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I'm not big on the "great outdoors" but sometimes it's nice to get a little fresh air and take in the diverse scenery our forefathers have provided us with (and by provided I mean stolen for us).
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    I'll begin this review with a disclaimer - American history bores the living hell out of me - so 3 stars is commendable in this area.

    Walking across a battlefield where some people died 150 years ago is not my idea of a fun day (not to mention that people actually come on vacation here just to see it).  If I didn't live half an hour away, I would have never gone there.

    I guess it's a little moving when you think about freedom and all that stuff, but really, it's a field.

    There's a little light show thing, which is pretty outdated and was probably amazing in the 50s or 60s when it was made.

    If you live close, or you're going to be in the area, it's something to see, but please people, don't plan your vacations around a field.

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    The St. John's Oakdale campus is absolutely beautiful.  Situated on Great South Bay, there are many nature activities to partake in right on the campus.  From treeology (the study of trees obviously!), to wading into the bay to catch fish, there's something for everyone.  

    If you're more inclined to sit back and watch, the beach is beautiful, and there are great bridges for bird watching.

    The architecture on the property is also great.  Huge mansions and such.  I've never taken a class at the Oakdale campus, but my biology class took a field trip there and it was amazing.  Just remember, if you're going from the city - traffic can be a ... your mom!

  • 5300 N Front St
    Harrisburg, PA 17110
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    Fort Hunter is the most beautiful in the spring when all of the beautifully landscaped trees start to bloom and the river is high.  Even without touring the mansion, a trip to Fort Hunter can be a really nice way to spend a warm afternoon.  Overlooking the Susquehanna, sits the Fort Hunter mansion along with the old farm, and servants' quarters.

    It's a beautiful place to take pictures or have a picnic, or just explore the river.

    The mansion tour is interesting although you can't get as close to some things as you might like and you have to be really quiet.  It's interesting to see how people lived back then (I use the term back then because I'm really bad with knowing what period of American history stuff is).

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    Before you gaze into the "big hole in the earth", let your jaw drop at the Petrified Forest National Park.  Adjacent to the Painted Desert - this is Arizona scenery at its finest.

    In my opinion, it's more breath-taking than the Grand Canyon, and a little less crowded.

    Be sure not to pick up petrified wood though - it's bad luck as the legend has it - anyone who takes wood from the park will be cursed.  It's also illegal, so restrain yourself to getting your jollies from the boxes you can buy in the gift shop.

    Children can also become junior park rangers (I did that when I was 8 - how cute is that!)

  • 135 Bushkill Falls Trl
    Bushkill, PA 18324
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    Known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania, Bushkill Falls is situated north of East Stroudsburg right off of US-209 (actually if you take 80 to 209 it'll be LEFT off 209 :)).  

    Immaculate, pristine, majestic, breathtaking.  None of these words can even begin to describe the falls.  

    The walk around the falls is not for the faint of heart, but there are different paths you can take based on your skill level.  The yellow trail isn't a killer and you can get some amazing views of the falls.

    For those of you who are into the whole hiking bit - there are some pretty steep trails you can take along the backside of the main fall up to bridal falls.  We stuck to yellow and red.

    Also, the main paths are mostly boardwalked and have wooden stairs to facilitate movement through the park.  There are some slippery rocks in places though, so watch your step.

    Admission is 9$ for adults and 8$ for seniors - and is definitely worth it!

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