Summertime in the City

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Here's where I spend my time in the Mile High City after the snow melts and the long lazy days of summer arrive. Pass the sunscreen.
  • S Monaco Pkwy And Cherry Creek
    Denver, CO 80224
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    Garland is a wonderful park conveniently located about halfway between downtown and Cherry Creek State Park on the Cherry Creek bike path.  It is quite popular with the sporting crowd, as I have seen many events being played or practiced in the park:  football, rugby, soccer, ultimate frisbee, softball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and, of course, walking, running, and biking.

    Lollipop Lake (more of a pond, really) attracts ducks, geese, and the lovely red-winged blackbird, as well as those who love to feed them.  There are 2 playgrounds and a few picnic tables and grills for your outdoor dining pleasure.

    I love the beautiful view of the mountains to the West and the pretty flowers on the eastern end of the park. It's fun to start your day with a walk around Garland.

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    When I first saw U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" video from my living room in Georgia way back in 1983, I vowed to attend a concert at Red Rocks some day.  That dream came true for me several times over and now this spectacular music venue is just a short drive from my house.  Not surprisingly, it's also become my very favorite place to see a concert.

    Almost every concert I've seen at Red Rocks includes remarks from the band about what an amazing place it is to play and that it's one of the best venues in the world.  Besides being wonders of nature, the rocks provide amazing acoustics and a beautiful backdrop for stage lights.  You can sit close to the stage for a more intimate experience or sit up higher and be treated to an awesome view of the twinkling city lights.

    Of course, you can also visit Red Rocks for non-concert activities, such as a hike, a meal at Ship Rock Grille, shopping at the Trading Post, or a tour of the Visitor's Center to learn about the geology and wildlife in the area or the many talents that have graced the stage throughout the years.  When I'm not seeing a show, my favorite thing to do is stand on the stage and pretend I'm a rock star.  Even though I'll never be as cool as Bono.

  • Cherry Creek & S Platte
    Denver, CO 80202
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    Are you kidding me?  What a fun way to get around the city on your bike, rollerblades, or on foot at a jog or a leisurely stroll.  I love that I can ride my bike on the Cherry Creek Trail from my house to either downtown or Cherry Creek State Park without ever pedaling on the street.  Brilliant!

    Obviously, this is a popular and heavily used trail so here are a few things to remember:

    Bikers, this is not time trials.  Please slow down in crowded areas.
    Dog walkers, please keep your dog on a short leash.  A long leash across the path can be dangerous to others and/or to your dog.
    Runners and walkers, please travel single file in crowded spots to allow bikers riding in both directions to pass.

    By working together, we can all have a safe and delightful journey on the Cherry Creek Trail no matter where the path leads us.  Thank you for your courtesy!

    (Stepping off my soapbox.)

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    Strolling through the gardens is a great way to forget about your troubles for a while and reconnect with nature without leaving the city.  I have had the pleasure of visiting the Botanic Gardens during all four seasons and it's been a completely different experience each time I go.  I love to discover the endless variety of flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees on display and explore all the little nooks and crannies where you can sit down, relax, and breathe in the beauty.  Even on the coldest December nights, the gardens come to life as the spectacular Blossoms of Light.  I highly recommend the 3D glasses.

    It seems as though construction in one form or another has been going on at the Gardens forever but the improvements are truly remarkable.  Most notably, the conservatory has been revamped so there's sort of an indoor/outdoor promenade which enables you view some of the lovely tropical plants without having to commit to a steamy trip inside.  Also, the gift shop's new configuration of being right in the front as you walk in the entrance is mighty convenient.  You don't need a ticket to shop and it's easy to pop in for a gift or that little something you just couldn't get out of your mind during your previous visit.

    I feel fortunate to work so close to the Gardens because my coworkers and I can take advantage of the SCFD free days during our lunch break.  If you have not already, I hope you will make some time to visit this jewel of the Mile High City.

  • 10th Ave & Santa Fe Dr
    Denver, CO 80204
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    I'm kinda ashamed to admit that this past Friday was the very first time I've ever experienced the First Friday Art Walk.  Now that I finally have, I intend to sashay on down to the Art District on Santa Fe Drive more often.

    After reading up on the event, we decided the best course of action was to get there early.  We rolled into the parking lot at West High School right around 5:30.  It was not at all crowded for the vast majority of the time we were strolling around so we were able to take our time in the galleries we liked best.  We saw all kinds of contemporary, folk, and traditional art including painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, graphic arts, and textiles.  Some was amazing, some was edgy, some was whimsical, and some was not really my taste but that's okay, you can't please everyone all the time.  We also passed a couple of street performers and heard some live music coming from somewhere.

    We had dinner plans, so we didn't sample anything from the several food trucks we saw parked along the route.  We'll definitely have to check those out next time.  And I decided that if I ever win the lottery or otherwise find myself with boatloads of extra cash on my hands, I will buy the Santa Fe Theater, restore it to its former glory, and turn it into an awesome music venue.

    I highly recommend a visit to the First Friday Art Walk in one of Denver's oldest neighborhoods.  If you'd like to take your time and browse through the galleries, come early.  If not, come later and enjoy the crowd.

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    Cook Park has it all:  a playground, 2 picnic shelters, a softball field, soccer fields, a rugby pitch, trails for walking or riding bikes, a rec center.  A lovely little stream meanders across the property and lots of tall trees provide shady spots for picnics in the grass.  But my favorite thing about Cook Park is the swimming pool!  Is there anything better than lounging by the pool on a hot summer day?  The pool area is a nice size and has plenty of comfortable grass and shade.  I recommend bringing a cooler (no alcohol or glass containers, of course) and snacks and making a day of it.  See you there!

  • 4610 E Alameda
    Denver, CO 80246
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    We can't wait for the Greek Festival every year so we can go and stuff our faces with homemade authentic Greek food.  Good gracious, it's ridiculous!  It's the best Greek meal I eat all year, hands down.

    Once you're good and bloated, you can walk around and shop for Greek-inspired trinkets, watch the live music and dancers, have a shot of ouzo, buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win fabulous prizes, or take the kids to the mini carnival.  I highly recommend taking a tour of the Cathedral.  It's colorful, beautiful, and filled with history.

    The festival can get pretty crowded, so be prepared for long food and drink lines and jockeying for table space.  But it's so worth it because all the food is made with love by the members of the congregation.  Opa!

  • 52 Broadway
    Denver, CO 80203
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    Beitrag des Tages 5.9.2012

    Me:  Hi, Honey!
    Him:  Is that Sweet Action on your breath?
    Me:  Uh,, it', maybe.

    Cheating on your diet with Sweet Action is one thing, but cheating on your husband with Sweet Action is slightly more complicated.  I try not to stray, I really do, but once I start thinking about all that dreamy delectable ice cream that tastes like it was made with an old fashioned hand crank machine on a gourmet chef's front porch on a sultry summer evening, I just can't help myself.  The flavors are subtle and pure. The texture is light and creamy.  And the prices?  Less than $3 for a single scoop portion that is very satisfying indeed.  Surely you can understand my dilemma?

    Don't get discouraged if the line spills out the door and onto the sidewalk.  It will move relatively quickly but you'll need that time to look over the ever-changing menu.  There are plenty of friendly employees working the counter offering samples, answering questions, and efficiently moving folks on through.  Kudos to the fabulous owners for creating this organized and well-run establishment featuring some of the best ice cream I've ever eaten.  

    I'd love it if my husband and I could visit Sweet Action together every time but I just can't make any promises if I happen to be in the neighborhood and he's not with me.  All will be forgiven if I bring home a pint, right?

  • cherry street and cherry creek drive
    Glendale, CO 80246
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    Almost every year for the past three decades, the Village of Glendale puts on one heck of a pyrotechnic display sometime just before the Fourth of July.  Folks gather all along the Cherry Creek Trail, on patios, and in nearby parks and parking lots to watch the dazzling display launched from Creekside Park.

    We can see the fireworks from our house but this year we decided to get up close.  We'll be doing that from now on.  Creekside Park is closed for the show but the lawn in front of the Staybridge Suites right next door is wide and grassy and the perfect viewing spot.  You're pretty much right underneath them there and it is a loud but jaw-dropping experience.

    So grab the kids, your picnic basket, and lawn chairs, and kick off a fun Fourth of July holiday in Glendale.

  • 1560 Broadway
    Denver, CO 80202
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    Coworker #1: Hey, what do you want for lunch? I'm thinking of a burger.
    Coworker #2: No, I'd rather have tacos.
    Coworker #3: I'm kinda craving a pulled pork sandwich.
    Coworker #4: Well, I'm trying to watch what I eat, so I need a salad.
    Coworker #5: You know what I could really go for? A gyro.
    Coworker #6: Ooh, that sounds good. But you know what sounds even better? Pizza!

    Maybe at one time you've been a part of this conversation, or one like it.  Wouldn't it be great if there was one location you and your cube mates could go where everyone could get exactly what they wanted to eat for lunch?  Well, you're in luck because there is such a place.  It's all right there at Civic Center Eats and it's conveniently located in downtown Denver's Civic Center Park.

    Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from sometime in June to sometime in September, loads of awesome food trucks drive in and park right on the promenade ready to serve up some tasty treats.  You can't get a better variety in one spot any place else, that's for sure.  And did I mention the desserts?  Ice cream, pie, cupcakes, popsicles, the fun never ends.  Seating is wherever you can find it: at a table (most have umbrellas), a park bench, or on the steps of the amphitheater.  This year they've even kindly added some umbrellas around the amphitheater for extra shade.  And here's a little tip from me to you: bring a water bottle to save a couple of bucks on a drink.

    If you haven't yet ventured down to Civic Center Eats during your Tuesday or Thursday lunch break, what on Earth are you waiting for?  You gotta do it!

  • 1284 S Pearl St
    Denver, CO 80210
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    I almost walked out of Civic Center Eats without getting any ice cream.  As I turned around and headed back in, I spied the AikoPops cart.  And then I asked myself, "Self, wouldn't a popsicle be just as cool and refreshing on this hot summer day as ice cream, without all of the fat, calories, and guilt?"  

    After a minute of debate, I decided to take my own advice and began to peruse the AikoPops menu.  There were quite a few flavors listed on the board and here are some I remember: Cherry Basil, Orange Blueberry, Blueberry Pineapple, Strawberry Balsamic.  I chose Watermelon Lime Mint, which is strange for me because I'm not a fan of watermelon or watermelon flavored anything.  But I was intrigued and I do think of watermelon as the quintessential summertime fruit.  As it turned out, I made exactly the right choice.  The watermelon and lime played very well together and perfectly balanced one another, while the mint added a delightful, spicy accent.  I did not regret my choice to forgo ice cream for one minute.

    So if you see the AikoPops cart out and about, or find yourself close to the store, don't pass them by.  What a satisfying way to beat the heat at only $3.00 a pop.

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    I have a special place in my heart for this Jax location because it's the place where I had my aha moment with raw oysters (I know, I have a lifetime of catching up to do).  And it has a fantastic rooftop patio.  And I can ride my bike or walk to it.

    I haven't yet been for brunch or dinner but have enjoyed lunches and happy hours here.  I have to say that happy hour is definitely where it's at because you can try so many different kinds of seafood and other snacks and keep it affordable.  Some of my favorite happy hour treats are the fresh Chesapeake bay oysters at $1.25 each, and $5 portions of peel and eat shrimp, fruit de mar (squid, shrimp, mussels, octopus, potatoes and olives), chicken and crawfish gumbo fries (you can also get a cup of gumbo but get the fries!), and fried calamari.  Honestly, I've been known to make a meal out of the happy hour offerings.  I like to wash it all down with a Cucumber Lemon Press, Bangkok Fizz, and/or the housemade sangria on tap.

    The lunch and dinner menus make seasonal changes, which is always a plus in my book.  Some of the items are a bit spendy but I've always been able to find something that doesn't do too much damage to my wallet.  I've received nothing less than excellent service every time from the friendly and knowledgeable waitstaff.  Jax offers some special event and holiday menus and they had an extended happy hour on Christmas Eve this year.  I hope they do that every year because I think I've found a new holiday tradition!

  • 1238 E Colfax Ave
    Denver, CO 80218
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    Upper Colfax has an ice cream shop!  It's kind of a small space in an old, historic building but there are several tables and some bar seating by the front window.  And I love all the photos hanging around of many different celebrities and fictional characters enjoying ice cream cones.

    The owner is super nice and encouraged sampling.  Even though I wanted to, I didn't feel comfortable asking for a sample of each flavor, so I limited myself to just three:  dirty cookies & cream, cherry Pop Tarts, and broken cones.  The ice cream is wonderfully creamy and rich and each flavor is true to its roots.

    Half scoops are available (yay!) so I didn't have to settle for just one flavor.  I got the dirty cookies & cream and the broken cones in a cup.  Scrumptious!  And quite a lot of ice cream for a single scoop.  A great deal for $3.25.  My big complaint is that the spoons aren't quite sturdy enough to handle the thickness of the ice cream.  I guess next time I'll just have to get a cone instead of a cup.

    I'm intrigued by the water ice and will have to try one of those sometime.  Don't miss this new neighborhood gem!

  • 2039 E 13th Ave
    Denver, CO 80206
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    Liks is one of Denver's oldest ice cream shops and still all the rage in Capitol Hill.  There was a line out the door when I visited at 2:15 on a Thursday afternoon.  Luckily, I beat the rush!

    Lik's has a large selection of flavors and they will, of course, let you sample any and all of them.  Since I'm on a bit of a coconut kick lately, I decided on the coconut chocolate chip, a flavor I've never had before but would definitely order again.  The coconut was not subtle but not overpowering and the chocolate chips were fresh and yummy.  The ice cream had a rich and creamy texture and my single scoop was large and satisfying for around $3.25.

    You can sit at one of the few tables inside but the better spot is at one of the tables or a bench on the nice big shady patio.  And if you do have to stand in line, rest assured, it's worth the wait.

  • 4300A E 8th Ave
    Denver, CO 80220
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    I finally made the time to visit Cloud 9 and I'm really sorry I hadn't made it in sooner!  The place is pretty tiny and has only a couple of bar seats and two benches, one inside and one outside.  But it's super cute and the owners are friendly.

    Chocolate and vanilla are the only flavors available but you can fancy them up with a large selection of toppings or turn your scoops into a sundae.  All the usual cone varieties are offered, including one of my favorites, waffle bowls.

    I decided to keep it simple and opted for a small scoop of half chocolate and half vanilla in a cup.  If I remember correctly, the price was $3.35 for a pretty big portion.  The custard has such a wonderful creamy, velvety texture.  The vanilla tastes so pure and the chocolate has a unique flavor I couldn't quite place.  Maybe a hint of cinnamon?

    I think the shop is closed during the winter months so you'll have make it in before the snow starts to fly.  Also, don't forget your cash because that's the only way you'll get any custard.  Plastic not accepted.

    Congratulations to Cloud 9 on your ten year anniversary and here's to ten more!

  • 215 S Holly St
    Denver, CO 80246
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    So this is a perfect example of why sometimes I like to wait a while before I write a review, especially of a rather new establishment.

    At first, the texture of High Point's ice cream was lighter, less dense, and not very sweet.  It was okay but not really great.  Over time, the product has evolved into the rich, creamy ice cream I do love so.  It's still not really sweet but that's okay because what's more important to me is texture.  I think they've nailed that now.  Also what's just as important is the fact that these ice creams are made with fresh, local ingredients.

    The menu doesn't seem to change a whole lot though some flavors appear to be seasonal.  There are usually about 20 or so selections at a time.  I've tried several of the flavors on the current menu:

    The Chocolate Trio - Dark Chocolate, Salty Dog Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate.  Of the three, Dark Chocolate is my favorite.  

    Mint Chocolate Bark - the fresh muddled mint will just about freshen your breath

    Earl Grey with Shortbread - you can really taste the shortbread so you might even need a glass of milk

    Brown Butter Pecan - a light flavor with lovely pecan pieces

    Tipsy Peach - subtle peach flavor.  I paired it with the Brown Butter Pecan and it was wonderful.

    Bananas with Honey - nice flavor and pairs well with Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate

    Basil with Blackberry Swirl - the fresh basil really shines and beautifully compliments the blackberry

    A small size consists of two scoops so you can easily mix and match flavors.  I haven't yet tried a flight but I probably shouldn't eat that much ice cream in one sitting.  I mean...I certainly could, of course, but probably shouldn't.  Luckily, High Point is a short walk up the Holly Street hill from home so I get to burn off some calories before I pack them back on.

    Something to keep in mind:  this ice cream store is in the middle of a neighborhood, and lots of kids live in that neighborhood.  If you're bothered by rug rats running amok while you're trying to enjoy your scoops and chat with your friends, you might consider planning your visit after family dinnertime.

    Erika T.
    Kommentar von Erika T. von High Point Creamery
    25.8.2014 What a descriptive review, Vicki! Thanks for being so open and willing to give us another try.… Weiterlesen
  • Holly Street and Cherry Creek Drive South
    Denver, CO 80224
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    I used that think that if I had a dog, this little park would be perfect for a quick dog walk since it has a paved path around its four acre perimeter.  Well, now I do have a dog and I can definitely tell you that it's a great place to take the pooch for a stroll!

    Conveniently situated directly adjacent to the soon-to-be-fabulous Glendale Riverwalk, the park land was acquired by the City in 1977 and officially designated as a park in 1985.  The park is part of Denver's Sister City program and was named for Potenza, Italy in honor the Italian immigrants that helped settle Denver back in the day.  The park features a traditional bocce ball court complete with a set of official rules.  It borders a quiet neighborhood on the back side and is a nice place to enjoy a picnic, romp with the dog, play on the playground, or play a round of bocce.

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