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Best places to find used treasures around the Circle City.
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    One of a kind! If the half aqua, half white vintage camper with beautiful clothing surrounding it doesn't draw you in, the charming and stylish owner, Lesley Jean, will.  
    My friend and I were strolling off the Monon en route to Zest! Exciting Food Creations when we stumbled upon Yessiree in the parking lot of Vibes on 54th Street. Brilliant! A pop up vintage shop on wheels! Wherever this puppy rolls, smiles are sure to follow.

    First sight of Lesley's koi tattoo and clear thick frame glasses and we were in love. She welcomed us with open arms and shared how her business had stemmed out of her work on Etsy. In its first month of operation, Yessiree sells everything from pinup girl scarves and ornate costume rings to bags and vintage dresses. Think calico dresses, saucy brand name suits and rings with unique stones and trinkets on them. She told us that she finds many of the items at estate sales or simply by people calling her up for a treasure hunt. There seemed to be a story for each of the carefully-selected items. Prices were reasonable, so I couldn't hop on my bike and roll away without a dress. (I have a super duper serious dress addiction). I picked what I believe was a 70/80s era black/seafoam green number with a flared out waist for 20 buckaroos. Can't wait to see where she sets up shop next!

    Similar to food trucks, you can track Yessiree's location on Twitter: @YessireePetunia

  • 630 Virginia Ave
    Indianapolis, IN 46203
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    Any store that has an abundance of "junk" and oddities pouring onto the sidewalk typically doesn't have a hard time luring me in. Once I crossed the threshold of Reclaimed I was captivated by the beauties of the past hanging every which way and the scratchy record player humming me into a consumer lull. This diamond in the rough reminds me of the pretty stores and scenes you see in independent films -  crazy beautiful without trying.

    I found everything from the necessities for a meth lab to salvaged fixtures like door knobs and outlet covers. (For the record, the charismatic owner gave me the meth lab idea...) After being drawn to the racks of moderately priced vintage clothes and piles of records, I found myself fixated on something unexpected - denture molds. I'm not sure if it was the record music or my keen eye for radical pieces, but I couldn't have been more excited to purchase the molds that once welcomed two unfortunate souls into a life without their original chomps. What better conversational piece than two sets of teeth hanging on your living room wall? None that come to mind.

  • 111 E 16th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
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    I bought a dress. But, not just any dress. A dress that's quite possibly two sizes too small.

    As I rolled past Minx's gorgeous window display on 16th Street the other day I said to myself for the umteenthmillionth time, "Hey Britt! you should really make the time to stop in there!" (Like how enthusiastically I speak to myself?) Finally, a sassy white dress flared out at the hips in the window did me in - I put the Honda in park.

    When I saw the size of this sassy buyme dress, I knew I shouldn't ask the friendly shopkeeper to take it down for, there I was, asking her to take down a dress that I knew wasn't going to fit. Stubborn with a capital 'S'. And my stubborness didn't stop there. After a bit of work and shimmying, the dress straight out the 80's was reluctantly on (with a good two inches of zipping that just wasn't going to happen). I bought it. I couldn't leave without it. I'm boundass determined to learn to sew and make that dress work. And then once I figure it out for this one, I'll revisit Minx and continue to purchase items that don't fit me. Like how I have no intent to lose weight and fit the dress? Instead, I will make the dress work for me.

    Stepping up on my soap box:

    Okay, all you "going green" folks out there. You wanna know a great to save the planet without having to buy all sorts of overly priced organic garments? Think reduce, REUSE, recycle. Stop creating new clothing and make use of what's already here. Goodwill and me are like this (index+middle finger knotted). And now, Minx and me are like this (index+middle finger knotted).

    Stepping down from soap box.

    One more note: this place is a dinner party theme heaven. Within 15 minutes, I had decided to have a derby, 80s, lace and international dinner party.

  • 1420 SE 37th Ave
    Portland, OR 97214
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    If I wasn't already feeling guilty about the wod I spent earlier in the day on a rental car and other solo shenanigans, I would have tore this place up. With my to-go Thai food in tow, I thought I'd make a quick pit stop in here to see why there were so many people hitting the shopping scene hard on a Friday night at 9 p.m.

    Needless to say, I ate my coconut curry cold that night.

    Buffalo Exchange is a mixture of used and new items and allows customers to even trade. Prices were in the ballpark of what I'm willing to pay for used/vintage high-quality wearables with dresses priced around $15 and like new tweed winter jackets starting as low as $20. With the voice of Mcchounaughey from Dazed and Cofused "Alright, Alright, Alright."

    Other items you'll find: scarves, shoes, great window displays, a fairly even amount of items in both men's and women's "departments" and plenty of dresses for those of us who are too lazy to put on multiple layers. Next time I'm in Portland, I'll come ready - because not only were the prices friendly, but the state doesn't have sales tax to boot.

  • 646 Massachusetts Ave
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
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    Finally! Jeezum Petes, why, oh why, did it take me so long to stop into this business that is oh-so-perfectly located in my neighborhood? When I first caught wind of it, I couldn't have been more thrilled to see Mass Ave's retail scene grow by one.

    The bright and airy space reminds me of a scene straight out of Kinfolk magazine with ferns growing in terrariums and beakers serving as vases. I went in not looking for anything in particular - that's how it usually starts. My little sister's room is typically in need of a little TLC, so much to my excitement, The Inventorialist was selling 1960's anatomical project slides from IU. My sister is currently studying to be a nurse practitioner, so I couldn't help but snag two of these up: the anatomy of mosquitoes (because I found it oddly humorous) and the coronary system. I would have left the store with my arms full had it not been for my wallet-watching. Don't get me wrong, the prices aren't shabby, I just have a bit of an art buying "problem"...

    The inventory is constantly changing and Kristopher has excellent taste, so I can't wait to make my next visit! Highly recommend adding this fun business to your Mass Ave circulation - just don't wait around as long as I did ;)

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