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Overhyped and Just Plain Bad

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These are the places I feel that don't deserve my money.
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    This is one of those places where they can get away with really bad service because they're one of two options, and the other option is usually horrible.

    First of all, they only take cash. I know a lot of Asian places do this (and I know why too....), but since their food and drinks are cheap, it's fine.

    Second of all, they're really slow--even when it's not crowded. And when they're slow, all you can do is sit and watch those embarrassing Chinese pop videos, where all the girls make innocent, googly-eyed faces at you, and the guys....make innocent, googly-eyed faces at you.

    Third of all, they're really inconsistent. For example, some days, they want your receipt, and other days, they don't want it. Why can't I keep my damn receipt?!

    However, I keep coming back here because their drinks are better than Quickly's. I've tried the popcorn chicken, but I'll never do that again.

  • 3636 N Freeway Blvd
    Sacramento, CA 95834
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Oh, sushi buffets... How I hate thee, let me count the ways.

    I had declared my first sushi buffet (Fuji's in Davis, CA) to be my last, but Yelp knew my weakness and hit me with just the right food porn words. So, I gave in and went to check this place out for myself.

    It was a lot smaller than I expected, and the main attraction was of course the sushi buffet. It wraps in a huge circle and offers a lot of variety, mostly bad. I'm not a huge fan of sauced up sushi, but Mizu buffet loves them. I went for the simple rolls like spicy tuna or sashimi instead.

    At first, everything was quite fine. Until the fishyness (yes, I know, it's fish, but fish and fishyness are two completely different things, I'm sure of it) overpowered my senses and I couldn't even touch any of the sushi anymore. Guys. It's a sushi buffet, it's not going to be the freshest of fresh. Now, the 50% places don't have the freshest of fresh sushi... What would you say about sushi buffets? Right? Right.

    The hot foods weren't much of a save. Except for the black bean sauce clams. I hoarded them like a greedy little witch because it was the only thing I could stomach. Otherwise, the selection was limited and dismal. Some tasted decent, some were downright nasty. Blech.

    Service was typical of all Asian establishments.

    This really is the last time. Hopefully.

  • 2100 16th St
    Sacramento, CA 95818
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    Let me preface this review by saying that I have never really had a good experience with Quickly. They're like a poorly executed Tapioca Express and a haphazard imitation of Lolicup. But I'd heard that this one served tea eggs, so I thought, "why not?" Since I lived two hours away from my mother-in-law (who makes the most delicious tea eggs I have ever tasted), I was a little desperate.

    Unfortunately they were out of tea eggs this night. And the other night I went. And the other night before that. Disappointed for the third time, I decided to try their drinks. I ordered a large jasmine green tea with grass jelly and was presented with jasmine milk tea with grass jelly.

    At this point, this is turning into a train wreck that I can't get out of. Like a Final Destination sort of moment. I tell the cashier, "I didn't order milk with this," and she replaces my drink but doesn't offer to give me the change she owes. Several minutes later, after she's satisfied with her texting, she opens the drawer and half-heartedly waves me over to collect my change.

    It can't get any worse, right? The nightmare is over, I hope.

    Nope, I take a sip from my tea, and it is bitter. Most teas I get at boba places are slightly sweetened, even at other Quicklys. This one was devoid of any flavor except for one: bitter, bitter, bitter. I could have been eating a bitter melon and not know the difference.

    So long story short: I really miss my mother-in-law.

    Tip: don't get your hopes up.

  • 2.0 Sterne

    Nearly five stars and more than a hundred reviews. Huh. Well, isn't this awkward. I admit, I had high hopes for this place after reading the reviews, so maybe my standards went past the impossible mark. But still, my taste buds did not lie and they do not have nice things to say about this place.

    First of all, let me start with the positives. It's always good to be optimistic and then dropkick someone later on. The restaurant looks really nice. I appreciate the Buddhist art all around the room, especially the one with the novice kneeling down with his hands in anjali.

    The crispy tofu appetizer was lovely and it was a big portion, too. It was warm and stayed crispy throughout. Some places cut the tofu into triangular pieces, but I liked the more bite-sized pieces this place had.

    Everything good ended after the appetizers. Our Tom Yum soup was acceptable, but not nearly as spicy as I had wanted or expected it to be. The green curry was bland, bland, and bland. IT WAS BLAND. I was sooo disappointed. Do you know how disappointing bland food is for a Thai restaurant? Thai food is supposed to be full of flavors and spice just by default via the staple ingredients.

    There was another dish, but it was so unforgettable that I have already forgotten its name. It's going to be lonely in my fridge for a very long time and then see its miserable end at the bottom of my trash can. I didn't even bother taking the green curry home. I mean, I hate wasting food, but taking it home would mean that I was planning to eat more of it and I wasn't.

    The service is why this place gets two stars instead of just one. They were very polite and refilled waters without asking, which is all I ask for in service. It also seemed like they were very friendly with regulars, and that's always a nice thing to see in a restaurant.

  • 2.0 Sterne

    Pho? That wasn't pho. That was an overpriced bowl of glorified water with a few pieces of meat thrown in. It was so bland, and I can normally save bland soups by adding some fish sauce and sriracha sauce, but this one was stubborn. My fiancee can tolerate really bad pho, and he didn't even touch his.

    The spring rolls were different. Instead of using slices of boiled pork, they used bbq pork. Marinated sweet bbq + sweet peanut sauce is not a good combination, and I have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea.

    Prices are higher than your average pho place. Figures, since they're the only pho place in Davis. The service was fine, and they were polite enough.

    Tip: there's decent pho in Sacramento.

  • 3551 Truxel Rd
    Sacramento, CA 95834
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I'm a little horrified. When I was searching for this place to review on Yelp, I found out there were two of these suckers in Sacramento. ZOIKS! Here's the thing: there's no good Vietnamese cuisine anywhere in Natomas, except my place. And since I guard my house like it's a zombie apocalypse, I guess you're stuck with Wayside... Unless you make the drive to Stockton, where it's like a Vietnamese city within a city.

    But let's say you still want to take a chance and go here. It's close. Gas is pricy. You're lazy. You didn't read Yelp. Somebody held you at gun-point. Whatever. Here's what you can expect: You pay for your food first; you get your own drinks (they used to get it for you, but I guess they thought that was too much work and cut it out); they bring you your food (if it's pho, you can be sure that it's an insult to Vietnamese cuisine in a bowl); finally, you wonder how you're going to eat all that cause they will probably forget to give you utensils. ENJOY!

    Tip: Try not to look at them cooking your food. Or at the one guy who's cleaning all the tables with a dirty rag and then handling your food without washing his hands.

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    Nothing makes me sadder than when comics are in a total state of chaos and disarray.

    The place is cramped. Not just people, mind you. Books, comics, EVERYTHING is just fighting for space in this tiny store. Everything is dirty. Nothing is kept in good condition. I found Infinite Crisis vol 1 on the (what I assume to be) new comics shelf with a page nearly ripped off; it was barely hanging on for dear life.

    I asked for some comics and when I was looking through the issues the cashier gave me, he actually told me not to bend the comics. I've been collecting comics since I could read, and this guy, who can barely tell what's on his shelves, tells me not to bend the comics?

    Maybe I should have shoved the Infinite Crisis vol 1 issue in his face.

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    You know how sometimes people will say the name of a particular restaurant, and your stomach will violently react to it? Yeah, I think Fuji's is that restaurant for me.

    It was my first time going to a sushi buffet, and I suspect that it might be my last. Everything was fishy, but not in a good way at all. In a "I'm suspicious of this foul smelling fish" way. And while I was debating whether I should swallow down the frozen sashimi or not, for fear of being charged extra for not finishing food, a little friendly cockroach climbed down the wall and advised me not to.

    Thank you, Mr. Cockroach. And no thanks to the waiter that smoothly dumped water all over my table, missing my glass by nearly a mile.

    I paid, left, and I believe I'll be crying to my toilet for the rest of the night.

  • 2.0 Sterne

    Reviewing Dim Sum only!

    I was craving some dim sum and decided to go to the best place for my craving: Chinatown in San Francisco. Since I love trying new places, I decided to go with a friend's suggestion to try this place. She had never been, either. I was expecting fantastic dim sum and was completely underwhelmed. I wonder if I just went on an off day....However, my whole table agreed that the food was just not up to par and not all that great.

    It was packed when we came at around 11 am, and to me, that is always a good sign. The place is pretty big, and they have seating downstairs, as well. The wait wasn't very long, even though it was saturday and very crowded.

    The food:
    To be honest, the food was decent but very forgettable. The only things that were memorable were so horrible that I can't even forget them. I love sticky rice in lotus leaf, but the rice was not that tasty or sticky, and they didn't have the kind of egg that I usually find in sticky rice at other places. Secondly, their egg custard tart was just unforgivable. Small, oily, and stale. I took one bite---instant sadface.

    Other than that, the food came in good sized portions, and prices were great. For 4 people and a table full of food, it was only $42!

    Actually, the hargow was pretty good tasting, but like I said, very average. Okay, but not great.

    I actually liked the service here. The service is not as good as some places I've been to, but they actually got me waters whenever I requested some, even when it was super crowded and busy. Place looked decently clean, surprisingly. When crowded, the restaurant is insufferably tight and small. I literally had to squeeze through everything and everyone just to get anywhere. The bathrooms are TINY, with only two stalls. Some old lady actually peeked into my stall to check if it was occupied--EEEK! Somebody fix those gaps between the stalls/doors; they're so wide, I could see a whole person inside or outside!

    Overall, I was pretty disappointed. Two stars for service, really. I came here expecting better, and given all the good reviews for this restaurant, maybe I should have experienced better. Maybe it was off day, but I don't live close enough to try again.

  • 2281 Del Paso Rd
    Sacramento, CA 95835
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Ick and NASTY.

    When I go for FroYo, I go for the fruit toppings as much as the tarty frozen yogurt itself.

    They mostly had PIE fillings as toppings. PIE fillings. I'm sorry if I sound incredulous, I've just never seen such blasphemy in my life. It was syrupy and gross.

    Ah, but wait! There is fruit! I believe there were two options? Strawberry or blueberry? WHO KNOWS because the fruit was all bruised and neglected. They don't bother to refill crap here. Well, it looks like crap anyway, so I guess they have the right idea there.

    After a good sushi meal and anxiously awaiting froyo, I stuck the spoon in my mouth and had a moment of, "I regret this" INSTANTLY.

  • 1.0 Sterne

    Ugh, why is it that mediocre food and mediocre service always seems to foreshadow you taking solace in your toilet?

    And really, three eggrolls cut in half to make it look like you have six do NOT merit an $8 price tag.

  • 1.0 Sterne

    Ridiculous food, ridiculous names, and dirty, dirty place.

    There was a lipstick print still left on my fiancee's water glass. Don't they wash their dishes here?

    I was sad to say that I had to interpret my most favorite Vietnamese soup (Canh Chua -- Sweet and sour/pineapple soup) from the stupidest name I have ever seen--WISH FULFILLING JEWEL SOUP? What kind of bogus religion crap is this? This is coming from a Buddhist, so don't take offense, all you Buddhists out there. I wasn't even sure that it was what it was at first, but had to bite down and hope that it was.

    The Thai tea... I don't even want to... Well, maybe I want to. BLAND. HORRIBLE. They should give it away for free, considering how much water they put in that nasty garbage.

    The food was overpriced. Way overpriced. The $11 Wichi (or something equally stupid for a name) noodles were... I can't even describe it. The sauce was too overpowering. It was sweet, but then it was much too salty all at the same time. And there were about six pieces of fried ..flat..things--NOT noodles.

    If they're going to have ambiguous names on their menu, then they should have better descriptions. Pictures would be nice. At least, that way, I'd know I was paying $11 for three pieces of baby corn and five pieces of mushroom (NOT exaggerations because I'm a cheap-ass and actually counted) And then, I'd proceed to slap myself silly and walk out of the restaurant for even contemplating it.

    First and last time, Andy Nguyen's. First and last time. I hope the owner of this restaurant isn't actually Vietnamese. What a disgrace.

    The last word: $3 FOR A BOWL OF WHITE RICE?! Shame on you.

  • 2.0 Sterne

    I think 2/5 stars is pretty generous, given the food and service I was given here.

    The Service
    The lady that waited on us reserved her greetings and smiles for Korean-only people. Once she knew that we were decidedly not Korean, she never spoke to us again until we paid. The restaurant was pretty empty, but for some reason our side dishes came out only mere minutes before our mushroom tofu soup/gal-bee did. We actually stared at our side dish tray for quite awhile as it lay there on an adjacent table before it was actually brought to us.

    The Food
    Simply put, their food was bland and their portions were small. I've gotten much better Korean food before. Their soup completely lacked the flavors and spices that I've been accustomed to when it comes to soondubuu. Even the color of the soup seemed off. I guess I am just used to my soups being so spicy that it comes out red. Their gal-bee was alright, hence a star or two. The rice was also okay. Nothing special. Their side dishes should have been more abundant, though.

    Overall, I can't believe I was fooled by all the good ratings.

  • 1.0 Sterne

    This place is ridiculous. What burger joint runs out of beef patties? Really? REALLY? It seemed like they were out of everything. I almost stood up and walked the hell out of there, but I decided, "alright. Turkey patties. S'okay. I like turkey." Turns out, I really don't like turkey at Johnny Rocket's. It was bland and unsatisfying, everything a burger should not be.

    Then, they forgot to give me a straw and a spoon for my shake. What, did they run out of those, too? I asked one of the waiters for a spoon, got a nod, and then I watched him clean THREE tables and completely ignore us. I had to flag down another waiter for a stupid spoon.

    Usually, I'll shell out the money for JR's overpriced burgers because they're pretty good. But at this place? Almost makes me weep.

    Never coming to this JR again.

  • 1.0 Sterne

    Once upon a time, I ate sushi from Safeway and I ate sushi from here. I am so sad to say that I prefer Safeway's sushi to here. So sad.

    I used to go here before I discovered Yelp, but do I have to spare Miyake from my wrath? Where's the fun in that? So here we go:

    Service is lame. Non-existent. More like serve-yourself. I remember one time I asked a guy to give me more water, and he haughtily told me that he wasn't my server. Really? REALLY? I kind of wanted to fire back, "I have a server?! WHERE?" But alas, I didn't want any spit in my food or water....

    Food sucks, unless you're just eating the miso soup and the salad here. Don't ever get the rolls. They're fishy in two ways: suspicious and NOT fresh at all. I always just stick to the spicy california roll (which I ironically have to add pepper flakes to myself...) Their bento used to be a good deal...If I were to ever return, that is.

    Oh, Miyake. This place is like the ex-boyfriend I never want to see again because he was such a loser and never gave you your stuff back.

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