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    A quick review for a quick bite to eat!

    It was Monday night football the 49ers were playing the Redskins (destroying the Redskins) and we had thirty minutes to kill before doing a notary in Lafayette.  As usual I was hungry and wanted a quick snack.  Amy suggested the 3 cheese garlic bread so we walked into the bulls eye bar and I quickly ordered my food to go.  

    Inside the bar they were doing an auction for cool prizes and they were using some kind of money people accrued during the Monday night football games at the bar.  The prizes were great and if I had any of that money I would have tried to get the jersey they were giving away.

    I asked for the check which came out to 6.50.  I didn't even blink, took out my credit card and paid the bill.  When the food arrived we grabbed it and left.  It came in a huge platter like to go box and what was inside was a different story.  There were six small pieces and after Amy asked me how much it cost it was kind of a shock.  6 pieces of bread one of them  (THE BUTT) was super small,comes out to more than a dollar a piece.  COME ON BLACK ANGUS DON'T BE THAT GREEDY.

    So price and amount out of the way the taste is really the reason why I gave them four stars and not three.  The amount of melted cheese green onions and spices was perfect.  From the first to the last bite it was great.

    The service was also pretty good since their was quite a few people in there for the game and auction.  Our server slash bartender knew that we were in a hurry and had someone go back to check on our food to see if it was ready which was really nice of her to do.  

    Over all a good experience, the service was good, the food was good but either the price needs to come down or the amount needs to go up for me to order that again.

  • 2260 Marina Blvd
    San Leandro, CA 94577
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    Marina Liquors is located in the same shopping center as Dream Fluff Donuts 2 for everyone who read my last review.  There must be something in the pavement on the corner Marina blvd and Doolittle because everyplace I eat at, I fall in love with.  

    This is pretty much the same liquor and deli you would find any where else with bottles of liquor, sodas, snacks, and a small deli counter ready to feed you.  The sandwiches that come out of this deli are terrific.  

    I either get turkey or salami sandwich and I always get the sourdough roll and that's where the magic happens.  "bow chick a wow wow"  that's love making music people.   The bread is so fresh and so clean and delicious from the first to the last bite.  It's crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside just like a cuddly armadillo.

    Besides the sandwiches I haven't eaten much else from Marina Liquors, but the staff is always friendly and usually if there is a line at the counter they move through everyone pretty quick.  

    The only thing that I'm not a fan of at Marina Liquors is they have a 50 cent charge to use a credit card.  

    There is no place to sit down and enjoy your sandwich so be prepared to take it somewhere else, and if you don't know the area San Leandro Marina is right around the corner.

  • 1250 Contra Costa Blvd
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
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    You know it's going to be a good day when the first thing the wife asks you when you get up is, "what time does Magoo's Grill stop serving breakfast?"  Well its 2:00 in the afternoon for everyone who didn't know.  

    Breakfast is my favorite meal by far and if I ever have the choice between breakfast or lunch I'm going with breakfast.

    On Sunday morning after we decided to use our Amazon Local deal that we bought for Magoo's Grill.  This deal came with 1 Mimosa or 1 Bloody Mary and Eggs Benedict (Traditional, Vegetarian, or Royale) for each person.  You were also able to trade the Eggs Benedict out for any other breakfast item on the menu if you so desired.  

    My wife has been on an Eggs Benedict kick lately so she was super happy with the deal as it stood, but I chose to go with a more traditional breakfast.  Two eggs over easy, with crunchy hash browns, sausage links, and sourdough toast

    When we first walked in there wasn't anyone ready to sit us so we walked back towards the bar and found a table in the back.  A waitress came pretty quickly and asked if we were having breakfast or lunch, and then handed us the corresponding menus.  As she set down the menus she also brought both of us a glass of water which was nice that we got them so quick and didn't have to ask for them.  

    We then told her about the living social deal and how we would both like a Bloody Mary instead of the Mimosa.  She then took our food order and within a couple of minutes we had our newly made drinks in our hands.  I like Bloody Mary's but let me tell you, this Bloody Mary was STRONG and after one drink I felt it.

    Thankfully, the food arrived very shortly and there was a problem with my wife's but everything on my plate was perfect.  The problem with Amy S.'s (my wife), was that she wanted the hollandaise sauce on the side and they forgot.  The waitress was really good about it and had the cook fix up another one and she even gave Amy S. another Bloody Mary on the house which she really didn't need.  I'm sure if I was feeling the first and only drink that I had she was definitely feeling two of them.    

    I love crunchy hash browns and these were some of the best I have ever had.  The only downside was I didn't get a very big portion of them but my wife made up for it by giving me some of hers which was actually a much bigger portion.  The sausage links were dynamite; they were cooked perfectly and had a great taste.  The two eggs were just how I like them cooked and exactly how I ordered them Over Easy. This seems harder and harder to find nowadays, a cook, which can cook, the perfect egg.  

    In the end we walked out of Magoo's Grill with full bellies, smiles from the Bloody Mary's, and a great brunch deal.

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    Best Liquor Store Ever!

    I love this store!  The employees are all extremely nice and they always have a smile on their face.  The store is conveniently located close to where we live and I was in there today and the guy working behind the counter took my credit card and said my name and he stuck out his hand and said his name was Sunny (not sure if i spelled that correctly).  He said its nice to officially meet you.   This is the type people that run small businesses that I truly like spending my money at.

  • 5 Canyon Lake Dr
    Port Costa, CA 94569
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    Beitrag des Tages 7.7.2013

    Best Bar By the Bay!

    I love this place.  It's almost like you are taking a step back in time when you walk through the doors of the Warehouse Cafe.

    The bar is amazing with a huge list of beers from around the world, and a usually very friendly bartender who knows how to take care of all the different types of patrons.  As you walk into the bar, Usually the first thing that I see is a GIANT Polar Bear that is standing up.  Its not every day that you get to see a stuffed Polar Bear at a bar.  

    Usually the wife and I will order from the bar and head outside where we can soak up the sun and watch the giant boats float down the Carquinez Straits.  It is a great way to an beautiful California sunny day.

  • 2363 San Pablo Ave
    Oakland, CA 94612
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    Not a bad little store. I stopped here while in Oakland visiting my father-in-law at his shop not far away. Grabbed a soda and some candy and it was a painless stop. In and out pretty quick with my handfuls of sugar.

  • 3555 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    We wanted to try this place because we kept walking by on our way to the valet, so we finally sat down and enjoyed a beer.  We tried the amber which was on tap and it wasn't to bad.  

    The bar was empty and this was usually the case as we walked by it so many times.  While we were there there was actually another patron and I think that was the most business the place got the whole week we were there.

  • 1114 Meadow Ln
    Concord, CA 94520
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    Great Local Bar.  

    I am new to this bar and I have only been in here twice, and both times the wife and I had a great time.  

    The first time was St. Paddy's day and we went there with a couple of friends and boy did it turn out to be a great day to go to the bar.   The first drinks of green beer were free, can you believe that free (my favorite word in the English language) and if I was a woman they got another shot for free.

    The beer was really good, the owners and bartenders were extremely nice and we will definitely be heading back to Milo's Lounge Bar in the near future.

    There is also a pool table in the back and TV's for sports above the bar.

  • 2068 Treat Blvd
    Walnut Creek, CA 94598
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    This is a great little dive bar located in the back of Countrywood Plaza with three pool tables, a couple of dart boards, and Karaoke if you come on the right day of the week.  The drinks are pretty cheap for a bar located in Walnut Creek and most of the time the bar has a few people in it but if you wanted to play pool you are usually can. Some Friday and Saturday nights the place gets a little packed but it doesn't normally take too long to get a drink.

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