Maryland Favorites

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Some of the best spots in Annapolis, Baltimore, and the surrounding areas.
  • 815 V St NW
    Washington, DC 20001
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    I love the "world famous" 9:30 club. Whether it's hip hop, jazz, metal, rock, or even dubstep this is one of the best venue spots in the DMV.

    Overall there is really no bad viewing angles. From the top, to the inner circle sides, and even the floor you will be more than able to enjoy whatever is performing.

    There are multiple spots throughout the venue to get a drink, upstairs has a solo rear bar and a coffee bar. The main level has multiple locations with several draught choices among many spirits and liqueurs. Alternatively the basement / bar is another location with even a larger bottle selection and a handful of draught / liqueurs.

    It's been a really really long time since I've had food at 9:30 club, but I remembered it as being average and slightly too over priced for what you were served.

    In the rear of the building has a newly remodeled bar / patio club like experience. I walked in briefly but it was rather packed and had a live deejay spinning.

    Parking, like most DC places, is over priced. Depending on the show the lot is either packed or empty and costs between $15 or more. Alternatively the street has more affordable meters less than a block away, plus the metro stop is only a few blocks down from there too.

    5 stars, very very fun and great experience.

  • 1041 Marshall St
    Baltimore, MD 21230
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    Finally another location off of my Baltimore Bucket List ; I am going to be right to the point about, Abbey Burger Bistro, I love this place and everything about it. Excellent burgers, beer, and music ; this place knows what's up, figuratively speaking.

    Depending on the day of the week, one might run into a large wait or crowd to be seated. However you might be in luck if the downstairs is filled. A quick trip upstairs and there is another full bar, tv's and seating.

    Back to the food, it is why you are going here, and all ; a large selection of burger creating options are bestowed upon you with their custom made to order burger menu. Take a moment and also see if there is any specials on meat for the burger, you'll likely see something written or be told this, but you don't wanna pass up a chance to try something that's limited from Abbey ( for example kangaroo, fresh from the down under, and is now ready to go down under your choice of roll, and was a special meat being offered).

    Build your own meal, is a simple concept , but allows you to become a master of your meal. With your trustee list, and pencil you can start building your ultimate burger with the meat. A standard fare of options are available, bison, black angus, Kobe beef, elk, lamb, chicken, wild boar and a few more as their meat of the month has a spot on their list. Choose your temperature, rare ftw.  An extensive list of bread choices allows you to become a little more creativity when building your burger. A basic standard roll might be what you want with your Elk burger, or you might become bolder and choose the pretzel roll to pair with your wild boar ; it's just add's to the dynamic experience that is at Abbey's.

    Once you have made the painstaking choice of which meat and roll you will now need to choice a cheese if desired. Mostly all cheeses are .50c except for the  guinness cheddar, which is a dollar. Fromage (cheese) choices vary from , the correctly nicknamed - old faithful, American cheese or for someone more bolder goat cheese or Red Hawk cheese (organic brie) to spice things up a little.

    With your creativity senses tingling at this point, your next step is very important, the toppings. Here is where things can become crazy, with options varying from the basic :  bacon, green pepper, mushroom, onions, etc. Or take it up a notch and pair your perfect burger with peanut butter, or maybe a fried egg; but don't forget about the crab and crab dip options too! Crab dip and Crab toppings will cost $5 extra, or .75c for the others.

    Free things! And who doesn't like free.... unfortunately the only thing that is free are the sauces and greens for your burger. But the creativity options can really help add more unique flavors to your meal. Try the spicy crème fraich, it's delicious, or maybe ketchup is your preference, it's there for your choosing. Don't forget about those greens, lettuce, tomatoes,  raw onions, and a few more options. And if you don't get any greens, your burger will come topped with a spicy pickle, anyways!

    About now you're pretty darn hungry, and you just made what you want on your prefect burger. However you're left with one more task at hand, what to pair your creation with. All build-a-burger orders come with house made potato chips, but you can substitute those out for something else: fries ( regular / sweet potato), onion rings, tater tots, mac and cheese, potato salad, and coleslaw for an extra $2. For $3 you can opt out for their waffle fries.

    Whew! After all of that your probably interested in something to drink with your burger, and Abbey's doesn't limit your drink options either. If you're a beer person, be delighted by their 10+ beers on tap, and extensive micro-brew bottle list. If beer isn't your thing, and you want something a little more elegant with your dream burger, there is a wine selection that mostly will pair well with anything. There is also a full bar too, so you're covered if beer and wine just aren't interesting enough.

    My recent visit, though it was my first, I went with a safer choice in my build-a-burger selection: Kobe beef ( rare), on a classic bun, paired with bacon and avocado, on top of melted Swiss cheese, and spicy crème fraich. The burger was cooked to perfection, and even with a full house, the turn around time was pretty fast. I also went with the classic fries, and two draught beers : Batch 19 ( for starters) and Unibroue Blanche de Chambly ( which I paired with my burger, for it's light unfiltered Belgian white ale, think Blue Moon, and it's medium body with plate cleansing freshness). The first bite into my burger, and I was instantly impressed. The flavors were amazing, and well prepared.

    I highly recommend a visit, even if you don't build your own burger, you can select from their pre-made burger options, or pick from some of their delicious appetizers; alligator bites anyone?

    5 Stars!

  • 3811 Canterbury Rd
    Baltimore, MD 21218
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    I love the ambassador, everything from the decor to the outdoor patio,  its all seemingly perfect. My experiences here has always been with its lunch buffet,  but never once would I regreat a visit.

    The food options at the buffet vary from fish to chicken, rice to rice pudding, there might have been beef too. I know I feel in love with the curry fish.

    I would normally rate a place like this 3 or 4 stars, but the customer service here is always outstanding. Even as far as to give a cup of coffee for free, and make sure the seats were comfortable.  That's enough to make me say this place is amazing.

  • 7918 Ritchie Hwy
    Glen Burnie, MD 21061
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    Cash only! Something that has always been here , just in case this is your 1st visit.

    The hot dogs here are deep fried and are delious, there is single footlong and double dog footlong options. The cheese steaks are great, I would ask for it with everything! The milkshakes have always been great, Banana is my personal favorite, but you can order something more regular like chocolate. Ice cream dipped in fudge and toped with sprinkles is always a nice. The fries here are also something i would never skip out of on my meals here!

    BE prepared to wait, this place can be busy and some what confusing. Normally there is someone taking orders and yelling them , there is signs above for guidance.

  • 836 Ritchie Hwy
    Severna Park, MD 21146
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    Finding this place is sort of a pain, but once you find it you'll instantly fall in love with the selection, pricing, and just everything about Annapolis Home Brew.

    If you're a hobbyist or someone who is starting a decent craft brew for a large event, starting here is a must. The selection is better than most shops in the area, and the staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

    The hop selection is above average, and the grain room is a craft brewers dream - with tons of options on hand.

    5 stars!

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    Good sandwiches , pizza from a brick oven and a good selection of wine and beer. Beer is mainly microbrews a lot from dogfish head and some other great local brewers.

    A little pricey for an everyday lunch most sandwiches start at $8.25 and go higher but their mainly worth the price. Most come with the option of salad or chips.  Pizza by the slice is a little higher than some of the other places but it is a little larger and comes in only cheese and pep.

    Try it , their a lot better then some of the other places with in that area.

  • 890 Bestgate Rd
    Annapolis, MD 21401
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    Excellent array of coffee options with many blends offered with caffeine or caffeine free.

    Friendly knowledgeable staff who are always pleasant and always able to answer a question, about a blend or a tea.

    Free wifi, 6 hot coffee options, with their daily option, a lot better than pikes place every single day, boring!

  • 1015 Generals Hwy
    Crownsville, MD 21032
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    How good is it you ask? It's five star good!!!!

    From the food, to the beans, and the selection of tea offerings this is the spot to go to for a cup of Joe. The atmosphere is relaxing and quiet which makes the location that much better to sit down and enjoy your visit. Food wise the selection of fresh made to order painis and breakfast sandwiches are very good, and averagely priced; especially, if you compare it to the pre made sandwiches you get at Starbucks then the value is twice as good. The eggs used on my sandwich were are amazingly light and fluffy adding more of a unique experience than most breakfast spots.

    Oh... yeah... the coffee... it's amazing... enough said. The cold press iced coffee is bold, and yet slightly lighter on the palate than other coffee houses (most comparable to Caribou's iced coffee)  with a huge amount of hidden caffeine.  I've also had latte's and other espresso based drinks which were top notch.

    5 stars, a must visit.

    (oh yeah, any place which has a pooch of a the month club, which displays the winning pooch on the outside of their building, is a winner in my book -- they also have 'runner up cats' too!)

  • 2901 E Baltimore St
    Baltimore, MD 21224
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    7.10.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I love the fact this place isn't afraid of taking a risk, and a lot of things they do seem to be either with trend or attempting to set them a part from all of the rest of trend wine / beer bars.

    The setting in this place is awesome, exposed brick, double layers and really artsy, you will likely be able to even buy some of the art that's on the wall depending on the month and the artist they are endorsing.

    As for the selection of wine, there is a lot of options any wine drinker can respect, even the beer drinker will be impressed by the selection offered here.

    Food here is excellent, at first it was ify, but since they have changed chefs for all the right reasons. I has lucky to have bison in a blackberry sauce, with garlic infused mash and some greens. Honestly the slices were a surprise I was expecting a nice cut of meat, through the slices weren't that bad for the cost I wish I had a little more from my meal.  

    I love this place I would highly recommend checking out their Facebook for their deals or daily menu!!

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    31.7.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Brunch time, the food today was excellent , a large pitcher of Bloody Mary's for everyone of our… Weiterlesen
  • 1106 N Charles St
    Baltimore, MD 21201
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    1.10.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Recently had the pleasure of cellar dining at the basement bar - which was fantastic as always!

    Ordering the bison sirloin is a must for any steak lover. Blacked bison cooked rare and paired with a vegetable spread was fantastic. The soups and salads we ordered were to par, and the burgers were the highlight of the evening. However, whatever you get will be well prepared by the in-house chef.

    Service is through the bartender, which is not too clearly established to you coming from the dining room to the bar, but is still tentative to your table and basic cleaning needs.

    On-tap beer selection was roughly 8 taps,  offering house brewed ales featuring a rotating seasonal selection of classics and new brews.

    - I strongly recommend calling prior to your visit to reserve evening dining arrangements before showing up.
    - Downstairs Bar has separate staircase located to the right of the main entrance
    - Parking is offered through Valet, Private / Public Lots(several lots increase rapidly as you approach the restaurant's location), and Street (most affordable)

    5 Stars - Enjoy!

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    21.6.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    The ambiance of the basement bar is truly a must have experience for anyone who hasn't been. This is… Weiterlesen
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    In the Baltimore area there is a lot of liquor stores and really little to no craft brew option's. Bo Brooks Lighthouse Liquors does this better than most people, offering an array of microbrew's for sale. With precooled bottles and four/six packs and a decent amount of bomber's that I've seen on the east side of the city. ( they are also not just heavy sea's, but Belgian and German offerings with a mixed array of American craft brewers)

    Also let's not forget about the wine, they have box's and box's of mildly inexpensive popular wine's and a fewer higher quality wineries . Also a extensive wall of liquors.  

    There is also a sandwich shop located just inside with average priced sandwiches.

    ALSO they are open on Sunday's after 5, so if you run out of merlot you can buy a bottle without driving to 10 places to see if their even open.

  • 903 S Ann St
    Baltimore, MD 21231
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    Nice local coffee shop, located on the water in historic Fells Point. Located in the Ann Street Warf, Bonaparte is an authentic cafe. Specializing in coffee, espresso based coffee drinks, home made bread, danish's and deserts are all for sale and most item's are less than $5.

    First off you won't find the super sugary coffee concoctions most people are used to from Starbucks, however this is just rich perfectly pulled espresso, steamed milk and milk foam. Most people will not know what they ordered if they try to compare this to Starbucks. Delicious and authentic to the style and just right.

    I am a little disappointed in myself for not finding this location sooner! Will be returning soon!

    - Homemade Bakery and Deserts are for sale
    - All ingredient's in  their baked goods are listed.
    - No public restrooms, though they didn't seem too up tight when someone walked in and out after using them.
    -Parking is meter based, or if you know you'll be quick you might wanna try driving a parking a long the pier.

  • 2329 Forest Dr, Ste G
    Annapolis, MD 21401
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    Amazing, simple yet so much is said by a cup here. The prices are higher but the quality is truly unmatched, and incomparable to other shops in the area. Their sizes may differ from drink to drink, but it's all with the style offered here.

    Hot coffee is done through pour over, and the iced is cold pressed.

    Must for everyone to check out, plus the decor is pretty cool and relaxing, they just need to ditch that broken taped up leather chair, and it will be prefect. 5 stars!

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    First off: you can buy alcohol and shop here. Yep that's right, get a pint or a glass of wine and start you alcoholic exploration.

    Selection: it's nice and priced competitively lower than neighboring liquor stores.

    Spirt selection is greater than most locations and on par with Bo Brooks Lighthouse Liquor store.

    Overall one if the best spots in downtown / Canton Fells point area - 5 stars.

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    Beitrag des Tages 27.6.2013

    Hon-estly I wish I had came here years before my most recent visit, because I seriously didn't know what I  truly was missing in life....Chap's. The food is amazing, minus the whole location portion, I mean there is nothing wrong with the GC I just couldn't see bringing a family around it....

    Anyway I tried the Chap's special sub with corned beef, ham, and more thinly sliced beef all pilled high on a roll with melted American cheese and then I topped this sandwich with a light layer of Tiger sauce ... RAWR! I also used the sauce on their fresh handcut fries too!

    Over all everything I could have ever wanted from a BBQ joint and located right in Baltimore and just minutes from Canton, Fell's, Patterson Park area.  5 stars great experience!

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    6.1.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    In 2013 I ate here and was barely impressed with the dishes I had - there was a lot of potential, but the kitchen's inconsistency made reconsider this location.
    However, during my most recent visit I was pleasantly surprised by the food.   I order the American dip, a dish I have tried a couple of times, and noticed an overall improvement from the kitchen. The fries were prefect and not too crispy or soggy and the au jus paired with the dish was largely improved.

    5 stars.

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    27.6.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    This place simply does everything right, the food is prefect for it's prices, craft beers with great… Weiterlesen
  • 300 Key Hwy
    Baltimore, MD 21201
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    This is the best place to watch the sun set, or just go for a walk any time! This must see if some thing I highly recommend people to visit. There some of the best scenic camera shots of the Baltimore Skyline.

    This is a short walk from the harbor and will allow you to check out Federal Hill and the shopping and food there. See my review on The Cross Street Market for reference for food.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    I am surprised I never got around to a review for Fogo, so here we go.

    This place will strike you as something that maybe dressy and a little elegant , which it is not. Though the 5 star service will beg to differ , this place is casual and doesn't have any dress code.

    Located right in front is a bar, which will be packed in with people waiting and getting a drink and conversing before their meals, this can be a little overwhelming and may make you wanna leave. I would check with a host and make sure there isn't too much of a wait time before turning around leaving at the site of the crowd.

    Once in you will be taken to your seat and pass by the free all you can eat salad bar, located in the center of the restaurant. This is normally the first step for most people. If you're not into salads there is also cured meats and cheeses so it doesn't have to be about just leaves at the bar.

    At any time you can flip your red / green sided  chip and then food will bombard you. Everything from lamb to chicken and most importantly several cut's of steak. YOU may ask them for it rare or well done or anything in between. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND skipping the chicken as it will come by often and they will likely want you to eat a TON of that rather their filet mignon. Your sides will be fried plantains , crispy hot polenta, and garlic mashed potatoes. I have asked for just plain rice in the past and they have been able to accommodate this at no extra expense. Also cheese bread will be served as well.

    As for the drinks there is a full bar, and a large extensive wine collection located in the rear right side of the restaurant. There is a limited beer option though they are all quality ales and some staple beers ( Bud, Coors / Miller ). Also for the mixed drink lovers there is a lot of alcohol options here and high quality whiskey and scotchs. There is Louis Xiii for a high price by shot, as well!  

    My experiences have all been good with both dinner and lunches, service has always been excellent and nothing less. Telling the waiter about a birthday has gotten free desert in the past, so try that!

    So to sum it up:

    - Casual all you can eat buffet of salad and endless meat at your finger tips
    - Great customer service never have I experienced anything less than A+ service
    - Lunches are always cheaper, though it's a lot to stomach early in the day
    - If you want something that isn't given to you ask, they might be able to get the item for you ( myself and the white rice )
    - Be prepared for a wait generally this place has a large following of people
    - Make sure to take a look over the wine menu , and ask the server of your table for a recommendation if your clueless what pairs well with Brazilian cooked meat.

  • 200 East Pratt St
    Baltimore, MD 21202
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    What changed and revamped the current appearance of Baltimore, has been impacted by the Harborplace. Once the center of port traffic for Baltimore in the 1980's development was made for Harborplace and the Gallery Mall.

    The Gallery offers some of the best shopping in the inner harbor: ALDO, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Bath and Body Works, bebe, Brooks Brothers, Coach, and so many more. *

    On to the other side of Pratt street is the Pratt street pavilion. When you get here there is even more shopping though with a local twist. You will also fine some excellent restaurants, though mostly chains some are awesome.  You'll find:  The body shop, Cheesecake factory, Destination Baltimore, Edo sushi, Five guys, and more!

    You will also find another facility the Light street pavilion. Freshly cleaned up from a must needed renovation. Facilities like: Best Baltimore, The flag shop,  the fudgery, H&M, and a lot of other excellent places.

    Throughout your passage of great shopping while in town, you will pass by the Harborplace Amphitheater.Located between the Pratt and Light street pavilions  Often performers are working their special shows outside. Some very good talent comes through here and often attracts a lot of attention.

  • 7385-G Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
    Glen Burnie, MD 21061
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    5.0 Sterne

    If I were into D&D or Warhammer or Magic I would probably call this place a second home. Though I am not really into that type of gaming, the selection and atmosphere here make this location the ideal place to come and game / buy pieces locally.

    I stopped here looking for new board games and was very impressed by the extensive selection. Moreover, the pricing was not overly marked up and similar to buying Online after shipping costs are totaled.

    Friendly staff and a nice clean shop - 5 stars.

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    Went here for a lunch, the rolls were good fresh and large, I would like to come back with a group and try it again!

    Hidden underneath the ground this location is dark and refreshing to visit.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Found the Gypsy Queen (finally!) at the corner of Charles Street and rushed over before the line grew too long.

    There is a TON of food options to pick through, and with that in mind we went through ALL of options until my coworker and I both decided on a cheesesteak with black truffle oil... soooooo good.  The sub was HUGE, overfilled (in a good way) and packed so much flavor it made most cheesesteaks look puny.  

    All of the cones, sandwiches, and falafels there is just so many options that a returning visitor can always have something new to try. The customer service is fun, and friendly and though the line might be long it goes by quickly.  Cash and Credit are accepted, 5 stars.

  • 126 W Baltimore St
    Baltimore, MD 21201
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    One of the best in the city (if not the best). For the cost the food is plentiful and so good. I normally get a mix of lamb and chicken overtop of rice and salad; very delicious. For this and a drink it's $6. This helps explain the long lines daily, it is that good! 5 stars.

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    An excellent piece of Americana located in one of the worlds most renown ports, and historically a piece of history dating back to the time of the American Civil War.  

    Tours are offered and they're not too expensive. There is a large scenic view from the top deck. I went in the middle of the day and there myself and two families, which their children seemed very interested in the history of the boat. So check off the, Is it good to bring my family to list? That's a simple, yes!

  • 717 S Broadway
    Baltimore, MD 21231
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    To be honest there is nothing better than a slice of hot tomatoes after a long long long night of drinking.

    Located in fell's next to two club like bars right across from the plaza in fell's this location is normally ran by two or three people serving pie's and by the slice. It's nothing special a thin new york style slice with either pepperoni or cheese, but it's amazing to scarf down to finish the night.

    There is beer for sale, or water and soda's. The prices are reasonable and until recently there was a card minimum but that's no longer in effect.

  • 552 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
    Severna Park, MD 21146
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    A local favorite for a good reason, Jeno's steaks has been making the food for over 20+ years, and it's just as good as ever.

    Located off route 2 and accessible from the B & A trail, Jeno's serves up some of the best cheese steaks around! Devoted to their customer base, Jeno's has adopted some customer suggested subs. Local favorites like the, SCHUBACHA, a stacked high shredded  rib-eye steak, grilled onions, layer's of their famous fries, dosed and topped off with old bay and shredded cheese. You also wouldn't have a full, Jeno's experience without their famous fries. Fresh hand cut Idaho Potatoes cooked in 100% peanut oil and their claim is a, "Taste of Ocean City just 2 Hours Closer," add cheese or gravy on the side. Or just keep them as is, and enjoy!

    Their menu includes a few other favorites: fried cheese sticks, onion rings, and chicken tenders.  And if cheese steaks aren't your thing, you may find any of their other subs just as good.  

    - Catering is available
    - Parking is out front with access to bike racks from trail
    - No public rest-rooms

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Every good city has it's great market and in Baltimore nothing is less famous than it' Lexington Market. Local's flock here for a real taste and feel of Baltimore and it's surrounding cultures.

    Everything from clothes to electronics and food are sold here.

    As far as the food everything is pretty affordable and there is one of the only places i've ever been to that has Colt 45 on tap. Yes, on tap!  Get some laketrout and a cold one and enjoy!

  • 128 Main St
    Annapolis, MD 21401
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    Beitrag des Tages 9.9.2013

    There is nothing like the smell of fresh chocolate cooking when you're walking down the street in a drunken haze looking for the next location for your pub crawl. Or maybe it's the giant smiles on everyone's face as they eat their homemade Kilwins ice cream which caught my eye that night. Whatever it was I made a visit here a few weeks ago for an unforgettable late night snack.

    I stood deep in the 10 person line, my eyes were glazed at the taffy be rolled next to me. The endless rows of freshly dipped apples sat in front of me as I moved from the taffy, the apples mocking me as if they knew I couldn't resist the temptation to eat one of them.... but, I had to hold my urges - I was there for ice cream after all and it would be very distasteful to break through the thin plexiglass just to eat a candy dipped apple.

    There I was, sloppily glaring at the menu,  as I slowly tried to comprehend all of the flavor choices which laid before me. I found myself at a crossroads deciding between  all the delicious choices of ice cream which Kilwins offers. Do I pick the chocolate? No... too plain. Maybe the rocky road? No. Then I saw it, as if the ice cream gods shined a light down unto it, and it lit up like a blinking vacancy sign from one of those cheap roadside motels -- New Orleans Praline Pecan!  2 scoops into the cup, I wobbled to the register and I was free from the chocolate clutches Kilwin's had on me.  

    As I ran out of the shop holding my newly purchased ice milk, I found a seat just a few steps outside. The first bite is like seeing fireworks, the flavors are very overwhelming. Fresh vanilla hits the palate, followed by a caramel blend and it all comes together with a bit of crunchy classic NOLA praline's with roasted pecans.

    The experience was very fast, friendly, and made for a great treat (even into the wee hours of the night) . I know there are a lot of ice cream shops in Annapolis, but this one is one of the best.

    5 stars.

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    Every good morning needs to have an equally as good meal to ensure the right start. In Annapolis, with some of the best culinary options in the area, The Main Ingredient Cafe is a great place to stop in.

    Located right off bay ridge road, the location offers plentiful free parking, and is easily locatable from the road. Once inside the cafe is spacious and offers small, large tables and booths. This place was referred to as the place to go, " when Back Porch Cafe is slammed," or when it's not open as it's seasonal, but is an exceptional alternative place to visit.

    The breakfast menu offers a wide selection of choices from some specialty options for their brunch menu ( Sunday only), like their crab omelet with asparagus. With options to custom make a omelet of your choice, or try some delicious cinnamon swirled french toast ; I choose the basic breakfast of eggs, bacon, and hash-browns.

    The orange juice is apparently fresh squeezed, but tasted like Simply Orange. The eggs were great, and though simply scrambled, they weren't over good and seasoned well. My side of bacon had 4 pieces, and the hash-browns were some of the best I have had.

    Over-all the service is great, friendly, fast and efficient ; the entire meal didn't take to long from start to finish and was a great way to start the day. 4 stars, I recommend a stop in!

  • 601 Light St
    Baltimore, MD 21230
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    One thing that can't be taken from anyone is the knowledge you can take away from the Maryland Science Center. One of the best family friendly locations in Baltimore City, this is a must visit if on a trip or new to the area.

    With an array of exhibit's, often rotating touring exhibits, and a well knowledgeable staff to help guide you throughout your stay.

    There is a IMAX theater located inside, with stadium style seating, shows are ran daily and time's are found on mostly any movie information site, through the MD science centers website, or at the box office for the center located in the main lobby. Ticket prices do vary, as does the content: Educational movies, 3D films (I saw U2  in 3D here) , and some box office releases.

    Depending on the current celestial happenings a visit to the telescope may be needed. The observatory hosts special events and regular viewings of our celestial neighbors. Friday and Saturday's, weather depending, free observations are open to the public. Private events maybe held, contact MD Science center for information.

    A fair warning to families, this place can get busy and quick. A lot of the time's on a weekend or a summer's day this place can be packed, normally the line of people can be observed outside of the entrance and it will likely wrap through lines.

  • 7748 Ritchie Hwy
    Glen Burnie, MD 21061
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Mission BBQ off of Rithie HWY, in the Harringdale Shopping Plaza, has been added within the last year and offers BBQ at a reasonable price with excellent service.

    To find Mission you just need to drive down the highway and look towards the shopping center and spot the giant smoker truck sitting outside, there is also a easy to see sign too, but I like the truck for reference, :-).

    Anyway, honoring America and it's members of the armed forces, the inside is decorated with memorabilia from all branch's, American flags, and simple large tables and booths able to fit a family of 12.  On those tables you'll find sauce options, Carolina vinegar and a roll of paper towels.

    Food options are the standard for a barbecue place, brisket, ribs, pulled pork, etc. I choose the pulled pork on my visit, I was tempted to try their sides but opted out. Coleslaw, Fries, Mac and Cheese were some I noticed right off the bat, there were others and they were reasonably priced and looked very generously portioned from the other tables.

    The customer experience is amazing, I was honestly shocked when the head chef handed me my meal and asked if it was my first visit. I said yes, and he told me about their smoker, where to get utensils and anything else a new customer may want to know. Throughout my meal I was checked in with from the waitress, to one of the other owners ; all friendly and wanting to make sure I had the best experience.

    The pulled pork was good, not the best I have ever had, lightly smoked, juicy and plentiful. There are six signature sauces at your table for your disposal, all house made, and range from flavors of the BBQ states MO, KS, TN, MD, LA, & TX. I choose the LA ( Bayou BBQ) it was spicy, yet mild and sweet with great flavor, but the best part is the ability to mix and match, or come back and try them all once or have a favorite ; either way you'll enjoy your meal.

    This location has beer by the can, and ranges from the normal, Bud / Miller / Coors to microbrewered options. Prices are on average, for a beer.

    With great customer service, even better food, Mission BBQ is a great addition to the area, and defiantly shouldn't be passed up ; 4 stars!

    - 12pm every day the National Anthem is played.
    - Rib eating competitions.
    - Indoor and Outdoor seating / dining indoors doesn't require reservation or the need to wait to be seated.
    - WWP and USO give back events, give donations to these foundations, all for just eating there.

  • 1028 S Conkling St
    Baltimore, MD 21224
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Excellent beer and food make this a must for any beer lover.

    As a beer geek, I've known and tried a lot of Stillwater ales, among other beers from around the world and found OLaR a great beer bar giving a different vibe to the Baltimore beer scene.

    The food here is gastropub-esque. Many of the options are very elegant, flavorful, well portioned and priced right.

    Make sure to check out the beer room on the second floor for a very special variety and hand picked selection of craft ales from around the world which you won't find on most Baltimore liquor stores.

    4 stars!

  • 2501 Eastern Ave
    Baltimore, MD 21224
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    So far, sooooo good!

    I went to Patterson perk, as per my goal to visit new and exciting places throughout Baltimore, and was in for an excellent cup of Joe.

    Small neatly decorated row home, with seats, computers, books and a public bathroom. There was music, and though it was classical it didn't over whelm the sound waves, unlike certain Starbucks.

    I reviewed their menu online before my visit, and decided to return with a follow up review on the food and their baked goods. As for my first visit, drinks only. I wanted to compare the cappuccino's I have had around town and Patterson Perk is by far one of the best, authentic and less than $3.50 for a medium is averagely priced.  And for the record, this drink gave me a caffeine rush, I haven't had one in almost a year from two red bulls; just saying!

    Check-em out they're an excellent local hangout worthy of anyone's first stop in the morning.

  • 802 S Broadway
    Baltimore, MD 21231
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    I go pretty often when down in fells point. Great staff and awesome selection of gelato. Coffee from Zeke's makes a great pairing and the pricing leaves the experience worth while for return.

    Try the spicy chocolate if they have it, makes a good pairing with creme.

  • 6630 Marie Curie Dr
    Elkridge, MD 21075
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    This is THE BEST BEER store in the state of Maryland.

    I can say this bold statement and not resent it, nothing here has been spared. Right off of i-95 and next to the only fat burger in the area is this awesome store.

    Everything from American craft brewers to class German, Russian, English and so many more breweries are offered here.

    What makes this place awesome is the ability to make your own 4/ 6 pack. This allows you to learn and not have to buy the whole pack and hate it, if you don't like it. But it also gives you some freedom that I haven't seen in many store in the area while shopping.

    Prices here are a little higher , which I don't mind when I need to find something a little more unique than whats at my local store.

  • 1904 Fairfax Rd
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    When I was originally introduced to Pollo Ricky's it was joking referred to as the "crack house of chicken." And after a few, or well a lot of visits since I can gladly approve the amazing inexpensive eatery known as Pollo Rickys.

    Normally get a 1/4 white, with plantains and yucca -- very good. I had tried their fried rice once it was decent nothing too special. The sauces are very good and pair well to each element of the dish. Plus there is Inca Cola!

    This joint gets five stars simply because for the cost, the fact it's local, and just overall friendly service makes a trip here worth it EVERY TIME!

  • 31 S Calvert St
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne
    Beitrag des Tages 20.10.2014

    The QG is an excellent barbershop which caters  to a more refined spa-like experience. On site is a master masseuse and tailor, not to mention several extremely talented barbers / cosmetologists.

    There are several locations to park when arriving at the QG - behind the shop is a parking garage which is complementary so long as you provide a ticket to the check-out desk. Alternatively, you can have your car valeted at the hotel across the street - just say you are going to the QG and everything will be taken care-of.

    Appointment times are strictly followed without more than a few minutes delay, which makes setting a time to get in and then out (roughly 30 minutes) easy - so please be on time! When you arrive you receive a complementary beverage, you can keep a bottle here if you are a regular, and then it is up stairs to the waiting room. The waiting room is surrounded by a large billiards table, several plush chairs, and a small television.

    After I was taken by Kristen back down-stairs, she took less than a couple minutes to start my cut. Everything looked prefect when we were finished - rare, in my case.

    Overall, this location is a great spot to visit in the city. There is also a large amount of customize merchandise, cigars, shoes / shining, and overall great location to visit!


  • 20 Market Place
    Baltimore, MD 21202
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    I have to say i have seen a lot of music here, i had some of the highest expectations of myself to come here a lot more since i live here, doesn't seem to work that way currently BUT every experience here has been excellent.

    The sound here is pretty good, and in some way's you will experience some of your favorite music a lot closer than some venues. With a large stage, a small "pit"  floor, large second tier balcony and bleacher style seating arrangement it's hardly impossible to not have a good viewing angle. There is even a telecast of the show, so if your at a bar it's nearly impossible to miss any action.

    On tap there is Fordham beer's on tap, mainly because they own the place.

    This place get's a lot of acts some of the bigger band's i have seen here seem a lot more fun in this environment.

  • 8874 McGaw Rd
    Columbia, MD 21045
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Amazing, just simply amazing ..

    Inexpensive lunch buffet with many options including vegetarian only dishes and a good amount of other options. Tawa Chicken here is amazing, I could have ate just a plate of this alone, and the basmati rice too.

    Must end the meal with their house made chai tea, it's delicious.

    it was roughly $25.00 for two people for their unlimited lunch buffet, which is a steal as the service was great, friendly and really made for a nice meal. 5 stars.

  • 1821 Crownsville Rd
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    From the arch way, one can get a feeling of the fun waiting for them inside. For the pricing of the tickets, it's a pretty good value for all of the plays, actors and other happening one would encounter upon their visit.

    You can view many show's in one day, or simply waste time playing the games (at 1 dollar a game with some pretty interesting prizes, I think everyone should at least get 1 or 2 games in before leaving), riding the elephants, shooting arrows, or even kicking back having a slow roasted turkey leg and a ale of your choice ; At the Maryland Renaissance Festival there is something for everyone.

    As for the shows, music and all the other merriment, you can come all weekend and likely experience something new, i can be as bold to even encourage multiple trips throughout the festivals, and still you will always see or experience something new.

    - Cash (it's such a simple thing, and you are entering a simple time, please make sure to bring enough, ATM lines can be crazy, and sometimes the machine may even be out of cash!)
    - Food: everything you could / n't want on a stick it's here. Try the roasted turkey leg, it's awesome
    - Dress up! Nothing is more fun then going to a place were everyone is in the right state of mind, it's kinda of like Halloween, so get into some period clothing wares. Don't own any? They rent for the day or extended periods.
    - Multi-day entry passes are optional.

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