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Highland, Jefferson Park, Berkley, and Sunnyside spots!
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    I would eat at Z every night of the week if I could.

    So I have never been to France, so I have nothing to compare Denver's French food to, but I am pretty sure that this is pretty authentic.
    I love the fact that Z uses as many local ingredients as possible, and that is why they are only open a few nights a week.

    I went here for the first time this past summer with my boyfriend, on our first date. It was oh so perfect and romantic. The most memorable dish to me was the Gnocchi. It is hard to give suggestions on here about what to order because the menu is always changing, but that is what makes it so unique and delicious! Every time you go in, you can find something new to try!

  • Duo
    2413 W 32nd Ave
    Denver, CO 80211
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    23.3.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I've been for dinner again several times since my last review. I love Duo more and more every time I go. On the most recent visit, it was for my sister's B-day dinner and it certainly did not disappoint.

    To start off, my husband ordered the most delicious cocktail I have tasted (stolen a sip of) in recent memory. It was a special that night, that the server was calling "Cold Cider" which was a combination of whiskey, apple liquor, ginger beer, and cinnamon. It was so delicious! I hope that I will be able to order one off of the regular cocktail list the next time I go in!

    With our party of seven, we (almost) all tried out different meals out of all the delicious options from the menu that evening. I got the pork which came with mustard sauce, lentils, brussel sprouts, and apples. So delicious! I love pork but am not the biggest fan of making it at home so it is such a treat to get such a delicious bite of it at a restaurant. I also love brussel sprouts...does that make me weird?

    Regardless, I appreciate all the local farm-to table options that Duo has. It is really nice to have restaurants that care about organic food. Duo, you're quite a gem!

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    16.3.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    This place has become known for its brunch, but really it is dinner that I prefer here. I have had… Weiterlesen
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    I cannot get enough of this delightful little place. Cozy atmosphere, great food, and great service!

    Food to try? Two Eggs Breakfast, Pancake Plate, the Breakfast Burrito, Stuffed French Toast, Corned Beef & Hash. All super delicious! They also have a great selection of teas, cambrics, and italian sodas, along with coffee drinks too!

    This place gets very busy on the weekends, so get there early!

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    26.2.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Wooden Spoon is hands-down my favorite bakery + cafe in town! Everything on the menu is amazing and the staff is great! Love this place!

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    29.9.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I'm addicted to Wooden Spoon's sandwiches! Oh, and the snickerdoodles! Delicious!
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    20.7.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    An adorable new addition to the thriving 'hood! I am a sucker for bakeries, especially ones that… Weiterlesen
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    27.1.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Downgrading a star...I almost want to downgrade to three stars but I will stick with four for now...

    I don't know what is with trying to eat Brunch here but for some reason it is always a very long wait until your food comes out. It has happened to me on multiple occasions where your waitstaff swings by the table "it's going to take a while thanks for waiting" and then 10 minutes later "there was an issue and they were trying to sort some stuff out in the kitchen" and then yesterday's experience of "oh we forgot to ring in your order". Fantastic (not). I don't intend for brunch to be a 2 hour meal, nor do I want it to be!

    Anyway, I think I am over brunch here and the dinner menu never sounds all that delicious to me so I think I will just stick to going to their happy hour, which remains one of my favorites in the city.

    Oh, and nut allergy folks beware....they seem to put nuts into everything here. Soup, sauces, and random things you wouldn't even think of. So be sure to tell them your allergies or you might have a real issue on hand.

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    29.12.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Current favorite things about this spot:

    -the incredible breakfast burrito at brunch
    -still one of…
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    6.4.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I made it over to Root Down for brunch finally! I got the Almond Pancakes which came with a side of… Weiterlesen
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    22.3.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Root down is has very cool atmosphere complete with cool looking decor and yummy food.

    The boyfriend…
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    I love Sabor Latino. I have been coming here for years and years and have never been disappointed.

    The staff is very friendly and the food is delicious. I love the fact that they have Mexican influenced dishes and South American influenced dishes. They also have the best Mojitos in Denver. Trust me on this one. Minty lime rum goodness complete with a sugar cane stick. If you come between 4:30-6:30 they are only $4. Excellent, especially in the summer when you can sit out on the patio and sip away.

    For dinner order the Chile Relleno plate or the Corn Pie. Other great dishes include the ever popular Tamales, that come with a side of plantains. Sabor Latino also offers Paella on Fridays and Saturdays.  

    One of the best parts of the meal is dessert when you can order Tres Leches cake! And oh man! It is so delicious I always want one to myself, but I resist of course and decide to share instead. ;)

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    27.4.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Cellar is now officially my favorite wine bar in Denver. I love the atmosphere, the service is always incredible, the happy hour has awesome deals, and it is in the best neighborhood in Denver. How can you go wrong really?

    They updated their menu now too! They have small tapas plates in addition to the meat & cheese plates. Plus, wine cocktails! The Rossini is delicious.

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    31.7.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    New places are always fun to try out! Cellar was no exception.

    On a date night out with my fiance we…
  • 3855 Mariposa St
    Denver, CO 80211
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    One of my new favorite Denver spots! Diebolt is fantastic. Super friendly folks, lovely modern taproom, and really great beer!

    They are mainly focusing on French-style beers at the moment and that makes me happy. I love that style and it seems like it is becoming harder and harder to find with IPAs gaining huge popularity. I also find it really nice for a brewery to be so focused on certain styles instead of trying to do as many as possible. But don't get me wrong, you will also still find a Porter (amongst other styles) on tap and a mighty fine one at that!

    Something about Diebolt reminds me of Seattle and I am totally okay with that. I see finding myself (and my husband) here a lot more in the coming months!

  • 2914 W 25th Ave
    Denver, CO 80211
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    Beitrag des Tages 21.3.2013

    This place is awesome!

    Cute decor, cozy feeling space, super friendly baristas, free wifi, and yummy drinks! They also serve Little Man ice cream!

    I really enjoyed my visit here and am looking forward to coming back soon. It's not too far from my office so I can see grabbing a beverage here often.  Since I am currently in the winter steamer and hot chocolate mode, I opted for a hot cocoa here. I do hope though that they will have good non-coffee choices for summer, too!

    Street parking in the area is a little tricky because a lot of it is permit-only so watch the signs, I think they have a handful of spots behind the building.

  • 2620 16th St
    Denver, CO 80211
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    13.8.2009 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Ooooh! New flavor! Fig gelato!! So yummy! Go try some now!

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    8.4.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Oh Little Man, you're so close to my heart. You and that Olinger sign right above you. I remember… Weiterlesen
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    I have been wanting to try this place for months, ever since I first drove by it one day on 44th and thought to myself "Oh! New place in the 'hood!"

    Last week I finally made it in. And oooooh man it is very good! The staff was so friendly and helpful in helping me decide on what to get. I got the "taco" with shredded beef and the hominy salsa. That salsa is so fantastic! It has salty-sweet thing going on, which I love, but know a lot of people don't like all that much and it isn't all that strong on onion, which I also appreciate. They do have like six salsas to choose from so you don't have to get this one, I just felt like it was a nice new variation on salsa. Plus, it reminded me of New Mexico because of the hominy in it and I liked that.

    I went to eat my "taco" and wasn't sure if I should use a fork and knife or just my fingers. So I just decided my fingers and tore it up sections at a time, which works for me. Anyway, I loved the combination of flavors that are merged together here. The salsa that I mentioned before, I thought, really tied it all together. Plus, the fry bread almost calls out for a more "sweet" topping and it all worked well together. It was my first try at fry bread too. I thought it was fantastic! I have told a few of my friends about it and told them to go try it out too.

  • 3565 W 44th Ave
    Denver, CO 80211
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    I have driven by this place so so many times, and always thought to myself that I needed to try it. A few weekends ago, I ended up going in for the first time. I thought it had such a nice, cozy, neighborhood friendly, feel to it. The girl at the counter was very nice, too.

    I looked at the menu and noticed the normal selection of coffee drinks, plus some unique Latin-heritage ones, plus food! They have lemon flavor for drinks! That won my heart, right off the from the start. I don't drink coffee, so I got an Italian cream soda. It was so delicious.

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    The first time I tried to try this place out the wait was too long - so I recommend reservations, especially if you're going on a weekend night.

    The second time, though was during the Broncos game with my husband & fellow yelpers Carly B. & David P. so it was easy to get a booth (no tvs here!). We settled in at a booth and found the large menu of drinks before us. There are about 6 cocktails per liquor/booze of choice to chose from - the menu even has a side column explaining what all the more obscure liquors are (this is very helpful). I really enjoyed that feature of the menu as well as the wide selection of drinks. The prices vary from $8 to $12 per cocktail.

    I tried out a gimlet type of cocktail with lime and gin (I can't remember the exact name) but it was a quality drink. I also tried out the "New Old Fashioned" and it was also quite tasty. The hubs enjoyed his "Smoking Frenchman" which was actually smoky smelling with a scotch rinse.

    Carly & Dave seemed happy with their choices as well but I will leave that to them to review about.

    The service was prompt and the atmosphere is very 1920's for sure, since, after all it is an historic Lohi building with slight modern-esque elements.

    I'll be back, but probably on a Tuesday night over a Friday night. I might even try out the food.

  • 2540 19th St
    Denver, CO 80211
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    Ask for a tour of the kettles!! Your socks will be blown off just by the sight of those!

    I have been to Prost twice now and enjoyed my visit both times but on my second visit I appreciated the beers a bit more than the first visit. Prost's weiss beer is really good. I am generally never a fan of hefes but Prost's is really, really good. The copper in their brew system really mellows out all the weird flavors that beer can tend to pick up in the brewing process and at Prost, because of their copper - it is really smooth!

    I also love the fact that they serve each kind of beer in its own designated glassware. Plus, the indoor beer garden with jenga and very attentive service is pretty awesome. Also, the neighborhood now smells like beer brewing, which is another plus in my book.

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    Yet another nice addition to the neighborhood! The hubs & I walked over for brunch one morning to check this place out after driving by it a whole bunch.

    We ended up sitting outside on the patio for our meal but I did like the decor I saw inside!

    Service was decent, the food was good, and the selection of virgin drink offerings was nice - I ordered a mint & cucumber cooler. Don't get me wrong, I do love a drink but just not for breakfast, it's never really been my thing. Plus, I don't drink coffee or orange juice so I usually just settle for water at breakfast - so these virgin coolers were a nice change of pace to see on a brunch menu!

    My only gripe was that the entrees came a-la-carte (my veggie + cheese omelette was $11) and the side orders (my potatoes were $5) and were very small for $5.

    I would like to come back and try this place out for non-virgin drinks & dinner sometime.

  • 2010 W 30th Ave
    Denver, CO 80211
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    What a great facility in an area that was in desperate need for an awesome gym.

    Super fancy equipment (your own tv & ipod doc in the treadmill!), really nice decor (bathrooms, especially), layout is quant but perfect for the space. The open air garage doors are a very nice touch, too. Not to mention a very friendly & helpful staff.

    I'm really excited this place is open!

  • 1535 Central St
    Denver, CO 80211
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    I appreciate this place because it is one of the few lunch options in the neighborhood, not to mention it is actually open on Monday unlike the rest of LoHi. Bonus points right there.

    I also appreciate the fact that they have salads in addition to sausages. I did have a sausage on my first visit but I have been stuck on ordering a salad with a side of tots ever since. Their tots are amazing! Yum! Looking forward to having lunch here again very soon. I also need to try out their breakfast options sometime.

  • 3920 Tennyson St
    Denver, CO 80212
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    27.8.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Hops & Pie has changed a lot since it was the 12 seat belly up to the bar place it once was and waiting for a table was non-existant. Sure, I am happy to see them expand and grow but it has become a slightly different place I feel like. Also, is it just me or is there a lot of kids at this bar now?

    The word is out and everyone will be trying to jockey for a table at the same time as you. Be prepared to wait for a table no matter what time you stop in. The service isn't as speedy as it once was either, and some of my favorite menu items have vanished (make your own sandwich!). But I still love the unique items that do remain on the menu and the ever changing beer list but I just wish it was still as welcoming feeling as it once was...

    Still...I am a fan. Maybe they should open a second location to accommodate the big wait times and overwhelmed waitstaff? That would be fun!

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    28.10.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Love this place! Come for the pizza and stay for the beer. Such a fantastic, ever changing list.

  • 3475 W 32nd Ave
    Denver, CO 80211
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    24.2.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I'm officially addicted to this place. Their flavors are unique, the shop is convenient, the staff is really nice, and the line is never too crazy (shhhh don't tell anyone)!

    The pretzel cones are amazing and I prefer a cup to a cone any day except when it comes to these ones! Did I mention that they make their own caramel sauce? Amazingness!

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    21.5.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Cute shop with tasty treats. The flavors are more on the unique side of things, with a few… Weiterlesen
  • 3450 W 32nd Ave
    Denver, CO 80211
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    This shop is filled with plenty of amazingly cute clothes, shoes and accessories. The prices seem right and the variety of style is right on in my book.

    So why the three stars? Everything is for "average" size people. If you are tall and have big feet you basically can't shop here. Because I am both of those things, I still have never purchased anything from here because I can never seem to find anything that fits. Why can't the dresses be like 3 inches longer? Or shoes be larger than size 10? Not sure, but I would definitely love to shop locally for super cute, stylish, priced-right clothing that came in my size.

  • 2915 W 44th Ave
    Denver, CO 80211
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    27.8.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Ernie's is still a go-to pizza place in my book. The food is always really good and the menu has even more options than it once did.

    Their beer list is decent, but heavy on Wynkoop/Breckenridge beers which aren't my all-time favorite. If they started having more smaller name stuff on tap I would be very satisfied with calling Ernie's a "beer bar" in addition to a pizza place.

    Service is okay. Don't bother making reservations though because they tend to ignore your requests that you actually had one to begin with.

    The pizza is really, really good though. It's been a few months since I've stopped in and now I think I better get back over there sooner rather than later.

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    7.1.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Ernie's is yet another great addition to the area. My fiance and I tried it out for the first time… Weiterlesen
  • 3200 Tejon St
    Denver, CO 80211
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    12.11.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Things haven't seemed super consistent lately. I feel like the menu has been changing a lot and even the staff seems to be different.

    Anyway, I still do enjoy this place, I'm just curious about the changes that have occurred recently. I am still a big fan of the fries and $3 happy hour margaritas.

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    22.10.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I have been back three times since my first visit and my first review. I have enjoyed every time I… Weiterlesen
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    27.8.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    The food was alright, nothing outstanding. But maybe I ordered the wrong thing (I got the chicken)?… Weiterlesen
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    For living in the neighborhood for some time now, it sure took me a long time to try this place out for some reason. I guess I was too stuck on my regular Italian places to try a new one? I am not really sure the reason, but I did finally make it to Stella!

    My boyfriend and I came here on a Monday evening for dinner. What a perfect time to come! It was pretty busy but not packed so we got a spot on the patio to sit and enjoy dinner. We each started out with a glass of wine, which I thought were a bit pricey at about $7-8 a glass. Then we got one pasta dish each. I got tomato vodka and egg noodles, my boyfriend got sausage, peppers, and cream with beet rigate noodles. He tried some of mine, I tried some of his. I liked mine better but I think he really enjoyed his. The sausage in each dish was homemade and really fresh tasting. It was delicious. Each of our dishes were around the $12 price tag.

    Then, of course, we were tempted by dessert. I can rarely pass up dessert! Especially when kahlua bread pudding with white chocolate and caramel is mentioned. I am so there! So, then we ordered that too and shared. It was a lovely evening for a lovely dinner. I am glad we went and finally tried this place out.

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    28.10.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Parisi still has the tastiest Italian food in the area, in my opinion - it's just something about the overall feel of the place seems to have changed a little. The service doesn't seem as good, the atmosphere not as nice. Don't get me wrong, I still love it. I just wish that they would combine the basement restaurant (Firenze a Tavola) with Pairsi and just make it one place without the "casual fast food" feel.

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    23.4.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    When I am in the mood for Italian food (nice rhyme!) I head to Parisi. I have tried too many things… Weiterlesen
  • 2639 W 32nd Ave
    Denver, CO 80211
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    I'm not going to compare this place to Red Trolley simply because it is not the same place.

    Spuntino has a bright, clean atmosphere with a classy cafe feel. The gelato case is hard to avoid getting drawn in by - so many beautiful looking flavors to chose from!

    I stopped in with my husband one evening after dinner and we both went the gelato route. I got blueberry (yes!) and the hubs got mocha. Both were delicious and had incredible texture. Rich and dense, yet almost whip cream like at the same time. Yum! I'm excited to try out more flavors (and perhaps some food) next time!

  • 4403 Lowell Blvd
    Denver, CO 80211
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    I've been waiting to try Billy's Inn out for a long time and it has been in my  yelp bookmarks file for just as long. Tonight I did indeed get a chance to try it out, because it is always nice to try out somewhere new (new to you that is) and write a review for somewhere you haven't been before.

    Anyway, enough blabbing about that...onto the place! Walking in I didn't know what to expect exactly but I was pleasantly surprised by the Ernie's Pizza meets Lohi Steakbar reminiscent atmosphere and decor. I was really hoping to snag a spot on the patio but alas, it was all full up, so instead we grabbed a booth inside and were satisfied with that.

    Onto the drinks + food...I tried out a margarita on high recommendation from you fellow yelpers and I thought it was quite tasty and appropriately priced at $5.25 a 'rita. Since I was craving fish tacos I, of course, had to try those out as well. I debated on trying 1 mahi and 1 steak but instead opted for 2 mahi and a rice of cilantro rice...all for $8.70 a la carte. I loved the presentation of the food! Cute taco holders and my rice came in a cute little bowl with a handle that looked sort of like a mini skillet but hey, I am a sucker for presentation. We eat with our eyes first, right?

    Anyway, they were delicious and drippy, and flavorful in all perfect taco relms. They are definitely at the top of my fish-taco list currently, for sure. My fiance enjoyed a chicken avocado sandwich with fries and our friend enjoyed some tacos (chicken and veggie) as well.

    I'd be interested in coming back to try out some more tacos and the sweet potato fries and maybe even trying out their brunch!

  • 1500 Boulder St
    Denver, CO 80211
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    Once upon a time I lived a stones throw away from this Farmers Market and enjoyed coming every so often since it was handy. Although, after a handful of times I decided that the produce selection wasn't that abundant and it was mostly vendors instead of the veggies I came for, so I found myself at Cherry Creek Farmers Market more often (still do).

    It is one of the later Markets to start (June) and lasts through October. It is fun to stop at if you are in the neighborhood and they always have some of the top food trucks that stop by, so that is a bonus. Just don't expect your cotton tote bag to be filled with much produce as you walk home but instead you may have nabbed a tasty pastry instead.

  • 2030 W 30th Ave
    Denver, CO 80211
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    It's taken me a little while to write a review...my husband & I went here on opening night (June 15th) and the experience was okay. Nothing special.

    Our waiter seemed really aloof and out of it. He wasn't helpful in knowing anything about the food. So without his suggestions, we decided to get some of this and that from the menu. We got some sweet potato fries, watermelon with feta & mint salad, some falafel, and I can't remember the other dish. I walked away from this place thinking - I just paid a lot of money to eat a lot of fried things and none of them were very memorable. Plus, the glass of wine I ordered is one that I frequently purchase a bottle of for drinking at home from the local liquor store. The whole bottle sells for $12, and my glass of wine was $8. Liquor markup always is questionable at restaurants, so I guess that could be said for everywhere.

    Anyway, I guess I should try this place out again at some point but I really don't understand all the hype. I'd much rather go to Root Down if we are speaking Justin Cucci places. Plus, it makes me sad that the Olinger sign is now missing the O and says "eaturaries".

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    Rant: not seating incomplete parties is a joke of a rule. Especially when your friends are parking and the table you have waited for for 20 minutes gets given away to someone that just walked in the door.

    Atmosphere: The crowd seems snooty and obnoxious. Reminds me of why I moved away from this neighborhood...iIt's like a show-off fashion contest, I swear. Wood paneled walls reminded me of a place I dined at in Chicago, so those were cool, but it was pretty stark otherwise. We had good company, so I was kind of not paying attention to the lack of atmosphere though.

    Service & Food: The table service was friendly and actually cared that I have a shrimp allergy, which is nice. The food itself wasn't really my favorite - I ordered the pork belly ramen and thought it was pretty salty and needed some acidity to it. I wish they would have had a non-spicy chicken ramen bowl because I would have totally gone for that one instead. I also tried the fried brussels sprouts and wish I could have just eaten a bowl of those for dinner. Folks seem to love this place so it is good for what it is, it's just not my taste.

  • 4460 W 29th Ave
    Denver, CO 80212
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    The hubs & I tried this place out a few weeks after they opened and we weren't overly impressed. They only had 4 beers on tap and two were out. So we tried the two they had and to be honest none were very memorable. Plus, the service didn't seem like the most friendly in town. The place is in a good location but the tap room is very small. I'll be back most likely, to try it out again, but it's not at the top of my current list.

  • 1541 Platte St
    Denver, CO 80202
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    I have had this place on my "go-to" list for quite some time. Finally, my husband and I tried it out a few weeks back. We stopped in for a light dinner of wine and cheese. The place itself is very cute and looks like it would be a great place to purchase cheese to take home. We wanted to not eat at home though so we ordered some cheese, bruschetta, and wine to enjoy there.

    The service was very nice but a touch on the slow side. We were the only ones "dining in" at that time so I was hoping that it would be a little bit more prompt. I also don't know if I got enough to eat for a dinner but it would be a great place for lunch. Or, like I said above, a great place to purchase cheese at!

  • 4342 Tennyson St
    Denver, CO 80212
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    I felt like I was heading for a Seattle Speakeasy when first going to this place, navigating the secret path to the back alley entrance.

    Three beers on tap. As I would expect from a brand new brewery. I was hoping to try the Imperial Pumpkin that I had read so much about but they didn't have that one the night I stopped in. My husband and I shared some samplers of what they did have on tap that night, and thought the beer was pretty good.

    The service was friendly, which I appreciate. Some new breweries employees seem to have a big ego attitude, but not the case here.

    The atmosphere of this place seemed a bit cramped with all the tables in a small area and a bit stark with the bare white walls and bright lights. Dimming the lights a smidge and getting rid of one table will probably make it feel a little bit better.

    Give it a try if you are close by. Hours are limited, so check those out before you go.

    Craig R.
    Kommentar von Craig R. von De Steeg Brewing
    10.3.2013 Holly, the walls have been painted and new light bulbs installed with dimmers to give the space a… Weiterlesen
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    Tried this place out a few weekends ago after hearing rave reviews from several folks. I was hesitant to try it out when I first heard about this place because the building itself has been at least 5 different restaurants since I had moved to the LoHi area. But since I had heard good things, I decided to give it a try.

    The hubs and I stopped in on a Sunday after calling ahead at 10:30, we were told that we could get on the list and probably have a table around 11:00, we arrived at 11:00 on the dot and then waited, and waited, and waited for a table. 45 minutes later, we finally were able to take a seat. This irritated me a little bit because why have a call ahead list if you still have to wait nearly an hour after you are told your table will be ready?

    Anyway, the staff was really friendly and nice despite the frustration with the table. The menu has a lot of unique sounding things on it but I went more of the traditional route with the egg + potato + bread + meat breakfast plate order. The hubs got biscuits and gravy. He really enjoyed his and I thought mine was pretty good. The bacon was "house made" so it was the thick cut style which was really good. The potato casserole on my dish was yummy but there was a small serving of it. Overall, the food was good but the portions seemed a little bit on the smaller side.

    The place itself has a very tea-house theme to it. It did feel quite Southern to me and maybe a bit 1940's even.

    Give it a try if you want to try out some unique Southern breakfast dishes. They serve shakes, which I didn't order, but sounded amazing. I need to keep that in mind for the next time I feel like drinking a milkshake.

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    19.7.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    It's been a while since I've had a chance to eat at Venue again, but last week the hubs & I got a chance to do so!

    The strange thing though is that it is really not as good as I remembered. The service was slow, the food came out slow, and I hate feeling ignored while trying to pay. Also, do they have A/C in this place? I was sweating (ew!) from heat the whole time we were there for dinner.

    Plus, the food was only alright, it seemed *super* salty. I cannot stand super salty food. There are so many other ways to flavor food than overloading it with salt. Bleh. We got dessert, too, and it wasn't even that good it just tasted stange, which is a shame because I remembered their desserts being delicious. Too bad.

    4.0 Sterne
    23.7.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I'm totally in love with Venue's Happy Hour. Especially their pork quesadilla and their ginger… Weiterlesen
    4.0 Sterne
    2.11.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I have been back for dinner twice now, since my first time (and review) to Venue. I must say, that… Weiterlesen
    4.0 Sterne
    28.7.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    A couple of friends of mine have been raving about this place for some time. I popped in for lunch… Weiterlesen
  • 3.0 Sterne

    I am a big fan of Denver Beer Co's location, right in the happening area of town where we all needed a brewery. It's close to me, so I venture here often. The setup is nice with the beer garden style of setup, nice big sliding garage doors, tables on a big patio, and the inside is really big.

    The beer however is alright. I haven't been absolutely smitten with anything I've had here yet, but I have enjoyed the Saison and the Graham Cracker Porter (which just won a Bronze award at GABF). The rotation of taps seems frequent though and they might not always have what you come in hoping to drink.

    The service is slow and not overly friendly. I took my my aunt & uncle here, on last time I went in and the bartender IDed them (they are in their 60s) - what's that about?

    Also, they let dogs inside the place - not only on the patio. I mean sure, dogs are great and all but isn't this against some sort of health code? Not all people like dogs/are not allergic to dogs - I wish places would realize this.

    A few simple things need to be kinked out and then this place will be a real winner!

  • 5807 W 38th Ave
    Wheat Ridge, CO 80212
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Its been a few years since I last dined at Red Tango so two weeks ago my fiance and our close friend decided to try it out again for dinner. It was just as I remembered, a funky reto building yet very nice atmosphere with really tasty food, and a very nice+attentive staff.

    We all settled in and ordered some Malbec and a round of empanadas (mmmm empanadas!) We we all really enjoying everything and having a hard time trying to decide on what to order for dinner because it all sounded so good. I ordered the Chile Relleno plate for $15. It came with two rellenos, choice of salad or soup and rice+beans. Needless to say I was well fed this evening. The food itself reminded me of the food I have had in New Mexico. Anyway, it was great and it was a fun destination to go out to with good company. Oh and did I mention they have CHOCOLATE tres leches cake? Yes. Amazing.

  • 2.0 Sterne
    3.3.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I guess it has been since August since I last went to Mead Street. The last experience made me not want to return for a while, so on a whim I decided to give it another try last week.

    They messed up my order again...not even a burger this time, something completely different than last time and still came to me wrong.

    The atmosphere makes me feel cramped and crowded like a sardine. The sweet potato fries (which there were more of this time) tasted bland and not as good as I remember...I've had better ones at many other places by now.

    To sum it up: those two stars remain.

    2.0 Sterne
    1.9.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I had an awful dinner here a few nights ago. I ordered a burger, which I was really excited about… Weiterlesen
    4.0 Sterne
    2.3.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    First things first, SWEET POTATO FRIES! And they are amazing!
    A full, extensive menu follows that…
  • 3.0 Sterne
    18.10.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    The queso, the tamales, and the margs still rock. Service is terribly slow.

    I tried to ignore it all the other times but the last time we were in, dinner took way longer than I had wanted it to take that evening.

    I'm sure I'll be back for happy hour but I will probably just skip this place when it's not happy hour. There is better service and food in the area for non-happy hour price.

    4.0 Sterne
    28.5.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Went back again to try out some more of the food.

    The green chili seemed spicier than I remember it…
    3.0 Sterne
    25.3.2012 Vorheriger Beitrag
    El Camino seems to be a popular spot among the West Highland folks, though I have only been a few… Weiterlesen
  • 3.0 Sterne

    Cubano sandwiches are slowly becoming a favorite of mine. Rather, the "Cuban Mix" as they call it here. I would say more like 3.5 stars for this review because I enjoyed my sandwich but I don't drink coffee, so I didn't order any of the coffee specialties mentioned by other yelpers. I did order a mojito instead though. I though that the service was very nice but a tad slow, and the food+drinks were good but a bit expensive for what you get. I will try this place out again though.

  • 3211 Lowell Blvd
    Denver, CO 80211
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    A fantastic locally owned shop stocked full of a unique selection of delicious international cheeses. One of the few places that you can find to buy Raclette cheese at. If you visit here for the first time, ask for the Ewephoria. It is sheep's milk made into a delicious cheese. Also, in the summer, they have gelato! Perfect.

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