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  • 5.0 Sterne

    Best Chai Tea - hands down.

    I question the barista of every establishment:
    "Is your Chai Spicy?"
    Usually they say yes.
    But it never meets
    the kick
    of Cafe Perg's Chai.  

    I miss this place with it's attitude in Barista, style and music.

    Also, it has great outdoor seating.

    Disclosure: The bathroom is scary.

  • 1509 Mission St
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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    5.0 Sterne

    This is not Godiva -its 100 times better!

    Spicy Creamy richness - the Chipotle chocolate is my fav.
    When I need some happiness - I eat the rose or lavender chocolates.

    Such unique flavors.

    The owner is nice.
    They have cold water to keep your chocolates from melting on the way home.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    I have been to this joint too many times to count. And every time I am completely satisfied by their yummy organic vegetable based dishes. I agree with Greycell that this place grows on you. At first you will say ehh it was ok - but once you get over the hype and take it for what it is - you will come back craving it.

    Here is the lowdown on how I proceed when ordering here:

    As a vegetarian their mushroom topping is phenomenal but I save my money and forgo the topping because the dishes are huge on their own. My boy however wants his chicken and goes for the topping - it makes sense.

    If I do feel like their mushrooms I will give them my focus by ordering a gorgeous sandwich on beautiful bread with cilantro and carrots.

    Sometimes upon ordering their sandwich I order a side of veggies so I feel like I got all my vitamins.

    I never order noodle dishes (they just don't do it for me here)
    I never order their soup - not that good.

    All of their rice dishes rule!

    Don't get their specials - they are never as good as the originals.

    Their hot tea rules and they offer free refills - oolong and jasmine.

    Rule of thumb - no matter how hungry you are make sure you don't eat it all at once. Take alot home and eat it later that night if you have to, but don't finish it all while there - its too fricken much!

    Oh and always secure sirracha sauce as you may want to place some on every bite. Yeah its sugarry and spicy and addiciting but it can sometimes make your night.

    Those are my rules of charlie hong kong - may  they serve you well.

    Oh and I think the question - is the name and photo racist? - offers for good discussion.

    It seems to be trying at a postmodern thing that avoids racism --- but I still think its racist.

  • 406 Mission Street Suite E
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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    Jeff and Laurie have created their healing center from the heart. I began working for them as a massage therapist just after they finished building and designing this lovely clinic.

    I also began treatments from Jeff - who is in my opinion the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. Since I have moved I have not been able to find anyone that compares. He is amazing at listening and gives stellar treatments that always exceed my expectations.

    A great practice! I highly recommend them.

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    Oh WOW - expectations surpassed ten fold.

    I am a qualified vegan baked goods judge: I was vegan for four years and now I am a vegetarian. I have had many baked goods, vegan and not and I can honestly say:

    BLACK CHINA BAKERY takes the mother***** cake!

    Their cake and brownies are the most rich, moist, delicious morsels you will ever taste on this earth.


    I was told to buy a vegan cake - I was on my way to visiting Santa Cruz and alas yelp led me here.

    After eating at charlie hong kongs - I walked four doors down and arrived at this very well decorated hang out with a lovely garden and we proceeded to buy the most gorgeous chocolate cake I have ever seen. We purchased a few brownies and cupcakes too - all vegan.

    The brownies were very moist almost like fudge - and very chocolatey. If you are vegan and have felt like you are missing out, your every wish will be satisfied if you come here.

    The cake was not only gorgeously decorated but was amazing! It was extremely rich - the frosting tasted not to sweet but just like candy that I wanted to keep eating along with the cake.

    This is definitely special occasion material and its not overpriced for being so specialty.

    Check this place out!!!!!

  • 2015 N Pacific Ave
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
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    First I will get to the point - come here and purchase some incense. Its called Sacred Spirit incense and its amazing for meditation - unlike any I have ever experienced - and they are each different scents and colors for different purposes. Its easy to get to if you park in downtown Santa Cruz its on the street across from Saturn Cafe.

    I came across this store while living in Santa Cruz and I return to keep my supply of incense in check. I am into alternative healing and rituals - massage therapy, acupuncture - and I enjoyed going in here to expand my knowledge of alternative faiths and cultures and rituals.

    There are a lot of rituals based on nature and gods and goddesses that have been pushed below from dominant culture due to major religions ulterior motives. This is a great place to enjoy exploring the vast realm of beliefs - with great books on varied subjects, great tarot card selection, and statues that make you want to learn more.

    I recommend checking out their incense (sacred spirit) and used clothing selection.

    The owner I believe does readings which I have never done but would like to.

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