Neighborhood walks. I've walked on every single block of the City and County of San Francisco as an insurance inspector (my summer work in undergraduate school) and many times over as a resident. My favorite activity in San Francisco is walking, running, cycling ... but mostly neighborhood walking with a family member or a good friend. Look at my photos with descriptions for examples.
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    I'm trying to imagine why there are so few reviews.  There was a Bay Trail before there were lots of other very popular places and items.  

    My 5 stars relate to the part of the trail accessible from my home in Albany.  I used to run 8 to 10 miles of it daily from year 2000 to November 2006.  I'd include Tilden Park if I wanted to get ready for a marathon or other long trail race.  For my birthday in November 2006, I decided to take up more tai ji and then cycling in place of running to heal up all of my joints, especially ankle joint.  Now I know that I've been healing my back, hips, knees and so much else.  

    I have a pretty nice cyclocross bike that makes the Bay Trail accessible from Emeryville all the way up through Berkeley, Albany, and Richmond on out to Point Richmond if I add in some Cutting Blvd on the north end of the ride.  My friends at Grizzly Peak Cyclists gave me the lesson to take it that far in order to enjoy that sleepy little town Point Richmond.  

    I agree with Ligaya T. that the Bay Trail is one of the most beautiful places to be during any dry day.  I happen to live on Albany Hill. So it's my quick go to place.  If I lived up the hills above the Marin Circle, then I'd be more likely to ride up into Tilden Park and drop down into the Canyon then up to Inspiration point via the trail by the Meadow.  I do that any way on a really sunny Saturday or Sunday.  I just don't much care for the mean streets of Albany and Berkeley that I have to traverse to get to Tilden Park from Albany Hill.  

    Glad to live near the Bay Trail as this is generally all the refreshment that I need for a day's worth of outdoor exercise.

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    The Albany Bulb looms large as one of the reasons I selected a home on Albany Hill when moving from San Francisco (aside from property values).  I had always lived near Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach or Lincoln Park in SF ... some place to go for a morning run and an afternoon walk ... often on the same day.  

    The Albany Bulb is as wild or wilder than the Lands' End trail going past Lincoln Park along the Golden Gate to Sea Cliff.  Plus Albany Bulb has a full on sculpture gardens of the spontaneous variety.  

    I hear that a tiny chunk of it will soon be a part of the Bay Trail which is alright with me.  However, I'd rather not see any part of the Bulb go the way of the Gilman Street soccer fields.  They had to pave over a lot of rabbit homes and other habitat in order to create 4 hour per day habitats for a few humans.  I played intercollegiate soccer at 17 to 19, but still don't approve of wrecking coastal habitat to do it.  Just a view of someone who passes by the place every day for the past 10 years.  The Bulb is way too precious to waste in any such fiasco.  

    There's a lot of personal history for whole generations of kids including this somewhat older kid.  I've talked with many a friend on the Castle.  Had early success practicing my Liu He Ba Fa movement style on the big field opposite the parking area.  Had a decent look at August shooting stars some years back while laying on my back staring at the MIlky Way as advised.  

    It's a safe place by the Bay in a region where "safe" is not often heard.  Makes a person glad they live in Albany ... the little oasis by the Bay.

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    Having lived on 44th Avenue in the latter half of the 1990s, this was my near daily go-to trail .... weekday evenings and weekend mornings.  I usually started the walk with a stroll through Sutro Heights.  Then my partner and I would walk through to Land's End trail from the west end and make it all the way to the China Beach vicinity.  She would always want to visit the "million dollar homes" (now multi-millions) of Sea Cliff and stroll back along Clement Street so we could swing in the kid swings ... we're rather little people: she claims to be 4' 10" .... I claim to be 5' 2".  So we never stressed out the swings.  

    This trail has many favorite spots for looking out across the Gate at the Bridge, the Marin Headlands and also out to sea.  

    It's also easy to change plans quickly and dash up the many steps at the midpoint and cut across the little single track pathway and the golf course path to the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  It's possible to drop down from there through the Avenues to Yu Zhen for sushi ... or to the Golden Gate Park for further walking.  

    I truly love this little circle of pathways and have traversed it surely 1,001 times for as many stories as Scheherazade can tell.

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    I agree with Ziyan C.  Having been a former medical student constantly looking for affordable goodies, I'm still at it after all these years.  She's right though.  Last summer I came here to buy tea.  I barely remembered to do so.  For the price of parking and for the price of some nice tea, I got my stomach filled with the most sensuously delicious treats.  It was nuts.  I didn't mean to do it at all.  Way too many things snuck up on me.  

    So for our next Tour-de-SF before going to Telegraph Hill or the Mission or Japan Center, we have to start here.  Get a quick and delicious fill of exquisite samples.  Then start collecting our 10,000 steps up Embarcadero toward the other fun stuff.  I'd like to see how things look differently in the winter ... and in each subsequent season as well.

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    For several years from 1996 to year 2000 I used to live a couple of blocks to the east of SH, and Sutro Heights served as my front yard and the beginning of my daily walks.  When people would ask where I lived, I'd reference this park.  Roy N. is correct about it's obscurity because people would then ask where Sutro Heights is, and I'd say high above the Cliff House looking out to sea in the NW corner of San Francisco.  People would then mistakenly offer their condolences for my having to live in a cold, wet, and windy place.  Actually the weather clears from the beach eastward.   Many were the days when Sutro Heights was in the sun and the cloudy-foggy weather was hung up on Twin Peaks.  It's warmer in the winter and cooler in the hot late summer due to the moderating influences of the sea.  I'd also get a built in daily walk from Sutro Heights to Lands End to the pathway north of Lincoln Park wherein I could walk to Sea Cliff or pop up past the Legion of Honor.  Many walking options in Sutro Heights.

    I've lived in the Avenues since the late 70s (Richmond or Sunset districts). So many were the sunny and warm days that it was the go-to spot for my son's birthday when he was a youngster.  Later it was the spot for the birthday picnics of many close friends and family members.  

    My photos "looking south" from Sutro Heights are not as clear as Roberto F.'s or Toro E's.  As Roy would say, it's one of the most glorious places on sunny days in the City because it feels so far away from urban life.  

    I find it nice to visit there these days to see the status of the Proteus blossoms that bloom for a surprisingly long period of time.  See:…

    On the warmest moments of the day ... usually in midafternoon ... you'll get to see hummingbirds zipping about sampling the flowers that are just about to bloom big time throughout the spring and summer.  

    The readings about Adolph Sutro's home on this site are very interesting and give one a sense of the history of area.  There are a few iconic fixtures left like the Gazebo pictured here on Flickr:…

    This is still one of my favorite meet-up places for a walk and talk or even a picnic and party.

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    Best on a non-windy day.  There's always a chance to see the sun at any time of year but the late… Weiterlesen

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