The Matzo Ball Shuffle

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Seattle is a pretty goyish town but there are a few places where you can get some Jewish soul food. I've thrown in one Dim Sum because if there's two things us Jews know it's suffering and Chinese Food.
  • 2207 NE 65th Street
    Seattle, WA 98115
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    The best Knish I've ever had was in London, of all places, at a tiny kosher deli where the owner used Yiddish with a British accent((You in for a good nosh mate? Oy vey guvnah). Generally I've had Knishes that could double as a doorstop or small travel pillow.

    Leah's makes a pretty darn good version. They're large and flaky with a good dollop of filling. The cabbage has a delicate, not overpowering flavor and the Potato has a perfect texture. Heated for a few minutes in the oven they're a great snack or small meal.

    They also have soups, kugels and breads. Vegetarians should be very happy here. Everything here is kosher for dairy which means no meat, or meat products, they even have a mock chicken soup. They make a mini Challah, which are perfect for breakfast or a sandwich.

    Plan early, since they close at 3 on Fridays and are not open on Saturdays. If you need a little jolt of Jewish soul food this is a good place to start.

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    I used to work with Russian Emmigre children in a summer camp and I picked up a few Russian curse words along the way. So several years ago I was in the old location of this store, which was about the size of a small convenience store. The aisles were packed and cramped. I turned and accidentally bumped the basket of an older woman and she mumbled a curse in Russian(something about me being a pig). She probably figured I wouldn't know any better.

    This sparkling, spacious location in the CrossRoads mall is fantastic. The Deli Counter alone would put most of the Delis in Seattle to shame. Sausages, smoked fish, borscht, it's all there. The refrigerator case has at least a dozen types of pickled herring, and many delicoius looking wieners, bolognas and more sausages. The beer selection is huge and there's enough candy and chocolate to put several dentists out of business.

    Get your borscht on.

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    One thing about us displaced Jews is that we love to kvetch about not being able to get any good Jewish soul food anywhere. There are a few places in town to do this here but not many. (Don't get me started about Goldberg's in Bellevue. Oy Vey).

    My benchmarks for food to kvel over are Ruben Sandwiches and Matzo Ball soup. Both of these are outstanding. The Ruben has just the right amount of grease and perfectly toasted rye bread. The matzo balls are big, fluffy and not salty. These are so good that we've served them for passover!

    I say mazeltov!

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    I haven't been in there in over a year so decided to check it out for breakfast. Sadly the breakfasts are still pretty crummy and the same crummy waitress I've had a couple of times in the past is still there and still......crummy. It took longer for her to come to our table to take our order than it did for the kitchen to make our food. The breakfast foods here are still ho hum. The Jewish foods are a little better; the matzo ball soup was decent. We bought some knishes to go which are tasty.

    I know the place is popular and I'm still not sure quite why. It's sort of the PF Changs of Jewish food as far as I'm concerned.

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    Oy vey. What a mishigas this place is. Sometimes you can get a good nosh here and sometimes you get… Weiterlesen
    Khaled A.
    Kommentar von Khaled A. von Goldbergs' Famous Delicatessen
    16.2.2010 Jeff,

    We would like you to know that as of early January, Goldbergs' is under new management. We are…
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    One of these days I'm going to arrange a field trip for all the wannabe Deli owners of Seattle  to Cantors in Los Angeles, or the Carnegie Deli in New York. As hard as they try no one here really totally pulls it off.

    This place is giving it a good try but doesn't make with the goods. They advertise the sandwiches as "really big" but the only BIG thing is the price; ten bucks for a Ruben. These are not the huge "fresser" sandwiches you'd get at one of the classic delis. For me the Ruben is the test of a deli and this one fails with way too little meat and cheese and a flavorless and thin Russian dressing. The homemade chicken soup is good but nothin you'd write home to your Uncle Sol about.

  • 220 Broadway E
    Seattle, WA 98102
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    Noah what happened to you. I hardly recognized you.

    I grew up with Noah's back in the Bay Area. Huge, delicious bagels, lox and strong coffee. Yeah, And even when the chain first started up here they were pretty good. Some branches are still okay(the QFC UVillage one is pretty good, and much more deli-like).

    But this place is just annoying. The bagels are pretty small,they often don't have all the lox and spreads they should.  The staff here always seems bored and confused and the place is laid out so badly that the line is always jammed up. The sandwich board is near the door, the food case is to the right of the line so people are always bumping into each other.

    Just give me a good place where I can run in, grab my bagel and shmear and leave.

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    I grew up in San Francisco and we probably ate Chinese dinner every other Sunday with my grandparents. There are the hole in the wall places in Chinatown and then there are the sumptuously decorated, cavernous places with lots of  pseudo asian glitz. That's the kind of place we ate with my grandparents and that is what O'asian reminds me of.  The place is indeed huge and has that sort of pseudo elegant chinese restataurant look. No formica tables, no waiters with grease on their shirts.

    I've had dim sum several times there which is always good. And by good I mean the food is tasty and the service is logical and efficient. I hate it when the carts suddenly veer away from my table for that big family in the corner.

    We had dinner with some friends recently. The menu is actually not huge for a chinese place which to me is a good sign. I was completely excited by the Peking Duck because you almost always have to order it in advance in places like this and it was readily available.

    We had that, the seafood chow mein, potstickers and some peavines. Everything was very well done. The peavines were spicey and cooked perfectly. Sometimes they can be overcooked or stringy. The chow mein was good, but the huge pieces of pork and squid were kind of hard to integrate with the noodles when eating with chopsticks. The duck was the highlight and very good. Crispy skin, moist meat, perfect seasoning; not too sweet. It comes with the right kind of pancakes too. Not the flat mooshoo pork kind but the thicker, smaller type. This was a really good dish.

    Our waiter was a little too hip for this kind of place, like he'd been left behind when Ruth's Chris moved. I got the feeling if we didn't tell him our drink orders when  he came by we'd never get drinks.

    All in all, my grandparents would have loved this placed....and that's a good thing.

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West Seattle. There really is a there there. (28)

Until I moved unexpectedly to West Seattle I pretty much knew it as Alki and maybe a few places around the Alaska Junction. But there are actually a lot of good places to eat over here. I've been here 5 years now and I've learned to include White Center as part of West Seattle so you'll see some of those places on this list now.

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You might not notice this at a quick glance, but some of Seattle's very best food is right here in this unincorporated neighborhood.

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The Central District is more of a state of mind than a specific neighborhood. In itself there isn't a lot of retail but if you add in other nearby neighborhoods you get a pretty nice spot to live and hang. These include: A huge piece of Madrona, a dose of Leschi, a Hunk of Capital Hill, a dash of Madison and a smidge of downtown. These are the places that make up what I consider my  neighborhood.

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