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    I failed.  I really did.

    We drove up from Pittsburgh and called ahead to get the 6 lb ready.  We knew we couldn't do the 15 lb.  And as we got closer to Denny's, we knew that neither of us (the 6 of us including a non-red-meat guy) could finish a 6 lb burger.

    But the burger was amazing.  You would think that a gimmick like this would make the burger just...disgusting.  Wrong!  The bun was delicious.  The meat tenderly cooked.  The lettuce and tomato was a bit lacking, but that wasn't the point.  The servers were incredibly nice and friendly.  Even when we admitted that we weren't going to do the challenge.

    It was about $25 for the entire 6 lb.  My friend got a chicken sandwich (he doesn't eat red meat) and he still enjoyed it.  He enjoyed watching us devour a burger.  Another friend got a 2 lb burger and didn't even finish.

    The leftovers was great for meatballs.

    I came away from the experience with a full stomach (I couldn't eat for the next 24 hours except for water and dried cranberries) and a t-shirt.

  • 1 Groundhog Lane
    Punxsutawney, PA 15767
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    Pros: Once-in-a-lifetime experience, you get to see the groundhog, huge party especially with the college students with IUP, many many many interesting events downtown, get a groundhog hat!

    Cons: remember this is cold.  COLD.  And early early early in the morning.

    No offense to Karla S., but did you stand in 20 degree weather as the dawn was breaking to wait for Phil?  Did you walk 2 miles in the snow just to get back downtown?  Did you lie awake in a noisy community center (labeled the crash pad)?

    I, among the very few, made one trip back to the east just to see groundhog phil.  My friends and I drove from Pittsburgh--about a 90 minute confusing drive.  The route there is often confusing with the many twists and turns.

    When we first got there, we headed to watch the last showing of Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.  Of course, the town of Punxsutawney does not look anything like the one in the movie.  There is no bed and breakfast.  Gobbler's knob is not in the middle of town.  There is no diner.  etc etc

    But we slept in the community center for $5.  There was a guy who came in the center to give a wakeup call -- "Wake up, it's 3:15, the next shuttle is coming at 3:30".  And every half hour.  I don't think I slept at all.  We caught one of the last shuttles at 4:30 and got to the knob (more than 2 miles away from the town) around 5.  It was freezing, but omg, it was so worth it.

    The area was split into two -- students and families.  On stage, they played music and games (e.g. the newlywed game).  As dawn approached, they launched fireworks.  Not fancy stuff, but the kind that inspired oohs and awws from the crowd.  It was as if we appreciated the small things again.

    Then at some point they played the popular dancing music.  We were standing in the students area.  Someone started doing that line thing.  And in all one swift motion, we were caught in a mosh pit.  Attempts at crowd surfing were made but not many people were willing to participate, because it was freezing!  But oh god, it was so much fun.

    We could barely see the groundhog when Phil came out.  The inner circle translated Phil's speak and said that spring shall come early.  then we dispersed.

    Downtown there were many activities.  We had a breakfast there--the greasy spoon kind.  Groundhog hats, carved ice sculptures.

    I loved every moment of it, but to do it again?  Once in a lifetime.

  • 6650 Southwest 189th Way
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33332
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    In sum: Excellent service, but potential miscommunication prior to delivery and unclear instructions on website.  However, someone is always available to answer calls!

    Having tried the miracle fruit tablets previously, I wanted to get the real thing aka the real berry.  Like many others, I was enthralled with the idea of flavor tripping.  Especially with my strong sweet tooth.  Makes things sweet?  Of course!

    With my upcoming birthday, I came up with a reason to hold a flavor tripping and a reason to get a bulk order of miracle fruit berries.  

    Weeks before the event, I spent time reviewing the site.  Then sent out an invite to over 58 people.  The site explicitly stated that an order was not to take place until the days prior to an event to ensure proper delivery!  So I sent an email confirming my expectations of how it worked.  Unfortunately I never received a response.

    Berries only last less than two days, but apparently (I didn't realize this) can last up to a month when frozen.

    Because the flavor tripping party was going to occur on a Saturday, I planned to get the berries to be delivered with 2 day shipping to arrive on the Friday.  The website said to order on Wednesday before 2 pm PST.  To confirm, I called them that Monday and asked how I should order and they told me to submit the order on Wednesday.  So I ordered it late on Tuesday so I wouldn't be scrambling Wednesday morning.  In the morning, I received an email stating that the berries would not be shipped until the following week and to call if I needed them sooner.

    Frantic as an anxious party planner I was (as it is difficult to get 58 of my friends together), I called them immediately and asked to have the berries delivered earlier.  They told me that they ran out of dry ice and would try to ship it as soon as possible.  Then I spent the rest of the day in anxiety, wondering if I would have to cancel the party, transform the party to a pseudo-potluck party or whether I could place trust in the miracle fruit man.  

    I called them back that afternoon asking for a status update.  The woman on the line seemed slightly irate that my anxiety was a bit high.  Note though that I rarely the crazy customer even in this case, but I felt the situation could have been dealt with more confidence and assurance.

    The following day I received a fedex tracking number indicating that the package had been sent out...with 2 day shipping to be arriving on Monday.  Frantic once again, I called and the woman again almost irritatingly told me that she had sent out another tracking number and that the package was going to be sent overnight.  Again, putting trust in her, I gave her the benefit of doubt.  Realizing now that I had little alternative if the berries did not arrive, I simply could wait.  Finally though, the correct tracking number arrived via email.

    And the package arrived the following day.  Everything was as requested.  The berries were sealed in a small ziploc bag in a larger foam ice box filled with dry ice.  Even instructions on how to use the miracle berries were included!

    The experience with the berries was incredible and I'll remember it forever!

    Although earlier reports said that Curtis Mozie would contact you...there was no such thing.  Most likely, he was too busy with so many demands for orders that he doesn't respond to personal requests anymore.

    Miracle berries?  Oh yes!  Bottom line: this is the best place to get miracle berries (at least right now) since it's apparently the only American farm that produces miracle berries.  Anywhere else in the country would get their berries from here.

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    I am almost wanted to cry when my last class ended.  But then we exchanged emails and then it was ok again.

    Pros: Inexpensive classes, great improv shows, dedicated improv teachers, good environments
    Cons: Fear of letting yourself come out?  This ain't the place.  Also, it's not really a place to improve communication skills, but rather agility and spontaneity.

    Humor is not about being witty as I learned at BATS Improv.  It's about working with others, building on top of people's suggestions, playing to the audience.  It's about being spontaneous and...letting go.

    At work, someone suggested to take improv classes as a way to develop and improve my communication skills.  So I thought, why not...if work is paying for it.

    Of course, strangely enough, this put in a very different mindset.  My fellow classmates all came to improv class not because of any work-related goals but for personal development.  Some thought they were the "life of the party" and wanted to take something for kicks.  Others wanted to be less shy socially.  It's all of the above for me, but I was tired of just hanging with friends and wanted something productive.

    I took Foundation 1 which was very reasonably priced for $249 with Rich Cox.  During the range of the classes, we built upon skills we learned, playing really fun games and other exercises.  Unlike many instructors, Rich focused on building a trusting environment.  Even with the creative writing class I took, it was difficult not to judge others as the "loud one" or the "annoying one".  In BATS Improv, Rich successfully created an environment where we felt safe and could depend on others even if we were such a diverse set of people.

    We played games like passing a sound around a circle, miming certain actions (like making a salad), building upon suggestions (like if someone is a tree, you can come in to be an acorn), guessing games (like charades) and others.  I personally disliked the ball game (keeping the ball in the air), but the play we had in the class allowed us to be kids again...and yet really learn how to apply those skills to real life.

    From the class, I gained a lot of new friends.  We're trying to go to karaoke together every few weeks to play upon our newly found improv skills.

    With each class, you get a free pass to a show.  I went to the Theatresports format with five other non-classmates.  All of them enjoyed the show tremendously especially the bf who got to be on stage (he thinks he's a natural at improv but wait until I convince him to take a class!)

    Quite naturally, it was an amazing experience during the 6 weeks (one class each week).

    Annoyingly, the only way to get there from downtown is the 30x bus, but there's always someone willing to drive you back.

    Don't worry about not buying the tickets early enough.  I wish it was a show that would sell out, but it doesn't.  I am going to another show soon since the bf got another pass for being a participant!

    I have to say, it's funny...I don't know what my classmates do for a living.  I don't know what they like or dislike.  But what I do know is how they will perform on stage, their spontaneity.  It's the strangest relationship I have built but it overcomes many barriers we face every day.

  • 159 Bleecker Street
    New York, NY 10012
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    Never look like the Gap or Banana Republic.

    Pros: Truly extensive collection of fashion and design, an available "dressing room"
    Cons: Pricey; no air conditioner!, only clothes and jewelry

    Ever since I embarked on a journey to look different, I have been on a never-ending search for the next big thing.  Buying from local designers is cheaper than at a boutique.

    I came here recently based on Yelp reviews, hoping to see a large selection of clothes, jewelry, crafts, etc.  I did find the former, but not so much the latter (no home stuff?!).  But I was satisfied.  It took me 40 minutes of browsing before I found something.  I found this fantastic SATC style dress from  The designer even offered to adjust the straps for me ad hoc (because of my not-so-normal size)!

    Trying on clothes in the backroom...sure no problem.  So there was no places to hang clothes and having to share the room, but I am not that self-conscious.  It's better than that time at a fair where I had to put down collateral and go to the nearest restroom to try out a dress.

    My BF did unhappily sit in the un-air-conditioned room.  Unfortunately there aren't many things to keep a guy entertained.

    Unlike other sales I have been to, the fashion is actually more classy.  There's less of the bohemian style going on with cheap fabric.  Even more so, the designers are friendly.

    Be ready to spend a lot of money though.  This isn't a place for those who aren't looking to lessen the weight of the wallet.

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