Webster Massachusetts Area Restaurants.

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Food Reviews in my home town area.
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    I have been going to Point Breeze for over 20 years now. So I must like the place. I have seen the menu go from limited, to what it is today. It has improved overr the years.

    I have had a wedding reception, second to none, with Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing, with a choice of either Baked Haddock or Chicken Marcela, with an Ice Cream Raspberry flambé desert to die for. The banquet staff made it  one of the most memorable days of my life.

    Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg or Webster Lake is a beautiful large lake in Massachusetts that is a great setting for any event, and if a photographer can't find a good spot for photographs, they're not worth hiring.

    I have seen the changes from what Point Breeze Restaurant was like 20 years ago, to what it is today, and it is so much nicer now, with major improvements to every part of the facility.

    Their food is usually perfect. I have never had a complaint. I have been with little children from high chairs all the way through high school, and college and I have never had a complaint.

    The wait staff is usually very good. I have only on occasion had slow service, and that was on an overly busy evening, there is room for improvement.

    I have probably had at least every item on the menu over the past few years. I love their Raw Bar Super Sampler, Calamari, Mussels, Lobster, Clam Chowder, Prime Rib (if you can get there before they run out) Jack Daniels Steak Tips, Filet Mignon,  Salmon, Swordfish, and the list covers the entire menu. I have not had anything undesirable (except that one piece of chicken).

    Their entertainment evenings are some of the best times to have on the lake, regardless of what season it is. I recommend a reservation on any weekend night, and don't be surprised if the dining room is closed to the public when there are large functions (this doesn't happen very often), but the Lounge is always available.

    The food is five stars, the service is four.  There is always room for improvement in everything, and I'm sure Point Breeze Restaurant will continue to improve with age like a fine wine.

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    I have been here with my sweetie and friends several times in the last 10 or so years. It is definitely more Bar and Grill than a Restaurant. There is very limited seating on a weekend night, the place fills up. I would stay with their specials, and or sandwich menu. The food overall is about a 7 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being best.

    As we were seated in our booth right next to the kitchen serving window, I looked to the left and saw a little shelf covered in dust, and put my glasses back on and noticed this is the case with the entire area. It needs a really good cleaning (-1 star). When I see the dining area as dirty, I can only guess what the kitchen looks like.

    We have had a variety of dishes here. The latest visit, I tried their Rubin Sandwich, which is one of my guilty pleasures in life, and I have had them all over the country. This one rated a 7 (generous) on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best. The reason for the 7 is that the Pumpernickel bread was a little thin (-1), I'm guessing from being pressed on the grill, and was dripping with grease (-1), not sure if that was from the fries that were loaded on the plate with it or from the grill. The sauerkraut was hard to find (-1). I usually like to dig a little out and eat some on the side, kind of make the experience a little more memorable. There was plenty of Corned Beef, and it was very tasty.

    Paula was our server and she was fantastic. The service is very good. This is probably what is keeping them alive.

    The Bar is huge, and takes up most of the building. The men's rest room leaves a lot to be desired, it's rather stinky.

    I was served a Wormtown IPA which was not what I expected at all. It had a straw color, and very cloudy, so I'm guessing I was served the wrong brew. Whatever it was it had a very strange taste to it, and I can't place the taste, but had a very strong Pine taste to it. I have never ever sent a brew back, I love ALL Beers, and Ales, and look forward to trying something new, but this particular drafted brew had something very wrong with it. They charged me $6.50 for it (-1 star).
    I'm not sure what has happened here, but something has changed over the years, for the worse. I just hope they get their act together, and clean it up. I think rating it 3 stars is generous at this point.

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