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Places to check out for your wedding or next big event
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    Went to a fantastic wedding last night and part of the total fabulousness of it all was this venue. Listen up you engaged couples, check this place out.  It is a beautiful space surrounded by gorgeous property easily viewed through the massive, soaring glass walls. As it was a beautiful night, they opened up large doors leading out to a big patio overlooking the golf-course for an inside outside experience. The staff was attentive and didn't miss a step. They were on-top of everything but never in the way. There
    was a wonderful cocktail hour with amazing passed hors d'oeuvres, including a much loved sushi bar.  Dinner was delicious as well. The food overall was great and the service without flaw. Another tip: BeanTown band played and they were unbelievably amazing.  Everyone was constantly up on the dance floor.  I got their card and they are booked through
    Overall, this was a top-notch wedding in a venue that is hard to beat for the greater Boston area.

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    Not to be confused with the currently operating school in Hingham called Derby Academy, Old Derby Academy is the headquarters for the Hingham Historical Society.
    Old Derby was the original school the newer one sprung from, started by Madame Sarah Derby in the 1700s. The Federal style building has an illustrious and interesting history.

    I have weddings on the brain having just been to a great one this past weekend. So it got me to remembering my own wedding which was held here.
    We took a walk around the property this weekend and were reminded of what a great spot this is.  
    This is a beautiful venue with a pretty not to mention historic ballroom which leads to a lovely outdoor garden.

    The good news for us, which I know might not be for everyone, is that you are just renting the space and so you can hire whomever you would like to create the right kind of celebration for you.

    This means you hire your own caterer.
    There is a full kitchen on the premises for the caterers to use.

    With this kind of arrangement we could make sure the food was exactly what we wanted it to be, made by chefs we trusted.
    This also means you are not limited to the choices other venues hold you to.
    You're not subject to the pricing whims of  venues that charge exorbitantly for their bar service.  
    The caterer we chose  provided bar service (mixer, sodas,  etc.) and the bartenders but we supplied all the alcohol.  
    Buying your own alcohol is a not only a money saver but allows you to personally select the kinds of wines and other liquors that you want to see served.
    My personal pet peeve is being invited to an event like a wedding and having to contend with a cash bar.
    Remember: you are inviting guests to your celebration. They shouldn't have to pay for anything unless it's a charity benefit.  It's no different in my mind than having guests to your home.
    Enough on the lectures.
    This is a great place to host your wedding or any special party in which you want a unique and interesting venue.  
    If you are interested in an historical setting and want to really have a more open canvas of options in which to personally design the details of your event, this might be the spot for you.

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    Attention brides and grooms to be!  If you are searching for a fabulous wedding venue on the North Shore, look no further.  The Tupper Manor located at the Wylie Conference Center is a beautiful location.
    We went to a fantastic wedding there this weekend; a place, in all the years I've lived here and with all the weddings I've attended,  I had never been to this place before.  I do remember what it's like to be on the hunt for just the right place to host your nuptials so here is a big tip, dear Yelp friends. This location really has it all from water views, to the beautiful historic manor itself, to the incredible water fountain and the lovely grounds.   What I learned about the place from their website is that an architect by the name of Guy Lowell, who also did the Boston Musuem of Fine Arts (now that's good cred) designed the Tupper Manor in 1901 for a Canadian family. Years later, Endicott College which is right next door, purchased the property and now the whole compound (which includes the conference center and inn) is used for a variety of things. But the piece de resistance is the manor.  As you drive up to the manor  you note the lush lawn and come upon a most spectacular gushing water fountain.  It reminded me, on a smaller more manageable scale of a wedding we went to years ago at one of the Newport mansions. This is grand but less over the top.  The wedding ceremony was held outdoors on the impeccably manicured lawn facing the fountain. Pretty,pretty, pretty!!  Afterward, we entered the manor and found ourselves in a beautiful foyer. This is where the cocktail hour was held with two rooms off to the side where there were bars set up. It was nice to have the two bars as there was never much of a wait to get a drink. The foyer opens up to what I was calling an atrium but what I later learned they call the conservatory.  I told my husband this is what I want our next sun porch to look like. I guess I really want a conservatory. (The last time I used that word I was playing the game Clue). It was simply a spectacular room all glass enclosed with a view out to the ocean...or Beverly/Salem Harbor really. Gorgeous. The food was delicious.  I assume, but don't know for sure, that Tupper Manor handles the catering.  The wait staff was excellent with seamless service. The foyer later was used as a most excellent dance floor.
    So brides and grooms, if the North Shore is your locale, go check this place's really something special. Hmm...maybe my husband and I can renew our vows and have a big bash here....

  • 15 Vanderbilt Ave
    New York, NY 10017
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    If I can work it in whenever I'm back "home" in NYC, I try to make a date with a friend or two for a drink here.  For those who know me, you know that I'm especially attracted to places that make me feel like I've been transported in the time machine to another more civilized and elegant era.  The Campbell Apartment fits the bill.

    This gem is almost hidden within the Grand Central complex and was the former office of American financier John W. Campbell.  He rented this luxe space from the grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt back in the 20's.
    After Mr. Campbell's death this spot fell into disuse and disrepair and was  finally brought back to its former glory in 1999.

    It is a gorgeous, luxurious, elegant space and I love it here.  It's a tiny bit reminiscent of visiting your grandparents' house on Sunday where of course you're expected to dress and behave properly for the occasion and you must be respectful of the antiques and mind your manners.

    However there is still an easy not stuffy elegance here that I find both comforting and surprisingly relaxing.  It's easy to have intimate conversations here and not be overwhelmed by noise or TVs. Things may be chaotic and noisy on the streets just outside but you'd never know it once you're ensconsed in a comfy chair in here.
    It's a sheer pleasure to revel in the great service and incredible atmosphere.  

    You will absolutely be turned away at the door if you show up in any type of casual dress.  That means no jeans, no sneakers (gasp to those who would try!), and heaven forbid, no t-shirts or baseball caps.  You get the drill.
    Put on some great duds and go to the Campbell looking good and feeling chic.  Dress as you will in a zillion other places but put yourself together for the Campbell.

    I love being as comfy and casual as the next person but I firmly believe there is a time and place for everything.
    I know there are many who complain about the Campbell's quite strict adherence to clothing and presentation.  But all I can say is thank you
    Campbell Apartment  because I appreciate these rules.

    Come to the Campbell for excellent beverages and particularly well-done executions of old-school cocktail lounge classics like my favorite the Sidecar in beautiful, old world but amazingly still hip surroundings.  They make a mean martini too and the list goes on of delectable drinks both old and new.

    There is a fun menu of "cocktail accompaniments" for a nosh while you sip.

    The Campbell Apartment can be rented for events like weddings or private parties.  I'm cooking up an idea right now for a party I'd like to host here.

    Particularly for times I feel overwhelmed by current events and a world running on high speed, the Campbell Apartment always sets me straight.

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    This is a beautiful stop for a visit on a nice day.  You'd never imagine it's so close to a highway exit in the otherwise mundane town of Canton.  Come here and you enter a Garden of Eden from another era.

    We first learned of this place when we attended a wedding here several years ago, but as members of the Trustees of Reservations we've since come back to walk about the property and gardens.  
    We're big fans of the Trustees of Reservations and the many great preserved and cared for spots for people to simply enjoy.  

    Come visit the Bradley Estate to enjoy an afternoon stroll.
    If you're planning a wedding or party consider renting the space.  It's gorgeous.

    This property was initially owned by Dr. Arthur Tracy Cabot who inherited it in the late 1800s.  He developed the property by hiring architect Charles Platt to build what they called a "country house' but really is quite a manse.  Dr. Platt's niece Eleanor Cabot and her husband inherited the property in 1945 and developed the grounds, gardens and ponds further.

    A visit here is to have an elegant and lovely couple of hours in which to view this magnificent property so beautifully kept up.  Animals still graze on the lea and while here you can still feel that all is well with the world.  At least for a little while.

    I highly recommend buying a one of the very reasonably priced year-long membershisp to the Trustees and you'll gain entrance to a host of beautiful spots including some beaches throughout the Commonwealth free or at a greatly reduced prices.

  • 548 Bellevue Ave
    Newport, RI 02840
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    If you've never been on a tour of Newport's  Mansion Row, it's worth going at least once to see what some of those robber barons back in the day built for themselves.  

    And if you're interested in architecture and history, there is much to learn and study.  If you're interested in landscape architecture and design, well once again, you will have come to the right place.

    There are a number of mansions to choose from.
    Two of my favorites are  Rosecliff and The Breakers; the latter built by the Vanderbilts.
    There are others of course so you can take your pick and visit one or all if you'd got the time, money and patience.

    Rosecliff gets a special review because it was the site of my cousin's wedding awhile back and I got to spend a lot of time there checking things out.  It's quite a property both inside and outside with views beyond belief from every angle.

    This property has also been featured in several movies including The Great Gatsby and Amistad.

    One a very recent Newport visit, we didn't go in again but just drove by. The drive itself down Bellevue Avenue is impressive and worth a look-see if you haven't got the time or inclination for a tour.

    For you brides and grooms looking for a venue, this one is quite a stunner.
    Hosting an event here certainly makes for a great wow factor.

    Rosecliff was commissioned by a silver heiress from Nevada by the name of Theresa Fair Oelrichs in 1899 and was modeled after The Grand Trianon at Versailles.  Of course.

    Mrs. Oelrich was known for giving lavish but quite formal and staid parties.
    When Rosecliff really came alive was in the 1940s when the Monroe family from New Orleans purchased the property and threw a bunch of wild costume parties.  They came to Newport to cool off during the summers but it sounds like they heated up the social scene in a great way.  
    New Orleanians can certainly still show the Yankees a thing or two about throwing a good party.

    As a summer "cottage" in particular it would be hard to find anything wrong with this place.  The rooms are large, airy and brilliantly light and bright due to to the gorgeous expanses of windows and French doors leading to the outside.
    And the breezes and views of the ocean are perfect for sitting out on the back veranda sipping a cocktail.

    The architect was Sanford White of the renowned McKim, Mead and White architectural firm.  They've done some beautiful homes outside of mansion row, in other parts of New England and the world.  

    Going on one of these tours is well worth a visit.  Prepare to be blown away by pomp and excess.  But personally, I like to imagine those Monroe costume parties.  My mask is at the ready.  All I need is an invitation.

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    We just attended a wedding here and I was impressed by how pretty this venue was.  I'm picky about weddings and places to have them.  I'm bored at this point with the typical banquet hall with a cookie-cutter feel.

    Lake View Pavilion is in a lovely spot by, you guessed it, a lake and a pretty one at that surrounded by woods.
    There are beautiful outdoor options for the ceremony including an area with a nice gazebo.  From most vantage points,  you're in view of the surrounding woods and lake.  
    The building itself has a lovely veranda surrounding it, so if the weather cooperates it's a great place to have cocktails outdoors.  There is also an indoor cocktail reception area with great big expanses of windows also with lovely views.

    The main ballroom wasn't particularly to my taste but then again I'm not a traditional ballroom type gal.  
    This one had overwrought chandeliers and weird draping over the rafters which would have looked much prettier and more natural if left unadorened.  
    What helped things though was that  this was a daytime wedding and the wall of sliding glass doors gave the room a bit of an indoor/outdoor feel which made a big difference.  We didn't feel closed in.

    I happen to be a fan of the daytime wedding and I don't think people consider them enough.
    I like being in beautiful natural surroundings and having the option of being able to be outside or at least to see outside.
    This was a noon wedding on a picture perfect day.   The wooded surroundings really made all the difference for me.

    The service was excellent.  Things flowed seamlessly and the staff was where you needed them when you needed them without being intrusive.

    The food was okay.  Others liked it more than I did but since I don't eat much of the type of food that was served, I can't be a fair judge.

    While I prefer more untraditional venues for weddings and parties in general, I would  recommend Lake View as a place to consider primarily because of the wooded surroundings and the pretty lake.  
    The views will be a moot point if you're planning an evening wedding, in which case, I'd probably look elsewhere.

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    We went to a wedding at this lovely venue a couple of months ago.  We had never been to an event here and were so pleasantly surprised about what a terrific place this is.  It's a space with simple elegance and a rustic charm.  

    This is a real boat club with members who join because they love sailing.  The annual Head of the Charles and other regattas are big deals here.
    But it's good news that the space can be rented out for weddings and other events because it's really pretty cool.

    The bride and groom of the wedding we attended are both avid sailors and so this place has special meaning to them.

    I love that there is both indoor and outdoor space here so if you luck out and have good weather, your guests can go out to the expansive deck or down to the water's edge.  We had a sunny, perfect late afternoon and so guests wandered freely in and out.

    You can hire whatever caterer and bar service that you would like which I think is a terrific option when hosting any kind of party.  It's a great way to control the quality of the food and not be locked into anything you're not 100% sure of.  

    I'm also told you can't charge for alcohol at this site and must have an open bar; to that I say: "Amen".  I am not a  believer in hosting guests at a wedding where there is a cash bar.   You wouldn't charge people for drinks if you invited them to your home so it's never made sense to me to do it a wedding.  
    So for events held here, it's not a debate: it's an open bar although of course you choose what to serve.

    There was plenty of room for both dining and dancing in two separate but totally adjacent inside areas.  One side was the dining area and the other was for the cocktail hour and mingling, later for the live band and dancing.  

    Although the Boat Club can be a bit tricky to find event though it's a Cambridge address,  it is well worth considering if you're planning a wedding especially if you want a place that is unique.

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