Some places for you to check out in NYC for sushi
  • 251 W 72nd St
    New York, NY 10023
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    This was a tough one for me to rate star wise...I've been here 3 times now so I guess "the third time is a charm" saying applies.

    Frankly, I have to put it between 3 1/2 to 4 stars.

    Don't get me wrong...the place is good and so is the fish but I must be missing something that the other 5 star yelpers have.

    At any rate the place does get packed so they have quite the buzz. 6:30 pm on a Monday night and we scored the last 2 seats at the bar. Looking around I noticed that there was only 1 table empty in the whole you know the fish is fresh and moving.

    A definite 5 star dish is the toro tartare...really excellent! worth the $$$.

    Some big winners last evening were the Spanish mackerel and the Shima Aji (Japanese striped jack fish)....excellent as well.

    I also had some toro (with the elusive MP for cost) which was initially killer!
    So I order 4 more pieces on our second round...not the same. These piece had that tendon going thru them....I hate when that happens.

    P.S. A good place to pre-game before going here is right across the street called the Emerald Inn. If you know the area they moved here from their long time (70+ years) location on Columbus. Support them and they just upgraded their tap system that really is noticeable on a well carbonated chilled pint of whatever.

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    I've been here several times over the past few years and I can really say this is as good as it gets....forget Nobu...this place has been around since 1976!!!

    Authentic comes to mind when I describe Hatsuhana....anyways I would eat my sushi here all the time if I could...I save this place for when I really want to treat myself to the best.

    My suggestion when you come here is to sit at the sushi bar. If you have the pleasure to sit in front of Chef're in for a treat.

    Order whatever drinks/apps/hot food you want from your friendly server but order your sushi from the Chef.

    Just tell him what you like or dislike and just let him blow you away with his skills. It's also a good idea to ask..."Hey Chef...what's really good today?" and let him steer you into a dining bliss....while it's certainly not improper to order some of your faves and definitely do so...but let the Chef guide me'll be happy.

    I hate using this word (especially if you read my other reviews)...but.....

    Woohoo!...this is really as good as it gets!

    A SOLID 5 STARS!!!!

    ps...the free M&M's in the bowl on the way out is cool...use the spoon!!

  • 427 Amsterdam Ave
    New York, NY 10024
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    Read Faye F.'s first two sentences from her review below and I couldn't agree more.

    However, I have only been here twice and sat at the sushi bar both times. As a matter of fact, I usually sit at the sushi bar anywhere I go. I enjoy the banter with the chefs and watching them create my meal.

    I should really rate it as 4.5 stars-why?.. well as you know 5 "yelp" stars means "as good as it gets". For me, on the UWS that has been far. But in all of Manhattan I gotta give it to Hatsuhana in mid town for the best.

    At any rate it was an outstanding meal last time and if you like oh they deliver. Try the Yellowtail ceviche friends earned a solid 5 stars...

    They even comped us a large hot sake...nice!

    btw...that sweet miso black cod app & the Greenwich roll were on the money.

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    I've been here twice for dinner in "both" Atlantic Grills.....I'll explain-

    There is a 64th street entrance and also a 65th street entrance to this restaurant(s).

    The 64th is a bigger room has a real nice bar section and a sushi bar to boot and quite lively.

    65th (which I ate at last time) was markedly more subdued, had a bar as well and just seemed a little more "classier" for lack of a better word. Same menu and all that..just different ambiance.

    Funny though...when leaving I took my party through to the 64th street side (you can walk right through just past the rest rooms and server area) and they were like "whoa" what a difference..especially in noise level. So now you know the M.O. of this place. I like both "sides".

    When I made reservations on Open Table I just specified what side I wanted to sit on and they complied with no problems...yup..a maitre d on each side.

    The food is good to very good as would be expected from the B.R. Guest Group although some items can be a little pricey for the portion size.
    Both my guests had the hazelnut crusted sea scallops, which while they loved them, you only get 3 scallops and for $30....that's $10 a pop....whatever.

    All in all a good solid place and I recommend it.

    ps- an extremely accessibly priced wine list...won't break the bank

    p.s.s- get the Artic Char tartare..absolutely killer!

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    Ya gotta remember...4 stars means "Yay! I'm a fan." (not necessarily a 4 star restaurant)

    I am a fan of Yama.

    I've eaten here many, many times for dinner and was just there 2 days ago.

    To me this is my "utility" sushi place meaning it's not the best I've had but...Yama always treats us right, the food/sushi is good and it doesn't break the bank.

    We normally sit at the bar and got to know some of the sushi chefs and like I said..they treat us right.

    If you like yellowtail neck-it's usually righteous and that tuna tartar appetizer is quite good. I agree it's a little unusual to order with the paper "check off" sheets...but hey whatever works.

    BTW- they do give regular menus when you are just use those sheets to fill out your SUSHI order....yup...just like the Yama by Irving Place

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