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The growing downtown Raleigh, NC area...the places and services specific to/centrally located there.
  • 317 W Morgan St
    Raleigh, NC 27603
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    6.7.2011 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    Time to give a small update to my first review I ever had on Yelp!

    The Borough in downtown Raleigh is still one of best d'town venues I know of, and still worthy of five star status from me. The drink standbys are still the PomBR (PBR with pomegranate juice, truly refreshing) and the How Do You Q or "Q" (best drink bargain around and great taste). Food wise, still like the Uberwisconsin cheese sandwich (I usually 86 the tomato and add bacon), hushpuppies (best ones around), mac n cheese (amazingly omnomnom good), and the Valhalla (who doesn't like a bit of filet mignon?), but there is a new addition I recommend!  They have a peanut butter, banana, and bacon on grilled sourdough sandwich that is AWESOMELY tasty.  Try it out!

    The Borough is still one of my favorite getaways to enjoy a nice meal and drink in downtown Raleigh. From the look of things whenever I go, I have many other fellow fans.

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    6.3.2010 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Great drinks, tasty food, and friendly ownership.  Good downtown experience.  Try the mac n cheese… Weiterlesen
  • 407 Glenwood Ave
    Raleigh, NC 27603
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    When out enjoying the UYE at Thaiphoon Bistro down on Glenwood South, we walked over to try out the new bar C. Grace as well. That was the highlight of my night out, as the combination of good company, great atmosphere, and awesome drinks came together as the perfect storm. What a place...definitely the best bar opened in the area in quite some time.

    Entering into the establishment, it takes you back...back to many years ago where there were plush lounges, speakeasys, gin joints, and all the other names you can come up with for real bar with character. This place has...character. The bar is decorated to the hilt, with deep colors, plush accessories, everything that makes a bar and lounge scream sexy to you. The main area up front has plenty of seats, some up on a stage area (that we took over that night) and other booths and nooks you can find when you explore. There is a great back area as well, I like the separation if you are in the mood for something a bit different but at the same great place.

    But how 'bout the drinks...that's the important thing, right? They are great. I started off with a Whiskey Sour. Mind you most of the cocktails you find on their preset menu are old favorites, but they always seem to have a bit of a twist to them to make them stand out. This one, the Whiskey Sour had a bit of a cream texture to it...hmm. Was that an egg white I saw go into the mix? The mixologists there have their secrets, and they wield them well to get the libations you crave. Let me tell you, the sour was great! However, it was served in a very small champagne like glass...the group all got a kick out of the irony of me (I have not been mistaken for petite in quite some time) holding this dainty stemware. It was a good laugh, but the drink, that was amazingly good. The next drink I ordered, I made sure was in a highball glass....

    Decent drink prices, great decor and atmosphere with wonderful drinks from knowledgeable bartenders...how can you pass up going to C.Grace? A very fitting place for my review number 100!

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    For all the time I have spent at restaurants, bars, and venues in the downtown Raleigh area, I never took the opportunity to ride the R Line until this weekend. I parked up near where I would end up the night (around The Borough) and then took the R Line down to the Moore Square area to enjoy the World Beer Festival at the evening session. It worked out pretty good, took the R Line back and continued my night.

    The handiest part is the phone app tracking the buses (there are two circulating counterclockwise in the route loop in the downtown area). You know when to expect the next bus and time your arrival at the stop with it, with a little "you are here" icon for reference. Great feature, no guessing on when the next bus can come for you. For more info on downloading the app and other info on the R Line, try here: godowntownraleigh.com/ge… to read up.

    The most attractive part is that it is FREE. Free ride, free wifi, free free free...free is good. Free is tremendously awesome (or awesomely tremendous, whichever). Coupled with very clean and well maintained buses that are also hybrid electric buses that help everyone be environment-friendly, it's a good deal all around. You will usually see a bus every 10-15 minutes, being that there are usually two buses going on the 20-30 minute total loop. They do run late night till 215a on Thurs-Sat, for all the bar hoppers out there, but be careful around end of running time I hear...get out there well before the hours end to make sure you hit that last loop. I do wish they had better Sunday hours though, 1p-8p is pretty limited but it's great they even do have those hours period for Sunday. Later Sunday hours would allow for more dining hours type of utilization, I'd think.

    Bottom line: R Line is a great and free mode of getting around DTR. Great way to see downtown as well if you get the chance. Two thumbs up!

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    Have been coming here and its sister restaurant 411 West in Chapel Hill for many years, and have never been disappointed.  Great food and drinks consistently.  Highly recommend the Whole Wheat Fettucine and Lemon Linguine.  Great place!

  • 10 W Franklin St
    Raleigh, NC 27604
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    Dustin and the staff here are the best, no doubt.  Friendly, customer oriented, and go out of their way to make you comfortable as well as ensure you get the style you want.  Also been voted #1 in The Triangle area in the Independent in past years, a great endorsement.

  • 219 Fayetteville St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
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    I had gone over Saturday night to enjoy shopping at Kindred during Triangle Yelp's Haute For The Holidays event, and found myself ravenously hungry afterwards (what else is new, says everyone that knows me). Getting out my handy Yelp app on my iPhone, I found this gem. What a great find, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Bolt Bistro, a great addition to the DTR lineup.

    From what I understand, this property used to house an establishment called Mint. I never went to Mint, so I have no point of reference on what it was vs. now. I think that might be a good thing, a clean slate if you will. The entrance and facade for Bolt is very impressive, sort of a modern and industrial type of feel but very cool (yes I snapped a pic, check it out). Once inside, wow...very nice! I love the darker feel, lots of deep and dark earth tones with great art and use of space (yes, I snapped more pics, take a look). I like! Once I did the "oooo....aahhh" of entering in, I settled into a table near the bar (beautiful bar area) and was very quickly greeted by my server. She was great, very attentive and helpful.

    I ordered a Bolt Pomtini, which was their version of a pomegranate martini. I loved it, great cocktail to enjoy while soaking in the atmosphere. For starters, my server brought a sample of a white bean puree with light chips. Light and tasty, a great way to warm up the palate, it was a nice sample to give. For the entree, I selected a rigatoni bolognese. It was fantastic, a good portion not being overly huge but definitely not too small, perfect. The pasta was done to perfection, al dente. The sauce had a wonderful full flavor without being spicy and overwhelming. It was topped with a generous bit of ricotta cheese to blend in. I was satisfied and impressed, great meal. The owner/manager, David, also came by to check if all was to satisfaction and he informed me they have been up and running approximately 5 weeks. I gave him my personal kudos for the night's meal.

    Bottom line: AWESOME. I had a wonderful meal at Bolt Bistro. I am definitely going to enjoy more experiences here in the future. Great food/drinks and wonderful atmosphere. Two thumbs up!

    David S.
    Kommentar von David S. von Bolt Bistro
    10.12.2012 Chip, Thank you for taking the time to write up about Bolt. We appreciate your business and hope to… Weiterlesen
  • 16 E Martin St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
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    After visiting Bittersweet at a recent Yelp event, I have returned a couple of times now and I love this place! Just what DTR needed, a relaxing place where the wonderful trifecta of coffee, desserts, and cocktails are served under one roof.

    Whether you sit outside (with its own window to place your order at) or inside at the nicely decorated and very clean sitting area, you are in for a treat...literally. Besides serving some wonderful Counter Culture coffee to get your caffeine fix from, you can choose from extensive list of classic and seasonal desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. One of my faves is the Buttermilk Pie with Organic Blueberry Compote, just omnomnom goodness. I tried the Derby Pie (chocolate, bourbon, pecan pie) and it was rich tasty decadent yumminess. I have others in my sights in the future (Peach-Doughnut Cobbler? WOW) as well. If you have your mind set on a good cocktail, they've got you covered with a menu of custom crafted cocktails that please. I am partial to the The Siren's Song (gin, green-jasmine tea, mint and lime) which is very refreshing...I see it's a "Fleeting Special" so I hope they make it a permanent fixture! Being a Twin Peaks fan, I had to try the Laura Palmer as well (vodka, lemon, black tea, and raspberry liqueur) and it was quite tasty also. So, nice place, great menu selections...the part that locked in their 5 star rating is the staff. They not only remember you if you have visited in the past/recently but also discuss the menu and why they love doing what they do. Definitely puts them in 5 star territory for me!

    Bottom line: Wonderful place with excellent menu choices for coffee, dessert, and custom cocktails. See above for individual examples that I have experienced and enjoyed. PERFECT addition to DTR, and I will continue to enjoy Bittersweet in the future. Two thumbs up and a big ol' sugary caffeinated smile!

  • 13 E Martin St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
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    Beitrag des Tages 18.4.2013

    I found The Mecca Restaurant with my good ol' trusty Yelp app. I love a good diner breakfast and I've been in DTR a few times recently around breakfast. I have made a few trips to here and I have to say I'm a fan.

    First, you gotta love the fact it's been around since 1930! What staying power. Nice. And yes it does reflect that atmosphere on the inside. Old booths and counter seating, still kept nice but still reflecting that it is old school. Even a portrait of FDR still up on the wall. I like the way they have kept it traditional but just as functional as ever.

    Service has always been great. Very attentive staff when I have been there for breakfast. My last trip I had a great waitress, swear she was a Lisa Loeb look-alike, glasses and all, and had the greatest positive attitude. She was a pleasure to be waited on by, saying what was good that day (she was right) and always making sure I had everything I need/beverages topped off. Thumbs up on service and staff.

    Food, good old school diner fare. That's my favorite. Last trip included scrambled eggs and what I was told was a great choice of the day, biscuits and gravy. Absolutely correct, great gravy with scratch biscuits, omnomnom! Good coffee as well.

    I see they have a fully stocked bar as well, and I would love to come by on a late night and see the place in that sort of mode. It would be a great place for a whiskey or bourbon and chill out at the counter, it feels like.

    Bottom line: Good diner food (at least my breakfast trips), great service/staff, nice old school diner atmosphere. Thumbs up!

  • 320 Glenwood Ave
    Raleigh, NC 27603
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    In hearing about The Rockford through friends, I have gone by there a couple of times to try them out and glad I did. You have to watch out, it's a small entrance/doorway but look for The Rockford painted at the top of the brick building housing it on Glenwood South across the street from The Hibernian. Once going up the steps (yikes, and quite a flight it is) you have a cool atmosphere to enjoy a nice meal.

    The Rockford is very comfortable and casual in feeling, but a great date spot for sure as it has an intimate atmosphere. They have a pretty diverse menu, full of sandwiches, tacos, salads, apps, steak, and other tasty delights. My first visit I had the NY Strip steak and it was surprising wonderful, lots of flavor. My latest visit I went with the Korean steak tacos, another hit with the steak working well with the chili lime slaw for a great taste. I do wish there had been more steak in the tacos though, it was heavy on the slaw. Service both visits was great. Sitting at the bar my first visit, service was perfect making sure drinks were taken care of and that food service was just as wonderful. This past visit sitting next to the window looking on to Glenwood South, the server was there whenever drinks needed to be refreshed and always taking care of food/plates in a timely manner.

    Bottom line: Great food from a pretty diverse menu in a nice but casual atmosphere. Good experiences with service. I like The Rockford and plan on seeing them again in the future!

  • 108 1/2 E Hargett St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
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    I've made a few visits to the The Architect, and my experiences have been pretty good. You'll find it in the ever growing DTR area, so it's a good place to head while exploring and trying new places. It stays true to its extended proper name, it's a bar and a social house.

    I like a good place where you can just have a seat at the bar, order a good whiskey or bourbon and chill out. You will find that here...if you come early like I usually do. I hear it gets pretty busy as the night progresses, good for business. Clay and the crew there have always been great with good service, positive attitudes, and even on the spot with recommendations. Beyond having a good whiskey or bourbon, I have sampled their speciality drink list as well. I like the Architect Whiskey Sour (blackberry whiskey, who knew?), and the Southern Sour both and would say give them a try. The bar itself is open and has plenty of room, that is before the crowds come in of course. Simple but classic in design, just what a good bar hangout should be. I like the place.

    Bottom line: Nice bar, good drinks, attentive and helpful staff, and a good place to hangout for a drink or two. I will continue to visit when I am in the DTR area.

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    Kimbap has been pinging on my radar lately in seeing other Yelpers enjoy their visits here and from friends that work/live near Seaboard Station mentioning it. I decided to give it a try although I've not had too much experience with Korean type food.

    The place itself is pretty small but nicely put together as well as clean. There is outside seating available as well for warmer weather. I was by myself each time, so I was seated at the bar which gives a great view of the food being prepared, I like this perspective a lot. There are tables around the perimeter of the small cafe as well for those not solo. Once seated, I was greeted by great service, very positive and helpful. I started one meal with the Korean dumplings (mandu) that had beef, cabbage, and ginger. I enjoyed them, pretty tasty beginning. For my lunch and dinner entree choice, both times I had their signature bibimbap entree which is a rice bowl with beef (can get tofu instead), mixed veggies, kimchi, and a fried egg on top. I had been told to mix it all up, egg white and runny yolk and all, really well while hot before eating. I did so and then enjoyed the meal, it was very good. You can request your sauce and kimchi on the side if you don't want all the fire from the spice and adjust to your level, just ask. While it is a pretty satisfying entree, I think I will ask for extra beef next time...gotta get that protein in! I enjoyed this Korean inspired dish and would definitely order it again in the future.

    Bottom line: This cafe was a wonderful introduction to Korean inspired cuisine for me. I enjoyed the house specialty bibimbap entree and recommend it if you never tried it. Service was very helpful and positive. Great find!

  • 223 S Wilmington St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
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    So if a place has me driving in from Morrisville to downtown Raleigh more than once or twice to enjoy it, the place might have something going for it. Joule Coffee is one of those places that has me visiting over and over again recently.

    As far as coffeehouses go, I think it's awesome. Great atmosphere and decor, simple but trendy, open and inviting. I love how the "wings" or glass enclosed sides of the long entry way is used as sitting space along a long bar. It's great if you are solo and also like people watching/street watching. Great use of space. As far as the coffee itself, each time I've ordered there I've been extremely satisfied with taste and presentation. There is more than just ordering a coffee here, as there are different types of beans/blends to choose from and you do have to do your research on the menu or ask your server to get the full story. It's worth checking into to get what you want. The lattes I've enjoyed there have been pretty top notch.

    Food wise, it's what you would expect from an Ashley Christensen place. Complex gourmet type offerings though not as grandiose as other AC places. I still find for brunch I go with ordering from the side item menu in scrambled eggs, English muffins, etc. and been satisfied. Those of you that know me know I like keeping it simple when it comes to food.

    If you come to Joule, be prepared to drop a bit of money for your enjoyment of coffee/eats. That in itself keeps me from a five star review, as I feel it's a bit much for somewhere that's supposed to project a coffeehouse type appeal. Is it worth it? Most of the time it comes pretty close.

    Bottom line: Great coffeehouse atmosphere, I like the way this place is put together. The coffee is quite good, no doubt about that. AC type food offerings as you would expect. Expect to drop some money if you enjoy freely, more than you would in a regular coffeehouse type establishment. Is it good? I think so.

  • 513 W Peace St
    Raleigh, NC 27603
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    Beitrag des Tages 27.3.2014 Erster Beitrag

    Coaxed out for an evening in DTR by Jennifer M. and Dave M. to come out and see Dave's band Downfall play at Black Flower, I made my way down to have a night of fun. But in the meantime while we waited for his set (midnight), we decided to head next door and try out Flash House. I am glad we walked over, we had a great time!

    Flash House is decorated in an eclectic sort of manner. Sort of a quirky study/library/home office type of theme going on, and it works. It's pretty cool how it all comes together, I like it, right down to the old adding machine with the cover off exposing the inner workings, etc. (Check out the few pics I managed to snap) They have a pretty sizable outside seating area as well. There is also what I tend to think of as a gigantic iPod touch-like jukebox there where you can pick almost any type of song, genre, decade, etc. you want to play and hear, it was great. Sitting down at the bar, I noticed plenty of beer in the cooler in the corner from your standby favorites down to PBR and Schlitz (wow, Schlitz?!? I had no idea they were still around when Dave pointed it out, used to see that in mini marts when I was a little kid). But the main attraction is the different array of liquors they have to make the cocktails. No, they are not on the same tier as say a C Grace is, but they do what they do well. They have about a 5 page menu of cocktails and drinks to choose from, and they have quite a variety. I started off with a particularly frothy one with egg whites and ginger that was pretty good, but I ended up sticking with The Bludger which is an orangy/citrusy type of cocktail that was easy to drink and pretty tasty.

    Service was great. Chandler and the crew keep the drinks coming, the conversation fun and interesting, and made the night a great one for us. In fact, we ended up coming back again after Dave's set was over to enjoy the last of the night there. The place is just very laid back, relaxing, and comfortable. I liked that feeling.

    Bottom line: I was pleasantly surprised by Flash House. Great eclectic atmosphere, giant iPod touch-like jukebox, variety of drink options, fun and attentive staff, and it all added up to a great first experience with the place. I plan on coming back again!

  • 620 Glenwood Ave
    Raleigh, NC 27603
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    MoJoe's Burger Joint has been a standby on Glenwood South for me when I want a good solid burger. They are easy to find on the corner of Glenwood and Peace, but a bit of a challenge as far as parking goes as they have a small limited lot. The atmosphere is inviting, whether you eat outside or inside. I prefer their patio most of the time but I also like nabbing the corner table inside next to the big window for people/street watching.

    I head to MoJoe's when I want a good simple burger, period. I'm not a fan of the big built up "gourmet" burger that has every topping imaginable and unimaginable then on a fancy bun that leaves it so large you cannot actually wrap your mouth around it...unnecessary overkill. Give me good Angus beef, perfectly grilled up, a few toppings for taste and a good but classic bun. MoJoe's has this stuff all covered. Of course you can build your own or they have great menu offerings in their signature burgers, as well as different size burgers for different appetites. The beef is pretty tasty, done perfectly where they are not too done/dried out but juicy enough to enjoy without it being a greasy runny mess. They also place condiments on the burger when you ask for mayo/ketchup/mustard (not packets on the side) and perfectly portioned where it does not ooze out the sides of the bun. They seem to get it...just enough without making a unnecessary mess. Their chalkboard is full of daily specials for eats and drinks, pretty good stuff. Service wise has been ok for the most part, but there was one time they completely forgot my order while the rest of my table enjoyed their food...ouch. However, it was quickly remedied by them once discovered.

    Bottom line: Good classic burger joint. Tasty burgers, done just right. Inviting atmosphere as well. Parking may be a bit challenging/limited. Service has done well except for one hiccup noted above. Even my Dad enjoys coming here when he is in town. I am a MoJoe's fan!

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    Beitrag des Tages 25.8.2014

    All this time and I had not tried out Beasley's, but a friend wanted to meet up there for a meal and I was glad to get to finally get to try it. Although I wasn't in the mood for something fried, I was sure I would find something to satisfy my hunger there.

    It's a bit smaller than expected, but I like the atmosphere. Even for a Wednesday night they were a bit crowded, I take that as a great sign something good is going on here. We started off the night with drinks, one called a Gold Rush. This cocktail, served as all drinks are here in Mason jars, is a bourbon/honey/lemon concoction and it was very tasty. It went down rather easy I must say. But what to choose for eats? Well the menu is posted on a big chalkboard on the wall (as is the case with some of Ashley Christensen establishments), and as I've said before I'm not a fan of the chalkboard menu...I like something in hand to read and peruse. However I did pick out the chicken pot pie for my main entree, and also a waffle to boot. I love waffles, period. This waffle did not disappoint, it was delish. The chicken pot pie is pretty different in presentation, as it is served in a bowl with no crust along the side or bottom. There is what looks like a "crust top" placed on top of the filling. If you get over the asthetic differences and mix it up all together before eating, it's not bad! I would like a thicker "filling" and a bit more crust material for it to be optimal for me, but I enjoyed the entree regardless. It's not overly seasoned up, and I for one like that...it's always easy to add more pepper etc. if you want it but you can't take it out once it's there. I also decided to try the pimento mac n cheese afterward. This one wasn't a score with me though. I like mac n cheese very creamy, and this was more in a carved square, a baked appearance. The taste was not what I look forward to in mac and cheese as well. It just didn't happen for me with this one. But I enjoyed my pot pie, the very tasty waffle, and Gold Rush drink...I had a pretty good meal experience here. Service was very positive and helpful, thumbs up for our server.

    Bottom line: Some good things here to enjoy, I had a good visit. I would like to try the meat loaf soon and explore the menu a bit more. Some hits and misses as described above but as a whole, I like the Beasley's experience.

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    Most of the times I have stopped by Five Star in the past has been for a drink with friends or some apps and had good visits at the bar. This week during Restaurant Week downtown I went to enjoy their $20 fixed menu selections and had a great experience.

    I like the atmosphere, a bit dark but nice. You can dress up or down, and can also be a good date spot. A great space that reflects both the warehouse feel and stylish accents. They have great upbeat music instead of the same old hum drum background stuff and I like that. Once settled in, I examined their 3 courses for $20 Restaurant Week menu and was pleased with the offerings. I started out with the Crab Rangoon, and it was some of the best I've had anywhere locally. For my entree, I chose the Crispy Sesame Beef. Wow, what a portion of beef! With the vegetables and sauce together in the beef, it was wonderful...even though it was a good sized portion I finished it off as I enjoyed the flavor of this dish. For dessert, some warm chocolate cake. Although it did not match the entree it still was a good finish to a great meal.

    Bottom line: A great Restaurant Week experience, I recommend the Crispy Sesame Beef if you come for dinner here at Five Star. Great sized portion with wonderful flavor. I intend on visiting Five Star more in the future.

  • 111 Seaboard Ave
    Raleigh, NC 27604
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    On hearing about BREW opening up on Labor Day in Seaboard Station, Carley W. and I were there bright and early that morning to check this place out. They had a pretty good crowd for a holiday Monday, and appears they were not disappointed.

    The shop itself is a bright, well decorated space with plenty of eye catching art around the sitting area. Of particular note is a nice area in the very back of the shop that is set up specifically for those using laptops, I like that. A large chalkboard greets you at the door with the days offerings of coffee drinks and yes, beer as well (noted a good wheat beer offered that day). The staff were very helpful and our orders were quickly taken. I got a latte and also some eats with a dark chocolate chip cookie and a cranberry orange muffin. The latte was pure amazing, some of the best I have tasted in quite a while! It was beautifully made as well as great tasting. The cookie was not bad but the cran-orange muffin just was not exactly what I expecting and I probably would not get that one again. However, for coffee, I'd say this place has some of the best. I did catch some pics so check them out as well.

    Bottom line: Very well decorated and laid out coffee shop, the latte I had there on opening day was outstanding. Although some of the baked goods were not what I had expected, I still would come here for a good cup of coffee anytime. I like how they offer beer as well as coffee, so something for everyone. I am a fan!

  • Bar
    414 Fayetteville St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
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    Seems to be quite a few dedicated fine cocktail lounges and bars springing up around Raleigh and one of the newest additions is Common 414. I've only been getting to try them in the last couple of months though they've been around since mid summer it looks like. Look closely for the sign on Fayetteville St., in the same area and side of the street as the Marriott, the Sheraton, and Sir Walter Apartments.

    Common 414 is done in a Roaring Twenties kind of setup. It also actually reminds me of the bar in the hotel of The Shining for some reason (in a good way). Dimly lit with period decor, it's a nice place to settle down for a cocktail. One could dress up or dress down here. You can sit at the fairly long bar or one of the chair/table setups as well as a sofa/VIP type area (I think reservations are needed for VIP, at their website). The staff are dressed in nice suit vests and ties, sharp look. Common has a good menu of various custom cocktails as well as the usual libations you'd expect in this style of bar. I'm partial to the Reckless Myrtle with fresh blackberries and St. Germain. They also had a cask aged Manhattan that I got to try when they opened it, and it did the trick also. The staff has always been attentive and helpful in my visits as well, always a plus in a cocktail lounge experience.

    Bottom line: Enjoyable cocktail bar set in Roaring Twenties type mode. Nice menu of custom cocktails to pick from, relaxing atmosphere, and good service. I like hanging out at Common 414!

  • Pub
    117 E Hargett St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
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    In all this time, I never wandered over and checked out Landmark Tavern. Central to about any place I like to go downtown, I have no idea why I haven't tried this place out before now. I am glad I did!

    Going inside, I like the atmosphere. It's a long bar, a bit narrow but very nicely done. Kind of that older day feel but with a hip and shiny twist which gives it a very cool vibe. It's dimly lit but it suits the feel of the tavern. The bartenders were friendly and helpful, no problem with service on my visit. Since it is summer now, I got to go out back and enjoy the great patio they have. The patio is a great place to meet up with friends, kick back with a drink and enjoy the night. This part was my favorite, and I plan on enjoying it again. The clientele seems to be pretty diverse, and I like that. No need to think you have to fit in one type or look for this tavern, a plus in my book. I like the background music they played overhead, not overwhelming with the volume, and some cool songs that catch you by surprise.  Beers and drinks are good, no complaints that I can come up with on that front.

    Bottom line: Landmark Tavern is a great find for hanging out in DTR. The bar itself has a great atmosphere but the best part is the back patio. No complaints on service and drinks. Definitely thumbs up!

  • 312 W Cabarrus St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
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    Erster Beitrag

    On this First Friday weekend, I had a chance to go by Litmus and see a friend's opening of her artwork exhibition with a small reception. Upon going there and finding out what they are doing for the artists in the area, I have to say I am a fan of their work and concept.

    Upon inspection in the inside, it is a very simple modest venue. Though it is not in an upscale category, it is a nice simple place for local artists to show their art and grow their talents. I say grow their talents because as you look around inside, you see what the "studios" part of the name is about. In the majority of the space, there are large stalls or mini-studios that are available to rent by local artists so they can have a private place to pursue their muse. Maybe their body of work has outgrown their home or they just need to be around their peers, but it offers a place for them to go and do their work in a environment dedicated for that purpose in whatever medium they work in. And when I found out these studio stalls were at a ridiculously low price per month, I was even more impressed.

    It appears that they are about giving a great opportunity to local up-and-coming as well as more experienced artists to make use of their talent and pursue their passion, as well as display the results when completed.  Because of this, I am a fan of Litmus Gallery & Studios and wish them well in their endeavors.

  • 112 Fayetteville St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I've been hearing about Capital City Tavern from some of my friends, so I've been by a few times to check this bar out on Fayetteville St. It sits up on the northern end near the State Capitol building. It has an inviting facade and nice chairs with stone heater tables outside so it's easy to pick out along this strip.

    Inside, they've done a nice job. Nice brick and slate look with great black and white pictures of old Raleigh on the walls that are backlit. Other accents such as a wall "waterfall" are present. Although it's not a very wide bar, it is VERY long in that the bar is deep enough to hold a good amount of people with an area for dancing in the back. Dimly lit with Edison bulb action, it has a pretty nice atmosphere. The bartenders and staff have been very positive, friendly, and helpful on my visits. The drink menu is pretty good, I am partial to the Twisted Whiskey Sour there. This tavern is a bar only situation, no food offerings. It has the vibe of a pretty nice place for drinks with some solid music selections in the background. However it gets pretty packed and crowded later on at night just before 11pm on Fri/Sat, and this crowd seems to be a younger and crazier crowd than would be expected for this type of place. It certainly doesn't come across in look and feel as a party bar, but maybe the dance floor element draws the younger and yes, sometimes a bit rowdier crowd. I really am surprised by this late night change, to be honest, looking at the bar itself and how it it is styled. Have at it, guys, enjoy. I usually leave by 11p those nights, but I enjoy CCT all other times and think it is a great spot to hang for a drink.

    Bottom line: CCT has a great space, atmosphere, and vibe. Like the look and feel of this very long narrow bar, great accents. Solid drink menu and nice, positive bartenders/staff. It can get a bit crazy and crowded late night Friday/Saturday nights but other than that, I like the flow of this place as a bar to grab a drink and chill out with some good music.

  • 136 E Hargett St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    I had a great meal here, rigatoni with chicken and spinach in a cream sauce.  A big portion, enough to take home for another meal!  Service was excellent, very attentive and friendly, even a perfect wine suggestion.  I would definitely return.

  • 614 W South St
    Raleigh, NC 27603
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    When I would go get a haircut down at my barber on South St., I would see signs of life and a bit of bread and pastry action down at the end of the building...turns out this place opened up officially now as Boulted Bread. It's not a striking or telling store front (mainly a large garage door and smaller entrance door) but inside lies one of the newest bakeries around DTR.

    A simple wood-faced counter and glass display inside offers a nice variety of baked goods and pastries to choose from. My experiences have been around breakfast time. I've sampled such items as puff pastry (with Gruyère, bacon, and potato), chocolate croissant, and regular croissant. The first visit was ok except I think I got ones that had been in longer and had a very dark brown outer crust to them that gave them a bit heavy bitter taste. However my latest stop, I got some with a lighter appearance and more golden, I enjoyed this flavor a lot more. They were a hit with me that day and it was great to enjoy the freshness. Together with the Counter Culture coffee there, it was a good kick start to the day. They do have other offerings to drink, I did see a green tea with raspberry I believe as well. There are very small shelves to the side that have creamer, sweetener, etc. (including dry pasta for stir sticks), but just be aware there is no table or counter there to rest your cup on. There is a very small area of chairs/tables against the wall if you decide to enjoy your choices there. Also, there is a board up on the wall with the schedule of what breads and selections are available out of the oven that day, so check it out.

    Bottom line: Low key appearance pastry/bakery stop in DTR with good amount of breads and pastries to offer. Nice array of offerings to take home or eat there as well, my selections above (most especially on my second visit) were fresh and enjoyable. Good to see something different open up down in this area, and looking forward to future visits to Boulted Bread.

  • 200 S Blount St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    This was the first year I got a ticket and went to the World Beer Festival in Moore Square. All in all, I enjoyed it. I didn't stay the whole 6p-10p second session of the day but got to enjoy a lot of the flavor, both festival and beer, in what I did stay.

    Beer, beer, beer...it's a lot of beer. Greeted with your little clear plastic cup as you walk in, you get to have 2 oz. pours of whatever beers you choose to taste all during your session. And there had to be hundreds. Ciders as well, and actually they surprised me, I had a few I liked! Again, it cemented that I am just not an IPA kinda guy, but at least I got to try and see what I may like if any (just didn't happen with IPAs). From the serious beer tasters to those that were out to enjoy a downtown event to the sloppy drunken frat boy/wannabe frat boys and screeching drunk girls, and all in between, all types were definitely represented at this event. Great people watching event, that was some of the best fun. It was a decent setup, pretty spaced out tents but a bit (no, sometimes a lot) crowded in the actual tents where the beers were. I have low tolerance for claustrophobic situations but in the wide open space of Moore Square, you can get quick relief. The food is more along fair food type of stuff, I had the corn dogs and they were awesome actually! The live music was a good touch as well. I even ran into some fellow Yelpers and even old buds I haven't seen in years...good times.

    Bottom line: Will I go back again if I have the chance? Probably so. It was fun, and a welcome event to get everyone out and about in the downtown Raleigh area.

  • 2.0 Sterne

    NOTE: This review is specific to the Raleigh Amtrak station, not Amtrak service in general. I LOVE taking Amtrak, in fact I have more Amtrak Guest Rewards points than you can shake a stick at. Recently I had the occasion or two to use the Raleigh station (my home station is Cary). After my encounters with this station, I have to go with 2 stars for it.

    It's your basic station. It is pretty dated though. The walls have the history of an older type structure: scuffs along some parts of the walls, patched places that stand out, a bit worn, signs of heavy past use and traffic. After experiences in other NC cities and towns such as Cary, High Point, Durham, Kannapolis, etc. I think this station has seen much better days as far as appearance and structure. I even feel it's a bit small for a station serving a capital city. Functionally it has some points as well that stand out, one being the station stop does not meet up close train-side as most of the other stations I have experienced. It's a long drop down to a small metal foot step when disembarking, and those with special needs will need extra help/time especially if having luggage. I did see one time a higher accessory with two steps was used, and wonder why this one isn't used most of the time (much easier). There is a small parking lot for Raleigh Amtrak, if keeping your car there at the Raleigh station you do need to get a permit from the staff. Get there early as parking is limited.

    Staff and service wise, the station is good. It is functional as needed in that sense. The staff I have seen and interacted with have been good and there have been no hiccups encountered. It also has an automated kiosk if you want to use it as well. It is staffed more than a lot of other stations, with more people and desk space. No issues with staff/service here, keep up the good work!

    I may have gone to 2.5-3 stars if I had not encountered...the bathroom. A bathroom has to be pretty bad for me to comment on it, and this one hit the threshold unfortunately. It really needs deep cleaning and some work done. I'll just say I hastily departed.

    Bottom line: I love, love, love Amtrak like I said but very disappointed in the condition of the station that serves our capital city of NC. See points above. Staff and crew, keep on doing the good job you do. I hope this station is next for Amtrak to target for renovation as I think this mode of transportation is an awesome way to go. In comparison to other NC stations, I have to go with what 2 stars denotes on Yelp: Meh, I've experienced better.

  • 426 S McDowell St
    Raleigh, NC 27601
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Well, I guess I am going to be one of those rare few that has not fallen under Poole's magic spell of the gourmet diner. I have visited there a few times over the years, and while they have some good food, I am just not sold on the entire package. I give them an A-OK 3 stars overall though.

    Most of my experiences have been during brunch situations. And I suppose I like simple for that sort of meal. Most every time there are some great gourmet offerings that seem to have plenty of thought into them as wonderful dishes. Unfortunately, most of them really don't hit me as what I want to satisfy my hunger. Yes, maybe I have simple tastes (hey, I say in my profile that I'm not a foodie, I just like to eat a lot). My most recent encounter I ended up ordering from the sides menu, which ended up being double order of scrambled eggs and grits. Now don't get me wrong, both were great. The grits especially, they were of a different consistency of what I consider normal grits, in that they almost look like gravy used for biscuits and gravy. But the taste, definitely great, a pleasant surprise. The eggs were a tad undercooked for my usual taste but they were good. I have ordered the french toast in the past when offered on the menu (the menu, I'll get to that). But it's not your ordinarily expected french toast of course. Very rich and almost gourmet pastry-like, pretty good tasting. Not exactly what I had my heart set on though.

    I mentioned the menu...there is not one they hand out to you for you to peruse at your leisure at your seat. The menu is on chalkboards above the bar and on the walls. Depending on which menu is of interest to you, you need to jock for position to be seated as near to it to see it best. If you are not that lucky, you have to walk up to it I guess. Just not a fan of this type of menu system. Of the selections on the menu on the boards, most of them are very special gourmet type selections. I am sure they are wonderful creations but again, I just find that most of them are not up my alley when I go out. Plus they have a group of chosen entrees or offerings, it seems very constricted and limiting. I just didn't find something for every taste it seemed. I guess I need to broaden my horizons though, it can go both ways I do realize. But to the gourmet crowd, I am sure these are great, carefully selected offerings to try.

    The service has been good in my experiences. I have had friendly service that has made sure my beverages are topped and that I have everything I need. My food came to me quickly. No problems with the service or staff with my visits, keep up the great work.

    Bottom line: It may be that it's just not my kind of place, but find the offerings limited and grandiose. Menus on the chalkboard just not an optimal system for everyone to get information. The food I have sampled there though is good, but hard to get a fix on something for my tastes. Service has been good. I may go there once in a great while to see what changes are there (as has been the case), but it's not a regular on my list. A-OK 3 stars for them.

  • 510 Glenwood Ave
    Raleigh, NC 27603
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne
    Erster Beitrag

    I'll start off by saying I'm just not a big dance club goer in my last few years, but I did like them in my younger days. I did have the chance however to go to Myst recently and enjoy an event there. I have to say, I enjoyed my night out there very much. A very nice club addition to the Glenwood South area of DTR.

    The space and club interior are very cool. Lots of open space. Great sofa/table lounge or VIP looking areas lining the perimeter of the dance floor, very comfy to park and relax. Great light show (see pic I nabbed before the crowd came) and general layout, I liked it. The bar was well stocked and had great lighting as well.

    The staff was the plus that night, as my interactions with staff and management/ownership was two thumbs up. That makes a difference in these type of places. Bartenders with great positive attitudes, smiles, and attentive with service...I enjoyed it. The owner checked on the patrons to make sure everyone was having a good time as well. Security maintained a presence without being overpowering or overbearing, VERY important to convey a good attitude (as a past doorman myself, I can relate). DJ did a great job with music and keeping the crowd pleased. People were on the dance floor enjoying his music all night and the crowd all appeared to enjoy the club. I enjoyed the visit for sure.

    The club does have coat check ($1 that night), but just note it is in the back as you are going towards the bathrooms (not at the front door). Bathrooms were clean and well maintained at this time, no complaints there.

    Bottom line: Great dance club experience on Glenwood South. I hope these guys have staying power and keep the party going. Fun night out!

  • 600 W South St
    Raleigh, NC 27603
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne
    Erster Beitrag

    I got referred to a barber here at Men At Work Barbershop when my usual stylist was unable to keep my appointment before I was going out of town on vacation. I came in and sat in Ryan's chair after he introduced himself and got a great barber experience at Men At Work.

    First of all, the place is clean. Very clean, as in 100 percent health inspection rating posted kind of clean (check the pic I nabbed of it). Men At Work also has that great barbershop vibe, the real deal. Ryan himself did a wonderful job, paying attention to extreme detail and taking his time to get every aspect right. No rush job here and I like that, as I want a good detailed cut. I had the sides shaved with a straight razor which is awesome, with hot towels, warm shaving cream, the whole works. He was very nice and eager to make sure the cut was exactly how I would like it.

    Bottom line: Men At Work Barbershop is definitely 4.5 stars. If they took plastic, they would be perfect. Ryan in particular did a wonderful job, very nice and detail oriented with a great result. I'm definitely a fan of this shop.

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