Only the sweet stuff.
  • 1579 S 9th St
    Milwaukee, WI 53204
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    Bryant's exceeded my expectations.  My boyfriend and I visited this weekend at opening (5:00 p.m.) on a Saturday.  We were the only patrons, so it was quiet.  Yes, it's dark and takes a minute for your eyes to adjust.  Truly a unique atmosphere, and I agree with others that it's a cool date spot.  I'd love for a guy to take me here instead of any old place that serves beer on tap.  Our bartender was friendly and attentive.

    We each had 2 drinks, first I had a "Pink Squirrel," the ice cream drink invented at Bryant's.  It's a must-have for anyone who likes ice cream drinks.  He had a Tornado (I think that's the name) a rum-based drink in a hurricane glass, it reminded me of a fruity/sour drink you'd have in a lounge chair on vacation.

    Then I had a refreshing "Jack Frost," very light with a slight lime flavor.  He had the "voodoo," very tart.  These are what they call their "Depression Era" drinks.

    Our total for all 4 drinks (excluding tip) was $32.  I expected a much higher tab (but we're from Chicago).

    If you travel to Milwaukee, Bryant's is a MUST.  The Water Street bars are lively, but this is a unique spot that you won't forget and will actually tell people about.

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    Deri Delight is confection perfection! I love the soft serve vanilla in a waffle cone, but what really makes it special is their sprinkles. It's a mix of rainbow sprinkles and toffee pieces.

    The sundaes are huge and there is a food menu too. The guys behind the counter are friendly and usually offer a free slush. Avoid the "mixed" flavor, it tastes like liquid sweet tarts.

    The line can get long, and the wait can get long. There isn't much ambience here, but it is also perfectly safe despite the low riders constantly passing by and the crumbling muebleria building next door.

    Seating is limited, there are about 4 tables, but I have always been able to get a seat.

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    Praline bacon is the reason you come to Elizabeth's.  We stayed at the Marriott on the western fringe of the French Quarter, so getting to Elizabeth's wasn't a stroll.  For a $12 taxicab ride, Elizabeth's was totally worthwhile.

    The bananas foster French toast was so good!  Thick slices of French bread, battered and served with Maple syrup and a banana cream topping, oh yum, I wish I could eat this for breakfast every day!  There were only 2-4 slices of fresh banana on top, but that didn't change my opinion of this dish, especially with my side of praline bacon.

    My husband had a breakfast chorizo burrito that was the size of a small infant.  It was stuffed to capacity with meat, cheese, and I don't know what else.

    Don't get worried if you're a tourist, and even the taxi driver doesn't seem to know where he's going.  Ours didn't, and he got a little worried as he neared the end of the street.  My husband was equally nervous - I guess driving through a neighborhood resembling a shanty town makes people nervous, but I knew where we were going.  It looks like Elizabeth's is in a old house, and it's at the end of one street/at the corner.  You'll also need a taxi to get back to the FQ.

    Despite the girl seated in back of us, ranting to her boyfriend about humanity, lack of humanity, people not standing up for gay rights, and people not doing volunteer work, we enjoyed our breakfast.  If she was so concerned about the rest of us not being proactive, maybe she should've put down her fork!  Pretentious beeyatch.

    Generous portions, good prices, good service, best breakfast we had in New Orleans.

  • 12337 S State Rt 59
    Plainfield, IL 60585
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    Five stars for French Cakes!  They've earned it.

    My husband called twice on Valentine's Day to ask if they still had macarons.  The lady on the phone said, "yes, but they are going fast!" He surprised me by coming home with about six of them and some cupcakes.

    The coconut macaron was my favorite.  Two were a bit hard, but most of them were still perfect texture.  Macarons are hard to come by in the suburbs, and this bakery happens to practically be in my backyard.

    I also tried the salted caramel cupcake again.  This time it was really, really good.  I don't know what changed, if anything, but I love this place now and want to stop on my way home from work every day.

    They still have a peculiar way of packing cupcakes, so drive carefully!

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    It was 30 min before closing, and I generally have a strict "don't go into an establishment that… Weiterlesen
  • 3340 Mall Loop Dr Spc 1276
    Joliet, IL 60431
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    I wish there were more Gloria Jean's locations.  Especially one that wasn't in the mall.  Their coffee drinks are so much better than Starbucks and Caribou, and the price is about the same.

    Ordered a "regular" (medium?) mint chocolate bomb for $5.  The drink was massive like Dunkin Donuts proportions.  Even on a cold day, a frozen drink from GJ is refreshing when bundled up in a crowded mall.

    There's a small selection of coffee mugs and gifts, and there are prepackaged teas and coffee for sale.  There are 1/2 and 1 pound bags of coffee for sale; 1 pound of coffee is around $15.  I remember my mom shopping here when I was a kid, and they had so much more merchandise that it was hard to choose.  Now it's pretty bare bones, with the focus on made to order drinks.

  • 56 Ross Alley
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    Golden Gate Fortune Cookies is tucked in an alleyway.  Upon entering, it looks like a sweatshop.  No bigger than your kitchen, there is equipment taking up most of the space, and 2-3 people working inside.  Cookies come off of a conveyor belt, and they are sold in regular and chocolate in small bags for $5.  You can also create your OWN messages, and the lady will tuck them in fresh cookies for you.

    Entry is free.  50 cents for taking photos.

    Really worth the visit.

  • 94 Burr Ridge Pkwy
    Burr Ridge, IL 60527
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    We had dinner at a friend's house and they served some Kirsten's treats for dessert.  I couldn't decide between the brownie or pumpkin pie square, but ultimately decided on the brownie.  It was the best brownie I've had - not dry and crumbly like boxed mixes and far surpasses any grocery store bakery brownie.  It was dense, chocolate-y and rich.  Nice portion size too.  I could share.  But I didn't want to.

    Since I didn't actually visit the bakery, I can only comment on the products.  But I definitely want to try a pumpkin pie square...

  • 2911 12th Ave S
    Nashville, TN 37204
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    My trip to Nashville would not have been complete without a visit to Las Paletas.  The Spanish name made me picture a grimy food truck run by a Mexican family.  So imagine my surprise that it was in a clean storefront run by two 20-something hipsters.

    I was so torn on what flavors to try.  Rose Petal, Chai, Creamy Basil and Mexican Caramel all caught my eye.  But I had to pick one.  Even when you're married you don't want to look like a TOTAL cow in front of your husband.  So I went with Mexican Caramel, a relatively "safe" flavor.  He went with the raspberry with chocolate chips.

    The Mexican caramel was so good!  There is a bench inside and one outside, but no real seating to speak of.  A kid came in, bought two popsicles, jumped in a car and left.  It's a good idea to be ready to take them to go - and eat them before they melt - or sit on that bench if it's available.  Or you can stroll around the neighborhood, whatever.

    I went back in for a second one.  At $3/each, and it IS just a popsicle, I didn't care if I looked like TLC's 500 pound woman anymore.  I went with the creamy basil.  Yup, it tasted like...basil.  But it was a frozen basil dessert.  

    Both of my popsicles were very good, and as it turns out, the "risky" flavors just sound crazy but actually work.  And there are at least 20-30 flavors available (creamy and fruit), so if you have picky eaters with you, there are plenty of reliable options like strawberry.

  • 3344 S Rt 59
    Naperville, IL 60564
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    I drive past Miss Joan's every day to and from work, and after a bad day I decided that Friday evening was THE opportunity for a cupcake.  Unfortunately, they were sold out for the day.  An employee was still there because he was waiting for customers to pick up special orders.  Darn.

    Sunday afternoon, I returned, and they were fully stocked!  The man working there explained that their inventory is hard to judge with walk-in customers, and sometimes he'll be there until 8:00 p.m. on weekdays.  Keep that in mind if you plan to visit during the week, they may or may not be sold out.  I'm not a fan of unpredictability, but in this case I just had to deal.

    Anyway, I tried a red velvet and a s'mores cupcake.  The red velvet was just okay; I didn't really like the frosting.  It was cream cheese frosting, but it wasn't creamy enough for me.  It had that slight, sugary crisp bite to it that a buttercream frosting normally has.  But the s'mores was perfect!  A dollop of marshmallow frosting, chocolate cake, and a graham cracker bottom.  You'll need a fork for this one, as the graham cracker crust gets crumbly.

    For $3/each, I'd go back and try more flavors.  The cupcakes are small, they are about the same size as what you'd bake at home.  For $3 I expected something a little bigger, that I might possibly be able to share.  But the cupcakes are so good that you won't want to.

    Also, you may want to time your visit with the ebb and flow of traffic.  Getting out of here during evening rush hour is extremely difficulty if you are heading south on Route 59.

  • 1405 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy
    Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
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    Best breakfast in the Dells.  It is extremely busy, but we waited 15 minutes, or less, before we were seated.  Don't be intimidated by the line or crowd at the door.  It didn't take long before we got our food either.  Color your Mr. Pancake menu and you won't notice the delay.

    The chocolate chip pancakes are phenomenal.  They were impossible to finish when I was 5, and still impossible to finish even when I'm starving at 26.  Delicious with blueberry and strawberry syrup!

    Great menu selection, but they should have a better kid's menu.  The no-plate sharing fee is unfair due to their huge portions, but I don't have kids so I can't review based on that.

    Mmm thinking about it makes me want to drive 3+ hours for breakfast now.

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    There are many outposts to pick up pralines (I still say pray-line) in New Orleans.  I forgot what drew me to Southern Candymakers, since I don't know what qualifies a praline as good, bad, or just okay.

    The shop smells wonderful inside, and there's a big case of fudge, truffles, taffy, and other delights.  I went with the signature praline, a half-pound box for just over $14.  

    As soon as we got back to the hotel, I indulged.  These pralines are massive, although difficult to break in two to share, and really delicious.  The nuttiness and sweetness are perfectly balanced.

    I noticed a lot of other shops in the area, several of the same name, but there's a charm to a shop that only has one or two locations.  Since I bought these straight from the counter, instead of a box at the airport, I knew I was getting freshness.  It's the perfect dessert in New Orleans, because we were always too stuffed after dinner for dessert, but a praline a few hours later is heaven.

  • 28 W Chicago Ave
    Naperville, IL 60540
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    I like Sugar Monkey Cupcakes.  Tried 2 today:  red velvet, and chocolate raspberry coconut.  The red velvet was very good, but I wasn't sold on the first bite.  I didn't prepare myself for the sugary frosting.  By bite 3, I was in heaven.  I would definitely go back to SMC for a red velvet.  As for the choc raspberry coconut, I didn't like it.  But I feel that is truly my personal taste.  It was a very dense, heavy cake doused with chocolate and raspberry frosting.  I liked the flavor combination with the coconut sprinkled on top, but I'd have preferred the flavor been incorporated into the batter.  But maybe I've been watching "Cupcake Wars" too often.

    I would have liked to see more inventive flavors, I was hoping to come across a lavender cupcake or something with lemon.  They did have maple bacon though, definitely not my taste but good to see they are putting something creative in the cases.

    $3 may seem like a lot for a pastry, but compared to paying $1 for a Dunkin Donut, the cupcake is the better deal.

  • 7055 W Archer Ave
    Chicago, IL 60638
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    I'm not a cake person (don't hate).  But today I tried a birthday cake at a party.  My family was raving about Webers.  And I have to admit, the cake looked really, really good.  It was a white cake with fresh strawberry filling and a light, whipped cream frosting.

    It was heavenly!  The cake and frosting were both very light, and the strawberries were cold and so delicious.  It was beautifully decorated; they managed to fit in four people's names on this birthday cake without it looking tacky.

    My mother-in-law, sort of an expert on bakeries, said Weber's is "famous" and "really expensive."  Shoot, I don't care, I took a slab of this cake home from the party and can't wait to dig in again!  

    Hoping someone decides to get one of these for MY birthday.  Unfortunately it's a little far from home for us.  Someone please pass on the memo to my husband - thanks!

  • 1803 Freedom Dr
    Naperville, IL 60563
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    This is "Contemporary American" cuisine at its best!  It's rather no frills; no ironic plate presentation or usage of the trendy ingredient du jour.  The menu is a good selection of sandwiches, salads, burgers, chicken and fish.

    My friend and I dined here on a Saturday night.  I recommend reservations for Saturday night.  Even though we arrived 10 minutes early for our reservation, we had to wait for our table.  The staff we encountered were friendly and did their jobs in an efficient manner.  Our drink and meal orders were taken quickly and accurately, and the waiter later returned to double check that there weren't any onions on my sandwich.  Water was refilled with perfect timing every time.  Never had to slurp my straw once!  

    I had the steak sandwich for dinner (15) and the white chocolate brownie for dessert (8).  The steak was tender, seasoned well, and the parmesan mayo was the perfect accompaniment.  Some meals here are meant to share, but I was able to eat my sandwich without even considering a take-home box.  Sandwiches and burgers are a generous, filling, but not overpowering in size.  The fries were not what I expected, they were more shoestring-like and very, very salty.  They were just OK, but since I like fries with pretty much everything, I wouldn't have replaced it with another side.

    The white chocolate brownie is even better than what I've heard or read about.  Now this is a 2-person dessert (just like the menu says!).  I don't like to share, but I took about 1/4 of this home.  It's excruciatingly sweet and rich, which left me with an "ugh!" feeling in my stomach.  Lesson learned:  share!

    My friend approved of her burger and commended me on my choice of dining for the night.  She agreed with me on the fries - salty and stringy.  She chose the apple pie for dessert, but we were informed they were "out of the apple pie."  I'm not sure how this happens, I assume they bake a certain amount in the morning.  But it was 7:30-8:00 p.m., nowhere near closing time.  She opted for the white chocolate banana cream pie instead.  It didn't really look like pie (but our waiter informed us of that prior).  More like de-constructed pie stuffs.  But there are white chocolate shavings on the desserts, so that makes up for what I didn't understand about the pie (maybe they're going for that contemporary American thing?).

    A couple at the booth next to us was celebrating an engagement.  There were glasses of champagne on the table before they arrived.  I thought it was a nice touch.  Nice restaurant for a birthday or celebratory dinner.  The restaurant is dimly lit, but there is a spotlight over each table so you can read your menu.  Really nice ambience here with the lighting.  It's a little noisy, but the noise drowns out other diner's conversations while you can still hear those at your table.

    They don't take Discover.  Huh?  Restaurant borders on $$-$$$.  Expect to spend in the range of $30/person.  I had water, a sandwich and a dessert.  Not including tip = $24.

    Other than the apple pie mishap, we really enjoyed ourselves and I would definitely return.  I'm inclined to chalk up the apple pie incident as an, "oh well, sh*t happens," situation.

  • 474 Columbus Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    I love saltwater taffy.  And I love dessert.  We just so happened to be leaving dinner when we walked past this place.

    There are barrels around the shop, each one is filled with a different color/flavor.  I felt like a child again as I grabbed a bag and a scoop, taking 2-3 pieces of almost each flavor.  The taffy made a great souvenir - for myself!

    Some of the flavors were questionable, but they have free samples available.  Free samples earn you a fifth star!

  • 500 W Boughton Rd
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
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    Behind a boring façade and signs all en Espanol, is a true hidden gem and tasty panaderia (that's Spanish for "bakery," you honky).

    Empanadas the size of an infant's head.  A large infant's head.  Cookies the size of your face and what I'd call "a small C cup" on the muffins.  Don't forget the slices of cake that are more like slabs.

    There weren't any bags in sight, so I asked the lady behind the counter.  Don't be fooled by the older Mexican lady appearance, she spoke sparkling English.  She handed me a tray and tongs so I could choose my pastries.

    The signs weren't in English, but I knew what an "empanada" was well enough to purchase 3 (one was filled with what I think was orange marmalade).  I also picked out a muffin-y looking dessert.  The sign read "blueberry," but I think it was in the wrong spot.  I devoured this one before I got home:  it was shaped like a muffin, with a cheesecake layer on top and what tasted like a corn bread on the bottom layer.  I could've split this muffin with someone, but I didn't want to!  

    If you aren't familiar with Mexican pastries, they are not super sweet and sugary.  The empanada I tried had a very mellow orange flavor and the dough had a coffee-cake like texture.  Most pastries are on the dry side and again, not super sweet.

    For 4 pastries (3 empanadas and a cheesecake corn muffin thing), I paid $3.81.  This place is the real deal.  I definitely didn't expect to find something like this in the suburbs.  I thought I'd have to drive out to Humboldt Park for a flipping churro.

    They also serve Mexican food here; there were 2-3 couples in here.  I got a side-glance from one guy that clearly said, "is this white girl lost?"

    Panaderia Coral is on the north side of Boughton Road at the intersection of Schmidt.  There isn't much else in the shopping center; there's a Middle Eastern grocery store and not much else.

  • 1618 1/2 Chicago Ave
    Chicago, IL 60622
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    Hoosier Mama makes good pie.  But I would only come back under two circumstances:

    1.  Right after opening time when more flavors are available (and maybe a seat)
    2.  Placing a pre-order or purchasing a frozen pie to take home

    The pies we had were very good.  We had a slice of coconut cream and chocolate chess.  The coconut cream was just OK, I liked the crust more than the filling.  I usually don't like pie because I don't like pie crust, but that's because I'm used to prepackaged or Baker's Square junk.  This crust was flaky and flavorful.  The chocolate chess pie was really good, it actually reminded me of a brownie.  The slice sizes are generous in that they're good for sharing.  For 2 slices and an iced coffee, it only set us back $12.50 - not bad if you're looking for a cheap date.  But then again, I wouldn't want to take a date here because there isn't really anywhere to sit and chat.

    The storefront is super tiny.  We walked in on a Saturday around 3:00 p.m. (two hours prior to closing).  The 3 tables were full, so we opted to get our pie to go and eat it in the car.  I didn't even want to sit at a table for two reasons:

    1.  It was HOT in here.  Maybe on a cold winter day I'd like this.  But I could feel the make-up melting off of my face.  I was worried about looking down to see a puddle of foundation or lip gloss on the floor in front of me.
    2.  Two of the three tables are against the wall, and the line of customers goes between them.  So while you dine in, you're going to get someone's ass in your pie.  

    I was disappointed in the variety of pies.  First, there wasn't a menu displayed with the day's flavors.  The only mini pies left were coconut cream and coconut custard.  I was okay with this, but a LOT of people don't like coconut.  The slices available were the two coconuts, banana, and chocolate chess.  Well, my husband hates banana, so that's how we ended up with our coconut and chocolate chess.  For a shop that sells only pies, I expected more variety.

    I counted seven people working and bustling around the kitchen area, including the two who were rotating as cashier and filling orders.  By the time we got our pies and left (it took a LONG time to get served two slices and a coffee), the line was nearly out the door.  If I lived in the neighborhood, I might swing by again, but I'm likely to try out Bang Bang Pie Shop next time instead.

    Good pie, perfect pie crust, friendly employees, but it was too cramped in here and was disappointed by the lack of variety.

  • 260 S Weber Rd
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
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    Custard is delicious any time of the year.  Even when it's the first frigid day of fall that has you wondering, "is it winter already?," I'm not going to say "no" to custard.  The pumpkin pie custard is the perfect dessert to say, "I love fall, but I don't want to let go of summer."

    Andy's takes a slice of pumpkin pie and mixes it with custard.  It's that simple, and it is as good as it sounds.  It's a seasonal flavor, so get there before it is gone!  In the summertime they serve a key lime pie concrete (same concept with the pie slice), and I'm sad I missed it.  I'm already looking forward to next summer.

    This isn't a dine-in place.  There are two windows for orders:  a drive-thru and a walk-up.  The only seating available are several red benches on a patio area.  Or you can do it like me and sit in your car.  I mean, come on, I wasn't going to wait until I got home!

    My small concrete was $5 (and a small is plenty for an adult, probably too much for kids).  I'd definitely recommend that you forego dessert at one of the many chain restaurants in the area and go to Andy's instead!

  • 815 W Jefferson St
    Joliet, IL 60435
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    5.0 Sterne

    Five stars for the Cherry Cake donut alone.  Get it frosted, or get it glazed, it's going to be donut heaven in your mouth either way.

    Home Cut Donuts is not a frou-frou bake shop selling the latest trends in pastries.  They are a local business churning out delicious, classic donuts and pastries.

    Inside and out it's an old-school diner.  There's a long countertop with a few stools, but most customers were taking it to go.

    My favorites are the Cherry Cake, of course, and the Angel Cream.  I can't explain the flavor, but it was sugary, sweet and fluffy.  The lemon filled and pumpkin glazed were also very good.  These donuts are definitely better than Dunkin or the grocery store, and for 88 cents each, I would definitely be stopping in here more often for coffee & a donut if I lived in (closer proximity to) the neighborhood.

    I was disappointed by the chocolate-filled.  I expected a gooey chocolate filling, but when I bit into the donut the filling was the consistency and color of chocolate mousse.  It wasn't terrible, but it was a barely detectable chocolate flavor.  The taffy apple was good with the crunchy peanut topping, but there was hardly any apple filling.  The apple filling was really, really good!

    The neighborhood is fine.  I felt totally safe here during the mid-evening, and I see no reason to feel unsafe here at any hour.  Take a drive down Raynor, where the homes are old but stunning.  The parking lot is small and the lines are faded, there's historic Route 30, a black guy crossing the street minding his own business, and a K-Mart on the corner - these are not signs of a neighborhood making a turn for the worse.  It's open 24 hours, and I'd be careful no matter where I was if I was out in the late night/early morning hours.

    It would be a disservice to yourself if you didn't stop here if you happen to be in the area.  And every Joliet/Shorewood/Crest Hill/Plainfield resident should give them a try at least once.  If you happen to be dining at Truth across the street, skip their dessert menu and come here instead!

  • 11248 S Michigan Ave
    Chicago, IL 60628
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    5.0 Sterne

    Food addiction is a very real thing.  I woke up this morning fiending for Old Fashioned Donuts.  The donuts here are just as addictive as heroin and well worth the one-hour drive from the suburbs.

    We tried the apple fritter, chocolate frosted cake donut, orange frosted cake donut and the glazed donut.  I am a little embarrassed to admit that my "mmm!" exclamations while eating the fritter may have started to sound like moans.  The chocolate donut really tasted like a slice of cake.  I wanted to exclaim that the fritter and chocolate donut were better than sex.  Well, at least better than bad or mediocre sex, okay?

    I wasn't as impressed with the glazed donut.  The fritter and cake donuts are really the star of the show here.  I've never had a donut with such a crunch to it on the outside!  We also ordered a coffee & milk.  I was a little taken aback when I was given a small carton of whole milk.  I thought whole milk was for infants.  I gasped when I saw the fat content on the milk package.  Like it was going to make a difference after eating donuts for breakfast, right?

    One fritter, three donuts, a coffee and milk cost a little over $9.  There are a lot of stools and small tables for seating, or you can take it to go.  They do accept both credit cards and cash.

    That's not all folks.  On top of the best breakfast ever, you can get a little bit of a show here.  A man they called "the reverend," was a comic presence while waiting in line.  The line was 5-6 people deep constantly.  The rev puffed out his chest and bellowed his thoughts on demanding men and subservient women.  I think he was joking...I think.  Most of the customers in line either chuckled or rolled their eyes.  A few times the employees behind the counter yelled at him to shut up.  The employees are friendly and patient while waiting for customers to pick out their donuts.  

    While eating, a female customer approached us and asked for money.  I won't ignore panhandlers, so I said "I'm sorry.  I don't have any cash on me."  She lingered a few seconds more, but an employee working behind the counter noticed this and very loudly told the woman to get out and never do that again.  

    I may be overreaching, but I felt just as safe coming to OFD in Roseland as I would feel walking down the Magnificent Mile or in downtown Naperville.  Why?  Oh, it's because I'm not afraid of black people and I wasn't going to hang out at the park after dark.  I've been coming into contact with too many suburban folks who think the "south side" stops at Bridgeport and anything south of there is like walking through an open shooting range.  A word to white people:  don't be afraid of a place just because you will suddenly be the minority.  By overcoming fear, you will have the world's most perfect donuts.

  • 306 S Halsted St
    Chicago, IL 60661
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    The desserts here are big ole' slices of heaven.  They are open until midnight during the week!  I was surprised to see so many people here so late, and not one of them was lazily lounging on their Mac to utilize the WiFi.  Yes, there are real people here having real conversations.  The café is cute and cozy with a Euro/Mediterranean flair.  The music, primarily club tunes, pumped softly over the sound system.  I've never been to Europe, but cafes like this are exactly how I picture it.

    We decided to share two desserts, a Galactoboureko (lemon curd in a flaky crust)
    and a Royal White Chocolate Mousse.  Most pastries are in the $4 range and ideal for sharing.  There are a fair amount of traditional Greek pastries like Baklava, and there are a lot of options for more American desserts like cheesecake.  I wished my stomach was a bottomless pit while at Artopolis, because I wanted to try so many more!  

    There is also a menu of sandwiches and salads, which I'm pretty sure they serve until closing time.  And they have a nice selection of wine.  I did not study the varieties, but if you're looking to try a Greek wine I'm sure the staff could suggest something.

    There is no excuse to pass up Artopolis if you're out and about in Greektown or the West Loop.  It's casual, but at an off hour, it is also a little romantic.  It's also a relaxing spot if you want to grab some coffee and read a book.

  • 2214 S Wolcott
    Chicago, IL 60608
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    5.0 Sterne

    I thought there would be more than four flavor varieties since this place is called the Churro Factory.  I thought it would be the end all, be all, to Mexican pastry deliciousness.  Even though the flavor options were somewhat boring I will admit the churros here are the best I've had.  They are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.  These aren't the tough, dry churros I've had elsewhere.  

    Every day they add a fifth flavor and it rotates the same each week.  I didn't recognize what Friday's flavor was, which was surprising because my Spanish isn't that terrible.  I generally recognize names of fruits or foods.  Every day they have chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and cream cheese though.  I would have liked to try the peanut butter, apple, pina colada or Nutella, but I was there on the wrong day.

    The filling comes out of a tube, and the girl behind the counter fills them for you.  I had one chocolate and one cream cheese.  I also tried my husband's strawberry churro, but I liked the cream cheese best, although strawberry was definitely #2.  The chocolate tastes too much like Hershey's chocolate syrup.  

    For only $1/each, it's a perfect snack while wandering through Pilsen.  Visiting Churro Factory is a must if you are in the area, but it's not a place I'd make a destination out of.  A lot of kids were just getting out of school and stopping in to hang out, so there's a possibility that the few tables here will be full and you'll be stuck sitting in your car or walking down the street to eat your churros.

  • 209 W Golf Rd
    Schaumburg, IL 60195
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    5.0 Sterne

    Haus Bing!  Thanks to all you helpful Yelpers, I didn't have to ask what was in it.  The Haus Bing is a huge treat, more than enough to share with someone else.  Ice cream, mochi, kiwi, strawberries, bananas, Fruity Pebbles, red bean, all over shaved ice.

    I've never had anything like it, and the red bean weirded me out a little at first with the texture, but mixed with everything else it was really good.  Toward the end of the bowl, everything did get a little funky like when the milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl turns colors, so I didn't totally finish it.

    Coffee Haus is a fun alternative to Starbucks if you're looking for a place to hang out with friends, have a treat, or maybe do some work.  I met up with some Yelpers here after they worked at a Feed My Starving Children event, and it was really nice to meet some new faces.

    Again, I repeat, the Haus Bing is HUGE.  I was immediately relieved when Laura N. and Kimsy said they'd also ordered one.  It's a gluttonous treat and I thought I'd look like a cow compared to everyone else ordering Bubble Teas.

    There is a smaller version of the Bing, served in a cup, but since the menu isn't super detailed, I didn't know that.  Aside from Bing and Bubble Tea, they have a variety of ice cream and coffee drinks.  Certainly there is something for everyone here.

    They are open late, until midnight during the week and even later on the weekends!  Finally a spot for teenagers to hang out aside from Denny's or their friends' basements.

  • 4825 N Kedzie Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
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    I once saw an episode of "Bizarre Foods," where Zimmern went to Dearborn, MI. and spent some time in local bakeries.  In one he tried "Knafeh," a sweet cheese baked with a sugar glaze on top.  Since seeing that episode, I've wondered where in the sam hell I could find that delicious treat.

    Enter Jaafer Sweets, a small Middle Eastern bakery located in a strip mall on Kedzie directly across the street from Nazareth.  There are a TON of bakeries in this area, but I picked Jaafer since several reviews highlighted the Knafeh.

    They also sell a wide variety of cookies, baklava, and loads of other things I couldn't pronounce.  Cookies are sold by the pound, at $9.99.  I also scored an awesome check-in deal on Yelp for 2 free pieces of baklava.

    I've never had baklava before, but the walnut baklava was very good.  The pastry was a little flaky, and the filling had a chewiness that reminded me of toffee.

    The Knafeh takes 10 minutes to bake, so be sure you have the time to wait.  We both had a few bites before we continued on our way, and it is definitely an interesting treat worth trying AND it is big enough to feed 2-4 people.  We barely made a dent in it.

    I was a little thrown off when we walked in, and two men working in the back were listening to Mexican Mariachi style music.  I expected this bakery to be a family-run kind of place.  I didn't think much of it until the man behind the counter wasn't able to explain to me what any of the pastries were.  I asked him about the "baked cheese with pistachios" since I could not recall "Knafeh," and I didn't understand a word he said to me other than when he showed me the pan and said, "$9.99."  Despite the language barrier, he was very nice to us and patient while we decided.

    There is only one table with two chairs in here, but we were lucky that other customers took their orders to go.  I'd sort of intended for us to split a few pastries, but aside from the Knafeh, most of the cookies were 1-2 bites big and not ideal for sharing.  The cookies all looked really good and would make a great treat for your office, holiday party, or birthday.

    They also sell vegan and sugar-free baklava.  I would go back for the baklava for sure.  I would have liked for the menus to be more descriptive, including the random labels on the glass, because I probably would have purchased a sack of cookies.

    Hannah S.
    Kommentar von Hannah S. von Jaafer Sweets
    26.11.2013 Thank you visiting our bakery & we apologize that my Staff was unable to answer all your questions, … Weiterlesen
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    In the midst of the holidays, an event at Le Chocolat was very welcome in my schedule!  We were treated to an array of desserts from cupcakes to tarts, brownies, petit four, and two varities of hot chocolate.

    I loved the smaller, intimate feel of the event, especially now that I've gotten to know several Yelpers.  The event was in the small room upstairs, which I didn't even know existed.  It's perfect for a small celebration like an engagement party or milestone birthday. I think that of all events I've attended, I left Le Chocolat the most stuffed!  The desserts were all very rich and filling, so even four or five bites made me re-think eating dinner!

    My favorites were the Raspberry Petit Four, the Chocolate Mousse, and the Turtle Brownie.  I've been obsessed with petit four since I saw an episode of Martha Stewart's show and she was making petit four.  I knew it was something I'd blow at trying to duplicate in my own kitchen.  The petit four were light, and I felt fancy eating them.  The caramel on the Turtle Brownie was so soft and not at all chewy or hard as you might expect.

    I also enjoyed both of the hot chocolates, but the Mexicocoa was a definite winner!  It was very creamy and a far cry from the watered down Swiss Miss that I'm so (unfortunately) used to.

    I've been to Le Chocolat once before, and I had a horrible experience.  However, last night's event with presentation and food was flawless, and there is absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to their desserts.  My prior experience came down to the issues with customer service (or lack thereof), and I did have a slight issue with management before I left the event last night.

    I got to Le Chocolat early, since I work nearby, and Evan welcomed me into the shop and suggested I look around.  A set of Christmas ornaments, shaped like macarons, caught my eye and I decided to buy them.  

    During the event, a woman handed out coupons for $5 off a $25 purchase.  My ornaments were $30, so I asked the woman who was handing out coupons if my transaction could be changed.  She didn't know and suggested I check with someone downstairs.  

    I walked downstairs and asked the cashier, a younger girl with a total deer-in-the-headlights look.  She apologized, told me she didn't know if it could be done, and to check with management - upstairs at the event at that time.  I didn't want to interrupt anyone, so I waited until the end of the night.

    At the end of the event, I again checked with a second cashier, who also looked completely frightened of me (am I that scary?) and she asked a manager.  She came back to the counter and said, "I'm sorry, the manager said that there is no way we can go back and fix it."  Okay, fine, I was treated to an event of desserts anyway, right?  Maybe the system isn't sophisticated enough?  But are you seriously telling me that there is no way to process a return on your system and then re-ring a transaction?  I smell bullshit.  The last thing I want to be at an event is a troublemaker or cause any problems, but this is still bugging the shit out of me.

    I really did love the event though, and I am very happy that I got to check them out again and actually try some of their desserts.  One of the best parts was all of the leftover chocolate, so I got to bring a few treats home for my husband which were much appreciated!  The event itself deserves 5 stars, but the customer service at Le Chocolat absolutely does not.

  • 51 S Washington St
    Hinsdale, IL 60521
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    Sometimes I like to take myself on solo dates, so a Sunday afternoon brought me to Toni's.  Believe it or not, French macarons are very difficult to find in the suburbs, and Toni's was the closest bakery to Plainfield that had them.  So I decided to take the 30 minute drive to this cute bakery and café in downtown Hinsdale.

    I decided to sit and have lunch, so I ordered the Le Breton, a sandwich with French bread, ham, gruyere cheese, butter, and really crunchy fancy French pickles.

    The French bread alone is worth driving to Toni's.  The sandwich was very good and much more filling than I'd expected.  The café menu is limited, as the focus is mostly on pastries, cakes, and bread.  The beverage menu is pretty big and I couldn't decide so I stuck with coffee - very good coffee, that is.

    On a Sunday, 2 hours before closing, they still had a good selection of pastries including macarons.  I ordered one of each variety:  chocolate, pistachio, and the other two flavors I was uncertain of but didn't ask, so I'll call them "orange" and "yellow."

    All four were fantastic, and my favorite by far was the pistachio.  The orange one was a light, nutty flavor, and I think it was hazelnut.  The yellow one was so deceiving - I expected lemon, but it was not tart at all.  Banana?  Wow, I really should have asked.  By my next bite I'd realized it was vanilla.  But the receipt said "Lemon."  Huh, anyway...the chocolate, pistachio, and hazelnut all had the chewy center that I love, but the "yellow" was creamy on the inside.  I liked it, but I preferred the ones with the chewy centers.  Each macaron was $1.60, which is steep for one cookie, but typical for macarons.  I don't get them often, so it's not breaking the bank.

    I'll definitely come back to see what other macaron flavors they have to offer.  I'm kind of glad it's a longer drive otherwise I'd be stopping here every day for bread & cookies.

  • 2860 Showplace Dr
    Naperville, IL 60564
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    Nothing Bundt Cakes exceeded my expectations.  See, I almost typed "sexceeded," and maybe it's because their cake is sex-like good.

    I sampled the double chocolate chip and chose to buy two mini bundt cakes.  At $4 each, they are big enough to share with someone, but I wanted to try more than one flavor.  $4 seemed like a lot for one dessert, but these cakes are larger than an ordinary cupcake and costs less than a dessert in a fancy restaurant.

    The White Chocolate Raspberry was really good, and I could taste white chocolate and raspberry in every bite.  

    The Pecan Praline was my favorite of the two.  The cream cheese frosting combined with the crunchy brown sugary coating was heavenly!  

    They offer several flavors every day, maybe about 10, and I was tempted by quite a few.  They also rotate one daily (monthly?) flavor - the day of my visit was "Chocolate Turtle."

    Nothing Bundt Cakes also offers cakes in larger sizes, and they do fundraisers with the local high school's business department.  It was a perfect treat after a heinous day at work, and since they are on my way home, I know I'll be back!

  • 3021 Theodore St
    Joliet, IL 60435
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    Donut Den was so much cooler than I thought it would be.  Located in a strip mall off of Theodore Street, there isn't much going on in the area at all.  Be forewarned:  Donut Den opens at 4:00 a.m., but they do not have a closing time posted.

    I decided to check this place out on a Friday around noon, just before I headed to the Joliet Emission Testing Station.  When I walked in, there were still plenty of donuts available.  I was starving, and since I had no idea how long I'd be waiting for my emissions test, I took three donuts to go.

    The New York Cheesecake was my favorite!  I love filled donuts, so I also ordered the Key Lime Pie.  I missed the graham cracker texture/flavor with this donut, but it was still really good.  The Double Chocolate was kind of disappointing.  The cake was dry and the chocolate wasn't "chocolate" enough to justify the name.

    I spent about $4 on three donuts and a bottle of water.  These donuts are definitely superior to Dunkin, and because of location alone, I'd be more likely to return here than Home Cut.  They also rotate a donut of the day flavor.  Friday's was Apple Fritter, but I didn't see any in the case and I'm sure that I'll never find a better fritter than Old Fashioned, so why try?

    There's also a cozy area with a beat-up looking sofa and chair, and several elderly men were hanging out here enjoying their coffee and donuts.  For a Friday afternoon, this place sure was hopping!

  • 118 N Main St
    Wheaton, IL 60187
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    Yes!  Bakeries with macarons are getting closer to home.  PampleMousse Bakery is a cute spot in downtown Wheaton serving up macarons for $1.30/each, as well as many cupcakes, scones, croissants, and other desserts.

    There were nine varieties of macarons in the case, so I decided to try each one.  My favorites were the Pistachio, Chocolate, Lemon, and Mint.  The outside of the Pistacho was coated in nuts and it was perfectly chewy.  The Mint reminded me of a Girl Scout cookie.  

    My least favorite were the Blueberry, because I didn't detect any flavor at all, and the Vanilla, because it was well, vanilla.  The Raspberry was just okay, the jam filling was too sweet.

    For only $1.30/each, with so many flavors available, and the awesome location...oh yeah, I will definitely be back.

  • 118 E Galena Blvd
    Aurora, IL 60505
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    I decided to stop at La France after driving past several times, and a friend told me she'd ordered a delicious birthday cake here.

    The first thing you should know about La France is that there is nothing French about it.  The pastries, breads, and bakery employees are all Mexican, so the name "La France" is most likely the owners trying to set themselves apart from classic panaderias.

    Also, there are no hours posted on the door.  No opening time, and no closing time.  There aren't any hours posted on their (really pathetic looking) website.  They were open on a Sunday in the middle of the afternoon though.  

    I picked up a serving tray and chose a few treats from the case.  The lady gave me a dirty look when she handed me a pair of tongs (which were not visibly displayed).  She greeted me in English when I walked in, but then started yammering at me in Spanish.  I just did a little smile and nod.  Nothing was labeled, so bear with me:

    The Elephant Ear was massive and definitely big enough to share.  It was crunchy, light, with a sweet cinnamon & sugar flavor, but not as greasy as the typical carnival treat.

    The other things I got (a Cheese Danish, Cherry Danish, and a second Cheese Danish with coconut shaped like a bear claw) were all quite dry.  The cheese filling was sparse and almost undetectable in one of them.

    I only paid $3.81 for 4 large pastries, so this is dessert on the cheap if you want something different.  However, I was kind of disappointed with the stuff I tried.  Some of the pastries were also wrapped in plastic, almost as if they are delivered by a vendor.  I can't think of why else only some would be pre-wrapped and not others.  The woman was also still stocking the bakery racks at 2pm on a Sunday, which seems really late for a bakery.  So I kind of suspect that, on top of using outside vendors, they aren't the freshest goods.

    There is a second glass case by the register containing fancier slices of Dulce De Leche and Mocha cakes and several other pastries.  I saw several wedding cakes on display, and they were all very impressive.  Maybe this would be a good spot to get a reasonably priced wedding cake, or some fancy cake slices, but I'll stick to Panaderia Coral in Bolingbrook for traditional Mexican pastries.

    There's a small parking lot, and it's free, which is convenient since parking in downtown Aurora can sometimes be difficult.  It's worth visiting if you are already in the area, but considering this is a panaderia in the middle of Aurora, I expected a LOT better.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    So far, Vanille Patisserie's macarons are the best I've had.  Not a single flavor was disappointing, and they were all very fresh.

    I arrived on a Saturday at 6:00 p.m., an hour before closing.  There were six varieties of macarons still available (Raspberry, Lavender, Rose, Mango Passion, Hazelnut, Vanilla, and I *think* the last one was Lychee).  The prices are fair here, they are $1.65/each so I purchased 2 of each flavor (with the exception of vanilla).

    The Raspberry was the best raspberry macaron I've had.  I've consistently been unimpressed with this flavor at other places.  The Lavender was probably my favorite of the bunch, and the most flavorful ones were definitely the Mango Passion, Hazelnut and Lychee (?).

    Sometimes I have a hard time detecting the flavor of a macaron, and by the time I get home I've forgotten, so there's a handy guide for you to take home.

    The girl working the counter was very sweet and friendly, she wasn't bothered at all by my late arrival and even suggested a place for my husband to park in the area.

    Since I'd dropped just over $20 here, I didn't spend too much time checking out the other desserts, but I'd definitely come back here or another location next time I'm in the area.  The cakes are all listed on the same menu as the macarons, so you better believe I am contemplating a birthday cake for myself...

  • 284 S Weber Rd
    Bolingbrook, IL 60490
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    The Salted Caramels were amazing!  Reasonably priced ($1.00 each) you get a big hunk of caramel - soft and not too chewy - so glad I bought four of these.  After eating one, I wasn't even thinking about lunch anymore.  I'd buy a dozen of these to give as a gift for sure.

    Christine and her daughter were both friendly, and Christine explained to me what a "bacon bun" is.  It's a savory pastry, with bacon and onion.

    There are a lot of little promotions going on.  With my $10 purchase (must have a $10 purchase to use credit/debit cards), I got a free hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate was very good, and Christine was sweet enough to advise me that it was *very* hot.

    THE BAD:
    The Mini Cakes are terrible.  I ordered a Banana mini cake, frosted with vanilla and chocolate.  The vanilla frosting was grainy and had no flavor.  The chocolate frosting underneath tasted artificial like canned frosting.  The banana cake was dry.  I only took two bites of the Chocolate mini cake.  It was the driest cake I've ever eaten.  I threw the rest away.  The cakes are generously sized (larger than a cupcake) for $3.50 each, but the product is awful.

    I decided to try Just Desserts despite the mixed reviews.  After reading Eric B.'s (or is he Frank?) and other ingenuine reviews, I couldn't take this place seriously.

    My first impression upon walking in and checking out the glass cases was that the presentation needs improvement.  The mini cakes and cake truffles were frosted unevenly and sloppy.  And then I saw it.  A big, fat, mistake:

    "Salted Caramels with BELGIUM Chocolate" - This incorrect spelling (it's BELGIAN, ladies!) is all over their shop, website, and Facebook page.  In order to embrace your passion (baking) and be a business owner, you need to know your product inside and out (what they are, how they are spelled) in order to be taken seriously.  It made me question whether they are actually using Belgian chocolate or even know what it is.

    Their Facebook page is loaded with updates if they are closing early or have something new on the menu.  It's obvious these gals are striving to do their best and improve upon/combat complaints.  There's a little bit of a professionalism/business operations learning curve for these ladies, but I'm hoping they work out the kinks, but for right now all I can recommend about the place is the caramels.

  • 101 S Main St
    Mount Prospect, IL 60056
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    The paczki at Central Continental Bakery were recommended to me by Ericka A. and Aimee M., and these ladies are spot on with their recommendation!  CCB has the biggest variety of flavors of paczki I've seen anywhere or can even comprehend.

    I placed an order online (pre-ordering is THE thing to do if you have your heart set on any flavors in particular).  The gourmet flavors are a little more than $3, but totally worth it compared to those grocery store hockey pucks they try to pass off as paczki.  

    My favorites were the Lady Godiva (chocolate dough, chocolate filling, chocolately without being sickly rich and possibly, perfect), the Key Lime Pie and the Salted Caramel.  I also tried their cream cheese but it tasted more like custard and lacked the sweetness that cheese pastries usually have.  

    The dough is also really good.  When I got home I transferred the paczki from their cardboard box to glass Pyrex dishes with lids to keep them from drying out.  I picked mine up on Tuesday, ate one Wednesday evening, and they showed no signs of drying out.

    If you are picking up on Fat Tuesday, be prepared to meet a crowd of people.  They only had one line for everyone, but it moved fast.  At 9:26 a.m. (my order was for 10:00 a.m.), I was #68.  I looked up and saw they were serving #15!  Surprisingly, I was in and out of here in approximately half an hour.  And while crowds are usually cranky, the fatties on Fat Tuesday were all in pretty good moods, even the ones that were going to be late for work.

    Next year I plan on making the 1 hour+ trip again to CCB to try other flavors like the Root Beer Float!

  • 3329 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60657
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    The line moved quickly at Dinkel's on Fat Tuesday, thanks to having two separate lines:  one line for pre-orders, and one line for counter service.  Their ordering process is also very easy.  There is a form on their website, and you can call, fax, or e-mail your order.  I chose to pre-order, since I'd heard that lines for paczki on Fat Tuesday can get a little crazy.

    It smells great in here, but the pre-order line had a sign that clearly read, "NO ADD-ONS," which is probably for the better since I also had an order to pick up at another bakery.

    The must-try flavors are the Parisian Lemon, Raspberry Lemon, and the White Fudge with Coconut and Pineapple.  The Parisian Lemon had a creamy, custard-like filling instead of a sugary jelly, and the dough was really good.  The dough had a crisp, almost buttery flavor similar to some of the best doughnuts I've tried.  The dough kept for several days without drying out.

    I'm not totally in love with Dinkel's though.  Compared to other bakeries, the flavor variety for paczki is a lot smaller, and parking in the area was a little tough even on a Tuesday in the early afternoon.  I really liked everything I got here, but none of the flavors are something I'd make a trip from the suburbs for again.  I would stop in for doughnuts if I were in the neighborhood though.

  • 1736 W Division St
    Chicago, IL 60622
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    Beep beep!  Alliance Bakery, last stop on my Fat Tuesday paczki crawl.

    This bakery is much smaller than others I stopped at for paczki, and waiting behind three people is hardly what I would call a line.  I placed a pre-order anyway (you have to phone it in) for a Raspberry Rose and a Blueberry Lemon paczki.

    The variety of flavors is lacking, but those two flavors stood out to me.  The standard custard and apple are also available.

    The Raspberry Rose on its own makes Alliance worth a stop.  There was tons of tart, raspberry filling, with a light rose flavor that wasn't too perfumey or overwhelming, but certainly exotic enough to make the trip.  I'm not lying when I say I'll probably order a dozen or so from Central Continental, but I'll stop at Alliance (kind of, but not really, on the way home) just for one or two Raspberry Rose.

    The dough is a little more dry than other bakeries, and I didn't like the blueberry lemon at all.  The blueberry filling lacked any sweetness.

    What drew me to Alliance also is that they sell macarons.  I figured that in the late morning, on Fat Tuesday, nobody's thinking about macarons.  But I was really disappointed when the two I wanted (balsamic fig and rose) were sold out.  They still had eight other flavors for $1.75/each, and they sell pre-packaged ones for $20.  Next time I'm in Wicker Park I'll stop by for the macarons.

    There's also a lot of great shopping in the area, so it's totally worth adding Alliance as a destination.

  • 2834 River Rd
    River Grove, IL 60171
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    I chose Hala Kahiki for my birthday celebration with a group of friends.  I was able to make reservations the day before for 16 people on a Friday night without any hesitation or hassles.  When we arrived at 8:00 p.m., the place was mostly empty, but it was much busier an hour or so later.  This is one bar that definitely works for groups, because it isn't too loud in here.  There was music playing in the background, but I barely noticed.  

    The drinks here are awesome!  I had three drinks and a birthday shot.  The Pink Squirrel was my first pick, kind of a classic drink but made with ice cream.  I drank this pretty quickly and felt a buzz shortly after.  I kept on though, and followed my squirrel with a Ko Ko Mo, a blended tropical drink with a creamy coconut  flavor.  My last drink was the Tonga Trader, a strawberry ice cream drink.  

    I sipped on some of my tablemates' drinks including the Purple Monkey and some other bright pink concoction.  I wasn't a fan of either of these drinks, which tasted like liquefied fruit snacks and a lot of booze.

    There's definitely a kitsch factor here, but I really like this place.  I love ice cream drinks, and with all of the fancy schmancy craft cocktail bars popping up, sometimes a girl just wants some ice cream thrown in with her booze.  I like the tiki décor, but the tables and chairs are really uncomfortable.  The tables are really low, like a pre-school classroom, and some of the chairs were awkward to sit in as they weren't proportionate to the table.  When you're drunk, you've got to lean on stuff.  The bathrooms are in need of repair - it's extremely tiny, I needed to hold the stall door closed when I peed, the hand dryer barely works, and there is 30+ year old carpeting (carpeting!) in the bathroom.

    There are no drink prices on the menu, but most drinks are $10-11/each.  I didn't succumb to sticker shock, and no one in the group appeared to either, but printing prices would be extremely helpful in a group where everyone is throwing in money.

    Our waitress was very friendly and prompt considering how time consuming these drinks are to make.  If you're going in a large group, make sure everyone has cash.    At the end of the night I apologized to the waitress for having to split so many checks, but she said she really didn't mind but was just concerned that it would take awhile because it was busy.  Considering it was a busy night, and we were a large group, I'd say she did pretty damn well.

    James O.
    Kommentar von James O. von Hala Kahiki
    14.3.2014 Angela,

    Thank you for your review,  I'm working on the updates to the building but they can't seem to…
  • 428 W Fifth Ave
    Naperville, IL 60563
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    5.0 Sterne

    Wow!  I needed a sugar fix during my work day and remembered that I recently bookmarked DeEtta's.  It seems that a lot of people come here for custom cakes, but they do so much more than that.  Everything is made from scratch with "real" ingredients - butter and sugar - those things you hate to love.  This is no pansy-ass or trendoid bakery!

    The location of DeEtta's is strip mall-meets-industrial park, but I didn't have any problems finding it.  I got here just before lunchtime, when most people are consuming regular food and not sugary treats, so I was the only customer.  The two people behind the counter were very friendly and I was offered a sample.  I tried a piece of the croissant cup (it's a croissant, but shaped like a cup, duh) and oh my buttery goodness, these are fantastic!

    Aside from the Croissant Cup, I tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie with sea salt which is quite possibly the best cookie I've ever had.  It puts all of those other chain bakery cookies to shame, and after one bite I immediately regretted not ordering a second one or one to bring home for my husband (he reads my reviews sometimes, so consider this a public apology).

    Most items in the bakery case are $2-3 each and generous in size.  The bars (raspberry, apricot, and DeEtta - a chocolate caramel mix) are big enough to share but I wouldn't judge you if you didn't.

    DeEtta's is a great stop in the area, close to downtown Naperville but away from the crowds.  

    The cakes on display are beautiful, and they also sell a variety of tea and coffee drinks.  There's a good chance I'll be back tomorrow, even if it is just for one cookie.

    Really?  You believe that nonsense?  I'll totally be back for two.

  • 142 N Bloomingdale Rd
    Bloomingdale, IL 60108
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    I was in the area and had to check out Chicago Pastry to decide for myself if the cronut/dossant trend was worthwhile.  I arrived about half an hour prior to closing, and there was still a lot to choose from.

    I couldn't tell what flavors were available, but the girl behind the counter suggested the French Cream.  It's sweet and not as thick as custard.  I bought the last two French Cream Dossants and spent $5.  

    When I got home that evening and bit into one, I immediately regretted not buying more.  But I was glad I didn't, because I probably would have just consumed these back to back without stopping to breathe.

    There's a huge variety of pastries here:  cookies, cupcakes, cannoli, zeppole, fresh bread and more, and everything is reasonably priced.

  • 2218 N California Ave
    Chicago, IL 60647
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Empanadas, cookies, elephant ears, and lots of other pastries and breads with Mexican names I can't recall or identify:  50 cents each.  

    It's cash only, but it makes sense since you'll have a hard time spending more than $5-6 since everything is so cheap.  We spent $3.50, and there wasn't a single item I didn't like.  Even the mystery item I picked up, which looked like a giant chocolate cookie, but turned out to be some kind of cookie/bread was really good.  My favorite though was the elephant ear because it didn't make a huge flaky mess and it was evenly coated in sugar.

    Like other Mexican bakeries, you grab a tray and some tongs and go wild.  My only dislike is that not everything is labeled.  Even though I can say outloud, "Hmm, I think this is one of those 'concha' things," I don't really know what that means.  Only the empanadas were labeled by flavor, in Spanish, but thankfully I know basic words like "manzana."

    It's "apple," you idiot.

    They're open late, until 9:00 p.m., for people like me who like baked goods all day long.  Parking is kind of difficult, we drove around a few blocks before finding a spot, and the bakery is located on a corner right under the Blue Line tracks.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Cupcakes?  Over it.  It's been all about donuts for quite some time, but I'm a late adopter.  I always have been, and I always will be.  I discovered Old Fashioned Donuts in Roseland about six months ago, and I have been very curious about other donut places since.

    Glazed & Infused is strategically placed under the L tracks at the Armitage stop.  Step off the train, look down, and there it is!

    For $5 I got three donuts:  Vanilla Creme Brulee, and a glazed Sprinkle donut for myself; and a Maple Bacon that I took home for my husband.  The Sprinkle donut was just okay, it was a little dry, but it was smothered with sprinkles and so pretty.  I enjoyed the Vanilla Crème Brulee much more, because the outside of the donut is glazed but is torched just like a crème brulee for that crunchy, caramelized, flavor.

    The inside of the shop is really cute, with plenty of seating.  In the back, there is a mural along the wall depicting the "history" of donuts.  Like so many other Chicago folktales, the donut also started with an animal in a barn and some hot oil.

    The girl behind the counter deserves a gold star.  When I asked for a bottle of water, she asked if I wanted tap water instead.  It's a little thing, but it's rare that any establishment will go out of their way to *not* sell you something.

    Glazed and Infused is definitely a good spot to start your day or Lincoln Park travels.  Homer Simpson would approve.

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