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    This is a good country store - here's why:

    1) Holistic options abound!
    2) loose teas and incense
    3) large organics selection for such modest square footage
    4) local, not a chain shop, in keeping with the Fredericksburg angle
    5) open 30min later than the last shops close (6:30pm)
    6) great supplements, teas, bath products (excellent aromatherapy selection)

    There are a dozen or so varieties of loose teas, and you can make yourself complimentary tea as a customer here.  That is pretty nice.

  • 606 Embassy Oaks
    San Antonio, TX 78216
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    This was worth the hour wait - here's why:

    1 - menu options galore - there are over two dozen options for breakfast and lunch, so brunch will never be boring

    2 - friendly service - our server was attentive and fairly quick

    3 - food - I had the Southern Eggs Bennie (sub ham for pulled pork and BBQ), and it was savory and delicious.  I would give these an 8/10 for original flavor, but not a 9 because a heavy EB calls for a side salad on the plate.  The biscuit was a bit burnt, so that was not great, but otherwise, it was very good.  I had a side of grits, but they had no flavor and were a waste of stomach space.  The fresh orange juice was excellent, but not worth $4.25 for the 12oz.  I am fairly certain I pay that much for a carton of OJ.

    Things that could be better:
    Seating - their four-top is a two-top at best, so our dishes barely fit on the table
    Sides - the grits were bland, and a fruit cup should always be an option

    TIP: Arrive 1hr earlier to book, and then shop in the area.  
    TIP 2: it slows down for lunch, so you could walk in and sit around 12/12:30 without waiting for eternity

  • 113 E Main St
    Fredericksburg, TX 78624
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    I am really glad I wandered into this shop on my first trip to Fredericksburg - here's why:

    1 - Selection - G&WH has a variety of offerings from jewelry to beer steins, woodwork to pottery.  

    2 - FINALLY a place where the prices make sense!  I got a beautiful clay piece for $50 when I was expecting the typical outrageous boutique pricing of $100-150.

    3 - Service - the saleswomen were courteous, helpful, and didn't hover over us.  We were able to spend at least 20min just checking things out without being interrupted.

    Overall, there were many pieces I would like in my home, and I will be back next time I am in Fredericksburg.  Even though there was some stuff that I thought was tacky or really not my style, the overall shop has many gift options and is worth exploring.

  • 205 E Guenther
    San Antonio, TX 78204
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    I was disappointed in the Guenther House Brunch - here's why:

    OJ - too pulpy and kind of lukewarm, but it tasted pretty fresh

    Waffle - This was delicious.  It was a combination of crispy and fluffy.  The butter served with it was melted enough to spread, and the syrup was not too sweet.

    Sausage - This was gross and disappointing.  The patties were pretty grey, so not fresh, and they were extremely dry.  

    Hash Browns - these are spicy and well-cooked.  If you don't like paprika or cayenne, avoid these.  If you do, these probably go very well with eggs.

    Venue - I really enjoy the space.  The outdoor seating has a nice view of the serene part of the river walk.  The outdoor fans help with the heat factor.  The inside is welcoming, as it is reminiscent of the turn of the century house I grew up in.  There happened to be a lot of flies zipping around, though, so it was not the most sanitary.

    Menu - smaller than I thought, and I was surprised by the tex-mex menu instead of a german/american style.

    Overall, I didn't have the magical experience I was expecting, but it was good enough that I would like to go back and try another meal off their menu.

  • 227 S Presa
    San Antonio, TX 78205
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    NIOSA was definitely a must-do on my San Antonio bucket list, but now that it's been conquered, I don't think I'll double-dip - here's why:

    1) PRICEY!  $15 for entry when food and drinks are over-priced is odd.  Considering the fact that I didn't once see a soul without a purchased item, I don't think $15 is fair.  However, I do think the riff-raff (not to be rude) doesn't attend because of this entry fee.

    2) Lines - lines were tough, but for the most part, even drunk people kept their cool.  Good on you, San Antonians.

    3) Crowds - At the end of the day, this is a festival of sorts, and you have to be okay with crowds, people potentially spilling a beer on you, or getting in contact with the bare, sweaty skin of another human.  I've seen worse at concerts and such.  I'm pretty intolerant of other sweaty people, but I could handle NIOSA.

    4) Beer & Food Options - this is really the reason I wouldn't return.  Sangria was okay, but for $5 it wasn't enough in volume.  The beer ($4) wasn't a great selection for the most part.  Lots of low-end beer was available, and I found one spot with hard cider and blue moon.  However, the food wasn't really exciting except the mexican area, but we're in SATX, so I'd expect tex-mex to be amazing, anyway.  

    Overall, my fiance and I spent about $100 on NIOSA, and we won't again.  The company we kept was much more exciting than the event itself.

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