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My heart goes a flutter in and around these dysrhythmic places...
  • 2555 N Pulaski Rd
    Chicago, IL 60639
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    You can not miss this tiny shack of a store front with customers  constantly in and out the door.  The only reason I write this review is because the *Eatery that my group and I had in mind was closed.  Considering our starting point we wanted to make the most of our gathering.  When people ask me if I want Cuban, I do not falter.  I am all over Cuban food, but the place is not suited for groups to sit and while away the time talking.  This place is a order your food, watch some movies that play up on the wall mounted TV, and carry out the goods.  El Cubanito perfects the Cuban sandwich and offers 3 other sandwiches, and breakfast options.  Cafe con leche @ $2.  We came, we ordered (pretty much one of each sandwich), and we drank the cafe con leche.  We even purchased movies with titles that list on the 'Soon to be on DVD/Bluray' ads for a steal.  The steak, chicken, Cuban and timba sandwich are all very yummy and oh so good.  I would make my way to a place like this often if not for the mileage that keeps us apart.  But the sweet goodness of the Guava jam, and the savory tastings of Cuban are hard to stay away from.  
    If you are around the area, order for take out.  You wait for each sandwich to be made, but you get to feel of the vibe of the hard working customers who come and eat good food at a not so expensive price.  Each sandwich ranged $4-$6, with sides around $2.  Enjoy!

  • 393 S Milwaukee Ave
    Wheeling, IL 60090
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    This suburban Seafood location has been the place to go for all things living under the sea without becoming a 'Has been.' I recently revisited Chinn's House with a few other Lady friends to reminisce the college days.  I knew the place was not going to be a quiet place but it is not hard to carry a conversation. It is not the  'romantic' spot for a couple of love birds, but it has the right draw for those looking for meat less options as well as 'Land- lubber' types or those ppl looking for drink specials. Each Lady friend fit one of these categories.
    My seafood was spot on for the stuffed halibut and the side of potato.  One of the gals ate prime rib which she proclaimed was a bit fatty, but it looked tasty. ( I'm pretty sure prime rib is suppose to have a fair amount of gristle).
    The mai tai drinks were ordered as a pitcher. I would have to recommend to order by the glass because the mai tai tasted watered down if not consumed right away.  Also to mention since one of our gal pals did not imbibe the alcohol her glass of ice was added to the pitcher by our waitress.  The drinks tasted watered down after the first round.  It was like topping off the remaining glasses with fruity water.
    I had never ordered a mai tai in pitchers thus would have never thought twice.
    **You have been warned.  I usually love the Mai Tai and would thus order my own glass.  
    Seafood choices that were ordered were very fresh. The crowd of people seemed endless.  We waited 45 minutes for a table (this wait time was to be expected). The lines that people are herded into liken to the lines at a small but favorite amusement ride. 'Cuz you know the ride is going to be good and yet you continue to subject yourself to the wait times.:)
    The food is good, the staff are polite and knowledgeable, and people will wait to eat the food here.
    The garlic rolls now come to the table, "halfsies" not whole, but still tasting yummy.
    The doors within the restaurant are one way exits. So if you leave the dining area and find your way to a bar/waiting area to use your phone you have to go back around from the way you entered to get to your table. I guess to keep people from cutting into lines @at peak hours. Not a big deal, but I caught a few stares from diners watching me figure out how to open the door from the wrong side like walking into the exit door @ the grocery store.  I may have been the entertainment for the night.  I guess it is a good thing I have small fingers!?
    The food is $$ and you get what you pay for and worth every penny. That being said, I Ieave this place for the special occasions.  Like reminiscing with your college buddies over great food and (usually) great drink. Enjoy!

  • 2.0 Sterne
    18.8.2012 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Oh you did it made your changes gradual.
    The new decor: from wok pans on the walls to prints of the homeland.  
    The menu: folded paper menu to a newer more sturdy version with even more choices to add to the plethora of options.
    And the most dynamic of changes was the STAFF.

    Why I ask? Why change something that was not needing a change?

    What do you have now with all the changes?

    The food became passable, and the setting became dismal. When the ultimate change in staff shocked and dismayed us and made us seldom patrons.

    The only pull for us to come back was my love for all things Pho.
    But since my visit last night I was even too embarrassed to check-in.

    I ate the #130 probably for the last time since you seem to think it is ok to serve the side dish condiments of bean sprouts as the slimey grey color and with a strong over-it's-prime smell (Just a step away from spoiled.)

    You served my kids the orange chicken spicy, but had previous staff been there this would have been clarified with us at the time of ordering and changed to mild as we always order.

    And as we stayed to while the time away none of our plates were ever cleared out.

    I mourn for the fact that I will not be a frequent diner as well as the loss of a friendship that was found at your restaurant.

    My need for Pho was complete when you popped up in 2010, but now with all the changes, well then I too will have to make a change and fill my need elsewhere in 2012.

    4.0 Sterne
    27.10.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    The star rating needs to elaborate on the fact that
    3.5 stars awarded for food
    4 stars awarded for…
  • 1855 Waukegan Rd
    Glenview, IL 60025
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    The unassuming store front sits along busy Waukegan road neighboring other tiny stores in the strip.  If you do not watch carefully you may miss the drive into the parking lot.  
    The place itself is small but the aromas and delicious scents are huge and inviting.  The tantalizing meats roasting behind the doors makes your mouth water upon first entering.  You know someone is busy cooking back there and can easily recall a past memory of mom in her apron at home.  
    I had been a fan of this place even before I set foot into the B&M store.  Previous hosts and hostesses have served me a plate of the the famous brisket.  I had heard similar stories of the brisket being fork tender after roasting in the oven for hours.  The brisket comes in a disposable tin, already seasoned and spiced with directions on how to cook and how long to cook depending on weight of the meat.  
    I decided to put my own apron on and serve the brisket at a family party.  Took a tip from the young butcher/apprentice (?) to add some veggies in the last hour of roasting and.... 'Voila...Christmas (add on) dinner entree.'
    You had to get it while it was hot because seconds for this dish were a no go unless you wanted to have at it with the roasted veggies that were left.  
    A couple tips:
    The meat is frozen when buying (so for some meat aficianados this may not fly...but taste and quality were not hastened).  
    I called first to make sure I did not have to preorder and the polite staff told me to come on in.  
    I reduced the sauce that the meat cooks in before serving and added a wee bit more salt.
    I may also roast the veggies on their own next time.  
    Meat prices ranged $45 - $55 dollars for each Brisket pan.  

  • 9707 Milwaukee Ave
    Glenview, IL 60025
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Come here if you want to catch a game, drink a special of the night, sing a karaoke tune or two, chat with the patrons, and/or eat pizza and chicken wings in one of the booths.
    Come here if you want to celebrate friendship, family ,and fun for a 1st Communion, a renewal of vows, or even a low key outing sans kiddies.
    Check on all the above and you have a low key, easy outing, with good food, drink, and camaraderie.
    Yes, you read this right. I recently held an event with close family and friends for a 1st Communion celebration and left it up to my son to pick the theme. He wanted pizza, and I wanted a place that was close in proximity, that could close down for a few hours for just us. We packed in about 60-65 people and had them eat pizza, pasta, wings, salad, dessert, and drinks. The place allowed for the older adults to sit, and allowed room for the young adults to lounge at the bar, and the youngsters to move around to chat among their tiny tot crew.

    During Valentine's day weekend, I invited a group to renew their wedding vows at my parish and join my husband and I to dinner, drinks and Karaoke. This place fits the bill for that special occasion that does not need the white table cloths and the RSVP in advance for a prix fixed meal @ $150/couple.

    I have been here with my family who all rave about the pizza, the chicken fingers, and the Homer's ice cream. Yay! They even serve Sorbet for my dairy allergy kiddos! (I special request an ice scream scooper only used for sorbet).

    The all time favorites are the Pinocchio's thin crust, the Large chicken wings (comes with all parts of the wing), the  mostaccioli with meat sauce, Homer's ice cream, and drink specials.

    The place delivers.
    Entrance to the parking lot off Greenwood and Milwaukee street.

    When you go say hello to Roger and Pauline for me! Enjoy!

  • 5.0 Sterne

    I must be hard wired since my first taste in high school. The truly mouthwatering wing that bears your name makes one drool and dream for the delights.
    This place has been a neighborhood gem for many years. I would have to say that since the beginning weeks of football season there is nothing that can compare to a BJ and a beer!
    I know why the sexual innuendo (it's not my usual style:) ....b/c it is true, football season or not this place is the best. These wings rock.
    Single and Double orders or Single Party Tray or Double Party Tray. Suicide sauce on the side use to house whole jalapenos and now are chopped up and still so delicious.
    On my latest excursion to this place I placed the order over the phone thinking how the occasion called for an order that fits b/t Double order and Single party pan. My subconscious wanted the Single party pan for plenty of leftovers and to make sure no one was left without their fill. The practicality of it all was no need to spend more than what was needed.
    I ordered over the phone and was told it would be 10-15 minutes.
    By the time I picked up my order and pay (CASH ONLY) I ordered $50 worth of tantalizing wings. Pleasant surprise on my part. My subconscious won in the end and my longing for Joe's was satiated for the time being. :)
    Luckily, the gathering was a success, (I can not say the same for the Bears), and no leftovers to take home.
    Eat in and cafeteria style until you pay for your order and catch the game in the eatery on flat screen. Enjoy!

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