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  • Hwy 101
    San Francisco, CA 94129
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    A golden symbol that means you are finally home! I love the Golden Gate; coming here to take pictures just never gets old whether you are a new tourist or a Bay Area veteran. Plus it avoids the typical "tourist trap" because it's virtually free minus parking and the toll. My advice is to park on the south side of the bridge so you don''t have to pay the southbound toll on your way back.

    I've driven across numerous times and stood outside with the wind blowing through my hair on several occassions but it wasn't until I put my mind to it to walk all the way across the bridge that I was able to fully take in all it's beauty. Go walk across with someone you love and it'll feel like a little piece of heaven with amazing views of the city and Bay. Just make sure to bundle up in some warm clothes!

  • 407 Castro St
    San Francisco, CA 94114
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    What can I say, I came in with only one thing on my mind. When he said "I see you're eyeing my dick", I had to wink.

    Let's just say it tasted and felt as good as it looked. Their macarons live up to the hype, I found myself eating long after I was stuffed and ruined my appetite for dinner, boo. I'm making this a regular squeeze when I come back to the Castro. Don't forget the milk! (:


  • 201 Berry St
    San Francisco, CA 94158
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Perfect place to stop for a snack before starting your day in the city.

    I came here in the middle of the afternoon and ordered the cranberry apple muffin and hot mocha tesora. Both were delicious and service was super friendly and attentive. One of the baristas even brought my drink over to my table for me.

    With super comfy couches, this little coffeehouse had a really chill ambiance to relax in for a few minutes after hopping off the Caltrain. The only turn-off for me were the flies buzzing around...yuck! Other than that, definitely stop by if you're in the area!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    Oh my gosh, it's every breakfast lover's dream come true. At Zazie, I truly felt like I was swept away to a little piece of France within the hustle and bustle of the city.

    My one amigo and I experienced about a 15 minute wait time on a Saturday afternoon. There's a sign-up sheet in front of the restaurant to write down your name, and the paper also thoroughly explains how long you can expect the wait time to be. We opted for the patio or inside option, whichever was faster. However, this is one restaurant where I would actually recommend sitting outside. It's so GREEN, and with heat lamps you will still be comfortable even on a chilly San Francisco afternoon.

    The tables in the FRONT are first come, first serve. I guess sit there if you don't have a lot of time on your hands? But why you would choose to rush through an experience at Zazie is beyond me.

    Onto the food. Being in a breakfast mood, I ordered the Mexico scrambled eggs, which also came with a salad and toast for around $13. The scrambled eggs were perfectly seasoned that complimented the chorizo inside it. I heard their gingerbread pancakes are good but I'd definitely recommend the Mexico scrambled eggs if you're looking for something on the lighter side!

    Our waitress was exceptionally smiley and seemed like she truly enjoyed what she was doing. AND she pointed out that she too had the same spelling of Jeanine, which I've yet to come cross. Who knew.

    However, one star off for that weird bathroom situation! It's an itty bitty room with nowhere to keep your purse or other belongings and right next to the kitchen/walkway. A little unsettling. Other than that....

    Ambiance: 5...Bienvenue mes amis.  
    Service: 5...Nothing better than people who love what they do and show you too!
    Taste: 5...Perfectly spicy and savory in the brunch-time hours.
    Value/Price: 5...Standard restaurant price for food that is wayyy above the standard.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    When you find yourself in Union Square, don't succumb to the deception that is chain restaurants and eat somewhere like The Cheesecake Factory. Come on now, you could go there anytime. Instead, venture a little farther away from the plethora of tourists and hit up nearby Sears. Now, I imagine those out of towners would rarely stumble upon this homey restaurant because of it's pink canvassing outside and unassuming entrance. But once you get inside, you definitely will be glad you came.

    Their breakfast is served until 3, and I highly recommend it. I really think the difference with Sears is they use higher quality ingredients so everything tastes well...just a little bit better. While I was tempted to stray from my diet and order the corned beef and pancakes, my mom luckily ordered it for me so I didn't have to. The beef in the corned beef was flavored well, and the mini pancakes were OMGOOD. Light and airy, they were unlike any other pancake I had tasted before. Maybe it's because they're baked in smaller sizes than a traditional pancake, but now I definitely understand why Sears' devotes the entire backside of the menu explaining the history behind them.

    I ordered the veggie omelet, and I have to say that it was the best veggie omelet I've had in awhile. There were substantial pieces of vegetables in it, not just the second-rate stuff you'd expect at a chain breakfast place. It also came with hashbrowns (which were just a little too crisp for my taste) and toast (which were unaccompanied by any jam).

    At the end of your email, you also get a free token to play their slot machine (near the entrance). If you get lucky, you could win free drinks and free meals. Seems to me that if you at there pretty often the odds would be in your favor.

    Our waitress was a little whatever...she checked up on us but didn't seem to genuine and forgot the maple syrup for my mom's pancakes for the longest time. And how are you supposed to eat pancakes without syrup in a famous pancake place?! A little mind-boggling....

    Ambiance: 5...Makes you feel at home with 1940's decor and stylishly dim lighting.
    Service: 3...Where's the jam and syrup? ):
    Taste: 5...Down to a fluffy-pancake kind of science.
    Value/Price: 4...$10.75 for an omelet sans meat, just about what you'd expect for a sit down restaurant to leave with a full tummy.

    Overall: 4

  • 200 Fillmore St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    I could have easily spent hours at Cafe Soileil basking in the morning sunshine with my caramel cafe au lait and people watching. Set right on a mellow corner, the location is perfect for sitting outside and people watching or enjoying the cute, Parisian cafe decor inside. And their coffee comes in little coffee mugs. Which are pretty much the love and my life and how coffee should always be served, in my opinion.

    However, while they do provide free wi-fi, there are absolutely no outlets to be found when it's time to recharge ): So if you do choose to get some work done here, come with a fully charged laptop and don't anticipate staying for more than a few hours. And expect to wait in somewhat of a line. I was hanging out here for a few hours and noticed the crowds came in waves, so I suppose you really just have to hit it right.

    While my caramel cafe au lait was tasty and relatively inexpensive compared to the 'bucks, I almost felt as if I was at just another hamburger joint with their curt service. No real welcome, no thank you, and then the cashier let me walk away to my seat before I signed my debit card receipt! Really? Not how the French would do it you ask me....

    Ambiance: 3...I need creative as well as electrical outlets.
    Service: 1...I've had better at gas stations.
    Taste: 4...Seemed like real coffee to me and with a nice caffeine kick.
    Value/Price: 4...Lots of good stuff for only a little.

  • 3355 Geary Blvd
    San Francisco, CA 94118
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Mel's is definitely a classic greasy spoon. No diets survive here. With pretty much your classic diner set up, they serve breakfast all day long, as well as salads and a special weekend brunch from 9-3.

    My friends and I wandered in here for some recovery time the morning after New Years Eve, and I guess they get a lot of that here because they have a dish named the "Five Alarm Hangover". Apparently it involves chili and hot sauce in an omelet. I was a little bit tempted but I think the chili would have been a little bit too much for my stomach at the moment.  

    Instead I opted for the Yuppie Joe scramble, which was also accompanied by toast and hashbrowns. The hashbrowns were just a little too crispy for my taste, and the array of veggies in the omelet just didn't taste very fresh to me. I was unable to finish the scramble, but it might have also just been the way my stomach was feeling at the moment.

    Although the food wasn't anything too memorable, I've gotta give it to Mel's for knowing how to pack in a crowd. The plethora of tables everywhere and large numbers of family dining made Mel's very conducive to a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Our waiter probably could've done a better job at expressing this but I guess you get what you pay for. Especially when it's a packed, retro diner posted all over with classic old school pictures.

    Ambiance: 4...Really down to detail with the whole diner deal. But then again, that's not very hard to pull off.
    Service: 2...Someone was bummed about working on New Year's day, apparently.
    Taste: 3...An A-OK ommie.
    Value/Price: 3...Filling, but I may have been able to find more delicious eats elsewhere.

    Overall: 3

  • 345 Stockton St
    San Francisco, CA 94108
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    When a business or company has a monopoly, you best believe they are going to use that to their monetary advantage. Basic economics. Boom.

    In Grandviews' case, the monopoly is a stunning view of San Francisco and the Bay that will take your breath away. The view is nothing less than 5 stars. Looking out the giant window, you'll be able to see North Beach, Chinatown, Coit Tower, Alcatraz, Treasure Island, and the Golden Gate clearly and unobstructed by other buildings. Not sure what it looks like at night, but during the day it was pretty spectacular. Everyone visiting SF from out-of-town should definitely come here at least once. Even if you don't grab something to eat, take the elevator to the top floor of the Hyatt and take a peek.

    But given the exorbitant menu items and simply ordinary food, the view is really all that is worth coming here for. My family and I were feeling outside of the box that day and split the PB & J tart. It was basically crust on the top and bottom with jelly and peanut butter filling and raspberry syrup and peanuts for garnish. With some hot chocolate on the side, it definitely wasn't a bad afternoon snack. However, I think the tart ran a good $8 or $9, and the hot chocolate around $5. It was good, but probably not worth the price. I also glanced at their lunch menu, and even the salads will cost you about $17 BEFORE tax and tip.

    What Grandviews lacked in value, they sort of made up for in service. Our waiter was really good humored and repeatedly cracked jokes with my family and I, and offered to take our picture.

    One last note: since there is limited dining space, so if you did come here at a packed time, you may receive better service at the bar.

    Ambiance: 5...I'd give Grandview 6 stars  for the view alone if I could.
    Service: 4...Comfortable and attentive but also busy with other tables.
    Taste: 3.5...Almost wish we had tried a more traditional dessert.
    Value/Price: 2...I'll stick to my hot chocolate in a packet.

    Overall: 3.5
    I'll be back...with tourists.

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