Baby, it's cold outside So pass me a bowl of hot slurpy goodness
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    30.9.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I needed to update this just for my soup list. I can't believe I have never mentioned how much I LOVE the soup at World Peace Cafe. The soup I am talking about is always available- the Kale, Lentil, Mushroom Soup. They have other soups in rotation, but I always go straight to my favorite. The broth can be slightly salty, but never bothers me. There are also large chunks of carrots floating in the soup. I normally hate carrots, but this soup makes that anti-orange sentiment disappear the second I slurp up one large spoonful. If I wanted babies, this soup would be a top contender.

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    10.11.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I just stopped in this yum veg restaurant again the other day and continue to be impressed.  I had… Weiterlesen
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    8.8.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    World Peace Cafe was oh, so good. The grilled Peach salad was delightful though it does not fill one… Weiterlesen
  • 4186 Buford Hwy NE
    Atlanta, GA 30345
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    Damn, I hate when I forget to write reviews. Any hoo the pho ga is mighty tasty. Perfect noodles, to meat, to broth ratio. Always have to get basil rolls since I am always starving when I go out to eat. Those puppies (PETA alert- not real puppies, just a figure of speech) are decent- nothing great about them, nor anything bad. The soursop smoothie (hell no to any "bubbles" in my draaank) is delicious though it isn't as smooth as I would prefer- I like my smoothies silky, like silk only silkier.

  • 1155 Hammond Dr NE
    Atlanta, GA 30328
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    I'm sad OU for U has been ignored on Yelp. This small vegetarian kosher restaurant is located on Hammond Drive right down from the Peachtree Dunwoody/ Hammond intersection. You can't see the storefront from the road, but you can see a small sign that says vegetarian along with a thai sign and other signs. The interior is sparse with a huge menu on the wall. The amount of employees come to a total of 3. The counter guy was extremely nice and friendly. Great service. This is an order at the counter they bring it to your table kind of place. The prices are good. They have a couple of homemade soups, loads of sandwiches on homemade pita, fresh foccacia, or baguette. They have a couple of platters and a couple of platters. There is no meat, but they do have dairy - I saw a tomato, basil, mozzarella sandwich listed.

    As for food, Melissa H. is right on target. The falafel is the bomb. Ka-blammy! Pow! Shazam! The falafel is just soft enough with a nice crispy browned exterior and a melt in your mouth chickpea interior. The sandwich consists of 4 cute little balls stuffed inside a piece of homemade pita bread that is also stuffed with hummus, cuke and 'mater salad, and a bit of tahini. This sandwich is delicious. The bread is fabulous as are the falafel. Check it out.

    The lentil soup was awesome too- $3 for a cup of soup and a slice from a fresh baguette. The soup was mainly pureed with a couple of tiny lumps of extremely soft onion. It had a nice slightly spicy cumin flavor too it. Perfect for a cold winter day. Can't wait!

  • 1051 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
    Atlanta, GA 30306
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    Atmosphere is great.  Interesting mix of all types hanging.  Good beer and they carry Session Black- me like.  Nachos with veggie chili was delicious but they took awhile to bring spoons in order for my group to eat up all that goodness.  The black-eyed pea chili is mighty tasty especially with some hot sauce and the Righteous Salad is gigantic and hit the spot.  So many other things I want to try out on that menu that I need to make a couple more visits.   My final thoughts- cool place to hang out,  lots of good food choices for veggies/non red meat eaters, good beer selection.

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    Saigon Basil may not be the best Vietnamese restaurant but it is the closest to me so when I am tired or lazy or both I can swing over and pick up some pho or some bun. The chicken pho is about $6 and is enough for two meals; they package soup broth and other stuff separately so its easy to divide it out with out the noddles getting sog-nasty. The fresh rolls are always good, especially minus the pork. I like the chicken and shrimp bun ( sort of a rice vermicelli and veggie salad). The chicken is super fatty though so dig in and pull those gross pieces of fat off the chicken. All in all cheap and close good eats. Plus the staff is always super friendly.. at least to me.

  • Pub
    552 Flat Shoals Ave
    Atlanta, GA 30316
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Been here a couple of times and I dig it.. great neighborhood joint to hang out at. Lots of regulars which makes noobies feel a little like we aren't in the in-crowd but whatevs. Love the huge porch and can picture myself on it when its not 40 degrees and raining. Decent beer selection.

    I really like their green chicken chili- it's a bit thicker than I prefer but I love the pulled chicken and heat that the chili packs. The fries and tots are on point. The Guinness battered chicken fingers worked out my hangover but I wasn't the biggest fan. The thickly battered "finger" gave me flash backs of Chili's chicken fingers circa 1997. I need to go and try some more but I definitely recommend the chili.

    All in all a great bar to hang out at, watch a game or people, and eat an ok bar meal.

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    19.2.2010 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Dynamic Dish I want to have your food baby.  The only problem is that I need to get on welfare in order to afford it.  $22 for a small bowl of very tasty soup and an entree of quinoa pilaf.  -crying loudly-  Looks like I will be food babyless forever.

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    11.3.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I have decided this place needs an update. Why? Because it kicks ass. I have gone back many times… Weiterlesen
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    18.7.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I just went to the Dynamic Dish on Edgewood today for the first time.  It has gotten tons of… Weiterlesen
  • 655 Highland Ave NE
    Atlanta, GA 30312
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    This has to be my favorite all around restaurant in Atlanta. I have never had anything bad and have always had great service. The shrimp and grits are some of the best in Atlanta and I have dreams (not really) about the jalapeno focaccia that comes with. Another favorite is the half-and-half Mediterranean sammy with turkey and white chicken chili with more jale Focaccia. I am salivating just thinking about it. I did get the thai wrap once and wasn't as impressed with it as some other items on the menu. I normally never have a big prob getting a table, but I go a bit earlier then some. The service is great. The servers are always very attentive and very eclectic. Cinnamon roles are good and the b'fast potatoes are the best ever. Perfectly crispy. Wow is all I can say. The peanut butter french toast is great but very peanut buttery, a bit overwhelming early in the morning. The sweet potato pancakes are supposedly fantastic- so I've heard. I recommend all my friends and they have all become believers. FYI: plates are huge. You might want to share... or bring home all those deeeelicious leftovers.

  • 931 Monroe Dr
    Atlanta, GA 30308
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    15.12.2008 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I now wash my hands of this place.  I have walked in here the past 2 Fridays in a row hoping to get score some Matzah Ball Soup. Both times the sign outside as well as the sign inside said "Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup".  Both times I came in at about 5 pm. Both times they had chicken soup, that contained nothing but matzah ball fragments.  The guy this last time said "sorry we run out".  Then take the words "matzoh ball" off the sign b/c it is essentially chicken soup now.  Okay I am done kvetching.

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    25.11.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    So I still stop in Metrofresh occasionally though I am not a big fan.  I am a big fan of matzah ball… Weiterlesen
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    17.6.2008 Vorheriger Beitrag
    I try and I try to like this place b/c its healthy and fresh, but for some reason I just can't get… Weiterlesen
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    When you order chicken soup to go you get a huge styrofoam container of chicken broth with an intact chicken thigh and leg, whole carrot, whole tomatillo, ear of corn, whole potato, and a side container with chopped up fresh onions, cilantro, and jalapenos, "mexi" rice, and tortillas. Once you get home you will need to cut the chicken off the bone, remove the fat, and cut up the vegetables, then throw them back in the broth along with the side container filled with goodies.  Once your prep work is done you can then slurp on some damn good spicy chicken soup.  If you don't like to put work into a prepared restaurant dish you might want to skip La Oax's sopa de pollo.

    I know you people think their Tlayuda is the best in the west..errr south west... of Atlanta (barely), I beg to differ. Not sure if I caught the pollo tlayuda on an off day, but the tortilla it came on was chewy and stale as hell. Maybe it is supposed to be like this.  If so - I apologize tlayuda. Otherwise, I was hoping for a nice crispy bottom on which I could carry all other excellent ingredients right into my mouth with a satisfying crunch. I didn't get the crunch I was looking for which left Stephie a sad, sad girl. The ingredients that topped the stale tortilla were delicious though, which mostly made up for lack of bite. I would probably stick with the vegetarian tlayuda next time since I felt like the chicken didn't really add much.

    Though I can't actually pronounce the name La Oaxaqueña, I will check their tlayuda out again just to see if the snap, crackle, crunch is back.

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    A Royal Affair is a tiny little place in a mainly empty shopping center off Roswell Rd. When you walk inside you will find a smattering of tables, a lot of Go Jesus signage, and a handwritten list of items- soups, salads, and sandwiches. The soup selection changes daily and consists of 2 different soups. Both times I have gotten a mushroom soup and have been extremely impressed. I love soup and Royal Affairs mushroom soup isn't your typical Campbell's cream of jiggly.

    The owner is extremely nice and helpful, and as Addy mentioned, is always willing to let you try some samples. The owner told me that the chicken apple walnut wrap is the most popular so I got it and wasn't really a fan. The wrap had been premade, which is the anti-sandwich for me. The bread of the wrap was slightly soggy and the greens that came in it were soggy as hell. If you know me, you know I hate anything soggy so this wasn't a good choice. The wrap came with homemade tortilla chips and a small bite of chocolate bark. Like Addy says, it was a nice surprise to have that dessert in there and it was very good.

    I will mention that the owner was awesome and when I was $2 short, they are cash only, she wrote me an IOU (honestly) and told me to bring back the extra when I had it. I did and bought another soup to go. To me, that is excellent customer service, so that and her super good soups have enticed me to go back.

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    I come here for one thing only... the chicken pozole.  Order this $5 bowl of warmth and goodness ASAP.  Eat as is or add some trimmings from the salsa bar.  I like to plump my soup up with super hot sauce, onions, chopped cilantro, and pico de gallo.  I'm sure it isn't the way the true OGs eat pozole, but I don't give a damn; it's tasty and helps my nose run, which is all I require from a delicious soup.

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