Places to go while visiting Napa & the surrounding cities! :)
  • 6476 Washington St
    Yountville, CA 94599
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    4.5 stars rounding up! :)

    I came here during my Napa bachelorette weekend with 4 of my bridesmaids who treated me to a lovely Sunday brunch at Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc! A place I've been dyinggg to try!

    The brunch menu that day was amazing! We had:

    Chopped Romaine Salad - smoked salmon (yes!!), avocado, red and watermelon radish, pickled red onion, blood orange, tossed in creamy pepper dressing. Loved all the bright colors! Definitely one of the most unique salads I've ever had. Tasted so fresh! The salmon wasn't too overpowering, and even the dressing was great! Not too salty or overwhelming. Everything balanced each other really well.

    Chicken Chilaquiles - corn tortillas, tomatillo salsa, jingle bell peppers, scrambled hen eggs, charred cabbage, marble potatoes, hobbs bacon and sausage, coco and black beans, scallion, spiced creme fraiche. Being from LA where there's a lot of GOOD authentic Mexican food, this was definitely a more high-end clean approach. But it tasted great! Not as zingy and flavorful as it sounds actually. The corn tortilla pieces had a nice crunch although they looked like they would be soggy and greasy. This dish was just A-OK in my opinion.  

    Ginger & Chocolate Pancakes - YUM! I love ginger and I love chocolate! Combining the two flavors might sound weird, but they made it work so well! Sweet but not too overbearingly sweet. The pancakes had a great texture too! I ate it without any additional maple syrup and it was just right! Possibly the best pancakes I've ever had!

    Blueberry Trifle - this was my FAVORITE dish out of all of them! It came in a cute little jar and the blueberry cake was super soft and moist, and not too sweet! It was perfect with the light cream cheese mousse, lime zest, and candied walnuts!! MMMM!! SOOO GOOD!

    Service was fantastic! And the whole place was really cute with a very cozy, inviting homey yet hipster feel. For about $34-40 per person, it's pretty pricey for brunch but it's a MUST-TRY if you are in the area!! Definitely make reservations beforehand! I'd love to come back for dinner someday! :)

  • 4.0 Sterne

    My friends and I came here as our last stop of the day so we were pretty exhausted and didn't want to drink too much or go on the tour. We decided to just sit and relax and share a couple drinks. We tried the Brut Rose and Vermeil Demi-Sec and shared a cheese plate which came with three cheeses, cashews, and some dried fruit. Between the two sparkling wines, I liked the demi-sec more because it was a little on the sweeter side.

    This place is known for their sparkling wines so definitely check it out if you're a fan of those! The place is also gorgeous and there's plenty of places to sit outside and inside. It was pretty chilly when we came, so we opted to sit indoors and got the best seats in the house near the fireplace! So romantic and cozy! :) Service was also cordial and fantastic.

  • 1111 White Ln
    Saint Helena, CA 94574
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    This was hands down our favorite winery during our Napa trip!!

    We got the best service ever!! Even though it was pretty busy that Saturday afternoon, our guy, "L" took such great care of us! He comped my tasting when he found out my bridesmaids and I were there for my bachelorette. :) So sweet of him! He also told us about the yelp check-in where you get a 2 free upgrade to reserve tasting! And although we only paid for six tastings, he ended up giving us ten!! Yes. TEN generous pours each!!! We had the best time! :)

    Out of the 10 I tried, my faves were the 2011 Pinot Noir, Doctor's Vineyard (Santa Lucia) the 2009 Cabernet, Vittorio's Vineyard (St. Helena), and the 2012 Moscato Frizzante which was sweet, refreshing, and bubbly! So delicious! All 3 are definitely must-trys!! That cabernet was seriously the best one I've ever had!

    They also have a large picnic area outside where you can eat on the picnic tables or on the grass. We decided to have lunch here and bought some sandwiches and salads at their deli. Loved their turkey cranberry sandwich and the pesto pasta salad! What a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon in Napa!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Definitely check this place out for the amazingggg view! You can take great photos here!! The breathtaking scenery, beautiful fountains and art are truly worth a visit! It has definitely more of a modern feel, not cozy or rustic like some other wineries.

    I came here with 4 friends on a Saturday and there seemed to be a lot of tourists and large groups. However, we were able to get our tastings right away. We all tried the classic tasting which was $15 for 4. It included a 2012 Albarino from Carneros, 2011 Pinot Noir from Carneros, 2010 Carneros Merlot from Napa Valley, and a 2009 Artisan Series Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. Unfortunately, I didn't really love any of the wines I tried here. A lot of them were too acidic for my taste... and maybe my wine palate isn't really too developed yet! But it was nice to enjoy the wines while relaxing on their comfy patio lounge seats. They also have many seats overlooking the vineyards where you can sip on your wine while taking in the beautiful scenery.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I came here with 4 friends for breakfast on a Saturday morning. It's located at the Oxbow Public Market, which is a cute place you must check out if you're in Napa visiting! So glad we came here!

    For breakfast, I tried their Breakfast Sandwich which comes on top of their famous signature English muffins. My friend told me those English muffins were featured on Food Network's "Best Thing I Ever Ate" so I knew I definitely had to try them! She was right. I loved it! Sooo fluffy yet had a great chewy texture and structure! Tasted great with the hot, melted cheddar cheese and ham. They also have the most amazing granola parfait!!! We couldn't stop raving over the granola in it! The spices in it were amazing! They also sell Blue Bottle coffee here! Yay! :)

    The place can get crowded inside and they have a few benches outside where you can eat. Definitely bring a jacket if you're coming on a gloomy day!

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