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Here's where I like to go to get treated like a queen...
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    OK so this is a typical vietnamese nail place....They try REALLY hard to get your money. BECAREFUL when you agree to do things. ANYTHING they ask you is 5 dollars extra. Even a nail buff! With that said though, they are probably the most "honest" place I've gone to. These places rarely think I am vietnamese so I can understand everything they say and this place, despite their hard work at trying to get you to do more with them, they are honest.

    The lady (Kim) who was in charge told the girls that they had to massage us to a certain time because that's how long a pedicure is. Just because they finished cutting and buffing our nails early doesn't mean that our pedicure can be cut short. So no matter how bad your nails are your pedicures should be the same length in time and if they finish early they have to spend the time massaging you. Now she said this all in vietnamese so it wasn't like she meant for me to understand but I appreciated it. My bf and I did end up opting for a lot of their add ons so she threw in a free paraffin hand treatment for me which was nice. Also I had mentioned I wanted a particular OPI color and Kim knew INSTANTLY what color it was and that they had it in stock and that they were running low, which then one of the girls joking said in vietnamese that they should add acetone to thin it out and she immediately said that was not a good idea (I've seen many places do that so nice to know they don't)

    Now I came in with a voucher for a shellac manicure which Kim did AMAZINGLY. I got the french and let me tell  you this is THE BEST french shellac manicure I've gotten and she did it effortlessly---Lady's got skilllz. Trust me I've gotten french shellac manicures everywhere and she perfected it. It's been almost a week and they look perfect. LOVE IT no bubbles, not thick, no crooked french tips, PERFECT.

    Also of note they do not accept credit cards, they make you go across the street, now for such a busy place in downtown La Jolla I thought they should opt for the credit card machine since most people will use that. ESPECIALLY since my bf and my total came to 105 WITH my voucher...ya..kind of pricey---those add ons...add up!

    But 4 stars for their "honesty" and how great my shellac manicure came out!

  • 8861 Villa La Jolla Dr
    La Jolla, CA 92037
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    I got the groupon and then read the reviews. I was hesitant to go but I agree perfectly with what other reviewers say. They've gotten a little smarter I guess because they asked me I was vietnamese, and the guy announced it several times to all the workers as if warning them do not say anything bad! haha I thought that was pretty funny. So the first time I went it was okay the guy was very nice I got a French Gel manicure that was pretty good, and he did a really good job. The second time I went was when it got kinda weird. I wanted to get a pedicure too and they had two people work on me. I hate that actually I want to go to relax not get rushed and I feel like by doing that they are rushing me. Also that means I have to tip two people now.... They're smart...

    Second the guy at the counter would ANNOUNCE how much the people leave for tips. thats a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I think I am a pretty good tipper, but I hate when  people announce it like that wtf?? so uncomfortable!! The second time I was also insulted on my hairy arms saying how can a girl have such hairy arms...blah my arms are not that bad!! =( Not sure I'd go back....

  • 550 Arsenal St
    Watertown, MA 02472
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    So I'm vietnamese but most people can't tell....

    I love going to get my nails done and seeing what they say...

    I had a guy name jack do my mani/pedi, he was sweet. He didn't talk much at all...and was pretty good at giving massages...everything was great..until I asked for a design.

    He first said it was 5 dollars, which is fine. He brought over a case for me to pick and I picked one I really liked, and he told me he couldn't do it, and if i wanted it he can get someone to do it for me. I said that was fine. 2 mins later after he kept looking at the design he tells me it'll actually be 7 dollars for that design...why? I didn't ask but i figured he didn't want to do it. He attempted to do it and could not do it. He brought over a girl to do it, and she says in vietnamese to him "you should have just told her, that her nail was too small to do that design." and he says "I tried but it didn't work"...umm no you didn't...

    She managed to do the looked nothing like that sample but I didn't want to make a fuss..

    Overall I enjoyed everything up until the design part. Don't have samples if you can't do them....

    He also ended up charging me 6 dollars for the design not 7...So overall 42 for mani/pedi with a design on my index fingers...I've gotten better manicures with better designs for less. But like others said the place is very nicely decorated and the handtowels are a plus.

  • 4545 La Jolla Village Dr
    San Diego, CA 92122
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    Definitely the worst Sephora I've been to....

    It is set up so weird, When you want to try something on you have to walk around the store to look for a place to. At the sephora I went to at home You basically could just look over and there'd be a mirror everywhere. I've also looked for help countless times and people are not very willing to help. I have to track people down and even got rejected multiple times, or been told "i will come back, wait right here" which I have and no ones come back. Also They are out of a lot of things that I want. I wanted to two things which I've come back multiple times to look and they're consistently out of it. It's as if they don't restock.

  • 724 Chelmsford St
    Chelmsford, MA 01824
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    I've been here a few times and have gotten mixed service. The first few times I went was great, I thought i had found my go to manicure place! Unforunately over the fall/winter I didn't go for a few months then when I recently came back it wasn't the same. A lot of the people that worked there were gone. Particularly the older guy that did fantastic designs. The girls consistantly complained about their jobs working there to me...seemed rather unprofessional.

    I mean now it's an OK place but it used to be a great place!

  • 7307 A Clairemont Mesa Blvd
    San Diego, CA 92111
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    Okay, So i came here on a whim because I drove by, saw the big sign that said 39.99 for an hour massage so I thought I'd try it. I even looked it up no yelp and saw the previous 3 reviews on my phone before going in. Now I should of looked a little closer...The previous reviews are all from people who obviously work there, or are affiliated with these people somehow since they only have 1-2 reviews and they're reviews are not in-depth at all. So here's my side of it.

    So I walked in and the guy at the counter greeted me nicely and convinced me to do the 70min massage for the same price (40 min body and 30 min feet). He made me pay up front which I thought was weird, but sure whatever. He charged me 2 dollars extra because i paid with a card (that's outrageous but whatever I was willing to pay it) He saw that I hesitated at the tip line since obviously I'm not sure what to tip? He said I can fill it out after, again very strange...He then led me to a room and closed the door without saying anything...So was I suppose to change...? not sure. Anyways I snuck out to go to the bathroom and some lady saw me and led the way and then followed me back into the room where she indicated for me to change. She didn't really speak, I assumed she didn't speak english well...I asked if she wanted me to lay facing up or down and she didn't understand so I decided to just go with it. Turns out she wanted me to lay facing down first FYI lol.

    Anyways the first 10 mins of the massage was okay, she massaged me through a covered sheet. It was a little weird because she had no problem massaging my glutes, which may be uncomfortable for some people. I've had massages all over the place from Boston to NY to LA to Thailand to Vietnam...this isn't that normal to me I've had people ask but not just do it to the extent where she did, but I was okay with it I guess but I know A LOT of people who may not be. Next she oiled up my back and pulled the sheet down passed my glutes. Now being a girl I've always taken off my bra but never taken off my underwear for massages, well she wasn't having that...she completely pulled off my underwear....I was like wtf is she doing? There was a split second where I questioned what kind of massage place I walked into...if it wasn't for the fact that she was a middle-aged older lady I might have said something. Anyways she went on to do an oil massage which was decent, then pulled up the sheet (and my underwear) and proceeded to massage my legs and feet, which she did an excellent job. She then came back up to my back, where she proceeded to climb on the table and I KIDD YOU NOT, mount me! Now this I have to say is not that weird, and I did have that happen to me in Asia when I got massages, I even had girls who stepped on my back but I just wanted to give a fair warning to people who are not used to this!! Anyways after a little while longer she tapped me on the shoulder and said "add 30 min more? you have 1hr, 30 min more?" and I was going to say the guy told me 70 mins but before I could say anything she said "no english, chinese, 30 min more?" and I just said no because I didn't want to pay more...She then had me roll on my back and proceeded to massage my arms. when it came to about 5 mins left in the 60 mins she thought I signed up for she asked me again if I wanted to add 30 mins, I again tried to explain he said 70 mins...she took the clock off the wall and said still didn't understand what I was saying. I told her the man outside said 70 and she left the room WITH THE DOOR WIDE OPEN, and went to get him...he proceeded to come back and talk to me, while I'm still on the table covered only by a sheer white sheet...not comfortable. Luckily it was quick and he just said "ok i told her sorry about the confusion". She then went back to the massage and finished the last 15 minutes.

    With that being said, she was a good masseuse, she did a lot of different techniques and she did seem to know what she was doing in terms of massaging. She was just clearly not trained in the US. After I got dressed she proceeded to following me, fixing my hair and stuff obviously just wanting a good tip. She really did deserve a good one so I gave her a decent tip. Which remind you I had to write on the credit card slip that I was already charged in the beginning...while everyone, including her was watching over me. Very awkward.

    Overall...3 stars for the massage. I know it's a new place and they have A LOT of potential. They just need better communication, more professionalism, and a better understanding of the client population. I'm not sure if I would go back....I do feel a little violated but I do have to take a step back and remember the massages I got in Asian where all of this might be considered normal? Just warning everyone though before you go!

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