Coruba for throwing such a great Elite event for us at such a gorgeous venue!

    I need to go nurse my hangover now....

  • 217 E 51st St
    New York, NY 10022
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    Oh Greenacre Park, I'm so glad we finally met. You're so beautiful and relaxing. Can I take you home with me? I need your soothing ways.

    Hidden sanctuaries of serenity in this city are hard to find so when you do come across one, always remember where they are. You'll want to find them later. The waterfall, although (obviously) man made, is just so simple and peaceful. This is the perfect spot to drown out the sounds of the days' worries inside your head... or at the very least, guarantee that you don't have to listen to the loser sitting next to you who's trying to carry on a conversation.

    Inside note: a lot of people come here after picking up a bagel from Ess-A-Bagel. When in Rome.

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    Ah, it's so nice to enjoy an evening respecting the Italian culture without having to hear words like "Snookie" or "Jersey" or even "grenade" get tossed around.

    Out of almost 500 people who RSVP'd, only 80 were able to be selected to partake in this extraordinary Yelp Elite event at the International Culinary Center. I guess that wine gift basket with spa passes and a personal slave I sent to Jane K. last week worked...

    Upon arriving to the Center, we were checked in and offered to have our coats hung up. I hastily rid myself of the giant piece of polyester off my back and handed it to the sweet coat check girl. Lawd knows, I did not want to drag it around all night especially when I would need my hands free for nomming. I then followed the crowd into the mini-auditorium room where I was immediately offered a glass of Prosecco. Don't mind if I do! After claiming my seat two rows behind the kitchen island, I headed to the back of the room where a lovely block of meats was set up for our enjoyment. All were different kinds of Italian cuts and I happily sampled each one. My favorite by far was the prosciutto; it was so sweet yet satisfyingly salty and seemed to practically dissolve on my tongue like an acid strip.

    After snatching another glass of Prosecco, I settled down in my seat next to my comrades and waited for the festivities to begin. The audience gave a loud and welcoming applause when Chef Cesare Casella was introduced to us. He started talking to us about his background, his love of Italian cooking (for he is in fact a *real* Italian) and what he would be preparing for the evening. He announced he would be cooking a Risotto Primavera using artichokes, asparagus, and peas! I wish we had had a recipe card to take home because I honestly don't know any of the proper measurements he used in his dish... but that's ok. A few minutes in and I was pretty much rendered dumb and useless by the intoxicating smell that was invading our nostrils relentlessly.

    *cue drooling*

    At one point I thought to myself FINALLY, I am actually watching a master chef cook something in front of me and I am actually going to EAT it (unlike at home when there's usually a television screen in the way and I somehow end up with a broken nose). Thank God I sat in the second row with bodies in front of me otherwise I might have lunged at Chef Cesare and stolen his pan of risotto and high tailed it.

    We were all passed little individual plates of risotto that had been cooked by the chef's team in the back. I should have just stolen Cesare's pan for myself but whatever, too many witnesses. The risotto was so creamy and delicious. The delicate cuts of artichoke, slices of asparagus, and earthy peas made the flavors dance to life in my mouth. After lots of swallowing, sighing and sounds of enjoyment throughout the room, Chef Cesare allowed his audience to ask questions before we went on with the evening.

    After a quick lesson on how to properly cut and prepare an artichoke, we were led on a tour of the facility. I got to see all of the classrooms that the students slave away in hopes of becoming master chefs one day. We were then led to a wall of all hand molds of famous chefs that had attended the center such as David Chang (baby daddy of the Momofuku empire) and Bobby Flay. On a side note, I learned that my hands are tiny compared to Anthony Bourdain's. You know what they say about big hands!

    Once our tour was completed, we were led to the 5th floor where a bountiful spread of antipasto awaited for us in a reception room. I was able to sample a delicious seafood salad, sausage bites, roasted tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, mixed nuts, bean salad, and some high quality Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. I broke off a huge slab of that wedge and nibbled on that for a good part of an hour. This was the good stuff- the stuff that high end restaurants feel squirmish about giving me 7th helpings on when I ask for more grated cheese on my pasta.

    After tons of picture taking and becoming an honorary Asian for a good thirty minutes, it was time to head home. I was able to score one the few remaining gift bags before I left which came with a fresh baguette, biscotti, a pamphlet on the center, and a certificate for free drinks for two at L'Ecole. I know where my next date night is!

    I am beyond excited to try out Chef Cesare's restaurant Salumeria Rosi and of course, L'Ecole soon. After a taste I need to come back for more! I tried to take as many pictures as possible to help those of you who couldn't come visualize the experience.... or make you jealous, whichever you want to believe. I'm sure they accomplished both.

    Major homage, sacrifices, and praises must be paid to the lovely Jane K. and the rest of the Yelp crew who set up this incredible night for us as well as Chef Cesare and the team at the International Culinary Center! Says the Yelper who wishes she could be 100% Italian but is sadly only 75%, grazie mille!

  • 167 1st Ave
    New York, NY 10003
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    6.5.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    New Ashiya, a place where you can find AYCE sushi and AYCD sake bombs for 2 hours!...

    ... or so they say. I have been here twice while sober (3 times total) and I noticed they take the wrong time down on purpose so you have less time to eat and drink! Shady move. They will bank on the fact that you will mostly likely be intoxicated to the point that you won't even notice. Nice try but it ain't happening with me. Plus, they forget half of our orders. It's happened all the times I have gone. I once ordered a spicy tuna roll 3 times from our waiter and I only received one roll at the very end! Boooooo. Now I can't even go there anymore because one of my boyfriend's friends said they found something IN THEIR FOOD. I'm not going to say what, but use your imagination. I know it's technically hearsay, but yeah, I'm not coming back. I found a much better sushi joint to get my AYCE/AYCD on without any shadyness, sloppingly drunk crowds or messed up orders! Winning.

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    28.7.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Holy crap, AYCE sushi and AYCE alcohol for one price?! I have discovered a new Mecca for sushi and… Weiterlesen
  • 50 Gansevoort St
    New York, NY 10014
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    NYE 2011: Griffin

    Yuck, this was probably the crappiest New Year's Eve I've had in a looooooooooooooooong time.... and I've had some bad ones.  I can't decide whether or not this night surpassed NYE 2006 in terms of crap where a skeezy guy I knew grabbed me and kissed me. While drunk. And tried to force his tongue between my lips. Ugh!! I will calmly list all my complaints in a respectable manner and I will try to refrain from swearing. Main word in that sentence is "try."

    First off, the tickets for this "amazing" club party were $125... which included only entry and a premium open bar from 9pm-2am. Ok, the premium open bar part was the ONLY thing that I can give this place props for since the drinks were strong. A star for that. Too bad for me though because I was completely sober the whole night... I guess I ate too much at dinner or my tolerance has skyrocketed. The rest of the night was a total and utter waste. I should have taken my $125 to Morimoto or to the Village Pour House, ANYWHERE else. When I arrived to the Griffin, I knew it was going to be bad... I walk in, and there's no dance floor. Had I known this prior to buying my tickets at the suggestion of a friend, I would have seriously contemplated my decision. As there was no dance floor, there was drunk people everywhere in the aisles dancing with full drinks in hand. This wouldn't have been so awful BUT the club sold so many tickets that the place was filled to a very uncomfortable and claustrophobic capacity. I'm pretty sure that if there had been a fire, we all would have died. I seriously couldn't move. A bouncer literally pushed me out of the way when I found the only space I could stand in- an open doorway. I can't believe they got away with having that many drunk people in such a small enclosure!

    The music was good, so another star for that. I just wish I could have been able to dance to it without having a beer spilled on me. Oh wait,  that's right, I did. Three times. My poor Versace dress needs a visit to the dry cleaners now.. Oh well, it will come out. I just get annoyed when people spill on me and don't say sorry or any acknowledgment whatsoever. Another thing I hated about this place were the bathrooms and how they handled the bathroom line. First, those toilets were nasty. Second, the stupid jerks running the line let drunk hos in skanky dresses cut the rest of us! I almost tripped a girl... I should have. I also witnessed a fight once I got to the top of the stairs where the bathroom was... Apparently a guy tipped the attendants a $50 bill but took out some money out of the tip jar to make change. He was instantly accused of trying to steal because no one had seen him put the $50 bill in. The guy kept yelling "CHECK THE JAR, IT'S IN THERE!" Hmmmm this reminds me of a Seinfeld episode.... Calzone anyone?

    Can I also say that most of the guys here were complete douchebags. As I had only purchased a $125 general admission ticket, there were no seats available except to those who had bought "premium seating" or bottle service tickets for over $150. Cheese and rice, I'm a girl in heels and I have to sit for a minute! I saw one of the couches unoccupied so I sat on the very very end on the corner just to let my dogs rest. As soon as I did, a guy from the group told me I had to get up and leave since it was "their couch." Wow dude good luck ever getting a date in the future with that attitude. Let's give a toast to the douchebags and to the death of chivalry!

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    That's it, I've had it! I have come to a decision my friends. I've decided I need to get a better paying job solely for the purpose of being able to afford places like Silver Lining every week. Yes, it's that amazing and until you have gone there yourself and witnessed this bar in all it's glory then you can't argue with me. No, no. Zip it! No arguing till you've gone! Now carry on and read my review.

    Located in the heart of TriBeCa, this speakeasy transports you to an underworld of scintillating jazz, delicious fare, and artisanally crafted beverages. As you walk through the large white doors and down the stairway into the basement, you feel as if you have found yourself some hidden oasis of mature young adults whose quest for the night is having engaging conversation and swaying to the beats of the live bass.*

    The bar at Silver Lining is large with the various jars and bottles and whatnot that you would expect to be at a speakeasy such as freshly squeezed juice, eggs, olives and hot bartenders. There was one bartender in particular who I'd be lying if I said that all three of us didn't want to do things to her. So men, there's just one more of many incentives I will have given you to go here (psst, I'm helping you out). I was able to try many drinks made with love and, might I add, very strong biceps. Please note that speakeasy bartenders are way better than your average bartender. They are weighing and mixing and shaking and crushing items using instruments that look like they came out of a Saw movie. With names like "Native New Yorker" and "African Flower" you know you are in for something unique and flavorful. I regret now not taking pictures of all of my drinks as their presentation ranged so dramatically from a beautiful rainbow motif to a more serious cup of pink gasoline with an epic lemon peel. Of course, with the usual speakeasy concoction you can expect a Titanic worthy ice cube or a metal straw to enjoy your drink with. Just be careful with that metal straw. No, no matter how drunk you get you can NOT bend it with your teeth and yes, it hurts like hell if you stab the roof of your mouth with it.

    Of course, with great drinking comes great eating. One of my friends put in an order for some plates before we arrived that included lamb sliders and some weird puff pastry thing along with a baked Camembert (which I have to shamefully admit was my first time having it). I was able to sample all of them and all were yummy, especially the gooey cheese. I ordered more food as the night wore on, because hey- this is me we're talking about. I ordered the ceviche and the charcuterie appetizers. The ceviche was the bomb. It was so light and zesty that it was hard to put down the fork. My friends had a hard time as well. The charcuterie platter gave me a sample of prosciutto, salami and some other kind of Italian meat I can't even pronounce. They were thinly sliced, salty and full of delicious meaty flavor. Oh and there were tiny sliced pickles that came along with it that I found to be so adorable! My male companions found my  happiness over tiny pickles to be quite hilarious. What? It's just a cute tiny pickle.... men. Overall, the portions are not big for the money by any means but what they lack in friendly affordability they make up in brute flavor.

    Later in the evening, the three person jazz band started playing and I was so giddy with joy I just stopped where I was walking from the washroom and watched, hypnotized. I think a server almost tripped over me. Whoops. I can't help it when I'm spellbound! Even if you don't love jazz, you should be able to appreciate its undeniable charm. Everyone at the bar was obviously in tune with the music as the bartenders were serving drinks to the patrons left and right. By the way, finding a spot at the bar can be tricky so come early like we did to snag a spot. My two friends and I were lucky to grab three seats at the side of the bar where we were able to watch the entire room and make inappropriate remarks throughout the night relatively undisturbed by bar traffic. Now I won't lie to you- Silver Lining ain't cheap.... hence why I mentioned needing a better job to pay for it. At an average of $14 a drink and $10-20 an appetizer, you will run through your cash quickly if you plan on setting up there for a whole evening. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    That being said, I loved coming here to Silver Lining and wish I could afford to come more often. It's one of those places that will truly enrich your New York life experience and Lord knows everyone including me could benefit immensely from that. I think I can compare this place to a fine woman. It's the women with class you will always remember- not the tacky girls or bars in this city. Keep that in mind and stay jazzy my friends.

    *as opposed to pounding five to ten shots and hoping to drag home some unfortunate female who's too drunk to notice that she is about to lower her standards...

  • 608 West 28th Street at 11th Avenue
    New York, NY 10001
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    So you may have heard a few things about me this past weekend concerning this Oktoberfest.... Some of them may or may not be true... I will confirm at least one thing for you but you have to read through my review first!

    Das Best Oktoberfest was held at the La.Venue space, which is on the uber West side of Chelsea that you hate going to because it's a. not immediately next to a subway station and b. it's bleeping cold because it's near the water. Make sure to get there at least an hour early because the line does get long and FAST. Also there are perks to being first in line. I was at the very front with my crew and we scored some free giant heart-shaped ginger cookies to wear! Mine said "Das Best Oktoberfest" but you could get ones that said "Prasit" or "MILF" or "DTF".... smh. Finally after what seemed forever, we were let in. I was disappointed that there was no coat check considering how many people there were (because come on, people have jackets or purses etc. so one star off for that) so we found a table in the back to drop off our stuff at. I carried my wallet around with me because, duh, don't leave anything valuable unattended in a room of drunk strangers.

    As you can see in the photos, I came decked out in full German Beer Wench attire. Sure it's not completely authentic, but whatever. It made quite a splash as I was the only one in that costume... and might I say one of the cutest? Huzzah! For $45 (make sure to get the advance purchase price since that is the best deal), I was able to sample dozens of different types of beers throughout this large venue to my hearts content... plus some schnapps and hard stuff like Goldschlager and Jagermiester etc. Now y'all know me, I'm more of an eater than a drinker (usually) so I ate a bunch of the German themed food at this festival since I kept getting hungry. There were a few stands but I was determined to only eat German meat! First I had a bratwurst sandwich was good but oh my goodness, the pork schnitzel sandwich was OUT of this world. A crispy piece of pork, fresh lettuce and tomato, kraut, spicy mayo and pesto sauce on fluffy white bread aahhhhhh give me more schnitzel! I might have had a pickle or two here and there and of course, I should note that I ate some of Monique R.'s Irish soda bread! She made it specifically for the event to help us from getting too inebriated. Thank gawd.

    So big surprise, I won the Miss Oktoberfest contest! Should I like, put that on my resume or something? Ok, so it was from the hours of 5:30-9:30pm, but still, that's pretty freakin' awesome. I had to chug beer, name my cookie, dance, and yodel....All in a hard day's work. In the end I won $100 and a glass beer mug. Woohoo!

    I had so much fun at this event and am so glad I got to spend it with my Yelp comrades. Mike, Mel, Mo, Phil, Chris, Sean- you guys rock. Thanks for screaming your ass off during the contest for me. I can't wait for this event next year! It's definitely worth it. Eating wieners, drinking beer, dancing to a live band, and hanging out with your friends = priceless. I can't wait to wear my costume once again and vie for the crown... err... glass beer mug!

    Auf wiedersehen!

  • 142 Mercer St
    New York, NY 10012
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    I went here for Summer Restaurant Week 2011 and had a wonderful meal!! One of the best prix fixe dinners I've ever had.

    For my selection I ordered:

    -Lobster croutons: we actually ordered this for the table as I had read about them in other reviews and wanted to try them. They were a little different than I was expecting but they were tasty. It reminded me of bruschetta with juicy lobster meat on top. Toasted and crunchy.

    -Raw bar tasting: comes with 3 East coast oysters and 3 West coast plus 2 shrimp cocktail. The oysters were a little on the small side but so sweet and fresh! The shrimp were great too.

    -Sushi combo with spicy tuna roll: Deliciously fresh sushi and a great spicy tuna roll to boot. They also gave enough food that I was not hungry afterward like I sometimes am with RW sushi meal offerings (cough Nobu). Great salmon!

    -Chocolate cake: Delicious molten chocolate cake with a liquid center and ice cream on the side. Heaven.

    Overall, I would love to come back here for Happy Hour soon and just relax with friends in this beautiful establishment. The whole place is designed to make you think you're on a big expensive yacht on the ocean with its seaport hole windows. The curved wood beams on the ceiling remind you of the hull of a ship plus  It can be romantic and sexy too. I think it would make a perfect fun date restaurant.

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    I went to The Hog Pit last Friday for a much needed UYE. The week had been long and arduous and I was looking forward to a few drinks and stuffing my face with some pork. Of course I got there pretty early so I waited around for a friend to show.. and then we went in together. When we first walked in I had to crawl through a group of old guys (old being 40+ and looking it!) to get to the tables in the back. Lo and behold we found our organizer Janeen and sat down.

    After perusing the menu and crosschecking with Yelp, I had a good idea of what I wanted to try for food. The BLT Poppers looked interesting and I also wanted some of their pulled pork so we got an order of nachos with pork for the table. I also ordered a Blue Moon for $4... not bad. The nachos were pretty dang good. I gave myself seconds and thirds to them. The BLT Poppers were ok. I wasn't blown away by them but they were small so I had 2 of them. The order only came with like 6 anyways. As more people came, they decided to order some entrees and more drinks. They had some good beer bucket deals plus $3 well shots.

    By then I was honestly feeling a little full so I passed on ordering an entree.... I figured I would be able to beg with puppy eyes for scraps later anyways.... and I was right. Got myself a bite of the buffalo chicken sandwich, the brisket, the pulled pork sandwich AND a bowl of mac&cheese. All were ok... the buffalo chicken sandwich was actually pretty good but I can't imagine eating the whole thing. Fat coma to the max! Brisket was eh to me. I liked the mac&cheese but thought it was missing something.... a spice? Paprika? More cheese? Who knows.

    Some other things I noticed while we were there that kind of annoyed me:

    Why was Taylor Swift playing....  at all??? Why were there little kids in there?? Were we at a bar for tweenagers or adults?? Big disconnect between the vibe of the place and the music playing as well as some of the customers. I don't want to hear "Love Story" while drinking beer, thank you very much.

    Also towards the end of our evening there, this group of young drunk guys started taking off their shirts and belting "I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN...." in the front of the bar.

    .................Wtf. Seriously? I mean I know it's the weekend of 9/11 but come on, you just come off as the drunk obnoxious Americans that rest of the world really seems to hate us for...

    Overall The Hog Pit is not somewhere I would swing by to on purpose on a Friday night unless someone promised me a sexual favor. I feel like I can go to places with much better bar atmospheres and food. That being said though, I did have fun with my company... and I did like those nachos. Like, really like.

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    17.7.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    So what was bad from my previous visit made this experience downright ugly. The only reason Crepes on Columbus got stars at all this time was because of their food. Pity because everything else about our lunch today sucked!

    I was in a good mood before going here today as was my boyfriend. I wanted to love you Crepes. I really did. You are the first restaurant in his area that has good brunch food.... but you just had to ruin it with your less than par service today. I am pretty patient with restaurants but I almost lost my cool. This close baby, this close!!!

    First off, it took a good 10-15 minutes before anyone even came over to us to ask us for drink orders or even order our food. Slightly annoying (also as a side note, it also took forever to get a water refill the first 30 minutes we were there. I think after the waitress realized we were pissed she stepped it up a bit towards the end). Here's what we decided to get after doing some Yelp research and looking at the menu. My boyfriend ordered the egg platter with eggs sunny side up. I ordered the tiger shrimp crepe with basil creme and spinach after seeing it being mentioned twice on Yelp with raving reviews. THEN I ordered a dessert lover's crepe for dessert to be had after our brunch. The girl acknowledged that I said AT THE END of our meal and wrote it down.

    So what happened?

    They gave Simon over easy eggs. He wouldn't send it back though because he strongly believes people in the kitchen will spit in your food if you do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I have to say he's probably right.  The only good note of the meal was my crepe- it was delicious. The shrimp were sweet, the spinach was savory and the basil creme was just absolutely amazing. All positive stars go to that.

    About 5 minutes into eating our dishes, the busboy brings us our dessert crepes. I politely say " sorry but we weren't supposed to get these till the end of our meal." The boy nods and takes them back and walks off. I think he understood.

    So we finish. Still annoyed, but oh no it got even worse.

    Waitress we ordered from asks after clearing our plates if we want dessert. Ummmm hello?! We ORDERED dessert from you already. I told her that and Simon chipped in that the guy had tried to bring it to us during our meal. Yikes. I was about to go off on her and ask for the manager.

    So another 10 minutes goes by, and we get our dessert crepe filled with dark chocolate, strawberries and bananas. I had a strong feeling this was the crepe they had brought to us before and it had just been microwaved but whatever. It tasted good just not as good as last time since it was partly cold. I wonder what was going on there...

    Sure, each of these things by itself aren't that bad but altogether these offenses had both of us so riled up I was surprised we just didn't walk out and show everyone the middle finger. I really do love the food but the service is just so lacking. My boyfriend said he never wants to come here again, and I can't help but agree. Sad, because that tiger crepe was very good -- the chef clearly knows what he's doing.  Unfortunately, no one else here does.

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    5.5.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Finally, a decent place to eat brunch on the UWS that doesn't require me to sell my eggs beforehand… Weiterlesen
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    Hat einen Yelp Deal gekauft

    Like many others on here, I had bought the Yelp 3 laser hair removal sessions for $99 deal. I'm pleased I was able to go to Skintology as they were very professional, courteous, and efficient. I am currently having my bikini line done and after my 3 sessions at Skintology I have noticed  a large difference. I am currently using a deal at another place to do another 3 sessions but I honestly wish I had just bought 2 deals there since I like the people and atmosphere. Oh well, hindsight now.

    The location is great too because it's near a puppy store. Remember, touch but don't buy (because you really should adopt and not support any business that gets its pups from puppy mills)!

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    Honestly, what can I write that the 800+ people before me haven't?

    It's huge... and is the American equivalent to the Louvre.

    It's full of these things that one might call "art."

    Everything comes alive at night.....

    Oh wait that's the Natural History Museum. My bad.

    My favorite parts of the MET are/were the Egyptian exhibit, the Roman sculpture garden, the Impressionist gallery and the Savage Beauty exhibit (while it was open). If you're feeling in need of creative inspiration, the MET should be your first and last stop. I need to drag my bum out there soon with a sketch book in hand... I want to draw me some naked busts!*

    *(Some might call that drawing anatomy)

  • 93 E 7th St
    New York, NY 10009
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    During an ice cream crawl with about 10 or so Yelpers, we decided to stop by Luke's Lobster to help save us with our lactose overdosing. I mean, I just don't think I could eat any more ice cream by that point... but a lobster roll? Apparently that was doable!

    First off, holy crap $18 for a toasted hot dog roll filled with lobster meat! I just couldn't wrap my head around that. Luckily I was able to split it in half with new buddy Sean. $9 just seemed more feasible especially since I felt like I had dropped over $40 on ice cream already. This whole day prompted me to ask "WHY IS NEW YORK CITY SO FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE?!"

    Back to the lobster roll. It was good although my toes didn't curl nor did my head roll back in ecstasy. It was served in a toasted hot dog-like bun,  filled with chunks of juicy meat with typical lobster roll spices. I'll admit I'm not a lobster roll connoisseur. I wouldn't mind coming back for another but I think I would have to split one again due to the price. I hate to write this BUT for $18 I could get a full lobster dinner at a particular place in the Village... I'm not naming names though.

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    Holy mother of DOG. My stomach hates me.

    So granted, I had just come from another Yelp event that had stuffed me to the brim (I'd like to compare myself to a double meat burrito from Chipotle that you know is going to burst open) but I HAD to go to this. By this, I mean a small and intimate gathering of Yelpers that was privately arranged beforehand. The night was young, other people had bailed, and I was invited. I think it was fate.

    Our Yelp group of 11 comrades was sat in the middle of the restaurant at a giant wooden table. The atmosphere of Zutto was casual and warm with a hint of elegance and a touch of nostalgia. I say elegance because I looked admiringly at the large lit wooden cabinet that held their nice drinking glasses on the side. I really liked that added element. I say nostalgia due to the vintage typewriter down the stairs near the WC that I just could not stop playing with.... old typewriters are addictive. I couldn't stop pushing the buttons like a crazed tipsy 5 year old!

    As I was so full from my previous meal, I decided to just order sushi. I love sushi. I can't get enough of the stuff. Also I decided if I ate one more cooked entree I was going to explode from the inside out. I started off my meal with miso soup, and a glass of sake that one of my friends generously bought for the table. For sushi, I ordered fatty toro, king salmon, fluke, two kinds of kanpachi (amberjack), yellowtail, and mackerel as well as a yellowtail and scallion roll. Each piece was so fresh and melted in my mouth. It was top notch. I also sampled some of my friend's maki rolls and found it to be so tasty with an original spin. Those around me had pork buns, shishito peppers, ramen noodles, shrimp heads, and other things I can't even remmeber now. I do not have a photographic memory like Lisbeth Sander.... but I wish I did, especially in times like these!

    For dessert, I chose the banana bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. I LOVE bananas. I love bread pudding. Put them together.... and you pretty much can tell me to do anything. Ok joking aside, that was a great dessert. Those around me chose to have the "coffee and doughnuts" dessert which came with zeppoles and coffee with chocolate chunks at the bottom. It looked good but my stomach couldn't handle the thought of eating it, haha. Coffee hates me!

    Overall, a wonderful night filled with delicious food, great service, and warm company. I wish more dinners could be like the one I had at Zutto with my friends. Thank you Godmother of Chinatown for letting me join you for this adventure! Also a super large thank you to the staff, manager and owner of Zutto. I had a lovely time and cannot wait to come back.

  • 123 2nd Ave
    New York, NY 10003
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    I stopped by Pommes Frites with a few friends of mine after a few drinks for an energy recharge. We needed it as I remember I think I was falling asleep on someone at the previous bar haha. I had walked by this place many times before and had always wanted to try it- I was happy to finally do so!

    I hate to say it but it ended up being kind of a letdown for me.... I guess I'm not a huge fan of Belgian fries. They're thick and soft... I prefer something more crispy and hard. Oh well; they were ok. And salty. The best part for me were the sauces! Give me any sauce with garlic or truffle in it and I'm good to go!

    Be prepared for a long line especially on drunk nights... i.e. Friday and Saturday. It was fun though trying everyone else's sauces! Warning, it can get messy and sauce might get everywhere... and I do mean e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

  • 9 E 13th St B1
    New York, NY 10003
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    I don't like singing while drinking. It hurts me throat and I'm much better at choral pieces. That being said, I love watching drunk people sing karaoke especially at Karaoke Cave. Maybe it's because we are underground in a windowless basement but every time I go I feel like everyone is indulging in primal urges.... Yo, stop singing and dancing like animals! Oh wait it's amusing... nevermind, carry on.

    Karaoke Cave is an entertaining spot you might find me on Friday or Saturday nights. I blame two people in particular for this. They have an ok 2 for 1 happy hour. Don't expect top quality alcohol though. I think each song card costs $1? I don't really know how that compares to other karaoke places. When I go with my friends, they often complain that their songs are skipped or lost in the system so there's very long waiting periods in between... which is only good for more drinking and catching up with friends (aka yelling at the person right next to you over the tone deaf, drunk singer 10 feet over).

    A major perk of Karaoke Cave- It's conveniently located near Union Square. And Dos Toros. Mmmmm

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    I've been here twice in my life. It might have been three but I can't remember since I was little. This past weekend I went here to see the Cirque du Soleil show Zarkana. The theater is sooooooo much bigger on the inside than what you think it is on the outside. I love the large lobby area with its giant chandelier lights. The staff was very polite and helpful in letting us know which floor my party and I had to go to. The drinks they offer at their little bars are on the expensive side ($12 for a pina colada that had less than one shot of rum in it.... major hiss) but they gave a souvenir glass with it so whatever. I'll forgive them.

    The stage itself is massive and provides such a gorgeous space for artists of all kinds to work with. I can't wait to see another performance here!

  • 514 3rd Ave
    New York, NY 10016
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    I went to BareBurger last night as I had a MASSIVE craving for a burger. I blame this on hearing everyone from the recent Brooklyn Elite event go on and on about some breakfast burger at Two 8 Two... Curse you all!

    The place is a lot more casual than I thought it would be. We sat in a booth and were greeted immediately by a cute hostess who asked us if we had ever been here before. Both shook our heads no. She then went on to explain how you choose your burger style then if you want 100% organic beef, chicken, bison, elk or even ostrich (!!) and the type of bun you want. That's pretty cool. I read somewhere though that people psychologically feel less happy if they have more decisions to choose from... I don't think they meant burger options!

    I got the classic burger with bison meat plus a chocolate milk shake and an order of fries to split. I asked for it medium rare; more often than not my burgers turn out medium. It happened again!! Boo. Oh well. The meat was tasty. I wish now though I had asked for cheddar cheese instead of the normal Colby that comes with the Classic. Colby jack just reminds me too much of cheap Mexican nachos at  a pretend Tex-Mex place. I also wished I had gone with the brioche roll instead of the multigrain as it was a little try. The fries were really freaking good though... especially being dipped into organic ketchup! Long, crispy on the outside with skin on the ends and piping hot! Mmmmm. Trust me, a small order of them is enough for two people. As is the milkshake. The chocolate milkshake was very old school with actual ground up chocolate bits in it! So yummy. The portions of the shake and fries were big, considering they were "small!" I'd definitely recommend splitting those so you can indulge a little without feeling like a greased up fatty. For being an all-organic joint, the prices were not THAT bad. A 16 ounce beer was $4.75 and I know my burger was cheaper than those at 5 Napkin... and with more exotic meat  *shushhhhh*

    If I'm in the area, I'll go back to BareBurger to give it another take but I don't think I would go here out of my way.... unless I get a weird craving to try ostrich meat. And really, unless you're pregnant, who has unexplained cravings for ostrich meat?

  • 452 Amsterdam Ave
    New York, NY 10024
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    Recipe is a nice, little (emphasize little) restaurant on the UWS that appeals to your snobby French/New American brunch food side. We all have one (that side, I mean). Foie gras, toasted country bread, $8 jam spread, soft shelled crab sandwich, poached eggs in one of those little individual clay pots, omelettes with exotic ingredients like Chorizo and pancetta, freshly brewed coffee with brown sugar cubes etc. etc.

    I've been to Recipe for brunch twice. Each time I have gotten their Duck leg with foie gras terrine with lentils and chard. It's a must-try, especially if you've been pining for foie gras but don't want to spend the $30+ they often charge at places like Joel Robuchon's L'Atelier etc. You get a whole juicy duck leg with thigh on top of perfectly cooked lentils and pieces of Swiss chard seeping in a light duck au jus gravy. My second trip to Recipe I decided to indulge myself and ordered a Bloody Mary (I had to have it virginized since I was going to a work out class later) as well as the special fruit jam of the day with country bread. Honestly, the Bloody Mary didn't need alcohol. It was AMAZING. So zesty and spicy but not too spicy with a traditional, fresh celery rib. It definitely woke my taste buds up. The jam (it was blackberry I believe) was so sweet and thick- it really made me think of my childhood in California when we'd make jams and spreads out of the apricots on our tree. Homemade tastes best and this definitely tasted homemade. I can't wait to come back and try even more dishes from their menu. The soft shell crab special has been on my radar for a while now. The prices aren't cheap but I think the quality makes up for it.

    Overall, Recipe is a great restaurant to go to with a small party to have your pricier-than-normal-but-oh-so-worth-it brunch. As it is a small space, I would suggest not going with more than 4 people here as you will most likely be subjected to a wait and it can get very crowded. Make sure you go with people who you like and who shower regularly.

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    Ha, the week I got my airbrush tan at Sundara was a week of many, many firsts.

    I was heading to Vegas for my 23rd birthday and decided I needed a convincing tan to give me back some color. I used to be very tan, you see, but since I stopped playing soccer I am very light now. I've also stopped laying out 4 years ago as I am determined to look 30 when I'm 45. I have a big task ahead of me! I am also adamantly against tanning coffi... I mean booths so splurging on a beautiful airbrush tan seemed like a perfect little birthday treat to myself.

    For the experience itself, I came to Sundara on a Tuesday afternoon. My flight for Vegas was leaving on Thursday but I had to get it done then. I had exfoliated my body extensively the night before and morning of plus had all my waxing done on Monday. Just a note, if you wax before a spray tan it should be at least 24 hours before due to the pores and roots being opened or something. I wait for the customer ahead of me to be finished then I go in through this really odd door that looks like it belongs on the Titanic. The girl (the owner I think) leads me to the changing room so I can undress. The layout is small but visually impressive. I love the ceilings and walls. It looks like Italian terracotta tiles almost and makes me feel warm. Or perhaps it was warm? I mean, being cold, naked and airbrushed tanned at the same time doesn't really go well together.

    Anyways, I come out undressed and go into the spraying area. I must be more confident in my body now because it did not really phase me in the slightest that I was completely naked in front of this woman I've never met before. Or perhaps she made me feel comfortable and at ease? I think it's the latter. She doesn't make you feel awkward or embarrassed and does her work fast. I told her I wanted to be as dark as possible while looking natural and she went to work. She directed me on where to pose my body so she could get all the best angles. Ten minutes later, and voila! I put on my loose clothing and am very careful to avoid all water. You have to let the dye seep in over night; you can shower the next morning. I can already tell it's an amazing job... no streaks or line. A beautiful, even, natural looking color. Yippee!!

    As a first time customer, I believe I got 10-15% off but it was still a hefty price tag at one session being around $70 without tip. Whoah. But hey... it was SOOO worth it. Not only did my tan look freakishly natural and last the whole weekend, I had all these guys hitting on me in Vegas telling me how they loved my dark Italian skin. Muaha! Suckerz.

    Please keep in mind that they do NOT put tips on a credit card... it's cash only. I don't really like that aspect at all (since this is not cheap) so minus a star for that and the prices.

  • 50 Mott St
    New York, NY 10013
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    Such a great meal here at Old Shanghai Deluxe!

    Yeah I was tipsy but I still know when the food in my mouth is yummy. Fellow Yelpers Rich and Sally guided us here after a booze laden UYE at the Beekman Beer Gardens a few weeks ago. We walked all the way there from South Street Seaport... which seemed like such a strenuous journey with all the drunks and ridiculous-heel-wearing girls present. It was definitely worth it.

    We were probably the last people to enter the restaurant for the night and the owners graciously let us come in and order lots of food. I'm pretty sure they were waiting for us to finish so they could go home but there was no pressure whatsoever to eat and run. We let Rich and Sally do the ordering for us. I don't speak Chinese nor do I know what authentic Chinese food really is so I put my trust into their decisions.

    Plate after plate kept coming out laden with delicious hot food. I couldn't tell you the names of the dishes but I can say what was in them. We definitely had dumplings, egg rolls, mushrooms, spicy eggplant, some really amazing fatty pork dish, pork stew, more pork, noodles, rice and endless hot tea! I'm sure there were other dishes but my mind is fuzzy at the moment. Service was excellent and I really enjoyed what was really the end of my night (after that we went to a bar but shortly left thereafter as it was a Thursday night). I hope to go back soon!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Except for the almost-fight *uh hem*, I had a great time seeing my Yelp crew at the Beekman Beer Garden. I actually never knew that place existed till that night... so thank you for giving me a new place to visit next summer when the weather is warm again! The Chinese food at the end of the night was a perfect cap to a fun filled evening. Some of you in attendance got wayyyyyyyyyyyy too drunk... but it's all good.

    Many thanks to Dave & Valerie for arranging this event plus all the people who bought me drinks!

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    La.Venue, I feel as if I will be seeing more of you in the near future.

    This past weekend the Das Best Oktoberfest event was held here. It's on the uber West side of Chelsea that you hate going to because it's a. not immediately next to a subway station and b. it's bleeping cold because it's near the water. I was disappointed that the venue offered no coat check considering how many people there were (because come on, people have jackets or purses etc. so one star off for that) but we all dealed.

    The space is large enough for a few hundred people but it can get quite crowded. It's broken off into many rooms too, not just one large open space which is good in some ways and bad in others. The bathroom that we were allowed to use was oddly located down 2 flights of stairs, which is not a good situation for those who have been drinking. For the Oktoberfest event, they beer stands in every room except the dining room where the traditional German band was playing. It goes without saying that I had a great time here and I look forward to future events!

  • 211 1st Ave
    New York, NY 10003
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I went to Luzzo's a week ago for a girl's night out with my cousin and her friends. Apparently this place is "famous around the world" but I'd never even heard of it once in all my life haha. Since we arrived a little early and our table wasn't ready yet for our 9:30 reservation, we hung out at the bar and had a glass of red wine. A Chianti, as I recall. No liver and fava beans though. It was so crowded in the small area around the bar that I felt like I was constantly doing the Crowded Shuffle Dance.  We also saw a server (or bus boy?) drop a tray of glasses twice. Poor guy! Move out of the way!

    Finally our table was free and we were led through the crowded restaurant.  We had a party of 8 women and we were sat in the downstairs basement which was meant to accommodate larger parties. I noticed immediately we were put in a room where everyone but us was celebrating a girl's birthday. It felt like we were crashing their party... oh well. The room was loud and lively and that's how we wanted it to be. I had technically already eaten but wanted something to snack on. The Carpaccio di Bresaola really caught my eye (who doesn't love practically raw meat) so I settled on that plus called dibs on a slice of pizza from the Bufala pie (basically a margarita) my cousin ordered for her and her friend. We ordered a few bottles of the special wine for the table as well so we all had a good buzz going on.

    My carpaccio was actually really, really good. Thinly sliced meat with a light lemon dressing, crisp arugula and fresh Parmesan slivers came together in perfect symphony to create a particularly delicious meal. I shared some with the girls at my table who also agreed that it was pretty darn good. I ate 2 slices of pizza (or was it 3? I lost count) from the Bufala pie. It was pretty good but a little flimsy for my liking. Still, it was pretty good and I enjoyed it along with my meat. The service was consistent and although I'm sure we drove our waiter nuts (who we all said reminded us of that guy on Grey's Anatomy with the blue eyes... Jackson is his name maybe?) with constant requests for plates, napkins, water refills etc. he was very patient with us and fast.

    Overall, I don't know if I would particularly go out of my way to come to Luzzo's but I enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. If I was in the area and had a craving for pizza and/or carpaccio, I would seek them out. I definitely prefer this place to John's on Bleecker or the other overhyped-but-really-aren't-that-great pizza joints.... you know it's true.

  • 225 W 57th St
    New York, NY 10019
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    So this is Morton Williams... and this is where my office orders milk from for each week.

    Let's see, where do I begin? OH.... right!

    -They more often than not give us milk that has an expiration date right around the corner.

    -They have given us milk and half&half that is actually SPOILED. Have you ever tasted spoiled half&half on an empty stomach before?! Disgusting!!

    -One of their delivery guys actually had the gall to throw the receipt back in my face after I refused to tip him for taking 3 hours to deliver our milk just down the block.... ummmmmmm screw you and your attitude.

    So.... delivery service from them and having to deal with them every Monday morning = 1 star.

    If I go in there myself, it's not so bad.... it's more like 3.5 stars. I sometimes buy a sushi roll from them for lunch if I'm craving some decently priced rolls.  I do appreciate the fact that their brown rice rolls are the SAME price as their white rice sushi rolls.... I hate it when places mark up because of that so MW did something right there.

    Otherwise, meh.

    Yeah, you heard me. MEH!

  • 5 St Marks Pl
    New York, NY 10003
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    I came here with two guy friends after a night of drinking on a Friday. We were able to get seated immediately at 1:30 in the morning so thank goodness for that. The men wanted meat so they promptly ordered some yakitori beef tongue, quail eggs, chicken and some beef with scallion and sesame seeds. I got an order of noodles as I was craving carbs like crazy.

    I had never had beef tongue before so I was quite shocked at how good it was. I even forgot that it was tongue as the idea of eating it kind of disturbed me. It was so juicy and tender and not spongy at all. The beef with scallions and sesame seeds was really yummy too and I happily enjoyed that with some white rice. The noodles were not my favorite as they were very spicy but I picked at them along with the rest of the food.

    I'd like to come back and try more of their food during daylight hours for a normal meal. Till then, Yakitori Taisho seems like an ok place to grab some late night food if you're in the mood for this style.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Last weekend I went to BaoHaus with the only intent to scarf down a pork belly bun. Their version, cutely called the "Chairman Bao," was a delicious take on the fatty sandwich. I had literally just come from eating a takeout pork belly bun from Momofuku Ssam Bar ($10 for two tiny things?? Really?) and I felt so underwhelmed and unloved by it. Then I thought, wait..... isn't there some Asian place I passed by around here once in a drunken stupor with pork buns?!

    *Light bulb*

    The mighty Yelp App came to my rescue and I was able to locate BaoHaus with ease. I was giddy with joy at the knowledge that it was only a mere 2-3 blocks away. I got to BaoHaus, ordered 2 Chairman Baos for my friend and I, and we sat down and waited. A few minutes later, two piping hot pork belly puns topped with scallion and peanut crumbles were handed to us and we ravished those buns like any other sane person would. Let me just say, I thought these were soooo much better than the Momofuku ones. They had much more pizazz, stuffing, flavor, and the pork was just so melty and fatty in my mouth. Oh and they only cost $6 compared to Momo's $10 buns. I could have gotten 3 for the price of their 2!

    Now I know when I am craving scrumptious pork belly buns, I need to haul ass to BaoHaus because these are the only pork belly buns that I have found that can satisfy me.... for now.

    julia b.
    Kommentar von julia b. von BaoHaus
    18.11.2011 Leslie,
    Great review! Very witty and enjoyable to read. Thank you so much for coming in, we look…
  • 133 Essex St
    New York, NY 10002
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Like a few other lucky Yelpers for the holidays, I got to go to Sons of Essex at the last minute to try a bunch of their delicious drinks and dishes:

    -Pork belly buns with cilantro (delicious and fatty!)
    -Naked ravioli with truffle cream sauce (omg.... truffle oil is a girl's best friend!)
    -Hen (chicken) on top of waffle slices (mmm fried chicken on top of fresh fluffy waffle = southern paradise)
    -Scallops on top of bread (ok so it was this big fat ocean scallop on top of something crispy on top of something that I think was bread... wtf cares though it was good!)
    -Macaroni and cheese balls (oh yeah, I had a lot of those little balls. I dipped them in white sauce too)
    -Arugula and mushroom pizza with goat cheese, Parmesan cheese, and truffle oil (holy crap GIMME MORE! Definitely one of if not my favorite of the night! Tender mushrooms, fresh arugula, Parmesan cheese shavings, rich goat cheese, and truffle oil all on top of flatbread.... AHHH!!! *faints*)
    -A giant pork tenderloin covered in caramelized apples (Holy moly! I still have yet to have someone tell me if this is a German thing... delicious pork meat topped with caramelized apples. Mmmm)
    -Bone marrow (so they brought out a GIANT cow bone piping hot filled with delicious marrow which we devoured with the sides of bread chips and I think more caramelized apple. Sooooooo juicy!)
    -A giant short rib cooked with kosher wine, onions and leeks (another favorite of mine... the meat was so tender and the red wine sauce is making my mouth water just thinking about it!!)
    -Chocolate slabs covered with bacon bits, nuts, and dried cranberries (Bacon and meat?! omgzzzzz)
    -Banana with pudding (AHHH PUDDING!)
    -Banana bread pudding with a rum sauce (yummy)
    -Hot apple cider (which tasted like liquefied apple pie... I want more!)
    -Two alcoholic drinks (I got something called a Moscow yada yada. It was really good, and strong. I'm not a big cinnamon person so I didn't get the other one... which I heard was ridiculously strong!!)

    I love the restaurant itself as it's sort of a speakeasy. When you walk through the front door from the outside you're like huh, where's the restaurant? A door that looks like part of the wall opens and voila, you're back in the 1920s! I really loved that aspect about this place. The service was very warm and attentive for our group so major props for that. I also liked watching the bartenders work the drinks, speakeasy style.

    I need to come back as soon as possible for more grub! Especially that hot apple cider... mmm

  • 5.0 Sterne

    This has been the best impromptu dinner I have ever been to in my entire life.

    You cannot believe the amount of food we were served at Sons of Essex.... I left this event feeling stuffed, sick from being so stuffed, and scared from being so sick! All in a good way, haha. Let me see if I can recall all of the delicious food that we were given last night:

    -Pork belly buns with cilantro (delicious and fatty!)
    -Naked ravioli with truffle cream sauce (omg.... truffle oil is a girl's best friend!)
    -Hen (chicken) on top of waffle slices (mmm fried chicken on top of fresh fluffy waffle = southern paradise)
    -Scallops on top of bread (ok so it was this big fat ocean scallop on top of something crispy on top of something that I think was bread... wtf cares though it was good!)
    -Macaroni and cheese balls (oh yeah, I had a lot of those little balls. I dipped them in white sauce too)
    -Arugula and mushroom pizza with goat cheese, Parmesan cheese, and truffle oil (holy crap GIMME MORE! Definitely one of if not my favorite of the night! Tender mushrooms, fresh arugula, Parmesan cheese shavings, rich goat cheese, and truffle oil all on top of flatbread.... AHHH!!! *faints*)
    -A giant pork tenderloin covered in caramelized apples (Holy moly! I still have yet to have someone tell me if this is a German thing... delicious pork meat topped with caramelized apples. Mmmm)
    -Bone marrow (so they brought out a GIANT cow bone piping hot filled with delicious marrow which we devoured with the sides of bread chips and I think more caramelized apple. Sooooooo juicy!)
    -A giant short rib cooked with kosher wine, onions and leeks (another favorite of mine... the meat was so tender and the red wine sauce is making my mouth water just thinking about it!!)
    -Chocolate slabs covered with bacon bits, nuts, and dried cranberries (Bacon and meat?! omgzzzzz)
    -Banana with pudding (AHHH PUDDING!)
    -Banana bread pudding with a rum sauce (yummy)
    -Hot apple cider (which tasted like liquefied apple pie... I want more!)
    -Two alcoholic drinks (I got something called a Moscow yada yada. It was really good, and strong. I'm not a big cinnamon person so I didn't get the other one... which I heard was ridiculously strong!!)

    I.... can't remember anything else now. I think that was all but who knows. I know I slipped into a food coma compared to that of a Great White Shark. Did you know that when sharks overindulge themselves their eyes go all black and they act as if they're drugged? Ok maybe the black eyes I got from Jaws... but the rest, yeah, that was me. I was afraid to weigh myself this morning... probably for the best.

    Thank you so much Jane for throwing this warm and delicious gathering! I had a great time and it put such a smile on my face. Also major props to our attentive servers and to the owner of Sons of Essex. I can't wait to return.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I just went here this past weekend after a rigorous afternoon of rock climbing for the first time! I was starving (shocker) so I decided to head with my friend Sean to Xi'an Famous Foods for some well deserved grub. I kept hearing about this place so I decided that it was time to go and finally know what the hell everyone else was talking about.

    We took the D train to Chinatown, walked a couple of blocks, and lo and behold here is Xi'an Famous Foods, a small restaurant that I probably would have walked past on any other day if I had not heard about it prior. When you walk in, their entire menu is on the right side with PICTURES no less! God I love a menu with pictures... it helps me visualize.

    As I was hungry, I ordered two things: the spicy lamb cumin burger and the Concubine's Chicken Hand-Ripped Noodles. I think I paid like $12 for everything... not bad. You order at the front by the way before you sit down in the community style seating in the back. You receive a number after you order and sit and wait. The food was ready in less than 10 minutes. Time to nom nom nom!

    The cumin spiced lamb burger was alright. I kept thinking that cumin is not a spice I think of when I think of Chinese cuisine... but what the hell do I know? What I do know is that as I ate it, I kept wanting to pair it with a white sauce... a Greek yogurt based sauce. The balance was off. It needed that (to me) but hey I've got the Mediterranean blood and palate. Doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it though.

    The Concubine's Chicken Hand-Ripped Noodles were so delicious. I asked for mine sans spice (heat) as I wasn't sure how spicy they do things here. These are probably the best noodles I have ever had! They tasted home made and had such a great texture to them. Nice chunks of chicken, diced celery, and diced scallion really made this dish come home to me. Also the sauce was so savory and drool worthy.

    I will have to come back soon as this has become my new noodle hotspot! Can't wait to eat them again. Really, I can't! I can fantasize about my next encounter with amazing noodles... don't you do that?

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