My trip to the CONCRETE JUNGLE

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Must-go-to's in New York! AHHH, I wanna go back asap!
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    My little brother is now a New Yorker (he just finished his first college year). And in the past year, I have been blessed to be able to accompany my brother and bring some of my family along. The two times I came to the city, I have always remembered to reserve a day to visit Miss Liberty!

    WHEN: You must take a ferry to Liberty Island, and the ferries stop running at 5pm. Be sure to go online and purchase your tickets instead of buying it at the park!! RESERVE!!

    WHERE: I remember this!! I took the 1 train all the way down to Staten Island, walked to Battery Park, and hopped on the ferry boat! =)

    1ST VISIT: As a newbie, I purchased my ticket online! (Liberty Island itself is free, but you must pay for the ferry ride, $15).  My 11-year-old cousin came along with me on this trip, so I was the guardian and wanted her to have a good time and to see as much historic landmarks as possible.  I did purchase the wrong ticket though! I wanted her to experience the Pedestal Museum, but it wasn't included in my type of ticket! Wahhh!!

    The ferry ride was such an experience!! When we got to the island, we went over to the audio table to grab our headphones and learn about the Statue of Liberty!! We of course stopped to buy gifts for our family. I bought my mommy some cool magnets!

    After walking around the island, taking magnificent pictures, and learning a great deal of Liberty knowledge, our day came to an end.  My little cousin loved it! I'm glad I was able to take her along with me.

    2ND VISIT: The second time around, I was able to reserve for Crown Access tickets!! (If you'd like to climb up to the crown, you may need to reserve for tickets a couple months in advance because they only let a certain amount of people in per day. YOU CAN ONLY GET CROWN TICKETS ONLINE)

    My cousins flew in from San Jose, and my cousin, brother and I flew in from Vegas.  Although my brother has gone to school in Upstate NY for a semester, he hasn't had the chance to come and visit the city.  I wanted him to experience what I experienced the first time, so we all took a family trip down to see Miss Liberty!!

    When we got to the island, we took a stroll around and took pictures for a little bit (this was in January so it was freezing!). It was then our turn to climb up to the crown.  I was fearless and ready... then I read that there were 352 steps up, meaning I had to take another 352 steps down!! The first hundred steps were easy peasy!! I then noticed the higher we got, the narrower the steps were. I was climbing up the stairs like a MONKEY, instead of  a NINJA! Hahah!! That has got to be one of the most memorable NYC events!

    When we reached the crown, I was surprised by how small the space was! It looked so large looking up at it! We rested there for a couple minutes, looking out the windows at the beautiful city, and had to start heading down because another group had come up.

    We headed down to the pedestal and took a couple more pictures, then we entered the museum.  There were many nifty and interesting paintings, artifacts, and replicas of the statue; the journey to creating the statue; and what the statue has gone through.  It was a beautiful thing!

    *NOTE: If you are visiting NY, please check it out! The Statue is just so meaningful and enlightening!!

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    WHERE: Central Park West on 79th Street!

    WHEN: Everyday from 10am-5:45pm.

    WHY: One of my favorite places on earth! It is the most calm, fun, and inspirational museums I have ever been to! Oh yeah, this is also the museum from the movie "The Night at the Museum"!! Cool or what?!

    WHAT: First thing's first. I am a total nerd, and whenever I visit another city, I always research what museums I must attack!! (Atack meaning, for my brain. LOL I have no clue if that even made sense, but it is what it is! =P)

    While my family and I were walking towards the museum, I noticed the Equestrian Statue of Theodore Roosevelt, which made my excitement SOAR through the trees, air, and out of this world!! When we walked into the museum, there were several quotes on the walls, fossilized dinosaur skeletons, and just a magnificent aura!

    When I was in line to purchase my ticket, the cashier actually explained that it was a Suggested General admission price. This meaning, you may pay the suggested ticket price, or however much you would like (either paying more or less than what is suggested). The adult tickets are usually $16, children are $9, and students/seniors are $12!

    We didn't get to the museum until around 1-2pm, so I was trying to make the best of our time, and tried to see as many of the exhibits as I could. I am definitely going to have to come back and make up for all the other exhibits I just skimmed and walked past!!

    I absolutely adored the Sea Life exhibit!! There was a giant replica of the Blue Whale!! Absolutely AMAZING!! (The largest whale that is said to have ever lived). There was also a part of the exhibit about the giant squid (which has never been seen). I found the knowledge and information to be so interesting! Everything about the sea just interests me! I can go on for days!

    My ultimate favorite exhibit of course, was the Dinosaur exhibit!! Ever since I was a child, I was so drawn to the lives of dinosaurs and how they lived and existed in the world! So without a doubt, this exhibit made me EXHIBIT so many child-like emotions!! Lol, I was literally so excited that I was talking about the T-Rex model to the scientist who was working there! He was really informative and incredible!

    Besides the Sea & Dinosaur exhibits, I also got to check out the Hayden Planetarium and a little bit of astronomy; there was also an Asian Culture exhibit; wildlife animals; African animal exhibit, Native American exhibit, and so much more! It was a wonderful experience that each and everyone of you should take advantage of while in NYC! =D Take lots of pictures, and bring back a whole bunch of knowledge and fun facts! =)

    *NOTE: You seriously need to devote an entire day to try and see all the exhibits, be there from 10am-5:45pm!! It's way worth it! =D

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    WHERE: Rockefeller Center!!! Everything around here was gorgeous!!

    I was able to take myself up to the Top of the Rock January 2011!! It was a fairly cold night compared to cold nights in Vegas, but it was absolutely magical!

    WHAT:  When we went to purchase our tickets, the lady who helped us was hilarious!! She made my day for sure, We had a conversation about that she should do when she came to Vegas, so I helped her out and made a list for her! That was a good 15 minute conversation, until people who were waiting in line were getting uneasy (probably because they weren't a part of the interesting conversation we all had going on! Haha)

    Before you get on the elevator to go on the top of the roof, you get to take a picture (as if you are one of the people who constructed the rockefeller center, sitting on the edge of the roof! It was a cute picture!)

    While you wait for the elevator to take you up, there is a video that shows how the rockefeller center was created! The elevator is my favorite part!! The lights dim, and there is some sort of movie on the roof of the elevator! I don't really know if I'm explaining it correctly, but it just amazed me! OH HOW THE LITTLE THINGS AMAZE ME!

    Once we got to the top, I noticed all of the lights! The city was beautiful! I also spotted both Empire & Chrysler buildings, where I excited myself even more!

    Like the Curious George I am, I walked around and came to find a room! It was a heat censored room! When you walk it, it notices you are there, chooses a color and the color follows you around! I don't think I explained this very well either, but check it out!!

    I didn't want to leave!! I loved the whole experience!! UNTIL NEXT TIME, Y'ALL!

  • 25 Hudson St
    New York, NY 10013
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    It was one of our last nights here in New York, and then back to Vegas we go! My aunt & uncle luckily contacted me to have dinner at "the best sushi spot in New York." I was excited and anxious the entire day.  It was a cold winter night, so I definitely wanted to put something wonderful into my stomach.

    WHERE: Located in Tribeca is all I know! Haha.

    WHO: I believe that every single person should come to this place at least once in their lifetime. It is such a pleasant experience overall! =D

    WHAT: & so my story begins...

    My cousin and I walk into the restaurant (Oh yeah, be sure to make reservations!) looking for my aunt and uncle.  They come in 5 minutes later.  The hostess then led us into the elevator, and with my luck I was the first one to lead the way.  The cutest thing ever- the servers were all dressed as NINJAS, hence the name of the restaurant.  The first ninja told me to open the door and follow the pathway until I see the next ninja. As I approached, the ninja yelled "HIYA," which of course scared the living out of me. Haha.  They then directed us to our personal "dungeon".

    I love the whole setting of the place! They made it look like a little ninja village! Each party had their own little dungeon, where the walls were made of stone.  The service was exceptional, and I got to meet a fellow Las Vegan server! Not only did the ninjas check on us, they scared us a couple times here and there.

    -One of my favorite things was the miso soup. They baked bread on top of the bowl of miso soup, and it was the greatest combination ever!! That was the first time I had tried such scrumptiousness!
    -We had several rolls of sushi and sashimi that I cannot seem to recall their names any longer, but they were just Okay.  I have tried much better sushi rolls, that's for sure!

    ENTERTAINMENT: I love how the ninjas entertained us the entire time! There was one ninja who was the "magician," and who showed us a couple magic tricks, and also included us in them! There was also one ninja that I joked with from beginning to end.  At the end of our dinner, he compiled a couple ninja servers to take a picture with us, and he let me hold his sword! Muahaha!! I love them all!

    WHY: Greatest night I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! The food was Okay, but the service and atmosphere made up for it all!

  • 241 W 42nd St
    New York, NY 10036
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    As I scroll down and quickly glance at the past reviews, I am astonished by the lack of stars in each of the ratings!! WHY?!! This was one of my favorite EATS here in NYC!!

    WHERE: All I can remember is it is somewhere close to Sanrio & Time Square

    WHAT: I so needed to feast here!! I will certainly come back to this spot and make it the first meal when I land! It is that MAGICAL!
    -Henny Wings: Some sort of BBQ Sauce & Hennessey mixed together, drenching the chicken wings! The flavor is absolutely out-of-control!! One of the best chicken concoctions everrrr!!
    -Honey chicken, bbq ribs, fries & cornbread: The honey chicken was perfect! It was so soft and tender, fries were also perfect! I am not so into cornbread so it was just an okay. My plate pure perfection!

    WHY: If you love you some meat, you need to try this place out!! It is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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    WHAT: First thing's first, the hot chocolate & homemade marshmallow are as GOOD AS IT GETS!!

    Our last full day before we had to go back to Vegas, my cousin and I pinpointed the bakery out on yelp, mapped the place, and went on an extreme journey (while it was snowing) to find it!!

    I came hungry, so besides our wonderful hot chocolate, I had to have the mac&cheese! =D My cousin and I also tried the chocolate pretzel croissant!! (& it was DYNAMIC!!)

    I also noticed there were other dishes (& also had vegan options) to choose from!! If we weren't in such a rush, I would have stopped to take a look-see!!

    The main attraction to this bakery was the HOMEMADE MARSHMALLOWS. They definitely did NOT taste like the marshmallows that you get from wal mart. It was extremely soft and moist like pillows were in your mouth!! Lol, I can go on and on about the marshmallows!! One tip I will leave you though, if you add a marshmallow to your hot chocolate, it is an extra dollar charge! THEY REALLY DO COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER!!

    Oh how I'd love a hug mug of hot chocolate & that specialty marshmallow right about now!!

  • 2090 Broadway
    New York, NY 10023
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    WHY: There is a 2 hotdog & 1 drink special for $4.45!!

    WHERE: On broadway!!

    WHAT:  Two hours before our flight back to Las Vegas, my cousin and I decided  that we needed to try gray's papaya after all of the yelp reviews we found!

    Knowing nothing about it, we walked in, ordered the special, and noticed that it was Filipino-owned!! The owner actually came out and greeted us! He chatted with us for a little but, only to find out that we were leaving in a couple of hours. He even invited us to come and join him at some local bar tonight for an event. Too bad, so sad!

    Back to the food! I love NY hot dogs!! The hot dogs were undoubtedly well worth it!! I love me some SAUERKRAUT!!! The only downside to the dogs was the size! They were skinny, maybe that's why the deal was with 2 dogs! Haha.

    The drinks were pretty BOMB. I loved the Papaya!! My cousin was too in-love and got a pina colada to-go. That, too, was pretty good!!

    *NOTE: There aren't any seats or anything, but there was just a long tall table, were you are allowed to stand up and eat your hot dogs and drink your papaya shakes!! =)

  • 401 Bleecker St
    New York, NY 10014
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    This was another recommendation from my friend! He knew I'd love it, and this time he was 100 percent correct!! Right after our dinner at Manatus (right around the corner), we decided we were in need of something sweet!! Luckily, our plans worked out because the bakery was literally next door! =)

    WHAT: Straight to the point- the red velvet cupcake is not worth it! It was really dry =( NO BUENO!!

    The only thing worth trying is the BANANA BREAD PUDDING!!! I want 3 of them right now!! Haha. In all honesty, please get a cup for yourself if you ever find yourself visiting NYC =). I will be back for you in a couple months for sure!! =D

    *NOTE: When we were there at 9pm, there was a line that wrapped around the side of the building, so be prepared for that! (And it was in the cold!!)

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    The night before we came here, one of my cousins were raving about how good the omelettes were!  We were obviously too excited to wake up on time! We ended up at Junior's, just missing the breakfast menu!

    WHERE: Located in Time Square.

    WHEN: Try to make it in time for some quality breakfast! I still have yet to do so!

    WHAT: I wasn't as excited as I would have been, but there were some pretty good dishes my family and I tried!
    -Matzo Ball Soup: First time I have ever tried such thing. It was different, pretty interesting, and fairly good. I honestly don't think I will ever order it again, but at least I tried it!
    -BBQ Chicken & fried shaved carrots: My cousin's pick and I loved it!! KUDOS TO SHAVED CARROTS!!

    *NOTE: They also had desserts, but I didn't get to try any! Until next time...

  • 340 Bleecker St
    New York, NY 10014
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    I love egg benedicts, and one of my friends who used to live in New York suggested I try this place out. I yelped, googled, and mapquested it! Haha. Our hotel was in Queens, and from there we took the bus, train, taxi and walked all the way there!

    WHERE: Located somewhere on Bleecker Street! It seriously took us 5 touristing hours to get there! Lol

    WHAT: Prior to get there, I was expecting something magnificent, something worth my time and money. Don't get me wrong, the food was good, but just stayed GOOD. I've tried several benedicts, and their country style benedict tasted just like any other bennie!

    To make up for what lacked in the food, the service was number one! The owners and workers were Greek, and such happy people. I would definitely come back because of the service alone!!

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    I did not realize that this restaurant was common and almost in every one of the 50 states, haha!  If I can remember, I was pretty desperate walking around New York looking for a place to satisfy my hunger.

    WHERE: Somewhere in the theater district. It's pretty close to Time Square.

    WHAT: My little cousin and I had nothing in our tummies, so we went all out and ordered whatever we wanted!

    -Premium Beef Seared to Perfection: This was of course my dish! I loved everything about it, I chose brown rice as the side.  The meat was extremely tender (I love tender!)
    -Lobster Mac&Cheese: This was also another side to my huge dish!! I love, love, LOVED it!!
    -Lobster Carbonara: My cousin chose this dish.  She has never eaten carbonara, so she was very pleased with what she ordered!
    -Tiramisu: We had to top it all off with dessert of course.  One of my other favorite desserts on earth!!

    Overall, as first-timers, we were both pleased with what we ordered. We definitely had left-overs for later! =D

  • 225 E 60th St
    New York, NY 10022
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    I'd have to say that Serendipity has clearly become one of the dessert landmarks of NYC.  After all the endless talk about how good the frozen hot chocolate is, I have compiled a 3-star rating to end the vagueness!

    Since the frozen hot chocolate is what everyone comes here for, I decided to give it a try! To make it interesting, my cousins and I tried the Mint Frozen Hot Chocolate.  I was extremely disappointed, but at least I can say I tried it.

    It seriously tastes just like a peppermint frappe from Starbucks!! So not worth the 10 dollars!

    Other than that, the place was very cute- Victorian meets Modern! =D

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