Meat! Glorious Meat!

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I am carnivore!! Hear me roar!! Pass the A1!!
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    Oh meaty goodness coming to me like a waterfall, never-ending. Chicken, beef, pork in store.  The green side of my coaster shall never cease.. So you will bring me heaven on a stick forevermore.  

    Your salad bar is like the love note you write to me.. Letting me know you're always there but that I must leave room. Cheesy bread melts in my mouth like butter... And with it, I collect the last remaining drops of your passion.

    Translation, if you like meat at all, go to Fogo de Chao, please. Let me know if you need company.

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    I should begin by stating that this was not my original choice for lunch.

    I originally intended on dining at The Red Eyed Mule down the street.  However, I walked in at 2:18pm not realizing they close at 2pm, and I was looked at as though I was a green eyed donkey.  Rude-rude-rudio.  Lock the door, I say, if you don't want people wandering in after hours.

    Brandi's is a very short way down the street and looked interesting enough from the outside, especially since they claim to be "World Famous".  I walked in through an old screen door to a small interior that resembled the inside of a sports-field concession stand.  There are about 6-8 small tables and a counter overlooking the cooking area for sitting.  

    The menu is very short.  Couple hot dogs, couple hamburgers, fries, onion rings and drinks - that's pretty much it.  I ordered a slaw dog - made with a slice of cheese, semi-spicy chili, mustard, onions, and coleslaw - onion rings and a soda. The hot dog as a whole was very tasty.  The toppings were great all together, and the chili that I was warned would be spicy was actually not terribly hot.  (Note: I do not enjoy spicy things because I am wussy, and I don't like to be in pain while I'm eating.  The chili had me a little runny but the overall taste was worth it.  I believe anyone who likes spicy will not even notice the burn.)

    I couldn't help but notice the coloring of the hot dog was a little strange.  It was dark pink on the outside, and it got lighter towards the middle until it was practically white.  It was an 'ombre' hot dog, I guess.  I still ate the whole thing, and a day later I'm still alive.

    I noticed my onion rings were fried to order, which is nice.  They were not quite savory enough for me but I took a few to go and realized they improved when I ate them cold.  ::shrugs::

    My tab was a whopping $5 and change.  I would go back, but I probably wouldn't go too far out of my way.  However, since the service was quick, the owner (Brandi was there) and employees were very friendly and I could tell they have a lot of regulars I would recommend it for an inexpensive and filling meal to someone in the area!

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    The only problem with the Vortex is that it's not closer to my home.  

    The burgers are amazeballs; my go-to is a cheeseburger with grilled onions.  Great sides; Sweet Potato Fries make my mouth happy, and the tots are fun and yes, I'd definitely still get the onion rings despite my burger dressings!  

    The atmosphere is badass - very punk rock, rock and roll, alternative, tattooed, pierced and dyed.  Lots of interesting decor glued and screwed and hanging from all over the place.  

    It's also a fun place to take your out-of-town guests because you can drop some knowledge with a "this place was on Man Vs Food" comment (it was the Little 5 location, but STILL cool!)

    While there is no huge skull at this location for you to walk into the mouth of (like the Little 5 Points location) Midtown has Laughing Skull Lounge inside/next door so this could make a great place to take your tattooed, meat-loving date if she likes to laugh (and if she doesn't you shouldn't be going on a date with her.)

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    Awesome.  Nothing gourmet or fancy.  I'd liken Eats to "Mom's cooking."  

    I've been a huge fan of Eats since I moved to Atlanta in 01.  You straight up get a plate overflowing with your choice of chicken (lemon pepper, jerk, bbq), rice, beans, mac n cheese, potatoes, veggies, pasta, meat balls, garlic bread, etc, for a more than fair price.  
    The menu board above the registers are easy to understand and large enough to see, if you're waiting in line, which can be common during lunch or dinner times.
    You order and pick up at the counter, which means no one bothers you while you eat, so go ahead, stuff your face and eat messy!  

    Nothing super special about the place inside or out, but the food is mega satisfying.  GREAT EATS!

  • KFC
    12 Cobb Pkwy N
    Marietta, GA 30062
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    It is a KFC with a huge, moving, geometric-shaped chicken.  Swirling eyes and silently flapping beak.  Other than that, it's just a fast food chicken place.

    ...Unless you are like me and experiences actually make your food taste better.  For example, milkshakes taste better when you close your eyes (try it!), pizza tastes better when you eat it top down (cheese, sauce, dough), booze tastes better when you're shooting it with friends (yoooou know!) and my fried chicken tastes better when a large, metal, animated chicken is smiling down at me.

    What do you think she would say if she had a voice?

    If you are a fan of KFC, this is just a bonus.  Besides the fact that I don't think any other KFC actually says "chicken" on the building, anymore - Aren't they not allowed to call it chicken?  
    One complaint.. The drive thru window is very weird.  It somehow blends in to the wall and you drive past it thinking there's another window after it.  I laughed the first time I did that and was told many people do the same.

    You need to experience this at least once to say you've been here and to be able to use it appropriately as a landmark, especially if you actually live in Marietta.  For shame if you have not visited!  Long live the Big Chicken!

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    Went for to-go lunch on a weekday between 3-4pm.

    The place was empty but it was an in-between-meals time - beginning of rush hour.  The owner was there at the counter reading the paper and greeted me with a smile.  I said it was my first time so I needed a minute to look at the menu.

    It was a little less interesting than I imagined, but not necessarily in a bad way.  In my head I thought of a small, old building with lots of interesting smells and eclectic, old decor, like light-up, felt paintings and candelabras.  For some reason I imagined it to look like someone's mediterranean great-great-aunts house, I guess. With chin-pulling, cheek-squeezing, wet, lipstick-y kisses and all.

    Twas not so!

    When I pulled up I was surprised to learn it was part of a row of stores in one building (I have a problem with using the term "strip mall" here.  It makes me think of grime.)  Cafe Sababa is a small, tiled, rectangular room.  Tables are lined up symmetrically on both sides.  Bright colors and well-lit.  Pretty art on the walls, which I assume is for sale by a local artist.  Very clean.  Nothing weird or old or extremely foreign about your surroundings.  And no kisses, unfortunately.

    I decided on a gyro and tabouleh salad.  It was made-to-order and quick!  I recognized the owner from the pictures posted here on Yelp.  I mistakenly said, "Are you the cook?"  He said, "Uhh, I'm the owner."  I thanked him and went to shake his hand.. He said "let's do this," and he fist bumped me instead.  No contamination.  I like your style!  (Though, I don't have cooties.)

    I started eating my gyro in traffic and almost forgot where I was and what I was doing.  I loved the mixture of hot meat plus cold juicy cucumbers and the creamy taste of the tzatziki sauce.  It was all overflowing!  I saved part of it.  When I got to a table I chowed down on the tabouleh.  I thought it was very fresh, but there was a little more parsley in it than I expected.  Though keep in mind I am not mediteranean and my only other experience with tabouleh is probably from the Target deli section.  Yes, I'm serious.

    I brought my leftovers home because I was full from just half a gyro.  My boyfriend inhaled the rest of it and talked about it days later still.

    I enjoyed my to-go meal but would like to experience dinner in the restaurant.  I really want to try the lamb kebobs and hummus.  All in all, prices were acceptable and the food was tasty and satisfying.  My first experience with Sababa was baaa-d ass. (get it? Lamb.).

  • 1425 Roswell Rd
    Marietta, GA 30062
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    This place has been around since 1990 and is one of the top catering companies in Atlanta!!  
    I live like 2 miles and halfway there I could close my eyes and let my nose do the driving.  Once you get within smelling distance of Williamson Bros there is no turning back.  In fact I don't know if the other businesses in the strip mall would do as well if it weren't for WBBBQ ;)

    We went for lunch on 4th of July yesterday and understandably groaned when we saw the crowd.  I walked in and as the smells got stronger i decided, "we are NOT leaving!"  We had about a 15 minute wait time - totally doable.  We were wedged in the standing waiting room with tons of walking American flags and it just felt so right. It would be well worth waiting even a bit longer.  

    I had the pulled pork sandwich - it is ALWAYS a good choice.  Hamburger bun and sauce are all that the meat needs, if that much.  It's so juicy and flavorful.. So satisfying and inexpensive.  I ordered a mini corn cob and felt amazing after this meal :)

    Trust me; Try the beans, fried okra, potato salad and of course their Texas toast that comes all warm and buttery - it is perfect for wiping up the excess sauce without the hassle of licking the plate!   If you have left room for dessert, The chocolate cream pie is absolutely amazing.  Additionally, the staff has always been super pleasant and helpful!!

    I have ordered take out.  It is fast out of the kitchen and you get a ton of food!  Great idea for pick up on the way home when you are starving but have no patience to cook!  Extra sauces for pouring and dipping are no extra charge.

    I have also experienced their catering.  Again, tons of filling satisfying food - ::drooling:: - Great for a large group!

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    Erster Beitrag

    I was very impressed with this location of Honeybaked Ham when I went to pick up my ham on December 23rd.  The line was OUT the door of course, and I was afraid I'd be there for an hour.

    15 minutes later I was out and very happy.

    They actually put up a small, partial enclosure outside the front door to shield customers waiting outside from the cold (It was very cold that day... I believe it was about 22 degrees but said it "felt like 14 degrees"  the wind just cut right through you).  

    One employee held the door and greeted customers for a little while until she was needed back inside.  They had created a line to follow with ropes and poles and halfway up to the counter, they had a table with samples of turkey, ham and dips/spreads.  

    When it was my turn, the girl behind the counter was SO nice.  She was really helpful, knowledgeable, kind and efficient.  A few minutes later I was checking out.

    I cannot believe it only took me 15 minutes to get in and out.  I had a really great experience in spite of the Christmas rush and possible stress that could have been felt.

    This was my first time at this particular Honeybaked Ham location and I would definitely go back.

    By the way, Honeybaked Ham is SO good.. and their cheesecake is amazing.  We are from NJ and my mom said it was the closest thing she had to "NY Cheesecake" in forever.

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    THEY MAKE FRIED OREOS!  This is the most important piece of information you can get from this review.  I really shouldn't even have to say anything more... but I guess I'll go on.

    Holy fried chicken on the side of the road. It's not like "side of the road" as in shack or out of someone's truck.  It just seemed to come out of nowhere to me.. and there's no "inside" for diners.  Just outdoor seating, or your car.  How have I missed this place?

    Shay's Combo - 2 pieces of white meat chicken, bread (basically a slice of Wonderbread), cole slaw, a drink and a side - I chose curly fries - for $8.  Not bad.. very tasty and chicken is moisssst.
    Bummer, though, drinks are in plastic bottles - not from a fountain

    They also play some super sexy and smooth late 90s R&B loud enough to hear it from inside your car.  I dig it.

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    Oh my.  I am a fan-and-a-half of Double Zero Napoletana!

    I don't remember another time I may have had "contemporary Italian" food. This was a treat.

    To start, there's valet, which just makes me feel so fancy.  It's nice because the parking lot is super small and was absolutely full at 7:30 on a Monday night.

    The interior is deceivingly larger than it appears from the outside and the bar is no exception. We were sat at a large, family-size wooden table that was well lit - I loved it. I like being able to see what I'm eating and drinking. Our server Doug was friendly and knowledgeable, and he smiled the whole time.

    They had an aviation for half price during the rainy-day special, and my friends recommended it. I enjoy a cheap drink and I had never tried one before, so I ordered one. They started out yellow for everyone and then gradually each new aviation ordered was bluer and greener, I guess from the Creme de Violette.  It honestly tasted kinda cleaning-liquidy to me, but apparently that's what Gin and Lemon will do. So... I asked for a second one.

    I ordered the Maiale alla Sorrentina. Maiale means pork. It was wrapped in bacon and it was glorious. The ingredients straight from the menu are, "Smoked sweet potato puree, braised local greens, spaghetti squash, walnuts, sage, micro greens, extra virgin olive oil." All of these ingredients just went together so well around the meat. The spaghetti squash tasted a little vinegar-y which made it stand out to me. I never knew I liked spaghetti squash! I'd love a whole bowl of theirs.

    Though I didn't get to try the pizza, everyone raved about it. It's small-ish and thin but filling apparently, and they give you your own pair of scissors to cut your slices.

    I was having such a good time, I couldn't resist dessert.  I chose the signature '00' Chocolate Cake. "Layers of chocolate cake and chocolate souffle, praline milk chocolate ganache, white chocolate mousse, and espresso buttercream" LORDY. What really made this stand out from other chocolate cakes for me were the crunchies.

    Luckily, the sweets didn't stop there. Doug brought us complimentary hot, mini cinnamon rolls. Delish.

    Before we left, we received a special discount envelope that needs to be kept sealed until the next visit. Then I'll open it up in front of my server and reveal what kind of discount or credit I get! Cute idea. We also filled out a little visit card and from that came a nice email from the owner. What a nice thought!

    I'm going to recommend Double Zero to everyone. Such a cool, casual-with-a-fancy-feel A+ restaurant!

  • 15 Jones St
    Norcross, GA 30071
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    Zapata is awkward for me to pronounce for some reason.  How are you supposed to say it?  What does it mean?!

    We went for margaritas, chips and queso, at least.. but we all ended up getting a bit more.  A couple of us even shared, and we still had food leftover!  I thought the salsa was good.  I am normally not into spicy.. and this wasn't too spicy for me.  It also resembled tomato sauce a little which is cool if you're Italian like me.

    The chips are fresh.. The queso comes with a few flour tortillas which tasted like coffee somehow.. Something wrong with me?  I don't know, maybe it was whatever was on the pan before they heated 'em up.  Regardless, it was really good.

    I followed the popular crowd and got the La Rosita margarita - strawberry flavored.  It was pretty tasty but it was a small glass for $10.. Kinda pricey.

    Pam A and I shared chicken fajitas, although it was not really what I expected.  What do you think of when I say fajitas?  Normally a sizzling iron skillet of meat, peppers and onions that leaves a trail of steamy smoke behind the waiter.. and you can smell from across the restaurant.  This was not steaming or sizzling.  It was on a round dinner plate.  There was a mountain of chicken and peppers in this savory sauce that - again - tasted reminiscent of a thin tomato sauce. I FREAKING LOVED IT.  If only I hadn't eaten so much queso!!  I got to take home leftovers!

    The service was okay.  It's the reason I took away one star.  I know we were a bigger group and we did have a delay because we waited for a few people to show up, but it felt uncoordinated.  She asked me three times if I wanted another margarita, but when my water glass was empty, it stayed empty for longer than you normally expect to wait.  

    I'd totally give it another try though.. In fact, I am craving those fajitas now!! Go Zapata!

    BTW I translated Zapata.  It means brake shoe...
    Then I realized they must be referring to Emiliano Zapata Salazar "the leading figure in the Mexican Revolution."

    Zapata = Delicioso!

  • 4514B Chamblee Dunwoody Rd
    Dunwoody, GA 30338
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    I just had Farm Burger twice in three days, coincidentally (Buckhead location was the second, so I'm only referring here to the first experience).  

    UGH Just when I thought I was going to cut back on red meat, I go and experience this AWESOMENESS.  YEA!

    I first went on Saturday.  We stood in line for a moment and then were told we could sit at the bar - first come first serve. LIKE! The bar is a nice casual place to sit. You can see all the action and read the cute beer menu (lotsa local stuff!). Another thing I like is that they put the knives and forks into a topless (heehee) mason jar, so you can grab something if you need it. I know it's silly, but I hate getting silverware that I don't use... and knowing it's going to go back into the dishwasher without being used feels like a waste. That solves that.

    I ordered the Number 1 for $8. I guess it's their basic, signature Farm Burger.  It has aged Vermont white cheddar, caramelized onions and FB sauce (for which I kept saying Facebook sauce, thanks Social Media) and for $2 they suggest you add local bacon. Which I did.

    Uhm it's worth mentioning that this whole meal (two burgers, two sides and a milk shake, assuming from the Morelli's also inside this location) came out in like RECORD TIME. Seriously, had to be like a 4 minute wait, and no, I did not feel like anything wasn't cooked fresh.

    This burger was pretty darn good. My first couple bites were amazing. As I continued, I realized it could have been just as good or maybe better without so much extra sloppy stuff. The tasty mystery FB sauce, the delicious, savory but mushy onions, even the bacon was unnecessary. ::gasp:: yes, I just said that. I ate the whole thing though.... ::ahem::

    I asked for a side of kale. This was not an actual side, but it was listed on the board as a topping for the burger special of the day. It turned out to be little too salty for just a side. I think on the burger, the strength is muted a bit so it's easier to eat... but I'm not mad atcha!

    This actual meal was 4-stars because it was a bit sloppy, and a little too much for a "signature" type burger. (Am I wrong in thinking the Number 1 is a signature?) However, my experience at Farm Burger was a great one, and I love the concept, the vibe and the peeps.  

    I'd definitely be back, so I'm bumpin' it up to 5 stars baby!!!

  • 3365 Piedmont Rd NE
    Atlanta, GA 30305
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    I just reviewed the Dunwoody location, too, so check that out if you like! I also first wanted to say I read Lindy F's reviews - she, too, went to Dunwoody first, and Buckhead second. Isn't it ironic? (Dontcha think?) She gave FB (Farm Burger, not Facebook) 3 stars, but not me! I'm kinda bummed out for her. I got 99 problems but a Farm Burger ain't one!

    This was my second trip ever (and in three days) to Farm Burger, I learned from my mistakes - which you can hardly call mistakes, in fact, let's say I was just perfecting the art of my personal Farm Burger-eating preference.

    I ordered a medium burger with roasted garlic. Yes, that's it. No onions, no ketchup or mustard, no lettuce.  Just roasted soft garlicky-garlic.  OMG PERFECT ::drool::  

    I added a side (they call it a "snack") of diced sweet potatoes (I guess, they were mini rectangles, rather than cubes, if it matters :)) that came in a bowl mixed with kale and bacon. This was also very good (and I'm on a current kale kick, so I was stoked) The sweet potatoes made me feel like I was pigging out but I didn't feel like a piggy after! No wee wee wee all the way home!

    This meal, consumed at about 2:30, ended up filling me up for basically the rest of the day.. WHAT!?  ...and I wasn't even hungry for a full dinner.  Normally I snack a ton and still eat a big dinner.  This meal SATISFIED.

    ...and that's really all I have to say about Farm Burger at this time.  It's just really good, and I'm glad I went two times in three days.

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    I didnt know what I was getting myself into going to Rhea's, but I had heard stories.. Owner and Chef Jimmy is like Honey Badger, if you know what I mean.  He don't care.  They sell shirts that say "If You Don't like it, There's the Door."

    I can see why he takes this 'tude: You probably have to with a place like this.  It is nothing special to look at.. Formica table tops, semi cramped seating, painted cinderblock walls like in elementary school, yellow lighting and tacky political stickers all over. It is like growing up with hand-me-down, outdated shoes and knowing in order to get past ridicule from the mean kids, you put it out there: I don't give a crap what you think!

    But there's no ridicule to be expected for the food.  All four of us ordered Rhea's Special. Two patties with "everything" (tomatoes, lettuce, onion, cheese, mayo..) on it, between two pieces of Texas toast.  It is not on the South Beach Diet list, but one bite and you will also be like Honey Badger!  Add fries and you've got a super tasty, filling, quick $8.50 lunch.  I am a fan!

  • 2243 Akers Mill Rd SE
    Atlanta, GA 30339
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    PHENOMENAL BBQ POWERS....iiiiitty bitty BBQ space! a really random place with a tiny parking lot next to a "meh" convenient store surrounded by apartment complexes, almost under the highway.  ALRIGHT!

    This was a last minute choice for dinner on Friday. We wanted to treat ourselves with something really good, but not to spend a ton at a fancy, sit-down where I drink $13 glasses of wine and we inevitably get dessert which bumps up the tab like a car on a jack. I remembered I had heard some amazing things about this place - they get great reviews.

    We got there about 6:30, and just in time to beat the rush. Yes, while we were waiting, I was one of those clever people who comment, "Well, we got here just in time!" har har! The service was quick but efficient, and kind enough. After ordering at the register, we posted up at the little bar along the window and waited only about 5 minutes maybe for our food.

    Omnomnomguhhhh-ummies. You know how it goes when you get some really good food.  You start making up words. I ordered the pork sandwich with slaw. It was messy just like you want it, but the tray they serve your food on is rectangular and catches drops of meat and sauce pretty well. I used the bottle of sauce labeled "Table" and it was delish. I think it was BBQ with a little vinegar maybe - don't quote me.. I'm terrible at guessing tastes.
    The slaw was unique.  It had a bit of a bite to it.. I want to say maybe peppercorn.. but again, who knows.
    From the bar at which we sat, we could see the smoker outside. Just kinda fun to watch... just don't keep the side door open too long when you leave - you'll let the smoke in!
    ...and don't plan to sit for an extended period time. With the place a-bustlin' it would be polite to give up your seat as soon as you finish.
    Banana pudding - 'naner puddin'!! - to go was a must and it didn't disappoint either.

    There's not much else I can say that hasn't already been said about Heirloom. I can just back up the greatness and try to convince you that, YES, it is in fact worth your time and your pre-entry face-making when you pull up and see where you're going. Don't miss this...

  • 2143 Peachtree Rd NE
    Atlanta, GA 30309
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    Oh Beni, Beni, Beni.  Your food is so good but, curious, would your food still be so good without the spinning eggs and flying shrimp tails?

    But could your service be better?  Yup.

    This dinner took 2 hours.. ??!!  I thought it'd be busy, yes - because it was the day after Valentine's Day, but this was hectic.

    We got in at 9pm with reservations and were seated immediately - impressed.  We completed the table and so I thought we'd be quickly on our way to "My dinner is being cooked in front of me"-heaven.  However, it took about 30 minutes to get our drinks. Meh.

    My White Peach Sake Sangria was very good but I suspect not too alcoholic. The chef and food were both great. They met my expectations. I have not been to a ton of other Hibachi's but it seems as though they're pretty consistent across the board - I've never had a meal there that I didn't love. However, you should note that any plate you get is going to taste very similar to the other plates - because they use the same 2 sauces plus salt and pepper on every meat and vegetable.  Now.. it's a really GOOD sauce, salt and pepper combo but the same nonetheless.

    The best part for me is the rice.. and that's probably not saying much about the restaurant. The meat and shrimp are all pretty good.  No problems with that.  But seriously.  That rice... teryaki sauce, some kind of secret mayonaisey sauce, chopped veggies, scrambled egg, chicken and the special ingredient that makes all the difference: Sesame seeds! That rice with their Japanese ketchup mayo mix - I could eat it all day.

    As for dessert, unfortunately I couldn't tell you how that was because for some reason, our leftovers were wrapped, we were given our checks and that was that. What?!?  No sherbert or green tea ice cream for this girl.  BOO!

    All in all, a great place to go if you have time for a long dinner (2 hours).  Don't go here if it's your first date - because it's just not intimate, and the bells and whistles can get distracting. Plus everyone at the table can just listen to your conversation.  You CAN go if it's like your 4th date or later.. because then it becomes silly where you can just sit at the SAME TABLE as the people you're people-watching... and they'll nevvvvvver knoooow......

    DO go if you want a fun, ridiculous, long, tasty meal.

    That's all I got.

    ::Drops microphone::

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    Alton Brown says you gotta try the Slaw Burger here.. So, I did! I think the combo of slaw and chili on a burger is just de-lovely and delicious.  

    This place is pretty small, and it's open early but only "til 2ish".. There are probably about 10 tables, and one of those is a "community table" for 6.. or of course 3 and 3 :) which I like. You order at the counter and they bring it to you when it's ready. It's pretty well known among the regular fans that it's cash only, officially, but I'm telling you right now, the woman taking orders had a phone with a Square.  So never say never!

    What I was almost even MORE impressed with were the onion rings. These were like of a seriously loved recipe - Normally you bite an onion ring and the outside crumbles while the onion slides out of it, right? ...and usually it's super hot and slaps you in the chin and burns your lip real good, huh? Well I hate that!
    ...but THESE. These onion rings were what Spice Girls wrote that song 2-become-1 about; perfect ratio and temperature of onion and fried stuff, bonded forever.    

    I savored these flavors, textures and sloppy works of greasy art while I admired an artistic rendering of Alton on velvet, framed on the wall. He watched me with pride, I know it.

  • 215 Smith St
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
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    OMFG... WHYYYY is there not a STINKY ATL?!  

    If you like Cheese, Beer and/or Charcuterie (like their window proclaims) you will DIE IN THIS STORE.

    ...and it's called STINKY!

    I am thrilled about this place, and am slightly depressed that it's 900 miles from my home in Georgia.

    I'm not sure how the prices compare in the meat and cheese world... but they seemed pretty reasonable to me. It is a fairly small place with hipsters behind the counter (but isn't that what Brooklyn is about?)... (I mean that in a total appreciative, loving way).. and so many tastes and sights of pig and cow milk and tons of interesting extras like Cheer Wine, Dr. Brown's soda, flavored bitters.. Abba Zaba (WHAT?!  That actually exists?!  "Abba Zaba you're my only friend." - Halfbaked)

    If you are having a fancy dinner party and want to impress with your cheese and meat spread (even if you don't know what you're doing) or you just want to be a piggy (cough-like i would be...) and enjoy a pound of each by yourself for the next week......


    This is your place.  :)   GO MEAT!

  • 3290 Northside Pkwy
    Atlanta, GA 30327
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    What do the kids say these days? "I just. I just can't."

    I didn't know what they meant exactly before I tried Local Three.  Now that I have been here twice.. I know... That... I just... Can't... That's it.

    First of all, their menu changes a bit daily. Now I know some of us count on some stability and predictability in life. But forget it! You know you love the excitement of looking at a menu and saying to yourself "holy f***, look at this burger special with rib meat stuffed in there. Where the F did they pull that from?"

    For my most recent visit, I had the pleasure of enjoying The Notorious P.I.G. (Appreciated by a 90s lover like me) charcuterie board as well as the cheese board.  Oh how lovely.  Candied bacon and sausage were among the tastiest for me.. As well as the goat cheese, Brie, cheddar and blue cheese (which is the whole cheese board) plus triple berry jam and honey. Omgwtf ser. --- NOT a typo!

    For my entree, I splurged for the Rack of Lamb because I am an absolute, 100% super sucker for lamb.  Those pieces were almost the size of ping pong paddles, I swear.. They were slightly more pink/red than I normally like, but WOW.  Came with carrots, snow peas and a cauliflower purée with of course a sort of jus or gravy for the meat.  I took half home and enjoyed it the next day.

    As far as decor and atmosphere, it is a comfortable place. Lighting is good, dark wood, higher dinner tables in some places.. They have artsy versions of pigs all over as well as the Big Lebowski.  I don't know how that all ties in, but some things in life you don't question.. like pork and the Dude. Just move along.
    I also super love the pretty bar area with the huuuuuge window, and the quirky addition of vintage salt and pepper shakers on the tables.  (Every table has a different pair!)
    It also certainly doesn't hurt that the staff is very nice.. And honorable mention for making an otherwise really confusing location very easy to find with the perfect placement of signs.

    The one thing I realized is not to my liking is whatever cranberry juice goes into my vodka cran. We think it might be fresh, therefore not sweet... Thus making my drink taste very strong and hard to swallow :). But I love this place so much I don't give a hoot. I'm going to just make a mental note to try a new drink next time.

    There are so many different wonderful tastes and ideas and delights... Whether you have a party of 2 or 10.. Your table will have a smorgasm. (C) totally just made that up: smorgasbord and orgasm. Credits please.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Wow. Delicious!

    This is the location where Curly's fried chicken used to be.  Bummer that they're gone.. but they've been replaced with something better!

    I ordered a turkey burger with the "garden" (lettuce, tomato, onions) and added the garlic mayo I saw listed under BLT. Plus a lemonade. My lunch mates got lots of cajun chips, so I got to munch on a few of those as well.

    Overall a filling, savory lunch.

    My turkey patty was thin but perfectly crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. It was bigger than the bun, which I thought was awesome. I hate when a patty is smaller or mis-shapen and you get bites of bread and toppings but no meat.  This meat didn't get lost :) The bread was super fresh and not crumby.
    Ben (Yes, THE Ben) told us there's a ranch spice mix in the turkey burger.. it made it burst with flavor, seriously. I had juices dripping down my fingers but I didn't let them go to waste.. licked 'em before the napkins got to 'em. Sorry not sorry!

    The lemonade was delightful.. not too sour, not too sweet.. just right.

    The chips were good. We dipped them in the garlic mayo ::fatkid:: which was tasty. I'd like to try actual toppings on the chips next time.

    Definitely worth a try if you're in the area, and if you are on the run (and lack of parking may force you to get it to go) you've got it in a brown bag anyway!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Uhh This chicken is AWESOME. Where the heck did this place come from?  I've never seen it before today.. and it's in the middle of Roswell.  

    I stopped by because I needed a quick bite on my way to a hair appointment.  I was just going to get a salad from McDonald's (actually, I would have gotten nuggets and fries, but since this is not a McD's review, I'm going to pretend I intended to eat healthy.) This was next door to McD's in a fairly empty or old strip shopping mall.

    I ordered the #1 - thigh and leg, tortillas and a side of cole slaw.

    Effing chicken. It was so delicious.. how did they do it?  It's crispy on the outside, but not like KFC.. and the meat is so juicy!! A++

    The cole slaw is great. I'm a cole slaw lover. This was nothing different than you'd expect.. but very tasty.

    The tortillas, I could live with out. They're a little dry.. though I tried to eat them without adding anything.

    Other sides/substitutions include dinner rolls, rice, beans, rice & beans. :)

    All this plus friendly service and a 100 A health grade.. definitely a fast food joint to drive through.

  • 100 W Ontario St
    Chicago, IL 60654
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Oh my..  Portillo's Italian Beef sandwich: It is absolutely mouthwatering.

    This cafeteria styled restaurant was PACKED when we walked in and I thought we'd be waiting forever. Yet, we moved through the line within less than 10 minutes and about 5 minutes after that I had my food in hand. I credit this to the organization they practice. One person handing out menus as you walk in the door. The next person takes your order and writes it on a bag and hands it to you. Then, you wait to pay at one of four registers that are all staffed with quick cashiers. They take your bag, type up your order, beep-boop-beep, take yo' money and send you along to wait for your goodies. Numbers listed on receipts are called over a microphone, for you to pick up your now-filled bag (that they took your order on) and drinks are pre-poured into cups and labeled for quick passing.

    Looking around while I waited a couple minutes for my meal, I noticed a ton of cool decor including mannequins doing cute things like sleeping on a porch or sitting in the front seat of a car suspended by the ceiling. There are cutesy things hanging all over the place and really a lot of places to sit.

    Moving along, the actual sandwich is enormous. I mean.. Like too big to bite into without looking like a total slob. By the time you realize this, you're already into it, tasting it, groaning and rolling your eyes back into your head.. and you don't care how stupid you look with meat and drippings on your chin.. shirt... table.. pants..

    In addition to my sammich, I added a small soda and a small order of cheese fries. The cheese for the fries reminds me of the cheese from Steak N Shake only Portillo's is GOOD.. and by good, I mean, REALLY GOOD. So savory.. you'll want to lick the little foam cup clean.

    These three things I paid around $11 for, and rejoice-I-did, for I was full and satisfied by the time I rolled outta there.

  • 2900 W Belmont Ave
    Chicago, IL 60618
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    I likened this place to Atlanta's Highlander.

    It's a No Emo, No Hippies, No BS kinda place and you'd better expect to wait 40 minutes for a table.. Even at 4pm on a Saturday.

    The walls are covered with cool hardcore shirts to purchase (too cool for me though), music, skateboards and art stuff. The wait staff are all tatt'd up in black tees with pleased looks on their faces. It was sort of reminiscent of my early 20s when I dressed like I worked at hot topic but could only get a job next door at the music shop instead. I don't know how that relates but that is what came to mind. Looks like a fun bar to sit at.

    BUUUUUT the burgers are expensive.. Like $15-$17, and it'd be fine if I absolutely got off about this burger but I swear I picked the least spicy-sounding, most tame burger on the menu. One of the few burgers that I would not expect to reach up and literally punch me in the face - they all looked so mean and spicy, named after some hardcore bands like Pantera and whatnot. I ordered the burger of the day.. It had fried avocado, plantains and some other gentle sounding things... But I got it and realized there was some meaty-chili-like substance on it. Sh!t was burning my mouth! I'm SORRY I'M A BIG BABY.

    The fried pickles.. Now those were excellent. The breading became one with the pickle so when you bit into it, you didn't pull out that steaming hot pickle to slap you in the mouth and burn your lip. Get those!

    I heard this is supposed to be THE place to go.  I'd hate to stereotype a food, but if you like your burger to give you a black eye and scream in your face, try Kuma's.

    But seriously.. I didn't love my burger bc it was spicy but if I lived in Chicagoland, I'd pretty surely go back there to try again, and take friends from out of town. It's a cool place.

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