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  • 237 E 53rd St
    New York, NY 10022
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    Can't believe this opened so close to where i live and replaced good health burger (the irony). Was on my way home but noticed 3 workers waving pedestrians down to go in. I crossed the street and pretended to casually walk by. Saw they were passing out coupons for free regular cookie. I asked for the offer immediately and decided on the white chocolate chip with macadamia nut cookie. First bite - Taste just like I remembered from my good old college days - warm, gooey, soft and super sweet. Wished I had a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream to go along with. To be honest, the cookie itself tastes very much like the ones u can get from subways - maybe just pop the subway ones into the microwave for 10 secs. Nevertheless still very tasty! And who can say no to free treat!

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    Elite member event only! Didn't get to drag my fiance along (only came running home to show him on my phone all the food he missed out on). Actually glad that we were forced to come alone -  forced me to meet some really nice/cool yelpers :)!

    A nice variety of tapas - I think I was able to sample almost everything except the skewer and the stuffed pepper. If only they had dessert tapas hehe... would had been perfect! The food wasn't amazing but pretty good for bar quality food. My fav being the quesadilla  with guac. The fried pretzel with the creamy white sauce was surprisingly tasty - lightly fried with chewy inside - reminded me a little of fried pizza! Not too fond of the chipotle mayo-ed items however - potatoes, Brussels sprout, calamari - perhaps they ran out of idea of sauces?

    Beer pong tables were set up in the middle along with an open bar + extremely friendly bartender towards the back. The open bar had a nice variety of hard liquor I've never seen before: honey rum? expresso shot? Of course, instead I downed a couple cups of diet coke - made my elite reviews worth!

    Wished the music wasn't so loud  - i couldn't hear the convo one person over. A bunch of yelpers and I ended up standing by the entrance/exit just to talk.

    Right before leaving, I picked up free yelp elite socks yay (Thanks to fellow Elite, Allene for reminding me to check in with Ruggy!) and also left with my very appropriate poncho!

    Overall I had a really great time! So glad I didn't let the monsoon get in my way in coming out and meeting some great people tonight. Thanks Ruggy for planning and putting together another awesome event! I got a hug this time YAY! Hope to see u all soon at next event!

  • LaGuardia Airport
    Queens, NY 11369
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    This location doesn't honor any promotional deals like the ones outside of the airport. I came here with my free birthday scoop coupon from Baskin Robbins. The server read through the promotion and informed me that this location doesn't take these coupons. But was more than happy to make an exception learning that it was my birthday. I received  my choice of blueberry shortbread which had a blend of blueberry and lemon - tasted very much like the lemon frozen greek yogurt from Ben and Jerry's. I'm a huge fan but my fiance wasn't. Anyways, this location surprised me by the generosity and awesome customer service. Thanks for making my day :)

  • Lower Level Food Ct
    East Elmhurst, NY 11370
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    Whenever my fiancé and I are forced to fly  American out of La Guardia, we would stop by this food court for a fast bite. They were sampling boubon chicken in front of the station. After sampling and seeing their deal 2 entrees with either rice or noodle for 7.50, we decided to add an additional entree for 1.50 to share. We asked for bourbon chicken, spicy chicken, and stir fried mix veggies with our Lo mein. We also ordered a large drink which ended up with a total of 11.99. Your ordinary greasy, filling Chinese food nothing to write home about. But hey it was cheap for airport price and did the trick in filling our belly. Will be forced to return if having to fly on American again

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    Who could have guessed the engagement pictures were done under the generosity of Elevate photography as part of their promotion aka FREE? I attended half a dozen Bridal showcases and Elevate contacted all the brides who happened to have attended the latest Marriot Spring Event. They were promoting an 1 hr engagement shoot free for 10 couples. When I initially received the email, I was extremely skeptical. Really free? What is the catch? Even if it's legit, the quality can't possibly be that great. I didn't think too much into it because the promotion was selling out FAST. I hurriedly typed in my info and sealed our spot. In no time, Melvin reached out to me through email asking for additional info about my fiance and me. He really wanted to get to know us so the questions consisted of asking our first date, the proposal, etc which I thought was a nice touch! Shortly after submitting our writing, I heard from Melvin that afternoon discussing about our shoot . Melvin was extremely prompt and friendly in terms of addressing any questions or concerns. He explained to me that he will be in touch with me a few days before our actual shoot and they will choose a location for us (as part of their promotion, they get to choose the site rather than allowing the couples to).  While discussing about the shoot, Melvin brought up that their company also does "Save the date" videos! He asked if my fiance and I were interested in being their model couple. Another free promotion? Hell ya?!? We ended up scheduling our photoshoot and the video taping on the very same day. They were willing to give us a 2 hrs session rather than just 1 hr. After speaking to Melvin, I was convinced that this to good to be true promotion was real. I was beyond excited in telling my  friends, and family all about it! And just expected a few days before the shoot, as explained previously,  Melvin called me and named our special selected locations. All there were left was choosing our outfits, pray that my skin and weather that day would hold up!  

    On the day of the shoot, my fiance and I both left school/work early in preparation. Melvin called us a few hours before our meeting time to discuss about the meeting time and weather.  The hourly forecast wasn't in our favor but Melvin assured us that they already had a plan B in mind for us in case it did pour. My fiance and I ended up meeting Melvin, Haris (his company partner), and Arthur (another talented photographer from LA)  in front of River Cafe near Brooklyn Bridge half an hr before our arranged session and they were more than ready to get started!

    Our shoot began by the stone wall facade, we climbed and posed, sat and posed, danced and posed, leaned and posed. My fiance and I felt like celebrities having 3 awesome photographers snapping our pictures away. We spent a good hr there before moving to the nearby carousel. Haris asked my fiance and I to sit inside one of the carriages and smile/laugh/talk/tell jokes as we normally would to each other. As we rang around inside the carousel, Melvin and Arthur stood outside and continued to snap our pictures every time we ranged by while Haris was on the ride with us shooting our video/pictures. After the carousel, we decided to switch up the outfit and move closer to the water to capture the bridge. By then the rain was ready to fall. My fiance and I initially were worried and were confused by Haris' wish for the rain. He timed it so we would still be outdoor for the shoot. But after seeing Haris' first few initial testing shots of my fiance and I under the rain, we understood and were more than willing to sacrifice our warmth and dry hair/make up. Haris and Melvin just had ideas and saw inspirations from things that no one else could have come up. He, Melvin, and Arthur all stood in the rain (without any covering) and patiently took our shots. They tried and tried until their perfect shot was captured just as they had envisioned. My fiance and I were more than grateful for their patience and professionalism. We were there until sunset which was way past the 2 hours session they had promised. To my surprise, they offered to continue at grand central and drove us there.

    We completed our shoot in the main hall. We slow dance in the middle of the atrium and just like the other locations asked to be ourselves! My fiance and I were very comfortable under their instructions. No other professional photographers were as patient and gentle as Haris and Melvin. They were even willing to skip dinner just so we could continue. We stayed close to midnight ( 6 hrs session). Even after our late finish, Melvin personally emailed me pictures at 3AM knowing how excited I were to see the final products!  My friends and family are still raving about the work Melvin and Haris have done. My fiance and I were so fortunate to have worked with them. Seriously, every marrying couple MUST consider Elevate. You're doing yourself a favor and promise won't be disappointed!

  • Grand Central Terminal
    New York, NY 10017
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    After working on a 5 hr engagement shoot, my fiance and I were in Grand Central finishing up our last scene By the time we arrived, most of the stores at the food court were already closing. We stopped in front of Manhattan Chili after seeing hot dog on their menu. I know my fiance loves hot dog and it's a fast and easy. I on other the hand was drooling over their choices of chili. The extremely sweet server offered me the turkey chili to sample. It was tasty but I wanted to sample one more - i asked for the 4 beans in butternut squash. This chili was the true winner - perfectly seasoned with a hint of sweetness. I asked for a small cup which came with a small piece of corn bread as a side. We hurriedly found a standing table to eat before wrapping up our interview taping. I dunno if it was because I was starved (only had an apple all day to avoid looking bloated for my engagement shoot) or what, but these chilis are the best chili I've ever eaten. The corn bread was amazing as well with tiny little corn pieces baked within. Perfect small meal to replenish my body before fueling on to the last bit of the shoot. Will return to try the other half a dozen flavors of chili!

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    After dining in Bouley and be blown away at our Valentine's day celebration, I knew we had to try its sister restaurant. My fiance and I decided to dine in Brushstroke for the very appropriate occasion of my turning of 25. We made our reservation a mouth in advance - not sure if it's necessary since the restaurant still had many empty tables and bar seating when we arrived for our 7:15 reservation. And to our surprise, Brushstroke was a lot less intimate than Bouley. People weren't as dressy and felt a lot more like an ordinary modern Japanese restaurant. Since my fiance and I went all out in dressing up, I was a little disappointed. We were seated in a 4 ppl table  which further made it feel like i was dining in a family restaurant.

    Brushstroke offer 3 tasting menus with a choice of sake pairing.  We opted for the 85 dollars spring tasting without sake and decided on upgrading one of our sashimi dishes to chef's special for an additional 28 dollars. We also ordered the green tea grapefruit drink - grapefruity but didn't taste much of the green tea (tasted pretty much like grapefruit juice actually). Upon given warm hand towels, My fiance and I were given a complimentary sake with lilac flowers to start. We wanted to save the sake until food actually comes out but caved in after the wait staff continuously came by to check if we have finished our drink. Attentive but a little too overbearing -3 separate staff members checked on this drink itself 4 times! Shortly after, we were presented our first course, a veggie salad wish mushroom and jelly. An extremely interesting blend of texture and flavor - the jelly instantly melt on your tongue as if they were solid form of soup! - the dish itself was light and a refreshing start. After our first course, we were given a complimentary starter - peach soy milk soup. It looked a lot denser than it actually was. From initial glance, we thought the texture would be much like steamed egg but it was much liquidy. The soy milk added a perfect touch of sweetness. The cold soup was another refreshing addition the start our tasting. The sashimi dishes followed shortly after. The chef's special sashimi dish was HUGE. It could had been a meal itself in any other restaurant. There were a good 9 different types of sashimi each with 2-3 pieces. The normal sashimi tasting came with 3 types of fish. After finishing our actual second course - I warned my fiance that I'm already starting to feel full. We still have 2 main courses and desserts? Will make room!

    My fiance ordered the king bass and I ordered the uni lobster as our main entree. His fish came with a very lightly dressed citrusy salad and mine came with small sized noodle. Both dishes were amazing and the portion was just right (actually I can always eat more). My half lobster tail was baked with uni sauce. I tried picking up every drop of the sauce with my noodle. The dish was just soooo well executed. However after tasting my fiance's dish, I kinda of wished I ordered his instead. But every girl deserves to have lobster on her birthday - still an awesome decision on my part. Our last main course were the rice dish. I asked for the veggie rice bowl and my fiance ordered the other option (forgot the name but the broth was much more porky flavored). The rice dishes were the perfect match our our individual taste. I find my fiance's to be too overwhelming with pork flavor but LOVED my mushroom based broth. My fiance found my broth to be underseasoned but expressed that he can eat his rice bowl for every single meal for the rest of his life without complaint.

    After the rice dishes, we were given the dessert menu. We were given the option to choose from the full dessert menu (about 6 choices to choose from!) After reading reviews on mirin and soy sauce ice cream, I wasted no time in looking at the other options while my fiance ordered the roasted green tea pudding.  Our desserts took about 20 mins to come out however to a point we wonder if they forgot about our order. The service really went downhill around that time. No one came by to check on us. The first few times we got up to use the restroom, they immediately came over to fold our napkin. During our waiting for dessert period, no one was even near our table. After waiting for 20 mins, our desserts finally came. They were given along with complimentary house made cookies - 2 butter, 2 green tea, and 1 chocolate. The manager also came by to congratulate our recent engagement and wished me happy birthday.  Not sure if the cookies and the congratz/birthday wishes made up for the missing service towards the end of the meal. But we were just happy to finally be eating our desserts. My soy sauce ice cream tasted very much like caramel ice cream and the mirin ice cream had a hint of rice wine taste to it. Both had an extremely interesting taste profile.
    Overall, a great meal but wasn't blown away. Would much rather dine in Bouley twice more for its price tag.

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    3.5 stars. My maid of honor and I came for their happy hour special around 10PM on a Tuesday night. After dinner at Naya, we wanted something sweet to end our night. My maid of honor had raved about the green tea crepe cake since the beginning of our dinner so I knew it was a must stop afterward

    The place was busy when we arrived. We were seated at one of the bigger booths and were given 5 different menus - happy hours, regular menu, happy hour dessert menu, drinks, and another we didn't even bother going thru. Sooooooooo much to choose from. After initial glance of the menus, we caved in and decided to try some of the meat specials too. 2 dinners in one night - just say we tiny Asian girls like to feast :). We ordered 5 dishes to share - intestine, squid, beef, pork belly bun, and cabbages. Pork belly buns were first to arrive - these were the first pork belly buns I've had so I had no other restaurant quality ones to compare them to - they were just ok. Not a big pork person and the idea of biting into just fat didn't seem appealing to me. The none fat meat part was also really dry! The sauce they smothered the pork and the bun with tasted pretty much like thousand island dressing - 2.5 stars. The raw cabbage dish came out along with it, it was dressed in sesame oil and overly salted. My maid of honor barely touched it after her first bite. After the first 2 disappointing dishes, we were worried about the quality of the last 3. To our surprise,  the intestine, squid, and beef were nicely marinated and were actually quite tasty. Throughout the grilling, servers continuously came by to checked on our fire and how we were doing. Service here was actually really attentive!

    Towards the end of our second dinner, we ordered what we initially came for - the green tea crepe cake! It came with a scoop of vanilla or green tea ice cream - we asked for green tea but was given vanilla with some matcha powder on top. We didn't bother bringing it up since we just love ice cream in general lol. The cake itself tasted just like Lady M's but during their happy hour special - it's only 7 dollars a slice- what a steal. Would definitely return for their meat and dessert happy hour specials. Avoid the small side dishes and you won't be disappointed. The total to this meal ended up being around 35 including tax and tip. What a great deal for the amount of food we ordered!

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    3.5 stars. My maid of honor and I decided to have my last meal as a 24 yrs old here aka in celebration and welcoming my best year ever to be - 25 here in Naya! I have fallen in love with Mediterranean cuisine in my 24th year of life and I thought what a better way to celebrate the end to it by introducing my obsession to my best friend. She said she has hummus from a container before but that's as far as Mediterranean food she has had. She was just excited as I was to try out this place. We arrived at 8:30 with reservation and the place was packed on a Tuesday night. We were initially ignored and no hostess was around to seat us for a good 5 minutes. When someone was finally there to greet us, they seated us at the same time another couples who didn't have reservation ( Which might explain why later my opentable reservation was not checked in - and i got a not so friendly email :( )

    We were seated on the side wall table - big enough to perfectly fit the 2 of us. The first thing we noticed about this place was how modern and compact this place was. We felt like we were dining inside an IKEA showroom - there were storage spaces under our seats and coat hangers hidden between wine shelves. We couldn't help but kept peaking towards the back where the private dining tables for larger groups were - it looked so much like a sky lit room and made us wished we had a bigger party.

    After admiring the setting, server came by shortly after and took our order. With our server's recommendations, we decided on a few small dishes to share: spicy hummus, Mahammara, Rekakat Bi Sujuk, and fried kibbe. Before the arrival of our order, we were given complimentary pita chips with herbed olive oil + pickled olives. Wasn't too crazy about the dip or the olives so i decided to save my belly for the actual mezzes.

    Mahrammara was first to arrive - red pepper with grounded walnut, pomegranate molasses & cumin. Can you say party in my mouth? I knew I had to try it after reading its description and I'm soooo glad I did. The perfect blend of crunchy, sourness, sweetness and saltiness. Who knew cumin can go so well with pomegrante? The spicy hummus came shortly after. Nothing spicy about this dish - in fact, I wonder if they gave me just plain hummus. Tasty but nothing too interesting about this dish or different than the ones you could bought from the store. The hummus came with warm pita bread on the side - which i thought was one of the worst pita breads I have tasted - soggy and wet. Usually I down pita bread like a preggo lady.. but after one piece, I actually learned to say no. Instead I ate them with  the complimentary pita chips given earlier.. ah so much better. My maid of honor however enjoyed the pita bread very much. She prob ate half of the basket. so perhaps it's just a personal taste preference. The  Rekakat Bi Sujuk which is a blend of three Mediterranean cheeses & spicy beef wrapped in phyllo, was to follow. These cheesy beef rolls (came in 4 per order) tasted a lot like tandoori spiced meat rolls. They were freshly made and piping hot and went really well with this spicy green sauce that everyone must ask for on the side!  so good! Last but not least, the fried kabbe which were fried beef dumplings with side yogurt sauce. They weren't what I was expecting - I wanted more of  beef dumplings (ravioli) cooked in yogurt sauce I have had in Pierre Loti and Sip Sak - instead these were literally fried beef balls. The minced beef was a little under seasoned. I poured the yogurt and green sauce all over to give it a tart/spicy kick. At first we were worried that we didn't order enough but after finishing all 4 dishes with the side order of pita chips (which btw i asked for refill and they gave me a full basket) and the pita bread, we were stuffed.

    The total ended up being around 42 dollars with tax and tip included. Not too bad for the quality of food and prompt services in midtown east.

  • 228 Bleecker St
    New York, NY 10014
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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Molly's peach cobbler cupcake. It's been a year since I last had it and finally got a chance to return after my birthday brunch today. We walked a good 10 blocks in 90 degree heat for those treats! Soooo glad I dragged all my friends to come along, the cupcake was awesome as I remembered. The frosting - super light and tasty. Wish I could just eat a dozen of it NOW. I also tried the creme brulee cupcake today. Heavenly but a bit denser than the peach cobbler cupcake. Super friendly service, super cute ambiance -my friends and I sat on the swings by the counter, highly recommend this place for post dinner treat/girl date/or any occasion! Seriously, why would u need a reason to treat yourself? Don't deprive yourself of this little piece of heaven!

  • 233 Bleecker St
    New York, NY 10014
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    Stopped by for some post brunch sweetness. The menu isn't that extensive, maybe just 7 flavors at max? You're not allowed to sample the flavors unless you pay for a cup. My fiance ended up getting the Tiramisu and Mint Chocolate chip gelato. Nothing extraordinary - so glad we didn't get it back in Rome (they actually have Grom there), and decided on trying the local stores instead.  I thought the Tiramisu actually had a hint of soy sauce taste.. soooo strange. The server wasn't particularly friendly either. Can definitely find better tasting, cheaper gelato around.

  • 140 W 13th St
    New York, NY 10011
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    Celebrated my 25th birthday here with my girlfriends over brunch today! Initially there was some confusion with the reservation and they didn't have a table big enough to fit the 10 of us. But the owner was more than accommodating and told us that he'll work something out for us. After confirming my whole party has arrived, we were led to the back skylight room. Who knew from the front of the restaurant that it was sooo spacious and gorgeous inside?

    We took advantage of the aycd brunch special for $25 which also included the choices of 2 tapas + 1 side or a medium sized pizza.  The waitress immediately took our drink order while giving us extra time to decide on our food. which I really appreciated.. especially since the aycd is timed - limited to 1.5 hrs. Almost the whole table decided to try the raspberry white peach Bellini so the waitress gave us a giant full pitcher of it on the side after filling our initial glass. The Bellini was super tasty and refreshing! My friend who initially ordered the Mimosa, took a sip and decided to switch over and joined in on the Bellini party! We had a hard time deciding on what to get from the food menu. So many choices! My friends and I ordered basically the whole menu to share. I personally ended up ordering the ricotta honey crostini and  capelle with a side order of rosemary potatoes. I loved both my tapa dishes. I also loved the sausage caramelized onion pizza, butternut squash cannelloni (I ended up eating 2 whole tapas portion of it since my girlfriends were beyond stuffed).

    15 mins before our 1.5 hr time limit, the waitress came by to call for last round. Instead of refilling our pitcher, she agreed to come back to fill individual glasses. Towards the end of the meal, they brought out a chocolate cake/bar with a little lit candle on top (thanks to my sweet fiance!) and sang happy birthday!  Overall a very happy birthday celebration at Sotto 13! Although we girls downed the drink super fast, our glasses were never empty! Our waitress was super sweet and the food was yummy! The owner even came by towards the end to ask how was everything! Seriously, what more can a birthday girl ask for?  

    Read that they have happy hours on Wednesday with passed around tapas? definitely need to return for that!

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    I celebrated two birthdays in a row over brunch in Calle Ocho! This is my favorite brunch place in a the city just based solely on the bread basket itself. Last year I came with my girlfriends from college and were amazed by the service and atmosphere. I've been raving this place for weeks to my grad school friends. They couldn't believe there exists such a great brunch deal in the city. 8 types of unlimited sangria? complimentary bread? 10+ types of unique brunch entrees? no time limit as long as you're eating? I'm there!

    8 of us arrived for our 12 PM reservation. 2 of us actually arrived  a little late and they were waiting for our whole party to be there before seating us. We happily waited in the hotel lobby seats right by the door. By 12:15, we were all seated at our table studying intensely at their brunch menu. All of us spent a little time reading the house rules on the side of the menu - no craziness, got it. The waiter was really prompt in coming over to take our orders. Basically our whole table ordered steak and eggs - for 2 extra dollars, u get steak! why not? 2 people did however ordered the vegetarino and salmon crepe. The waiter was quick in warning the portion size of the salmon crepe. Wanting to try something different, I offered to give some of my steak and eggs to my friend in case the salmon crepe wasn't enough food. She accepted the offer and stuck to her initial choice.

    2 giant bread baskets were dropped off at our table shortly after. I really wanted to jump out of my seat and ask for third NOW. I know the bread baskets won't last for more than 2 mins and boy was I right. There were so many choices and we all wanted to try every type in the basket. There were donuts with caramel sauce, assorted muffins, chocolate chip rolls, and my fav cheese bread! We just couldn't put the cheese bread down. Drinks came shortly after. However none of the drink orders came out correctly. No matter what we ordered from the white sangrias, we all got havana banana. Both red ones we ordered ended up tasting the same?  I believe they just gave both of us fresas. We didn't bother correcting the drink orders since it's unlimited and we could swap out flavors later. Onward with more bread! And before we knew it, our main entrees were out.

    The steak and eggs came out sooooo quickly to a point that I suspect they were premade. Even though my 2 friends ordered vegetarino and salmon crepe, they were ready to serve them steak and eggs too. When we stopped the server and explained to them what they ordered instead, they really pushed them to get the steak and eggs instead. My friend who ordered the vegetarino ended up agreeing to just take the ready made steak and egg. My other friend however really wanted to try the salmon crepe. So we asked the server to take back the 8th order of steak and eggs and please serve us what we actually ordered. It didn't take too long for the correct dish to come out. And we were back onto munching away.

    I wasn't particularly impressed by the steak and eggs - definitely has been sitting there for a bit. I did however loved my friend's salmon crepe. Smoked salmon scrambled eggs wrapped in yummy crepe - with a creamy white sauce + gravy. Wished we didn't all ordered the same thing and was able to sample a few more dishes.

    It took the servers a long time to fulfill our second drink order. To make things less complicated, we just all ordered the same thing. The servers were all over the place. We had to remind them 2-3 times to replenish the bread baskets and to refill our water. They accidentally gave us condiments that the table next to us has ordered. The service was nothing like I remembered a year ago. I understand that it can get a little overwhelming with the all the drink requests and number of tables... but the staff really need to talk to each other.

    My friends and I stayed for almost 3 hours. We just kept nursing the drinks and taking small bites. I kinda wished I didn't ask for the last order of bread basket because my friends had ordered 2 surprised desserts for me - creme brulee and chocolate cake. I didn't know .. so I was still stuffing my face with muffins 3 hrs into brunch. Creme brulee wasn't particularly sweet and the portion was HUGE. The chocolate cake came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yummy but nothing to write home about.

    Overall, a little disappointed by Calle Ocho. Bread basket still a 5 stars in my heart. Salmon crepe gets 4 stars. But everything else prob 3 at its best. Hope the service improves at my next visit. But as long as u refill my bread basket with those cheesey goodness, I will continue to return.

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    After writing 105 reviews - finally made it to my first Elite event ever!

    I left my end of the school year picnic early just to make it to this event. Timing wise - I'm always too late in signing up (always with a patient when invites go up). So yay to finally meeting Ruggy and all the fellow Elite friends for the first time. Well actually I ran into a friend (also an Elite member and her bf) by the bar. We stuck together for the night and didn't get to interact with others much. But it was really awesome to see who your fellow Elite friends are in persons even if we didn't get to have a true conversation. ( Sorry guys, it was my first event .. and I'm a little shy.. u guys are like celebrities to me :D!)  B

    By the time we got there, the sushi was already gone and the cheese plate was 2/3 way eaten. I was a little disappointed by the amount of food and the food options. I know the invites say eat before coming (which I did!) but I guess I'm used to seeing Elite events with MUCH awesome-er spread. The chicken skewer was quite tasty nevertheless and my fiance really enjoyed the beef on bread/cracker? The photobooth was quite a hit, my friends and I had a lot of fun posing and competing in the games upstairs. All of us were able to place the ping pong balls into their cups in less than a minute - so yay to prizes!

    Raffles were drawn towards the end of the night. We didn't win anything but we were just happy that we even had a chance of winning! They offered us goodie bags and I took a yelp balloon to carry home with me to commemorate my first ever elite event. So happy to have been given the opportunity to attend, hope to make it to more in the future! And from what I learned this night, the people who wrote all those awesome reviews are REAL! Thanks Ruggy and the team for such a great night!

  • 1 Central Park W
    New York, NY 10023
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    Lunch prefix in a Michelin 3 stars restaurant? I should skip school and work more often!

    After spending a year raising money and winning grants for my school club, we decided to treat ourselves with the leftover money by having an e-board lunch. We were looking for an affordable prefix menu that appeases everyone's taste. We decided on Jean George and made the reservation for 4 well over a month in advance.

    We arrived at 12:15 for reservation. They had a table set up ready for us and immediately greeted us with the menu. We were presented the choices of 2 courses Spring Tasting or the multi-courses Chef's Tasting. We spent a good 15 minutes debating what to order - so many choices for a prefix! I ended up ordering foie gras granola as starter and seabass as my main course. Another friend ordered soft shelf crab and cod. The other 2 ordered asparagus salad with the seabass and scallop with bacon pork tenderloin? Before our starters came, we were given complimentary amuse bouche which included a warm soup? a broccoli puree crumble? and rhubarb sushi - all very light and refreshing. 4 types of bread were constantly given throughout our meal. I didn't try the other 3 because I prefer nutty, chewy bread. So happy to stick to my good 10 slices of rye! The server didn't even ask me if I wanted third or fourth servings after seeing my clearing of the crumbs - he just dropped 3-4 slices at a time onto my bread plate and I happily nibbled away.

    Our starters came shortly after and I couldn't be happier that I ordered my foie gras. The granola and dried sour cherries were perfect complimentary to the salty creaminess of the dish- i couldn't help but continue to smother layers and layers of foie gras onto my bread. I must have downed additional 5 slices of rye during this course. My 3 friends all loved their dishes. I had a bite of soft shelf crab and it was perfectly cooked and well seasoned! YUM. I continued to chow down more bread while we waited for our main courses. I'm such a sucker for all good carb -.-.  I was actually really full by the time my sea bass came. But seriously, best choice ever. OMG the broth was beyond heavenly. The fish was so nicely cooked and the mushroom and cherry tomatoes added the perfect texture. I drank and soaked every drop of the broth with my bread.  My 3 friends literally thought I licked my bowl.  The cod had a more Asian taste to it - it was really yummy but my seabass kicked its butt in taste. I'm not a huge fan of  bacon but my friend's dish was amazing too... still BASS BASS BASS (MUST GET).

    After our 2 courses were over. We decided to go for desserts. 12 dollars for Michelin 3 stars dessert? hell ya! They had 4 options - Citrus, Chocolate, Caramel and Rhubarb. We got everything but Chocolate which worked out perfectly because we were given a complimentary chocolate mousse cake! I took a bite of each - the Rhubarb tart was my fav. We were also presented with petit 4 and house made marshmallow. Marshmallow is not the typical kind u get from the supermarket - never have I ever eaten a marshmallow so soft!  We ate and ate .. and ate.. no matter how full we were.. we just happily continued on - there's always more room for party in the tummy.

    The total came out to about 240 including tax and tip for 4 Spring Tastings + 3 additional desserts. Best lunch deal EVER - wish my fiance could have came along to share the experience. I guess we'll just have to come back!

  • 2.0 Sterne

    My college girlfriend and I decided to meet up for a reunion/goodbye dinner near where we used to go to school. After studying the menu and seeing the happy hour special, we agreed to try this place and made our reservation for 5:30 (the happy hr special was listed til 7). My friend was first to arrive and had already ordered her watermelon margarita when I got there. When I asked her what were the food items for the happy hours, she told me the waitresses only mentioned drinks.

    Soon, our waitress who was a trainee (she had another waiter supervising her behind us) came back over and presented us once more the happy hour specials. When I inquired about the happy hour food items which was clearly listed on their website and recently mentioned on yelp, the waiter quickly interrupted and said "we don't do food for happy hours" and hurried us to order appetizers.  Instead of saying we stopped doing happy hour specials for food, he made it sound as if I'm just imagining things. Fine, no happy hr specials, so my friend and I ended up each ordering our own lasagna samplings from the main menu (my friend ordered the truffle, the Italian sausage, and lamb) while I ordered the veggie, truffle, and lamb).  

    The food took extremely long to come out - maybe a good 30-45 mins.  My friend and I were starving by then and we couldn't even break the the complimentary bread with olive oil apart... not even with our starving desperation. When our orders finally arrived, I quickly noticed each "entree" portion itself was more the size of an appetizer. I can literally finish each type of lasagna in one bite. The lasagnas were nothing to write home about. They were 3 stars good -  Not worth the price, not worth the wait. Towards the end of the meal, I was dying to see what the dessert menu was.. since I was literally still starving.

    The waitress came back once more with a list in her hand reading off 10 consecutive items which I had a really hard time following. Nothing stood out - cookies and milk? creme brulee, cheesecake? I asked her the pricing of the desserts- the waiter jumped back into the picture telling us that they are currently changing the menu and depends on which dessert item we want. No straight answer. Since we didn't hear anything that stood out, we decided to just save our money and go elsewhere for sweets.

    In the end, our total came out to be around 50 dollars with tax and tip included. After we paid our bill, we sat for another 45 mins to catch up. No one ever came back to check on us again. Wished I asked for more water before we paid our bill. Hungry and dehydrated - what a dining experience.. at least I had great company.

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    11.12.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    After reading my last review, the owner of Spice Symphony reached out to me and asked to give the restaurant one more try. I really appreciate it when businesses take the time to listen and respond to customers' feedback, so I was more than happy to take on his offer.  This time around, I decided to stay away from kebab dishes fearing that I would once again be disappointed by the portion size. I instead ordered the Bhuna goat. The food took a bit to arrive just like last time but we were hit by a winter storm that morning so major props for the delivery man for braving the wet and cold.

    When our order arrived, I noticed that bag was much heavier than expected.  When we finally opened it, we learned that the restaurant had comped us an additional chicken avocado entree and fresh naan on the side to apologize for our last disappointing delivery experience. I had so much food this time that I couldn't help but share them with my fiance and dad who happened to be visiting. All the food  were delicious as always (Spice's taste had not once disappoint me). My dad really enjoyed the goat - tender, pulled off the bone yum. He ate up all the sauce over the side of rice... there was not one grain left! The chicken avocado was meaty and juicy. A lot less charred and there was an extra piece (6 total) compared to last time. I was so excited to learn my naan was still warm when it arrived. However I found it to be a bit burnt so really only half of it was edible. Nevertheless, still a very satisfying meal!

    Thank you so much for the awesome customer service. Spice Symphony knows how to run a business and keep its patrons returning! Can't wait to try the other dishes and perhaps come in for lunch in the near future!

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    On our last night before thanksgiving break, my fiancé and I decided to stay in to pack and to avoid… Weiterlesen
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    28.5.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    My fiance decided to order in Indian after walking by the hot food section in Whole Foods. We… Weiterlesen
  • 830 3rd Ave
    New York, NY 10022
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    My fiance and I live a few blocks from Treehaus and have been wanting to try their buffet and Dough's donut!

    We decided to stop by for a quick brunch this past Memorial Sunday. We worried that since we came on a weekend, the buffet station would be lacking fresh variety. There were the standard french toasts, scramble eggs, pancakes, frittata etc. There were also skirt steaks, mahi mahi, miso cod, fried fish cake, and assorted grilled veggies. They had a mixed fruit, yogurt station towards the side. They also had bagel with 4 assorted types of cream cheese to choose from. All of these were labeled under buffet section for 5.99 for 1/2 lbs. I thought by listing the price by 1/2 lbs, it was somewhat deceiving. I ended up getting the meat frittata, mahi mahi, miso cod, and 3 mini potatoes with melted cheese.

    My fiance decided to try the Hawaiian burger which has ham, pineapple, fried egg, and avocado. We thought the price of this burger was a much better deal. About 10 dollars with tax and almost the same amount of toppings you would get from Bareburger.

    We also decided to grab a donut to share. Unfortunately there didn't have any of the interesting flavors I wanted to try (blood orange, hibiscus)  so we opted for caramel de leche with almond shavings. The donut came with a cup of regular or decaf coffee. Since my fiance and I both don't drink coffee, we asked if we couldn't substitute it for tea instead. The cashier was extremely sweet and apologized to us the deal didn't apply for tea. It was worth a try.

    Before paying for everything, my fiance picked up a strawberry lemonade drink and  I decided to pick up a mango Aussie yogurt. To my surprise my yogurt was closed to 5 dollars. Should have stuck to the passion fruit parfait that was selling for 3.50 at the buffet station. Oh well.

    Our quick brunch somehow added up to over 20 dollars. After paying, we grabbed all our food and hurried upstairs to finally eat. The seating upstairs felt somewhat neglected and gloomy. We chose the grand family size table to sit. My fiance really enjoyed his burger especially the juicey charred pineapple. I took a few small bites - not an enthusiast for the ham. The burger was a little too greasy for my taste, nevertheless a solid burger - always love the avocado and fried egg combo! Wished the egg was runny tho.

    Onto the buffet goods, the fish and frittata were expected - dry. I ate all of it anyways cuz they were some expensive fish and egg. Thankfully we got the donut to make up for all the bads.

    The donut wasn't your typical dense dunkin donut. It was soft and fluffy with the perfect balance of sweet. For the price of $2.75. Not too bad! I would much prefer this donut over any cupcakes (maybe except for Peach Cobbler cupcake from Molly's).

    Would come back for their sandwiches and sweets (esp donuts). Will stay away from the buffet - definitely not worth 12 dollars per pound.

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    On with my Mediterranean food craving, my fiance and I decided to stop by for an late lunch/early dinner at Sip Sak. My friend has previously recommended this place to me after finding my love for beef dumplings in yogurts at Pierre Loti. This place certainly didn't disappoint!    

    We arrived around 4:30PM (really odd hours for dining) and this place still had about 5 tables of customers. We were seated in a small 2 ppl table by the bar and immediately asked if we wanted anything special to drink. We opted for tab water and dived right into the menu. After the waitress presented our water she immediately began explaining the specials of the day. In the process, we yelped and noticed the mezze platter that wasn't listed on the menu. We asked about it and the owner himself came by to address any questions. At first by coming over, he was a little intimidating. We didn't ask to speak with the owner or manage or anything.. we just wanted to know if we can get a mezze platter. But later we found him extremely helpful and friendly. He came over multiple times to ask how we were doing and how the food was.

    Aside from mezze platter for 2, we also ordered the pan seared scallops (special of the day) and beef dumplings in yogurt. The mezze platter came out first with a side order of complimentary warm Turkish bread. There were about 8 - 9 different items. All were extremely delicious. My favorites being the yogurt, the eggplant salad and the roll. My fiance loved the hummus, bean salad, and eggplant+tahini - which I thought had a strong bacon flavor. The only thing we didn't finish from the platter was the artichoke. My fiance thought it was overly sweet for his taste and I was just too stuffed from asking for 4 additional basket of bread. The spread was THAT good. We ate every single thing off this plate - even the spinach leaves they was used as separator/decor?

    The pan seared scallops sizzled its way to our table shortly after. The order came with 3 giant sized scallops. We squeezed the fresh lemon juice on top.. and the flavor was beyond amazing. Perfectly seasoned with a hint of garlic taste.

    The beef dumplings took a lot longer to come out. My fiance and I even thought they might have forgotten about the order.. we joked that they prob had to kill a cow in the back for those dumplings. When it finally came out, we were already really full from the bread and mezze (we are the type that can't wait around.. we must eat while we wait lol - wish we have more self control). The beef could have used a little more seasoning but the dish itself was nevertheless delicious. I would say Pierre Loti's was better tho!

    The total ended up being around 61 before tax and tip. The mezze platter was 21 dollars for 2 ppl. Pan seared scallops was 19. Pretty expensive for an ordinary lunch/dinner date. The food and service were both really good. Wish the price wasn't so steep. Prob won't return for the price alone.. but really glad we tried it :).

  • 475 W Broadway
    New York, NY 10012
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    I met up with my mentor for a quick lunch to ask about residency and application process. It was a beautiful late Spring day so he suggested Dos Caminos a block away from his office and that we dine outside.

    I LOVE Mexican food so I was thrilled.  Upon being seated, we immediately agreed to order the spicy guac with chips which came with 3 types of salsas. When the waiter brought out the guac and chips, we were ready to order our main entrees - vegetarian quesedilla and Mexican Chicken cobb salad. Although the guac was fresh, there was just this bitter taste to it. Not quite sure if it's the "spice" or the hot pepper they added. The chips were somewhat stale and overly salted. None of the salsa was memorable. I in fact disliked the green kind. Our main entrees came out quickly and the first thing I noticed was how big the portion size was. My quesadilla came with a green sour cream sauce and a little small salad. My mentor's salad came with rice and bean on the side. My quesdilla which was cut up into 4 giant pieces was flavorful but too greasy. I'm not a big greasy food person (hence I'm not into fried food) so I smothered the guac on top of my quesadilla to mask the oily flavor.

    Overall the food wasn't bad.. very TGI Friday feel.. but much pricier. I tried brunch at the Midtown East location. Again the food wasn't amazing.. overly salted. Not worth the price :\. Won't return unless someone takes me.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    3.5 stars. Wish I read more into the reviews before coming here with my fiance for lunch. We arrived around 12:15PM on a Monday and there was a line to the door already. I wasn't particularly hungry so my fiance and I shared the chicken shawarna platter. We chose the hummus and the chickpea spinach salad as our 2 sides. They also gave us 2 pieces of cut up warmed pita bread on the side. With a diet coke our total ended up around $12. One of the servers came towards the front and took our platter and placed down 2 sets of utensils at a table. I quickly grabbed our diet coke behind the cashier and went on to our seats. I was really confused at this point by the concept of this restaurant. Is it a true sit down or more like McDonald? While my fiance was busy responding to work emails, I dived right into the platter. The food was delicious - chicken was juicy and flavorful. It reminded me a lot of the cut up roasted chicken in Chinatown but less fatty. I also really enjoyed my chickpea spinach salad - warm hearty stew. Wished I had a full cup of it instead. The hummus wasn't as great as the one I had at Beyoglu. A little lacking in the taste. I ended up pouring the orange and tahini sauce from the table on top and smothered my pita bread in it.  Food deserves a solid 4 stars.

    Before leaving I noticed a pile of baklava by the side counter.  I kept thinking to myself .. is it like Chinese restaurants with their fortune cookies? I tried looking up the restaurant menu on my way out to see how much they charge for each one. I didn't see it. My fiance had to rush back to work so I didn't bother on asking. Coming home and yelping now.. to find out the baklava was complimentary?? Wahhh I missed out on my dessert! Wish they would spend a little more time explaining to first time customers. Having a stack of them on the side doesn't help. A very confusing lunch experience.. and felt somewhat cheated :(. I'm a complainer when it comes to missing out sweets!

    All in all, will still return for yummy fast lunch!

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    I had a serious aversion towards Middle Eastern/Turkish/Mediterranean/Greek food since my Egypt cruise back in college. My fiance understood that and would only order in for work or on days he's eating by himself. After our recent visit at Pierre Loti and had the amazing yogurt beef dumplings, I decided I was going to give this cuisine one more try.

    I walked by Beyoglu many times after my rotation this Spring. This place was always filled with locals seated out  by the sidewalk around 5:30PM and I could never keep my eyes off their dishes. The bread is literally bigger than most people's faces and all the food just looked very appetizing.

    After deciding on wanting to try Med food once more, I recommended to my fiance to grab lunch here. We walked in around 12PM and the place was pretty empty. I guess Upper East Siders don't really crave Med food for weekend brunch. We were seated by the window with the slated table and I studied the menu intensively. (I usually pre-study the menu before going to any restaurant but this place didn't have a website and the menupage seemed outdated!) We decided on donar kabob platter for my fiance, the small meze platter for myself, and the crab cake to share. The small meze platter and the piping hot bread came out shortly after we placed the order. The platter itself could had been enough for my fiance and I to share especially with the size of the bread.  My fiance especially LOVED the hummus and I LOVED everything else. I thought the hummus was a little too overpowering but still happily smothered every bit of it onto my bread. The yogurt, the salads, the eggplant - everything was AMAZING. We asked for more bread (which they happily served without extra charges!) because we just couldn't get enough and I wanted to leave no meze behind. My fiance struggled to stop himself from overeating the bread/meze platter to save room for his kabob platter.

    His dish took much longer to be brought out. We waited about 15-20 mins before it was served. My crab cakes were brought out at the same time. My fiance said the lamb meat was underseasoned so he ended up spreading layers of hummus on top. Overall it was ok but nothing to write home about. The potato on his dish was also flavorless.. so I smothered the garlic yogurt sauce from the crab cake on top. The crab cake ended up being a much smaller dish than I expected. 5 small bite size crab cakes - very flavorful and light. However the meze platter was the true star of our meal. I quickly finished the crab cakes so I could go back to my Meze Platter and ate more bread + spread instead.

    Overall a very satisfying meal. By the time we were about to leave, the place was packed with families and all the outdoor seats were filled despite the gloomy overcast weather.  My fiance and I would definitely return but next time we'll just stick to ordering the large meze platter to share.. and many extra orders of bread instead.

  • Central Terminal Dr
    New York, NY 11371
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    Erster Beitrag

    One of the best lounges I've visited. 10 different kinds of chips, cookies, popcorn. Yogurts, salad, fruit bowl, veggie, hummus, cup of noodle, fresh fruit. The service people are so quick in restocking the goodies. Extremely friendly and attentive. The lounge is a little outdated but will be renovated soon. The only downside to this lounge is that it's before security. I can't stock up snacks and drinks with me boooo

  • 1467 3rd Ave
    New York, NY 10028
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    Grand opening day! I was on my way home and noticed a really long line of kids, mommies, and babysitters! Never given up an opportunity of freebies - I immediately took a flyer and off to the back of the line I sprinted. After waiting about 15 mins, I was let in by the froyo bouncer and immediately greeted by one of the sweet young workers explaining their store's concept. Very similar to 16 handles. Lots of flavors to choose from. However, since today is grand opening and in order to get people in and out as fast as possible - no free toppings :(. I was led towards the back where one of the workers handed me a small size cup and allowed me to fill it up as much as I wanted. They even gave me small size sample cups to try all the flavors before choosing (something 16 Handles doesn't allow you to do). I sampled almost all the  flavors before finalizing my decision - a mix of cookie cake, wedding cake, red velvet, brownies, caramel apple, cheesecake, and regular tart yogurt - a total of 1.1 lb of frozen yogurt (on top of the small cups I sampled). Cookie cake tasted very much like cookies and cremes but much much much better than Pinkberry's - my fav. My second fav ended up being the original tart yogurt - not too sour and a nice balance to all the sweet flavors I got. Wish this place is a little closer to where I live. Definitely a great addition to UES!

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I can not believe I live 1 block away from this restaurant and it was my first time dining here tonight. My fiance and I spotted this place many times on our way to run errands, get groceries, WALK to Chinatown.. and always thought hey this place looks cute. Imagine warmer weather and being able to sit by second floor balcony/open door. I'm not a big wine or tapas or Mediterranean food person. But I'm a huge sucker for places with cute/intimate ambiance.

    So I learned that my friend recently began dating my other friend whom I haven't seen in the longest time. I thought what a perfect opportunity to see each other/catch up/have a double date!! We arrived at the restaurant at 7PM and were immediately seated on the second floor right by the window. All of us were starving after a long day of work/school so we wasted no time in ordering. We wanted to try basically everything on the menu - they all just sounded amazing. Not knowing exactly how big each "tapas" comes in, we decided to start off with 8 dishes.

    We stuck to all hot tapas - Bulgar Patties, Zuchinni Walnut Pancakes, Angry Garlic Shrimp, Pan Seared Scallops, Short Rib, Beef Turkish Dumplings, Pierre Burger, and Grilled Branzino. My favorite surprisingly was the dumplings. I'm not a huge pasta, cream sauce fan, I actually dislike Italian food. But I've never had anything like this before.  It was simply amazing where I can literally eat this whole dish by myself. Branzino , burger, shrimp were other highlights of the night! My friends couldn't stop soaking up the leftover garlic sauce with the complimentary bread. Speaking of bread, the cranberry walnut bread was so yummy! I asked for 3 refills and the owner happily refilled them each time! Back to the real food - the patties and pancakes were overly salted/seasoned but the yogurt sauce helped to give it a better balance. The scallops and short rib were good but not too memorable. After we devoured all 8 dishes, we decided we wanted more! So instead of just ordering desserts - pineapple ravioli and coffee creme brulee, we also added lamb chops. What a better way to end our meal right?

    We were soooooo glad  that we agreed to be fatties and didn't miss the lamb chops. They were simply perfections. The fresh pineapple ice cream along with the ravioli/crepe? skin was really refreshing! Creme brulee with a hint of coffee taste - was a nice counterbalance to the pineapple dessert! To add on top of all the amazing food, the owner also gave us a complimentary dessert - chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and orange caramel sauce.  It tasted just like a molten chocolate cake. Nothing too unique but extremely tasty and satisfying.

    Aside from a few dishes being overly seasoned for my liking, this place deserves a solid 4.5 stars. Extremely friendly and attentive service - (he owner even took pictures for us), food well priced - (the more expensive dishes were in much bigger portion - closer to entree size and not so much tapas), cute/intimate ambiance!

    I'm thrilled that this place is only ONE block away from me. I'm setting this place as my default date night spot :)! I can't wait to return especially since I'm craving those Turkish dumplings already!

  • 212 East 42nd Street
    New York, NY 10017
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    My friend and I attended the bridal bash this afternoon in the newly built Madison Ballroom inside the Westin. They are trying to promote this space for wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, bridal shower etc. The current rate is around $140 per person (not sure if it's including tax and tip) for weddings which is a great deal for its location and time of the year. The room itself wasn't anything special however - a typical ballroom pretty small for its size. The ballroom manager said the room itself can have a sit down dinner for up to 70 people. They also have a bigger room somewhere inside the hotel which can host up to 200 ppl?  

    Upon entering, there was no designated place to check in our coat. Just a moveable coat rack by the door.  The front part of the room served as the cocktail reception space. Standard cheese,cracker, fruits and nuts spread beautifully displayed as the centerpiece. They had two bar stations set up on the far left and right with ready made strawberry and peach bellini ready for guests as we entered. They also had passing appetizers - sundried tomato cream cheese crostini and ahi tuna wrapped in seaweed with mayo. Both tasted just okay.  They also had a dessert station set towards the back with cheesecake, assorted types of chocolate, macarons, fruit tarts - all made by the kitchen - these were fresh and delicious and since the event was set up for 100 guests but there were at most 40 of us... i went back for seconds.. and thirds.. and fourths... and even took some macacons home.

    As part of these promotion, they were also doing drawings for 5 grand prizes. My friend and I stayed for the full 2 hours hoping to be the lucky winners. While attending/waiting for the raffle drawings, I noticed thru the semi-see thru curtains that I can see homeless men sleeping right outside the floor to ceiling windows - Not the most ideal view for any grand event. But that's what what you get for being right in the heart of Manhattan also on the ground floor.

    Although we didn't win anything from the raffle, we were really happy to be invited as guests of this event. The staffs were extremely attentive and helpful. And even though I already have my wedding venue picked out, I'm definitely considering it as a possible venue for my school's formal next year.  Overall a very positive experience at the Westin!

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    After several attempts of taking my grandma out for "date night" in her hood, I realized she just doesn't like anything but Asian food.So for this Mother's day, my fiance and I decided to take her out to a nearby Asian restaurant for a little early celebration. I yelped and yelped, there are just way too many choices in the East Village - all with very similar menu. Then I came across Pukk - Vegetarian Thai? I immediately screamed out loud to my fiance, "WE'RE EATING  PUKE TONIGHT"

    The three of us arrived around 6:45PM on a Friday night.  We were immediately seated in a 4 persons table. The tables and seats are made of tiles attached to the wall and each seat has a gel cushion on top. Even with the gel padding,  it wasn't the most comfortable seating arrangement. It didn't have space to place my jacket and there was no "back" to our seat -  well at least i was practicing correct posture through the whole meal. Not too great for my grandma's back though.

    I pre-studied the menu before arrival. We decided to do family style and I confirmed the dishes with my fiance before ordering. We decided on Son in Law Tofu, Duck Drunken Spinach Noodle with egg and Avocado Hot Pot. Just like most Asian restaurants, food came out shortly after. From waiting the other dishes to be ready, the spinach noodle was lukewarm by the time it got to our table. Nevertheless, it was still delicious with the perfect balance of sauce and veggies.The Son in Law Tofu's sauce was a little watered down - not the biggest fan of the sweet and sour blend - but the tofu stayed crunchy even to the very last piece/bite. It ended up being my grandma's fav dish of the night. However the highlight of my meal was the Avocado Hot Pot. Who knew soy chicken can taste so so so so good? It tasted like melt in my mouth real chicken. The veggies in the curry pot were cooked perfectly and the sauce had a slight kick to it.. I never thought of eating fresh cut avocado in a curry stew. It gave the dish an extra element of creaminess. I ended up dunking all the tofu veggies into the hot pot to soak up the sauce.. then smothered it over my drunken noodle + jasmin rice.

    To wrap up the perfect meal, we decided on Lychee Rice Brulee - sounds interesting enough and it's only $5! A small warm bowl of  coconut sticky rice with a layer of burned/melted sugar  topped with 2 fresh lychee. Very refreshing + comforting!! 3 main dishes + 1 dessert ~ 43 dollars including tax + tip.  We left so satisfied and couldn't wait to tell our Vegetarian friends about this place.

    Definitely coming back for their $7.50 lunch special whenever I get a chance. Never knew I would crave soy chicken!.. so craving it now!

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    My fiance and I stopped by for a light lunch after not seeing anything appealing in Cafe Zaiya next door. My fiance ordered their shrimp tempura soba and I got their root veggie rice burger with brown rice. My fiance's dish was nothing special. One piece of shrimp tempura with 3 additional pieces of veggie tempura. A decent size for 7 dollars. However my burger was beyond terrible.. Overly salted to a point I spit my first bite right back out. I spent the rest of the meal picking and trying to de-sauce the root veggies. It was no help. A waste of 6 bucks. My fiance felt awful and offered his veggie tempura. I tried all three pieces since I was beyond starving..the tempura skin were flavorless... so i spent the remaining time removing the tempura skin off.  Worst burger ever -.-.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    Last night my school held its annual formal at Manhattan Penthouse for the first time. The past two years, we had our annual event at Downtown Association down in water street area. But people were getting bored of the venue and didn't want to return again for the same food and same setting etc. So our SGA VP worked really hard to find a new venue with equally attractive price, options, and better location for everyone.

    I love how Manhattan Penthouse is so accessible through the Union Square stations. Even with all the subway weekend detours,  we  managed to arrive around 8 o'clock as the first couple. There was a coat check station immediately left of the entrance. The coat check lady was extremely sweet and she even took pictures for my fiance and me. I had to repeatedly go back to my coat to get my phone and put in my flats and she had no problem whatsoever.

    There was a bar station right by the entrance also. They had only 2 bartenders however and it was the only bar station in the whole venue. It was fine initially but it became a little chaotic an hr into the night. Open bar with only 2 bartenders? I had to wait about 10 mins just to get a diet coke.

    Hors d'oeuvres were passed around during cocktail hours. There were tuna sashimi, crab cakes, veggie rolls, creme chicken in puff pastry, stuffed mushroom with walnut and goat cheese, beef empanada, and fried potato ball? (wasn't sure what it was). About 2 servers walked around with each type of hors d'oeuvres each time. Towards the end of the cocktail hours however, they just left the plates of goodies right by the bar and tall tables in the reception area. I almost missed out on which ended up being my fav -  the creme chicken puff pastry cuz they were literally just sitting by the end of the bar!

    Exactly 1 hr into cocktail hours, they opened the doors to the main dining room which also had the dance floor right in the middle. They had a buffet station with servers (which was nice, kept the line moving and people didn't pile their plates or picked at specific item they like in each dish). We were served white fish, pasta, sirloin, and a mushroom/citrus salad.  The food wasn't that amazing except for the white fish - it was cooked perfectly! My fiance however thought it was a little bland. I didn't really have much room for the buffet since I overate during cocktail hours. By this time, we decided to get up to dance and go back out to the bar to grab a few more drinks (which was really inconvenient  - wish they set up a mini bar in the main dining room).

    My fiance and I danced the night away as we wait for the dessert station to be set up. The dessert station which consisted of molten chocolate cake and fruits weren't set up until another hr and half into the night. I was super excited to hear dessert station but was really disappointed to see only cake and fruits. The molten chocolate cake's center was not even runny or warm. I took a bite and I opted for more fruits instead.

    We stayed until 5 mins before the end of the night knowing that there were only 2 functional elevators to get back down from the 17th floor. Overall we had a lovely formal night. The staffs were very accommodating (especially the coat check lady and the two bartenders). However I thought they were a little short staffed - took a really long time to set everything up. The venue itself is nothing special but it is at a prime location. You can see the empire state building but there were unfortunately scaffolding around. Don't think I want my school to host its formal here again next year ( I would be sooooooo disappointed if we do). Nevertheless it was a nice try of a new place!

    Sam M.
    Kommentar von Sam M. von Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth Avenue
    17.5.2013 We received the following note from Jessica, the host for April 27th's event: "The event was great… Weiterlesen
  • 355 W 16th St
    New York, NY 10011
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Absolutely Gorgeous Venue! My +1 and I were here for WeddingSalon bachelorette party planning event. This is the third event I attended sponsored by WeddingSalon and I must say I was most impressed by this place. From entering the building to coat check to check in, it was the most organized one yet. There was security guards along the way to point you to the right room. There were even guards pointing you to the free coat check area right before entering the elevator. One guard was in charge of leading us upstairs to the top floor where you are surrounded by floor to ceiling windows and semi-balcony (indoor) seatings/tables. Once we entered, we were greeted by 3 girls who quickly checked us in and gave us a goodie bag claim card. We rushed to the bar and were given complimentary drinks (8 different skinnygirl cocktails to choose from.. even white and red wine!) Before I got a chance to take my first sip, I saw a GIANT tower filled with red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate bite size cupcakes (also delicious chocolate covered strawberries which they quickly ran out). I couldn't help but stationed myself there for a good 15 mins before heading over for my hair makeover. Towards the back, there was a platform set up for Beyonce loving DJ (he literally played every track Beyonce ever made - including all Destiny's child). My +1 date and I had so much fun catching up, sipping our drinks, eating sweets, chatting about my wedding details - while enjoying the panoramic view of the city. The only complaint is that I wish the room itself is on a higher floor.. then we get a more dramatic view of the city. Nevertheless, this place is just the perfect place to host any celebration! Before leaving, I saw some ppl ordered some munchies.. and they all looked so yummy.. will def be back to check out their full menu.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    I took 7 of my girlfriends here to attend a WeddingSalon event tonight. I enjoyed the check in space and potential coat check in area. The venue is spacious and allows for vendors to section themselves throughout. However, it felt too much like a warehouse. No windows with the sketchy staircase back exit. Nevertheless it held a successful event and I enjoyed it :)

  • 880 3rd Ave
    New York, NY 10022
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    This place is dangerously close to where I live. After my engagement party where multiple friends gifted me boxes of variety pack of crumb's mini cupcakes, I was hooked. However the mini cupcakes do not translate how good the actual signature cupcakes are! Maybe because they are so much smaller, the cake tends to dry out a lot faster. This past week thanks to Ny awesome freebie deal, my fiancé and I stopped by after dinner to pick up our perspective free cupcake! My fiancé picked cookie dough and I decided on milkshake. From the frosting itself especially the cookie dough cupcake, you can't tell how moist the cake part was. I loved the marble chocolate and vanilla cake in my milkshake cupcake. Literally melted in my mouth. The center filling was just perfectly delicious. Not overwhelming at all.  The staff is extremely friendly and did not mind at all with my little vouncher in hand. Going to try the margarita cupcake this weekend to treat myself :) can't wait!

  • 2.0 Sterne

    My fiance, his brother, and I ordered through seamless. We asked for 3 orders of pork soup dumplings and a small order of corn soup. The pork soup dumplings did not have a single drop of soup in them. The fillings were flavorless (someone forgot to season the minced pork?). Each order of dumplings was covered with giant cabbage leaves literally straight torn from the cabbage head. The soup dumpling skins were way soggy. The delivery was prompt.. but the food sucks. Never again.

  • 24 W 56th St
    New York, NY 10019
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    My maid of honor and boyfriend were visiting for the weekend. She had been raving about the soup dumplings she had on her Singapore trip to her Indian boyfriend who had no idea what they were . She looked up places that have them to take him near where they live in Maryland and had no luck! She was overjoyed when we decided to cancel our Calle Ocho reservation to sleep in and suggested to grab soup dumplings for lunch instead. We arrived around 1:30pm and were seated on the first floor. The place was packed with families and groups of "adventurous" eaters. We were asked for drink orders immediately and suggested to order the steamed pork buns now if interested since they take about 15 mins. We decided on 2 orders of pork steamed buns since each only came in 6. We then also ordered shanghaineae noodle, mapo tofu and fried crispy prawns to share.

    The pork steamed buns came shortly after we placed our final order. They were served in a bed of steamed Chinese cabbage which i later scraped and ate along with the buns smothered in black vinegar for the added texture. Each of them were so juicy! Wish we had a bigger spoon to catch all of the soup when we take the initial small bite. The soup was a lot clearer and milder than ones I had in Chinatown. Quite refreshing. My only complaint is that our server was quick in placing a steamed bun onto each of our plate that we didn't get a chance to take a picture of how it looked when it first arrived in the steamer. A little overbearing to be exact.

    Our main entrees came shortly after we cleared the two orders of buns. Maybe I ate way too much sweets the night and morning of after our engagement celebration but I found all the food to be a little bland. They weren't overly greased up or anything, But every dish really lacked salt and I have a really low salt tolerance! I ended up having to spoon all the sauces and mix them up for some flavor.

    Overall not a bad meal and my visitors loved it. However my fiancé and I will prob not have gone or come back to this location if it isn't so walkable from our place. Shanghai cafe is where it's at for the best Shanghainese cuisine! Especially since the price is a lot steeper here in this midtown location: 90 bucks including tax and tip for lunch for 4.

  • 1030 2nd Ave
    New York, NY 10022
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    This location has the most friendly staff! My fiancé and I live around the corner and I literally walk by it every day after school  or rotation. This past spring, I noticed a sign suggesting customers to come in and try their new Greek yogurt. I happily went in the first day and noticed a station set up by the entrance. The server immediately came around the counter and asked if I wanted to try the two new flavors. Each day in march they were rotating 2 flavors: 1 savory, 1 sweet, so of course i had to try both at each of my drop in visit. The servers were always very eager in promoting their products. I managed to try all the new flavors! This past weekend, pinkberry and good morning America even teamed up to give away Greek blue almond yogurt full servicing size. My server was not skimping my portion size and was more than happy to package my freebie to go! I will continue to come back to this location to try their seasonal flavors and random give aways!

  • 760 Amsterdam Ave
    New York, NY 10025
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Came here for a birthday dinner for one of my classmates tonight. 12 of us altogether! They put two tables together to accommodate us. Besides my party, there were a few smaller tables of two. The manager? owner was really friendly. He recommended sake to the guys and allowed one of them to sample. For dinner, most of us got 2-3 sushi rolls + appetizer (soup or salad). One person ordered the sushi box - from what I saw, the box was huge. We also got a few orders of gyoza and Asian stir fried to share.

    I personally ordered the steamed scallop with mixed veggie + garlic sauce + brown rice on the side. Nothing to write home about - the scallop tasted like scallop, not the freshest but what I expect from Chinese (fusion) restaurant (the place is actually run by Fujinese (Chinese)) The sauce was however flavorful - garlic-ky and not too oily. Really glad i got it on the side tho so my food was not drenched. I tried my friend's duck salad - very typical Thai flavor (lots of basil) but overly salted. I also had a bite of my friend's dragon roll which was also nothing special. They tried hard to keep refilling my glass of water but never took away the empty plates. Overall though, the service was pretty good. At the end of the meal, they brought out a surprised giant ice cream sundae with candles + sang happy birthday to my friend. They also helped us light another birthday cookie cake by bringing out the clicking lighter for the stove. The total for 12 of us ended up being around 380 including tax and tip.

    Very unmemorable dining experience but hey the service was decent and their menu is extensive enough that all of us were able to pick something to eat. A decent stop for a midweek celebratory meal!

  • 2.0 Sterne

    Fiance wanted something quick to snack on before our wedding photography/studio appointment. He wanted chicken nuggets from Wendy's next door but the line was to the door. He was a frequent customer to this lunch box buffet location before we moved (he LOVES variety - he snacks on yogurt and chips while eating fish and noodle for dinner), so he thought hey why not go back and see what they have now! We noticed the bakery is no longer called fay da and all the baked goods are actually more expensive. 5 dollar for 5 choices still the same old deal (but it's actually more expensive than its Chinatown sister branches). Fiance decided to get the 5 dollar deal - lo mein, pasta salad, mapo tofu, stewed turnip, and stir fried cauliflowers (he chose lots of veggies so I would eat with him). Low quality greasy Chinese food, just as I expected. U can tell all the food has been sitting there for hours (each serving pan had a layer of FAT accumulating on top). But at least we didn't get tummy ache and we weren't starving at our appointment! Fiance wants to go back.. i will prob just watch him eat next time.

  • 23 Pell St
    New York, NY 10013
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    After a long day of community outreach, our sponsor and our group (about 20 of us) wandered around Chinatown searching for a place big enough to fit us all for lunch. Saturday 1PM without reservation, we knew there was no way we could find any availability especially in the more popular soup dumpling places (joe's shanghai, shanghai cafe). We were starving by this point (been working since 9 this morning without any nourishment) so we went right in after peaking through the main door and noticed empty big tables in the back! We were greeted by 3 servers and they quickly rearranged the space for us.

    The dining area is very small. 1 main big table about 4 smaller (fit 4) tables. There is a small TV in one corner and was playing Chinese music off a laptop on the side. They quickly greeted us with tea and water. My table had 9 of us and we ended up ordering - 3 pork soup dumplings, 2 crab soup dumplings, 3 orders of scallion pancakes, Shanghainese fried rice, Shanghainese lo mein, and stir fried string beans. The first 3 orders of soup dumplings came out really fast (I think they started steaming them when they saw our huge group coming in). The scallion pancakes came around the same time. The fried rice and string beans followed shortly. However the last 2 orders of soup dumplings and the lo mein took an additional 20 mins. In fact I had to ask them about our orders and they actually forgot... they kept staring at the back ticket boards.. and had to ask several times to confirm what were still missing. I told them we were still missing 1 crab and 1 pork. We were given 2 pork in the end instead. By then few of my friends have already eaten both orders without noticing.. so I didn't bother bringing it up.

    The total bill came out to be around 63 dollars (they added tax which is a little unusual for a Chinatown restaurant). Overall, the food was just okay. Everything was wayyyy too oily. The scallion pancake was stale. I ate mostly just the dumplings and they were nothing special. I could barely taste the difference between a pork and a crab soup dumpling to be honest. The price isn't particularly cheap either. Will def go back to Shanghai Cafe for a fix of GOOD soup dumpling and Shanghainese food.

  • 111 Mercer St
    New York, NY 10012
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    YUM. After a long day of community outreach, came home to a delicious salted caramel cupcake. Best fiance ever. Second best cupcake I had in my life (behind the peach cobbler from Molly's). Just a tad much frosting. Now im dying to try all other flavors.. if only it's closer to where I live!

  • 129 E 47th St
    New York, NY 10017
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Our go to place for my fiancé's hot pot craving! There are assorted prepared sliced meats, limited pre packaged veggies in the back, lots of condiments to choose from. They have premade lunch/dinner set, side dishes and sushi in the front. All of which are way overpriced tho. They also appeared to have been sitting there for a while especially the udon salad. Also the avocado on the dragon rolls are always brown. So don't get the premade items. They have a basket in the front by the cashier with their random sales items usually stuff that are about to expire. We picked up 2 dollars hot pot broth before and they usually go for 7 dollars . My fiancé also enjoys their extensive drink and snack selection which he could never tell what exactly he is drinking or eating. The workers speak very little English. They had a hard time understanding us when we asked about hot pot broth today. even with the limited English and not so fresh premade food, we will def continue to come back for a quick hotspot fix.

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