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    I've visited this coffee house several times over the past few months and I've never been disappointed.  I will say I have not tried many things on their food menu, but the drinks I've sampled (including the one I am having today, the Queen Marie Antoinette) have been amazing!  I'm almost positive they are calorie free too!  Ahem.  The prices are decent for the quality and quantity you receive.  

    One of the owners, Katrina, served me today and she was most helpful and very sweet.  I love supporting local businesses and this is one that I hope to frequent more often than I have!

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    I have been a loyal Calypso Cafe fan for years.  I only go to this location during the work week because it's quick and close to where I desk jockey.  I am one of those that tends to find a favorite dish and stick with it every visit.  My meal of choice is the Black Bean Salad with rice.  It's always delicious and extremely filling.  My only complaint is that I wish it came on a bigger plate.  My salad is always spilling off the sides of the plate and on to the table.  That's just annoying.  The salad doesn't need dressing as the slightly spicy salsa that is served with it will suffice!

    I sometimes get a boja muffin with my salad, but they tend to be a bit dry and just a waste of calories.  I do however recommend any of their other sides.  The sweet potatoes topped with coconut are delish and so is the cuban black bean dip.  

    The service is always friendly and fast and this makes a great work lunch stop!

  • 15 Hermitage Ave
    Nashville, TN 37210
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    I really wish that I lived closer to CREMA.  I've only been once (very sad) and perhaps that doesn't warrant a review just yet, but I cannot help it!  Nashville is blessed to have an establishment such as this.  Being a Starbucks barista in the past, I am completely enamored with places like CREMA and their employees.  They aren't worried about "speed of service" and they don't have that Corporate feel.  

    The experience and knowledge that the employees have at CREMA is nothing compared to chain coffee shops.  If you've ever spent time on their blog you'll know what I'm talking about (  These guys are legit.  One huge difference I noticed was the appropriate temperature of my drink.  I ordered a Soy Chai Latte (or something like that) and I was able to take the drink from the barista's hand and immediately put it to my lips and start drinking.  You'll rarely find that at a Starbucks.  At Starbucks, unless you specify that you DON'T want your drink center-of-the-sun hot, you'll end up waiting about 20 minutes before you can actually drink any of it!  

    I was not able to enjoy the atmosphere inside for very long, but I hope to go back and take a second (or third, fourth...) look soon!  CREMA is definitely a place you need to check out!

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    Honestly...the one and only time I've dined at The Standard happened to be the night that my fiance (and very soon to be husband!) completely and utterly surprised me by proposing to me after dinner in the ball room in the back of the house.  He proposed in front of the fireplace (during a completely set up tour of the house) that was excavated from the house where Andrew Jackson and his wife were married in the Hendersonville area.  

    So...I don't really remember much about my meal other than I remember it being really good and I ate a ton!  I'm a vegetarian and there was PLENTY for me to eat.  I highly recommend The Standard, not only for the memories it holds for me, but for the excellent service they provided and for totally being in on everything with my fiance to pull off that very special evening!  I guess we were the first couple to get engaged there!

    UPDATE 10/27/10:  We've been married for a little over a year now and I have been back to The Standard twice since proposed to there.  One for a work dinner with about 75 people (the food was good, but trying to coordinate the event with the restaurant was a bit frustrating) and the second was for a friend's wedding reception.  We basically had the place to ourselves and the food was GREAT (shrimp and grits...amazing!).

  • 1061 Murfreesboro Pike
    Nashville, TN 37217
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    In elementary school, my best friend was Vietnamese.  When I went over to her house I'd see things like chicken feet sitting on the kitchen counter and I would think...uh, gross!!  Well, so that was my view of Vietnamese food.  ha!

    A friend of my husband's invited us to join him and his wife at Vinh-Long one night for dinner.  Apparently he eats there about once a week with co-workers and he loves it.  I'd never really heard of pho, but I was willing to give it a try since I generally like trying international dishes (minus chicken feet).  Let's just say...after that evening I became addicted to pho.  The following week my husband and I went on a week-long vacation and every time I saw a Vietnamese restaurant I would say..."Ooo, let's go there and get pho!"  We didn't, but almost as soon as we got back home we got another group together to visit Vinh-Long.  I may have gone a little crazy with the additional spices/sauces (hot sauce, some kind of sweeter sauce, garlic/chili paste and chili paste).  My lips were on fire!  I'll have to tone it down a notch next time.

    The location is a bit sketchy, but aren't all the best restaurants located in sketchy areas?  I love hole-in-the-walls in general.  Make sure to bring cash and if you and someone else want to share a pho bowl, get a medium.  I think it's the perfect portion for two and it's only $6.50!  I've gotten the pho with chicken both times and one of my friends got hers with tofu.  I think I'll try that next time (which hopefully is soon!).  I am not brave enough to get the "special" as I'm not entirely sure what the meat is.  I'll leave that to the hardcore pho eaters.

  • 71 Hermitage Ave
    Nashville, TN 37210
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    13.12.2010 I went here once and I have been meaning to go back ever since!  I have a weakness for greasy spoon breakfast diners.  I may also LOVE the movie The Spitfire Grill (and have dreamed of owning something similar).  There is something so nostalgic and romantic about these places.  I would not call the Hermitage Cafe "romantic", but it was an awesome experience nonetheless!  Seeing as this is one of the only places in Nashville like this, I am working with what I have.

    I took a friend with me to experience this place with me for my first time. I was not drunk (I feel like I have to state that given other reviews) and we went at a relatively normal breakfast time of about 9:30am on a Saturday.  We sat at the bar and we received great (albeit frank, honest and no-nonsense) service.  The food was good (I mean, it's grease disguised as eggs, biscuits, gravy and pancakes, right) and the ambiance was perfect.  Loud, slightly off-color and just what I was hoping to get!

    After all of that we went next door to Crema for a great cup of soy chai.  All in all a wonderful experience which I hope to recreate again very soon.

  • 722 Thompson Ln
    Nashville, TN 37204
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    If it was socially acceptable to eat every meal at Baja Burrito, I would be the first to do it!  Heck, I'd do it anyway!!  I have loved me some baja for almost 10 years now.  I have never once been disappointed and honestly, the parking is not an issue anymore.  There are plenty of options to park around the establishment.  The small lot directly adjacent, yes...but there are other spots right around the corner.  Anywhoo...

    The fruit tea and pineapple salsa are enough to keep me coming back over and over again, but the tacos and burritos make it even better!  I cannot seem to break my three-rice-and-black-bean-flour-tacos-with-­everything routine, but I know that everything else is probably just as tasty.  I've never had the fish tacos, but have heard enough people rave about them so they must be delish.

    I take all of my out of town visitors here if I can and new residents get the "you have to go here immediately" speech from me upon arrival.

    Found out the other day that Blue Coast Burrito WAS an attempt at franchising, but the owner of Baja Burrito decided it wasn't for him so he sold Blue Coast off and they now have licensing rights to the menu, etc.  It's basically the same, but I like the location and vibe of the true Baja Burrito best.

  • 1716 21st Avenue South
    Nashville, TN 37212
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    I love Village Jewelers!  My husband and I did not go ring shopping together as I am a bit traditional like that.  He knew I wanted something either antique (or that looked antique) and VERY original.  I didn't even know he was ring shopping (let alone saving up!) when he proposed to me.  He went to Village Jewelers because of a suggestion from a friend who goes there for most of his jewelry gift purchases.  After proposing to me, my now-husband, told me about his wonderful experience working with the employees there.  At the time, Corey Caldwell was the showroom manager (he has since moved on) and he and Nyuma Shor, the owner, were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their selections.  My husband found the PERFECT ring for me (and I am about 99.9% sure that no one else has my ring)!  The price was not too outrageous, but you know you are getting quality there.

    Once I finally visited myself, I found the service and quality to be just as my husband described.  They treat you like friends and you are a customer for life.  We ended up getting a simple band for me for our ceremony with plans to "upgrade" in about 6 months.  They were so flexible with our financing and went ahead and ordered my new band with a small deposit and then held the band until we could pay it off.  They are more than happy to answer any questions and will clean your ring anytime you walk in the door.  Daphne is precious and we love working with her as well.  

    I highly, highly recommend Village Jewelers for a unique and personal experience.  It just ain't the same at Shane.  :)

    George K.
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    14.8.2014 Dear Hanna, we all really appreciate your kind and thoughtful words you have shared here.  We did… Weiterlesen
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    I must confess that I first chose this dry cleaner solely based on it's name in relation to my maiden name.  I also found a coupon on the now defunct website and that further solidified my choice to pick this dry cleaner.  I'm cheap.  I don't like to have things dry cleaned (I try not to buy dry clean only) and prefer to just take my chances at home with the trusty ol' W/D.

    However, there are some times that I feel I cannot avoid paying HALF of what I paid for an item in dry cleaning fees.  In those instances, I like to use Snow White Cleaners in Brentwood/Franklin.  The owner and her staff are very friendly and I believe they take great pride in their work.  I've also had a couple things altered here and have been very satisfied with the results.

    I just had a dress (purchase price roughly $25) dry cleaned and it was $12.  That's a bit too steep for me and I'll plan to do it on my own next time.  For other items which I know I'll ruin at home, I will continue to use Snow White Cleaners for my dry cleaning and alteration needs.

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    As a woman, going into a car repair shop can be intimidating.  Most women don't know the first thing about cars and most auto shops know that!  I've made it a point to learn things, but it still helps to find some place where you know they won't take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

    I have used Community Garage of Madison for years and I have never been unhappy with my service or treatment there.  They do their best to fit you in as soon as possible, and they are very flexible with your schedule.  They open at 7am which is really nice for getting service done before work, or close to it.  I've taken my car here for general tune-ups, oil changes, brake work, etc.  If they don't offer a certain service, they will give you a reliable referral someplace nearby that does (i.e. transmission replacements, repair).

    The owners are very down-to-earth and the office staff is friendly and helpful.  They don't charge you more than the job is worth and they do a quality job.  I highly recommend taking your car to a place like Community Garage of Madison!

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    My husband and I drove by Euro Grill all the time and kept saying we should try it out.  Well, golly gee, one day we did!  We are very glad we did!  It always looked like it wasn't busy, but like another reviewer noted, people park in the back and sit outside.  The owners are super friendly and with my husband's curiosity I felt like we got their whole life story.  We don't even look at the menus anymore, since it's easier to just tell them what we like and have them recommend something.  

    Everything is delicious.  I won't go into details about what we've had there, but just know that it has ALL been delicious.  Their Greek salad is the best I've ever had.  The baklava, yum...and turkish coffee, perfect!  I wish we could get there for breakfast sometime during the week, but they don't open until 8am so that's difficult to do.

    The location is random, I know, but you should definitely make your way there and check it out.  You will not be disappointed!

  • 5301 Charlotte Ave
    Nashville, TN 37209
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    I love Bobbie's Dairy Dip and almost wish that it didn't close for the colder months.  Couldn't the employees just wear long johns and sweaters, and the customers could huddle around outdoor heaters? ha!  Only kidding of course.  (Or am I?)  Friends of mine used to live within walking distance to this amazing establishment and we frequented more frequently then.  However, I am sad to say I live waaay on the other side of town now and my hips are probably thanking me for it!

    I digress...  I have never been disappointed by Bobbie's, save for the random closing hours when it starts getting cooler.  Let's just say there have been at least two occasions when a group has ventured over only to find out they closed two hours early.  Sigh.  I LOVE the veggie burger with just about everything you could imagine being on a veggie burger and the sweet potato fries!  Whew!  That was a GOOD day.  I also dig the James Brown milkshake!  Coffee and chai were meant to be together.  The menu is extensive and there are PLENTY of choices for the choosy.  The service is always great and the employees are friendly and peppy.  I love the atmosphere and the music is always fun.

    You definitely need to make a trip to Bobbie's before they close for the season!  Apparently it's around Thanksgiving every year.

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    I used A Village of Flowers for my wedding bouquet, my matron of honor's bouquet, women's pin-on corsages and a small altar arrangement.  I wanted to spend a minimal amount on fresh flowers for my wedding and I was completely able to do that using this florist.  I told them up front that I was looking to keep my costs down and they were more than happy (and did not look down on me) to help me out.  At first I was only going to do the two bouquets, but as my wedding grew nearer I didn't want to mess with making my own women's pin-on corsages.  I called them up and told them basically what I wanted and they were like, "No problem, just $6 a piece."  Well, dang!  I was also going to put together my own men's bouts and I just ran out of time and desire.  I already had most of the materials, so they put them together for me for $3 a pop!  About a week or so before, I wanted to add a simple altar arrangement and basically told them to do whatever they wanted.  Everything turned out BEAUTIFULLY.  I thoroughly enjoyed every meeting/communication with the staff there and I would go back in a heartbeat for any floral needs.

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    First of all, I was very surprised to find only one review of this establishment already. Who is not going, and why the heck not?? This place is heavenly. Who wouldn't enjoy vegetables covered in butter? Well, I for one don't mind it a bit! Now, I am not going to suggest you start frequenting this place EVERY day...but once a week wouldn't hurt.

    I have never been disappointed at Cafe Monell's. I don't do the meat + three, I order the four vegetable plate ($6.50ish). Pineapple casserole, corn pudding, roasted vegetables and green beans is what I have the pleasure of enjoying yesterday for lunch. Yummm! The meats are good (so I've heard), but the sides and desserts are really where it is at! This place is speedy, friendly and clean. I've never had a problem finding a seat, even though it can get busy on a Sunday at lunch time. Parking can be tight at times, but I've always been able to work something out.

    When you are looking for a very affordable place to get some really, really good southern "down home" styled fare...Cafe Monell's needs to be the place! My husband and I got out of there for around $13...not too shabby!

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    Is there anyone out there that actually ENJOYS moving??! I haven't met anyone yet, and I'm not sure that I ever will. After moving just about every year for the past 8+ years, I have had my fair share of renting Uhauls and asking the same friends to move my beast of a vintage sofa over and over again. Not this time! My husband and I decided to hire movers for our latest adventure, and as luck would have it The Green Truck Moving Company ( offered an amazing deal through Groupon which we just grabbed right up ($85 for two hours)! This company runs their trucks on B20 fuel, a cleaner form of diesel and after every move they return to their customer's homes or offices to recycle or reuse their cardboard and plastic moving materials. Pretty neat, huh?

    I've never used a moving company before and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I'm so used to luring a group of friends by promising pizza at the end of the move and then sweating it out for three hours with them. I set up the appointment after purchasing the deal and then just waited for the day to arrive. My husband and I did all of the small stuff on our own (since we only moved 2 miles away) and really just wanted help with the larger items (furniture, massive TV and W/D set).

    Moving day arrived and three professionally dressed, super friendly guys showed up at our place, introduced themselves and then got to hauling! They wrapped and carried everything down the stairs in just about an hour and a half. They were able to get everything unloaded as well within the 2 hour time frame. I didn't know what to do with myself half the time because I am so used to moving on my own! They were careful and tentative to all of our items. (As a side note: They were not able to use their own truck for our move because of a mechanical issue, so they had to rent a Budget truck. They apologized for that as soon as they arrived. I thought that was pretty cool.)

    I seriously could not be happier with our experience and if we do another local move I will be using them again! Great customer service and a great price! $85/hour is pretty darn good!

  • 1008-B Woodland St
    Nashville, TN 37206
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    For my husband's birthday he wanted to keep the evening low key, get a couple beers and have some conversation with a small group of people. He decided on a bar in East Nashville and he and I arrived first. We sat down and quickly realized just about everyone in the place was smoking and while I don't have a problem with that in general, I knew we'd all enjoy our food a little more if we weren't eating cigarette smoke too (I know when they have the windows open it isn't as stuffy). So, I gracefully told our waitress that we'd have to leave (I hated doing that!) and we ventured out to find an alternative.

    Once our friends arrived we spent some time looking for somewhere else to go and around the corner from where we were was Drifters BBQ. Our friend poked his head inside and then gave us the thumbs up (no smoking inside). Why not try a little hole in the wall, right? We were pleasantly surprised by the food and great service. Our waiter was very eager to please and made great conversation with the whole table. The vibe was very low-key and quiet enough to talk without needing to shout.

    We started with an appetizer of Fried Pickles which were really good! They have a hint of jalapeno spiciness, but the ranch sauce helped keep it cool.  I generally eat vegetarian if there are decent options (which there definitely are at this place), but I decided to go with the Fiesta Chicken Salad (a bit pricey at $10.99). My husband got the pulled pork sandwich with fries (as did one friend) and our other guest went with the sliders (pulled chicken, pulled pork and I think pulled brisket) with hush puppies and slaw. Everyone was very pleased with their meal and the fries were amazing! Just the right kind of crunch on the outside and soft on the inside. The BBQ sauce choices were all very different and we enjoyed testing each one. The waiter also offered suggestions of what to use on our individual meals.

    We got there for happy hour so the two-for-one special was nice and all but one of us took advantage of that. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience here and we were excited to have another local place to add to our "must frequent often" list!

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    The hubs and I were looking for a local place to grab a late lunch/early dinner and we were on the west side of town to run some errands. I checked my Yelp app to see what was around us and up popped Coco's. My husband remembered always wanting to try Coco's when he lived on the west side of town, and we thought we'd take a chance and give it a try. Boy are we glad we took that chance! A-mazing experience! One of those experiences you are afraid won't be recreated the second time you visit, but hold out hope that it will be just as phenomenal.

    Our waiter, Eddie (I think that was his name), was fantastic for one. He was very patient with all of my husbands many questions and was happy to make suggestions or substitutions for whatever we were in the mood for. We ended up deciding on an Italian meats sandwich for the boy and I got the Caprese panini with an Italian side salad. Our waiter even made a special sangria after my husband inquired about the possibility of one. It also ended up being the best sangria he'd ever had!

    First of all, the side salad was unlike any other side salad I've been served anywhere. It was delicious and was full of actual lettuce (gasp!) instead of the standard iceberg variety. It was topped with red onions, roasted red peppers, artichoke garnish and tomatoes. The house dressing was delicious! This was only a $1.50 upgrade from the standard side of pasta salad or chips. Our sandwiches were incredibly fresh and delicious! I loved the mozzarella on my sandwich and my husband said his Italian meats sandwich was amazing.

    We decided to continue our splurging and ordered two scoops of gelato (banana pudding and some kind of toffee and chocolate kind) and a cappuccino with chocolate. Also amazing.

    The service was prompt, friendly and extremely helpful and informative. Our waiter even expressed he enjoyed having us in and shook both of our hands. We will DEFINITELY be coming back soon...perhaps on a cool evening to sit outside on the beautiful patio! I highly recommend Coco's for a decently priced lunch or dinner out with friends or that special someone.

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    Beitrag des Tages 19.1.2012

    I thought I'd already done a review for Angelo's, but apparently I have not.  Anywhoo, here ya go. We were turned on to this place by a friend who was simply suggesting a local joint near the dollar theater in Antioch. We've only been here three times in total, but have had a fantastic experience every time. The first time we were in a hurry to get a meal in before a movie at the dollar theater. Our waitress busted it to get our food out to us quickly. We both got calzones (pepperoni for the hubs and spinach for me). We really could have shared ONE with the entire Duggar family...they are HUGE! Each came with a generous serving of marinara sauce for dipping.

    The second time we took some friends who were visiting and the experience was the same. Great service, delicious food! I ordered the eggplant parmesan (some of the best I've ever had) and the hubs ordered stromboli I think. Again, the portions were a bit silly. Roll me out of here, silly.

    The last time was with family and friends and it was lunch time. We decided to try the pizza and just grabbed two slices a piece from the lunch buffet. Pretty stinkin' good! $8 for two people? Yes, please! We'll definitely be going back for some of that action.

    If you are looking for affordable AND delicious Italian cuisine...stop in here. Save the "$5 Hot 'n Ready" for another time. Do yourself a favor and spend a dollar or two more for quality. You'll thank me later!

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    Another smashing Yelp Elite Event organized by Marcia! Yay you! I was excited to attend this event as I had NO idea that something like this existed somewhat in my neck of the woods. I love coffee, but more than that, I love supporting local businesses! I used to drive by this strip of businesses every day and had no clue! How sad!

    My +1 and I arrived to find the place already hoppin' with Elites. The decor is tastefully simple, but warm and inviting. I liked the no frills coffee "bar" and thought it was a very efficient use of the space. It was crowded, but I'm sure that is quite unusual for the space and I totally understood trying to get as many people out to the event as possible. More people need to know about Roast, Inc. and I want to spread the word!

    It was great to meet the three people that run the show and hear about their distinct roles within the business. A roaster extraordinare, a barista/front end manager, and the "communicator"/businessman. They all seemed to have an intense passion for their work and that was refreshing. I learned a lot from each one in the short time we were there (we had to cut out early), and discovered even more ways than I once thought were possible to "brew" coffee!

    I am very, very excited to come back as a true customer and experience all that Roast, Inc. has to offer! Oh...oh...oh... I almost forgot... I think the Nutella Latte may have changed my life! But for real.

  • 207 Woodland St
    Nashville, TN 37213
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    Beitrag des Tages 27.7.2012

    What can be said about this unassuming gem that has not already been said? It's amazing. I love going there for their chicken pho. It's got a lot more in it than most pho I've tried (vegetables that is). The service is always friendly, prompt and suggestive. Not THAT kind of suggestive. Geez, people. The prices are fair and the ambiance is delightful and surprising given that it's basically in a double-wide across from LP Field.

    My husband likes the pineapple fried rice. I would venture out and try new things on the menu if I wouldn't leave disappointed that I didn't get pho. Perhaps next time I'll try something different.

    A word of advice: If you go anytime the Titans are playing at home...good luck finding a parking spot! Best to wait until after the game is over on a Sunday.

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    We'd been meaning to try this place out from the time we saw the storefront signage put up. After hearing our neighbors ventured there a week or so ago, we decided to go ahead and give it a try last weekend. I always get Pad Thai as my first meal at any new Thai place I'm trying. It's just the starting point I like to judge a place by. My husband is always happy with Pineapple Fried Rice and he was happy to see they had it on their menu.

    The prices were a little higher than Thai Phooket I felt like, but the quality was still up to par. We were very happy with our dishes and made a point to save half to enjoy later! I also asked for an order of spring rolls as an appetizer and I completely forgot that meant NOT fried. The spring rolls were a generous size and contained fresh lettuce, carrots, cucumber (I think) and a couple pieces of shrimp. The peanut dipping sauce was excellent. I couldn't finish the spring rolls as the taste was a little too bland for me even with the sauce.

    We enjoyed the calm, relaxed atmosphere in the space and from the looks of it they are doing a fairly good business! Lots of patrons in and out while we were there. Our waitress was extremely sweet and accommodating to my husband's many questions about exactly what kind of peas were in his dish. ha!

    I am pretty sure we'll be making a trip back here... soon!

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    As a new mom who doesn't have the luxury of staying home just yet, I was very nervous about choosing a childcare option for my baby. There are lots of choices out there with varying degrees of curriculum, weekly fees and tenured employees. My biggest concern was just finding a place that felt friendly and where I knew my son wouldn't be just another kid.

    A co-worker highly recommended her daycare to me where she has her daughters just two days a week. We went together to meet the director and I was given a tour of the entire facility. First of all, the director is great and she has a very down-to-earth personality and totally understands the worry and stress of putting your child in someone else's care for the majority of the week. The facility is beautiful and cozy. It's a smaller daycare, about 95 capacity I believe, and it was built to resemble a house rather than a typical daycare building. The daycare is family owned and operated as opposed to a corporate chain. They do offer part-time care (which you don't find everywhere) and the cost for an infant was about $100 cheaper per month than the other daycare we were considering.

    I love the proximity to my office and I enjoy being able to stop in and see my son at lunch. I feel that all of the teachers are genuine and truly care about me and my questions and concerns and my son's well-being. They are honest and love filling me in on the minute details of my son's day there. They have a true 4:1 infant ratio and I have witnessed them being very mindful of that.

    It really pains me to put my child in daycare and not be at home with him, but if this is the option I have for right now, I couldn't imagine having my son anywhere else but here!

  • 609 Napoleon Ave
    Nashville, TN 37211
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    We've been taking our cars here for oil changes for the past year. I think we may have purchased some tires through them too, but I honestly cannot remember. Our cars don't require a lot right now, so we pretty much just use them for the maintenance type items.

    We were referred to Automotive Solutions by some friends after we decided to stop driving our car to Madison to have work done. The guys here are great! They are honest and up front with you. They don't suggest work that really doesn't need done, but they do make sure to let you know if something doesn't look right.

    They have a great price on oil changes and their service is relatively quick and always friendly!

    It's hard to find a good mechanic... so thankful we found this one!

  • 4004 Hillsboro Rd
    Nashville, TN 37215
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    My review of Rebecka Vaughan is based solely on their nursing "foundations" (as my grandma would call them). Without getting too super personal...let's just say I was much in need of a better fitting foundation while nursing. There aren't many to choose from in general and if you are let's say, um... slightly more endowed...the selections dwindle even further. Ahem.

    I happened upon Rebecka Vaughan (RV) as only one of two places two places to find larger sizes in my area. The other option was a medical supplier. thank you. That's weird. I visited RV on a Saturday morning about a minute after they opened. I was desperate, folks! The staff was very friendly and very helpful. Twenty minutes later I walked out a much happier momma! The price was reasonable and I was definitely content with the product. It's not the prettiest "little" thing you've ever seen, but that's just it... no one will see it but me! ha!

    In my opinion, RV is geared toward an older generation.  The customer service and hard to find selections are worth the trip though! Even going for a great fitting would be a good idea!

  • 2612 S Shackleford Rd
    Little Rock, AR 72205
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    We ventured to Little Rock, AR for a wedding the first weekend in May. Arkansas should be warm in May, right? Apparently LR didn't get the message. It was a very cold, windy weekend and we didn't pack appropriate shoes. My husband was playing his violin for the wedding, so we couldn't have him looking like a hobo. We found a DSW and looked at all of the not-too-dressy-dress-shoes for men and couldn't find a pair that we liked in our price range. So we left.

    Lo and behold, Paul's Shoes was directly across the street! We figured, why not? We are so adventurous and all....let's give it a shot! Paul's son (who has basically taken over the business) was working that day and was friendly and greeted us upon entering. He had a great selection of men's dress shoes and pulled out many different styles and was extremely knowledgeable about the quality of his merchandise. I'd like someone at DSW to even OFFER to help a customer out. We ended up getting two pairs of shoes (black and brown) to replace older/worn out shoes.

    Paul's son (I've forgotten his name) was even cool with our one year old carrying around various display shoes the whole time. It felt great to support a local mom 'n pop shop who has been around for decades and the experience was very memorable! Perhaps we'll have to head back to LR for our next round of shoes!

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