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My fav Asian restaurants in Providence and beyond
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    The food was AMAZING! Not only is it the cheapest Thai/Singaporean food I've had on the east coast, but it was the best.  The Nime Chow was delicious (including the awesome dipping sauce).  The Singaporean stir fry noodle dish I had (with various types of seafood) was incredible.  The portion size was perfect, and I had just enough left over for the following days lunch.  My husband had the Pad Thai (his go to for most thai/asian restaurants) which he said was great as well.  I was so happy to have found a delicious and affordable place to go to for Thai (not to mention that they have dishes from Cambodia, Singapore, China, and Malaysia).  Just keep in mind that the menu is huge, so if you can download it and take a look before you go. The service was friendly but the place was pretty busy so you may want to call ahead in order to see if there is a wait.  If you are a alcohol drinker, they do not serve any but you can bring your own (so pick something up at a liquor store on the way).

  • 172 Wayland
    Providence, RI 02906
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    There is only one word that comes to mind when I think of the sushi at Haruki East: YUM!  We arrived on a rainy Tuesday evening with thoughts of tuna and Unagi rolls dancing in our heads.  We settled in at our cozy table for two and enjoyed the warm and delightfully friendly atmosphere.  I enjoyed sipping on my 22oz Sapporo and watching the chefs making the sushi behind the bar.  We ended up ordering the sushi deluxe combo platter and an order of the eel rolls (my favorite).  The platter came with a bowl of some very delicious Miso Soup.  

    The sushi was all very fresh and flavorful.  Our server was friendly and provided us with efficient service throughout the evening.  The prices were about average for a sushi joint and pretty decent for the quality that you get at Haruki.  I was beyond happy to finally try this place out and am excited that it is right down the street from my apartment.

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    I had been hearing great things about Angkor for a while and was super stoked to finally walk in the doors one Friday evening.  I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't quite busy yet, and we quickly were seated at a lovely table for two.  My friend and I perused the menu and decided to share a few items.  We chose the the Nam Yaa soup, the Nime Chow (always a fav of mine), chicken satay, and the spicy noodles with beef.  

    Everything was really awesome, but the true winner of the evening was the Nam Yaa soup.  Holy cow, that is some damn fine soup.  This soup was out of this world.  No wait, out of this Universe!  I love hot food and this soup really did the trick.  It was spicy,sweet, and savory all mixed in to one awesome meal.  

    The atmosphere of Angkor is fun, casual, and you get to hang out and watch cheesy Cambodian music videos while you eat.  The service was fast and friendly.  My only gripe with the place would be that the prices for most of the entrees were a little high.  Sure, it is Wickenden street, but I can go not to far away and get a noodle dish just as good for a few dollars cheaper.  I will definitely be back, but I will probably stick with the appetizers and Nam Yaa to get a great meal and keep the bill down.  Don't forget that it is BYOB, so you can bring a bottle of wine, or like myself a 22 oz bottle of delicious Cappuccino stout, to wet your whistle.

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    I was really craving some Pho and was pleasantly surprised to find Vohn's in Bellingham.  I was grateful not to have to drive all the way to either Worcester or Providence (I live in Mendon) for some good Vietnamese food.  The restaurant was empty except for the owner and his family, but it was still quite early (5:30pm) for a weekday.  The menu was quite extensive and featured dishes from Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. We quickly decided on an order of shrimp summer rolls (you can choose between pork or shrimp for the same price) and we both got a small order of beef Pho.  

    The food took a little while to come out (which I assume meant that everything was fresh and carefully prepared while we waited).  The summer rolls came out after about 10-15 minutes.  They were great and so was the dipping sauce that came with them.  Not too much later our entrees arrived.  I love adding all of the fresh jalapenos, bean sprouts, and basil to my soup.  I'm pretty sure that is partially the reason I love Pho. I also added some of their excellent hot pepper sauce.  

    The soup was perfect and delicious (and the small was plenty of food, I would have never been able to eat a large).  Our server refilled our glasses every time they were empty, which was often because we added so much spice to our Pho.  I was so happy to have had such a great experience and only paid about 18$ for the entire meal.

  • 7 Old S St
    Northampton, MA 01060
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    Their sushi was A-mazing! It was fresh and delicious.  The food was a bit pricey (but Japanese food usually is, and fortunately I wasn't paying on this trip) but well worth it.  We had sushi for an app (dragon roll and spicy tuna)  but for the main course I had the shrimp curry, which was also phenomenal.  The service was friendly and attentive and kept our water glasses full.  We had a great experience on our trip to Northampton and glad we chose Osaka for dinner.

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    The Pho was good, the atmosphere was about average for a pho restaurant (nothing fancy), and the prices were a bit more than I've paid in the past, but still not too bad.  Our server was friendly and pretty patient with my friend who can be a bit of a pain in the you-know-what when it comes to ordering food and drink.  I'm usually satisfied with a small pho, as the larger bowls are usually too much food for me.  It came with all the usual fixins' such as bean sprouts, jalepenos, lime, and thai basil.  I also put some hot chili sauce in to mine to kick up the heat a bit.  I would certainly return, although I don't spend too much time in Cranston.  I would say that it wasn't the best Pho I have ever eaten, but it was pretty  good.

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    When it comes to Asian noodle dishes, I am a fan.  From Pho, to Singaporean stir-fried, to Japanese udon or shabu shabu.  I love it, and Noodles 102 carries noodle dishes to a whole 'nother level.  They have Pad Thai, noodle soups of different varieties, and lots of amazing apps.

    The hubby and I finally checked it out when we came with a Providence Dining Card.  I admit without the ten dollars off with the dining card, it may have been a bit pricey for what we got.  The pork dumplings (steamed), Nime Chow, Beef noodle soup with udon and spicey miso broth, and pad thai were really good but the noodle dishes are all about eleven dollars for dinner.  i usually won't pay over around eight for pho or similar dishes but at least everything rocked pretty hard.

    It wasn't too busy but either way we had made a reservation since it was Saturday night.  We were seated right away and the server was awesome.  Not only was she super friendly but our water glasses were literally full every time we took a few sips.

    I was pretty damn happy with our experience at noodles.  Cute and pleasant atmosphere, friendly and efficient services, and some pretty awesome noodle dishes (not to mention some pretty bomb dumplings). I wish they would decrease the prices a bit though to reflect the neighborhood and especially since they have quite a few competitors in the area with cheaper dishes.

  • 9 Tyler St
    Boston, MA 02111
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    I love Dim Sum and China Pearl does it well.  The place is always slammed and thriving with hungry people being fed delicious plates off of steaming carts of deliciousness.  My friend is Chinese and although most of the staff appear to speak at least someEnglish, I've found that I'm better off leaving the ordering to him. I've enjoyed most everything I've tried and really the whole Dim Sum atmosphere is just exciting.  The food you order is on a price tier system, so your cards on stamped based on how expensive the time with be.  The dishes aren't too expensive so you can usually share several dishes and desserts and not end up spending too much.  I've found that Dim Sum tends to be more of a brunch concept but I've had it for dinner as well, which is fun too.  I've been to the Quincy location as well but I prefer this one, which is right in the heart of Chinatown in Boston.

  • Thayer St
    Providence, RI 02903
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    Pretty yummy Korean food from a food truck.

    I tried the bbq tofu bahn mi and the summer rolls (with shrrrriiimp).  It was pretty awesome but I think they were pretty backed up during the last day of Providence Flea as it took a good 20-30 mins to get my food.  I would knock off a star but hey, my food is being cooked in a truck by two people, so I will cut them a break. Also, the food was very filling and my lime soda was delicious and refreshing.  It was a great meal for ten bucks (thirteen with the soda).  Some may say that this is a bit high but I think the quality of the ingredients made it worth it.

    The service was friendly and I thought that they dealt really well with the crowd, as some people were getting a bit cranky with the wait.  I honestly think people need to re-evaluate their lives when they get so impatient over lunch.  Not quite sure what they were in such a hurry for (maybe they were hangry?).

    I will definitely eat lunch with them again and hope that they stick around in the usual food truck rotation on Thayer and the Farmer's Market circuit.  I am excited with how the Providence food truck scene seems to be blowing up, as variety is the spice of life

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