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Rocky is a German shepherd mix I rescued in April '08. He's such an awesome dog! Here is a list of things and places he loves.
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    They used to be closed every Monday for maintenance, but that's recently be changed to every Tuesday only until 11AM. Yippee skippee!

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    Today is a gorgeous day, so I decided to take Rocky to the park for some pre-Superbowl fun. Two… Weiterlesen
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    Rocky adores humans and soaks every drop of human attention he can, but mingling with members of his… Weiterlesen
  • PO Box 427
    Neptune City, NJ 07754
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    I've had to throw out more than half of the toys I've bought for my dog because he has the jaws of a T. Rex and chews right through everything. Nylabone makes Nylabone Durables and they're one of the very few toys that actually lasts more than 5 seconds.

    Rocky has the Nylabone Durable ring and the bones in chicken, ham, and dog safe chocolate. Yes, that's right, they make a chocolate flavored bone! That's the one I'd wanna sink my teeth into if I was a dog. Man does Rocky love 'em! They're great because they help him get his daily chew fix and help his teeth stay healthy. And pssst....I have secret to share with you. You can get super deals on Nylabone products at

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    Canine Hardware, thank you, thank you, thank you for inventing the Chuckit! ball launcher!!! I bought one several months ago and used it to teach my dog how to fetch. My dog is now a pro fetcher and adores his Chuckit! When he sees me taking it out of the hallway closet, he goes bananas because he knows I'm taking him out to the field to chase after his beloved Chuckit! ball.

    I'm a big fan, too! The Chuckit! allows me to throw the ball the almost the entire length of the field with little effort. And it helps my dog get a great workout. It's totally a lifesaver when I'm exhausted and don't have the energy to take him for a long walk. I'm sure dog owners everywhere can agree with me on that.

    To current Chuckit! fans and fans to be, make sure to buy the Chuckit! brand rubber ball if you don't already have one. It's waaaaaay better than a tennis ball. It has more bounce, travels further, and lasts much longer. Awesome product!

  • 5625 Snell Ave
    San Jose, CA 95123
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    I like to stop by Pet Club if I'm in the area. The customer service isn't superb and it isn't super clean, but the prices are right. I usually buy dog treats here. I really appreciate that they sell a variety of hard-to-find biscuit treats without corn, soy, or wheat-- essential for dogs with food allergies of sensitive tummies. Tip: they only accept cash or debit card.

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    I used to love you guys. What happened to free shipping with purchases of $49 and up? And why are you out of stock on tons of your better products? Grrr....

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    1.12.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag is great! After i adopted my dog, I went searching for a website where I could find good… Weiterlesen
  • 1819 W San Carlos St
    San Jose, CA 95128
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    I came here for the first time about 1 month ago after reading a few reviews on yelp. It's not a fancy place at all. Actually it looks pretty outdated and a little sketchy, but the staff is so great that you forget about that aesthetic stuff. The receptionists are friendly over the phone and in person. Also, I was so impressed by how caring the vet was. He took the time to listen to the concerns I had about my dog and explained the plan of care very clearly. And I loved how gently he handled my dog during his examination. The services are quite reasonable and they didn't try to talk me into unnecessary procedures. The vet exam and meds cost me about $80 total and I now have a dog that is back to his normal self. I'll definitely bring Rocky here again.

  • 1789 E Capitol Expy
    San Jose, CA 95121
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    Rocky is my German Shepherd mix and his tummy is  super, super sensitive. If he eats a small portion of something he's allergic to, it's diarrhea central. A few months ago while we were out, he got into my boyfriend's Korean short ribs and he had the runs all over my WHITE carpet. It smelled and it stained! It was so bad that I had to rent a machine to shampoo my rugs. Needless to say, I have to be very cautious when giving him food.

    Since I adopted him 9 months ago, I've tried 4 different types of food. His stomach agreed with Science Diet for sensitive stomachs, but after a month he wouldn't touch the stuff. I think he got tired of the taste. I went to Pet Food Express to see if they had any suggestions. The sales associate asked me some questions about my dog, and recommended Royal Canin MAXI German Shepherd. She gave me a 20% discount (sweet!) since it was my first time trying that brand and said I could always return the food if it didn't work out, no questions asked. It's been 4 months and Rocky has been diarrhea free (yay!) and still enjoys his food.

    P.S. Pet Food Express, you're 1 star short of a 5 star rating because I wasn't greeted when I entered the store. And after walking around the store for 15 minutes, I still wasn't acknowledged. I had to approach the sales associate for assistance. Otherwise, my experience was a pleasant one.

  • 1638 Headland Drive
    Fenton, MO 63026
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    I adore everything about my dog, Rocky-- everything except his amazing shedding ability. I could seriously do without that. He sheds daily, but it seems like twice a year he goes into super shedding mode. When that happens, he releases enormous amounts of fur and it attacks everything. Fur is on my clothes, on my sheets, and embedded in my carpet. I'm most annoyed when I find a strand of fur on my lip or in my mouth. Ewwww!!!!

    I'll always remember the day I found the FURminator. It's the best pet brush out there! It's the Terminator of all pet brushes ever made. I know that sounded stupid, but it's TRUE.  I get handfuls of fur each time I brush my dog, which means less fur scattered around the condo, which means a happier me. He actually likes being brushed with this thing and it makes his coat soooooo soft. Love it! I almost wanna invite people over to try it out on their dogs, but I won't. Go get one! You won't be disappointed.

    P.S. At PetSmart it sells for over $50, but I found one on Ebay for $26 and shipping was free.

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