Willow Glen

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Our quaint little nook of southern San Jose is home to beautiful homes, lush foliage, and, of course, Lincoln Avenue. We specialize in homey and friendly, and anywhere you go, you will feel like a local.
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    Great sandwiches and a great selection of meats!  Kind of in a run down area, and it's a little small if you go during a crowded lunch hour, but we really enjoyed a nice weekday lunch here.

    Loved the smoked tri-tip with their BBQ sauce and the smoked turkey sandwich.  The fresh, crispy bacon was a nice touch, and all the meats were very tender and very flavorful.  Nicely cut too.. Not too thick but not too thin.  Smoked cheddar on the sandwiches added a very nice element, too, and the bread was very fresh.

    Overall, if you want a good sandwich here in Willow Glen, you have a few options... So definitely put this on your "To Try" list, and give whatever looks good a try.  Jackie Special was delicious as was the tri-tip sandwich.

    In the future I hope to check out some of their housemade jerky and the wide variety of fresh meats they have!

    Quick tip:  Think about grabbing your sandwich and then stopping next door at the liquor store for a cold one.. Then go sit outside and enjoy the day :)

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    Definitely enjoyed my coffee here after strolling the farmer's market on Saturday morning.  I had the Downtown blend, which was nice and rich but still smooth and yummy.  

    The ambiance is definitely A+ here, as there was a big group of 8 or 10 people sitting and talking and eating and drinking.  

    While I only had a cup of black coffee, I can't attest to their other food or drink, but I assume it's good, since it seems like people who work here are passionate about their business and what they sell.  That's why I go to places like here, and not Starbucks across the street, because if it's coffee and friendly service you want, this is the place.  

    If you want to take your kids somewhere or be seen by the "in" crowd, maybe try across the street.  Although, I would imagine that true Willow Glen residents know the difference, and the smart ones meet here!

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    Wow, Yelp! moves quick!  Seems like this place just opened up and already the reviews were pouring in.  

    Without reading the reviews, I tried it knowing that I wanted to try it, since it came in with a lot of fanfare.  Jim Stump, "table concept", etc etc.  That, and that they are one of the new faces in the launch of the new WG business area, made this restaurant a must-see attraction for everyone around here.  My review, like many I have heard, however, is mixed.

    While the interior is very nice and open-spaced, it is of course very small, and I think the community table concept is dumb.  This layout has a few 2tops and 4tops, but if you come in without a reservation, you may end up sitting with strangers at a larger table for 8.  Also, the bar only has 6-8 seats - Completely ridiculous.  

    As for the food and beverage, they have some nice unique cocktails.  The one with the Buffalo Trace bourbon was fantastic - sweet on the front, all business in the back.  The food was both hit and miss, though - Lamb meatballs and figs were good, but not filling.  Entrees (trout and 8oz NY strip steak) were good, but the plating didn't do it for me.  I understand the concept of light and fresh, seasonal, focus on mouth-popping flavors, etc, but overall things were kind of boring.  I loved the green goddess dressing on the trout though, and ended up using it on my steak because the steak itself was kind of bland.  I also needed to ask for sea salt to add some more flavor to the beef - no big deal, though.  I wanted a better wine list, but the cab I had from South Africa was great, though not worth $15 BTG.

    I will not comment on the service particulars since it is a new place and there are kinks to work out.  But, if anyone from The Table is reading, I will say this - running 1 bartender is dangerous, even at your small bar, and your servers need a lot more training on food knowledge and table attentiveness.  Your host, however, is A+ fantastic.

    I hope this restaurant does well.  I think a lot of people are banking that places like this will bring in outsiders, but judging from the crowd on the night I was there, I think this will be a weekly hangout for the usual WG bedroom community - middle-aged people with disposable income, or whom just like to be seen - and younger WG couples with disposable income, who want to tweet about it or put pics of your food on their blog. I don't think this will attract people like SF, or even Mountain View or Palo Alto or Santana Row.  But, as a WG resident and family man, I hope it stays that way!

  • 1431 Bird Ave
    San Jose, CA 95125
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    Wow, that's some good pizza!!!

    Excellent crust, I'm assuming because of their homemade "secret recipe" dough.  Great selection of toppings, including only the best cheese, a great tasting sauce, and fresh meats.  Pepperoni was delicious, mushrooms were fresh and flavorful, and the sausage was the shredded kind, just like in NYC!

    Thin crust, and EXTRA LARGE! pies, all for a very reasonable price, which is great because some other comparable shops in the area are a little overpriced (but they're still delicious, for the record).

    Overall, this place has won me over due to quality, quantity (you get huge pies/slices!), and location (just off a major intersection at Bird & Malone)

    Nice guys running the shop, too.

    Thanks, Bibo's!

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    Pretty decent new "steakhouse" in kind of an off-beat location in on Campbell/San Jose border.  The parking lot is tight and while the outdoor furniture is very inviting and elegant, the entrance is small and nondescript.  Once you walk in, though, it is almost like being whisked away into a modern Outback meets Morton's interior, with lots of TVs, a lively bar, dark or black everything with fairly dim lighting and a maze of tables and bar tops.

    The menu was pretty good, with a great wine selection, including an extensive reserve list.  Can't wait to come back for the $3200 bottle of old vintage Screaming Eagle!  The cocktail list has a lot of unique concoctions and some classics as well, and yes, there is beer on tap!

    While steaks are a standout, they are not the main focus.  The chef's section has lots of entrees, from Ahi Tuna to a Nicoise to a Louie Salad to Beef Stroganoff.  There are burgers, with 3-5 unique creations and of course the classics.  On a serious note, I am looking forward to coming back and trying some of these, since I saw them on a lot of tables and they looked pretty good (and I'm always looking for a great burger!).  

    Little Gem salad was good, but not great.  French Onion Soup was 90% broth.  Needed a lot more onions.  I can drink beef stock at home if I so please!

    All that being said, we came for steak though, so we got the aged New York and the prime bone-in ribeye.  Both were good, although the aged New York was very, very beefy...Even for an aged steak.  Maybe because my partner in crime had it cooked medium, but something about it seemed off.  My ribeye was great though, very well marbled and tasty, but to be honest, it was nothing special, and it wasn't as tender as I like my prime beef to be.

    Dessert was good, but kind of forgetful.

    Service was great, as my water never went without being refilled (and I was very thirsty that day!), but I was kind of surprised that the menu got no descriptions, and there was no introductions to the menu (which was surprising especially since this place is new) or talk ups.  I don't need a hard sell, but it'd be nice to have a more thorough greeting, other than, "do we know what we want tonight?"  

    Overall, good place.  Will be back for burgers, but not for steaks and everything else.

  • 1074 Lincoln Ave
    San Jose, CA 95125
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    Good pizza.. Maybe not great, but definitely good.  Tons of topping opportunities to satisfy whatever cravings you may have.  Gilroy Garlic looks and sounds fabulous, will definitely try that next time...And yes, there will be a next time!

    We had a bucket of wings as well, which were pretty disappointing.  They tasted almost exactly like KFC honey BBQ wings, which I did not like.  Texture was off, sauce was off, and the wings might actually be smaller than BWW.  Total letdown.

    Last but not least, we also had a chop salad.  Was hoping for lots of meat, instead got small pieces of meat, lots of fresh from a bag cheese, and lots and lots of lettuce.  Everything tasted fairly fresh, which was good, and none of the lettuce was browned or bland, which was also good.  Dressing was good too, albeit unforgettable.

    Biggest pluses for this place are delivery (they included everything I needed), atmosphere at the place, tons of selection (huge menu!) and overall pretty decent food.  Not really high quality, but I assume for the price its better than your other choices on Lincoln, and it definitely wasn't bad. We'll be back.

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    Very nice little restaurant here in the heart of Willow Glen.  Really embraces the feeling and homey setting of our little nook in San Jose, and I appreciate that.

    The food is usually excellent as well.  I enjoy the homemade pastas.  Some of the raviolis (you aren't at La Villa, please do not call them ravs here!) can be hit and miss but that's OK.

    The real stand out winner so far in my book is the braised pork on top of homemade pasta.  Loved the red wine sauce that seemed to be absorbed by the fresh pasta just enough to make it a more gushy and sticky texture, and the vegetables cooked in quite nice too.  Decent portion of very tender, almost fall apart "local, wild boar" (I wanted to ask what made it local and just how wild was it?  Are we talking Lindsay Lohan wild here?) that was pretty darn delish.  Tastes like a great twist on a classic pot roast, and is perfect now in the winter months.

    Really enjoyed my night off talking to the bartender and watching football too.  Basic wine list, but suitable.  

    Overall, great food and great service!  Thanks, Vin Santo.

  • 1165 Lincoln Ave
    San Jose, CA 95125
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    10.5.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I last reviewed this market three years ago and so much has changed - for the better!

    I am very happy to honestly say that the Willow Glen Farmers Market finally completes with some of the larger, more diverse, and more 'special trip'-worthy markets in the area. While the size and location are relatively the same as it was, there are more vendors offering much better and more diverse products than before.

    Last week's opening day gave me much excitement over how great this market will be this year. Everything from fruit and veggies, nuts, hummus and spreads, chips and salsas, fresh breads and pastries, quiches and custards, flowers, seafood, and organic eggs and grass-fed meat is offered at this market, in addition to a few crafts and homemade goods (dog treats!) that make it a fun place to grocery shop and stroll for fun gift ideas or crafty household stuff.

    Some of the must stop vendors I would recommend are the lady with the egg breakfast pie and new flour less chocolate cake, the pastry and pie stand with delectable croissants and beautiful pies, the sweet potato and red velvet cupcake stand, and Ledesma Farms for the best veggies and eggs and honey.

    I do have two favorite vendors though -

    Fiesta Salsa has the absolute best tortilla chips and bread crostinis paired with a rotating array of seasonal homemade salsas. They take chips and salsa to a new level but their versatile selection really complements fish, burgers, and eggs as well.

    L&M Grass Fed Meat is my other favorite. After meeting this husband and wife duo here last year, I am so happy to be able to feed myself and my family local grass fed meat almost exclusively now. After buying grass fed off and on for the last five years, finally these guys were able to supply the quality I was looking for with the health and environmental benefits I was looking for, with plenty of variety and most importantly, flavor!  My mom grew up on a farm and when she eats their product she often remarks how it reminds her of her childhood. And for me, trying to eat Paleo and also sustainable and just healthy overall, L&M gives me the chance to switch it up a lot without sacrificing quality. They offer everything from stew meat to steak to sausage, and they have pork, chicken, beef and lamb. Their ribeyes and lamb racks are far superior to anything I have cooked at home or eaten at a restaurant, and the bacon and sausage is just downright tasty and delicious. I'm always impressed with the quality, the flavor and tenderness, and the variety of their product, and the friendliness of these two is just what I had one day hoped to find in a meat supplier. Their prices are in line with what you would pay at any retailer but the camaraderie from the actual purveyors and the substantially better quality makes these guys the best.  

    So if you have been hesitant because of previous experience or you're just unsure what this market could possibly have that your usual market doesn't, I would suggest giving this one a try!

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    6.7.2011 Vorheriger Beitrag
    This is not a bad market, but it is not a great market either.  It is very small, located in a… Weiterlesen
  • 2306 Almaden Rd
    San Jose, CA 95125
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    7.1.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    This location is still going strong as one of my favorite gyms.  There is a lot to like - they have a good amount of space, lots of machines, and it is very clean.  There is also some things to be desired - it'd be great if they had a larger or two Group X rooms, and maybe some water areas?  Has anyone considered expanding into the property next to the gym that has sat vacant in the four years I've been going...?

    That being said, there is one thing I love about this gym that continues to keep me coming back - the Kids Club!  Miss Nancy, Miss Nina, and Miss Rachelle have all been godsends in keeping my kids safe and entertained while I work out.  Watching kids all day can be a nightmare sometimes, so having a place to go where I can get all the benefits of exercise while someone else watches the kids, is just awesome.  Even better, though, they seem to really enjoy themselves when they go.  It's great that my kids have a healthy activity they look forward to doing and they get excited about.

    The Kids Club is what really kept me coming back to this location in the first place, and I'm glad to say that it is still what keeps me coming back.  The girls working in there are awesome and they are the best assets this club has as far as staffing goes.

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    Just want to reiterate again how pleased I am with the customer service and hospitality offered by… Weiterlesen
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    I have been at 24hr Willow Glen for almost 2 years now and I will be renewing my membership. I am… Weiterlesen
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    I don't normally update my reviews but I just wanted to make a note to any perspective members - the… Weiterlesen
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    This is an awesome gym with an awesome staff!  I used to go to a local gym in Milpitas but after it… Weiterlesen
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    Definitely no complaints.  I have never had Persian food specifically but I love Middle Eastern food.  This was no different.  The chicken kabob was really good, and the rice was delicious.  The hummus had kind of a funny taste, but wasn't bad, and the salad was pretty good too.

    It was a really quiet and clean restaurant which was nice, but sadly it was a little pricey.  We tend to get a little over zealous and try a little bit of everything, and after all was said and done, after 20% tip, for 3 people our bill was $90.  Not horrible, but not cheap!

    Didn't like the ground beef kabob.. Stay away from that.  And the filet steak kabob was a little dry.  Chicken, like I said, delicious though.

    Nice restaurant though.. Definitely great for a date night or something, or if you're just in the mood for good ol' Middle Eastern meat & rice.

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    My daughter loves this place, and I must say, so do Mom and Dad!  

    We signed up for a class here on a whim and we really enjoyed everything from the moment we walked in.  The kitchen space is very clean and spacious, and everything looks rather new.  There are TVs and video cameras set up, and enough room for everyone to be able to see - and learn - the cooking demonstrations.  But what's better is that it's hands on - they get their hands a little dirty and some food on their apron while they learn to measure, mix, prep, and cook good and fun food.

    After the first class, we wanted to go back.  I thought to myself though, can't we just cook at home and teacher her more, for less money?  The answer is no.  While there is a lot you can teach them at home, getting out with a group of kids and with people doing hands on demonstrations, and more importantly, in an open space with professional equipment, helps them learn a lot.  It's kind of like an interactive Food Network.  It also takes them out of the element of being at home, and of course, I'm not flipping out when the milk gets spilt all over the counter, or if batter goes flying everywhere..

    And, let's face it - if you're dropping your kids off, it's also a nice little break.  I'm already plotting a Happy Hour excursion next time we drop her off for a mid-afternoon class :)

    But seriously, what a great idea, and it seems to be run very professionally and with passion.  That is not something you see in a lot of these niche schools or places that try to attract kids and adults.

    I should also mention that aside from kids classes, they have adult classes, and date night.  I definitely plan to do one of those soon :)


  • 1185 Lincoln Ave
    San Jose, CA 95125
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    Reviews are pretty on-point for this place.  Definitely hipster, definitely good (not necessarily great) quality ingredients, often local sourced or sourced in small batches (read: fresh) and prepared in a bold, unique, experimental way.

    I guess part of the allure is that this is a local spot with a ton of food traffic, and with the size and location of this, and of course with the decor, it is not really a place you reserve a table and go for a fancy meal.  Nay, it is a place where you go after a long day, or at the beginning of a long night, and have some great food and drinks, mingle with locals or your better half, and enjoy yourself.  

    My biggest issue here is that they don't tweet or put on Facebook or on their website the food they are making.  I would love it if they did that because it would catch my eye and definitely lure me in.. But, since I don't live or work right on Lincoln Ave, I can't just hop in every afternoon or night and see what they've got working in the kitchen that day.  

    Worth checking out, but if nothing on the menu really appeals to you, go another night.  I settled on a so-so meal because the choices were very limited.  I feel like had I come on a different night, or if they would advertise their specials online and I could find out in advance, I would likely come in a lot more and be a lot happier.

  • 1072 Willow St
    San Jose, CA 95125
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    I am borderline 3 / 4 stars, but I'm going to go 4 because we got really great service (thank you, Jennifer!), we really enjoyed the pizzas, and overall it was just a nice family dinner on a Sunday night.

    The place was not too busy, and the booth we sat at was very comfy.  They brought out some really good bread and hit us with water as soon as we sat down.  I got their signature cocktail, the "Wild Cat", which is a mixture of rums and pineapple juice.  It was good, but very sweet (I should've saw that coming, though) and wasn't very heavy on the alcohol.

    We browsed the menu and decided to order the roasted garlic & chicken pizza, the classic cheese, and the arugala & Italian salami pizza.  All were very good, but for the price I kind of expected bigger pizzas.  The regular pizzas are pretty small, like 8-10", with the thin-crust "Neopolitan style" pizzas are 12-14" or so.  We enjoyed them all - My wife loved the cheese, I liked the garlic chicken, and I LOVED the arugula & salami, although some said it tasted like salad on top of pizza (I disagree).

    We also got dessert and this was definitely lacking.  The bread pudding was very bready and not very warm.  The chocolate brownie was very dry and dense and not hot.  The season dessert, however, a berry crisp concoction, was fantastic!  Also, the homemade ice cream was a great addition, and it is definitely homemade.

    Like I said, we got great service from the lovely Jennifer (whom my daughter now LOVES), the manager walking the floor was very welcoming, and everything was pretty good.  We will definitely be back!

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    Hidden... Yes.

    Very small.. Yes.

    Nice wait staff, very cool and visible and friendly owner/chef... Yes.

    Decent food.  I was not completely wow'ed by anything except the salad special for the evening, which, if memory serves, had candied walnuts, gorgonzola, and pear?  Something to that effect - either way it was delicious.  The creamy pesto pasta was just OK, and my Mom had the braised beef which was also just OK.  Both were kind of shy on meat and heavy on sauce / cheap veg / pasta/starch.  The bread was good, and their wine list is OK...

    I hate to say this but I think my biggest problem was that it was just a touch overpriced.  I think with salads, entrees, desserts, and wine, we dropped almost $160 for two.. I'm not cheap by any means but for what we got I don't think it was worth that price.

    I do like that they offer wine flights, however they do not clearly label the wine flights when presenting them.. They just tell you which one is which.. And by the 2nd glass, you have completely forgotten what you ordered in the first place, let alone which is which!

    Very small restaurant, too.. The seat by the door kind of sucks.. But overall, it is a very nice and quaint little hidden gem, as other reviewers have mentioned.  If you live in the area, definitely give it a whirl.. Local business (thumbs up), good, fresh food (thumbs up), and very friendly staff (thumbs up).

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    We had a really nice time here on a chilly night.  Service was very good, restaurant was relatively quiet, and food was pretty good, too.  I was a little disappointed with the amount of meat in all of our dishes - Sweet fruit chicken, Rendang Beef Curry, and the Chicken & Snow Peas.  All had more sauce and veggies/fruit than meat.  Double the amount of meat in them and they'd be great, but instead, they were just good.

    Pretty clean, and like I said, great service, so we'll be back.  Everything tasted pretty authentic and fresh, and was well seasoned/spiced.

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    Glad to find a great taqueria here in Willow Glen!  Coming down from Milpitas, we had plenty of favorite spots for burritos and traditional Mexican food, so we needed to find a fixture that suited our needs.. And I think we found it with these guys!

    All the food was delicious, and seemed very authentic.  The rice was very fluffy and the beans were nice and crusty on the edges and gooey and cheesy in the middle.  All the tacos we tried were very good, and just a little spicy!  The fajitas were also delicious with a good amount of meat (but maybe a little too many veggies) and a little greasy, which was a downer, but still good.

    We also enjoyed the sangria, which was very very smooth, and a little sweet.  However it did not seem very alcoholic :(

    Only two complaints - Parking is super, super tight!  And the wait was kind of long, I expected it to move faster but sadly it does not.  It was worth the wait... But still.


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    I'm kind of surprised about some of the negative reviews here.. All I can say is that my experience with Coastal Lumber, and notably Randy, was great.  We had the fence put in before we moved in the house.  Didn't even see the crew.  All we saw was a beautiful fence when we came to move some stuff in.  Our neighbors were so impressed with the work and the door they put on our fence that they hired Coastal to do the same to their side.

    Dealing with Randy was also awesome.  He called me like 3 times to let me know he "might" be 5 minutes late.  I told him it was no problem, and by the time I got there he was already there - he ended up being early.  He was also amenable to waiting for other family members so that we all got to make the decision.  His price was very fair and like I already said, the fence looks beautiful and so far has had no problems whatsoever.

    Quite frankly, Randy & Coastal Lumber are the best contractors we've dealt with in our move.  Everything was clear cut, well explained, and done as promised.  Seems like a great business plan to me.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    What an excellent company to deal with.  These guys came out to our new home to take a look at our very old furnace unit on the day before or the day after Thanksgiving.  They even came twice since the first time, while they fixed it temporarily, it didn't turn back on.  After we all came to the conclusion that a new unit and new install work would be wise, we scheduled a quote and got a pretty decent quote from Byron.  He was right on point with some other companies, and was happy to go over ALL of our options.

    When install day came, the men were very efficient, very organized, and very tidy.  They didn't bother us - they just did the work.  They turned what was quoted as a 2-day installation into just 1 day's work, which was very pleasing.

    When the inspector came out to inspect everything a week later, he sang praises for them too and said he barely has to check their work.  In his own words, "These guys deserve an award for the outstanding work they do."

    Couldn't agree more and I hope to get them to do an A/C unit before Summer comes :)

    A+ company!

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    Definitely another 5-star review for Tony and Royal Chimney Service!  

    We had to repair our chimney after purchasing our new home.  Tony gave us a very reasonable estimate and said that since it was his busy season (November) we would probably have to wait about two months.  Luckily, he squeezed us in and was able to do the work before Christmas, so we were able to burn a nice beautiful fire!

    We were very pleased with Tony's reasonable cost and his very hard work.  He was extra careful to clean up after any mess he made, and he got all inspections done in a timely manner.  He was also great at returning e-mails and phone calls which is a MUST when dealing with independent contractors!

    We would gladly recommend Tony and Royal Chimney Service to anyone who needs any repair or service.  He is a great guy and was a pleasure to deal with, and he did excellent work on a very reasonable schedule.

    Thanks, Tony!!

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    Nice service, but I was really unimpressed with the food.  We went for breakfast on a Sunday morning.. I love authentic Mexican for breakfast.. what I got was soggy french fries with 2 overcooked sunny side up eggs on top, super greasy and gross chorizo, and a flavorless green salsa verde on top.

    The only saving grace was the delicious sangria and the amazing horchata.  Also, I really enjoy their extremely fresh chips and their very spicy salsa.

    But the food, like I said, was very lacking, overly greasy, and just not that great overall.  Not a very good experience, plus they play a radio station over the loud speaker, so half the time I'm hearing commercials and bad Hispanic DJ voices.  

    Avoid.. :-/

  • 1712 Meridian Ave
    San Jose, CA 95125
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    This was kind of a strange experience.  I found this place not by word of mouth or looking at local reviews, but because I was hungry for something specific, so I searched for 'parpadelle' and came up with "Fratello's" as its known.  I peeked at the menu and noticed it was a little more upscale, and they also had carbonara, which I've been craving, so we went on a whim.

    It is in a weird location in a strip mall.  The outside does not seem extremely like it'd be a fine dining establishment, but the inside is the opposite.  It is a very clean dining room with lots of stuff set up on the  tables (lots of stuff = fancy).

    Our waitress was very nice and accommodating.  We got drinks, which were great, and appetizers.  First and foremost - possibly the best eggplant parmigiana I have ever had.  Similarly, my wife hated the calamari.

    For the main course we had the tilapia on special which was good, and the parpadelle with veal, which totally did not satisfy my craving.  For some reason I assumed it would be like, braised meat in a red sauce.  Nope.  Some sort of white wine sauce, maybe cream, and very little meat.  I did not like the texture of whatever the ground meat was (I assume veal).

    The carbonara did not hit the spot either.  I had this once and it tasted like bacon and eggs with fresh al dente spaghetti.  Here, the pasta was overcooked and the prosciutto was not very flavorful.  I think it was undercooked because it was fatty and soft.  I think some crispier pieces would've been nice.

    We then went for dessert.  We tried a bunch of them and they were good, but nothing really stood out.  My favorite was the apple cinnamon thing.

    So, after all that, the problem was.. I felt like the food was underwhelming and the portions were a little on the smaller side.  Service was great though, and the restaurant is very nice.  But I spent $220 after tax and tip, and I don't want to leave feeling anything less than wow'ed after that.  

    Also should be noted that they have a strong, loyal crowd that is local and most people here knew each other by name, and the owners came around and talked to them (but not us...) which was cool.

    So yeah, a good restaurant, but needs to up the ante if they are going to charge fine dining prices.  And again, best eggplant parm I have ever had in my entire life (and I've had quite a few)

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Meat on a Stick (and other Mediterranean gems) (10)

Meat on a stick on a bed of rice.  Does it get any better?  Throw some pita and hummus or other spicy, creamy dip, and I'm a happy olive-skinned customer.

If you like kebobs, lamb, traditional Greek / Armenian / Mediterranean food, this is the list for you.

Vino Vino (9)

A list of wineries, vineyards, wine bars, and tasting rooms.  For the connoisseur of fine viticulture.. Or for those who just like to get "friendly" over some fermented grape juice.

Keep On (Food) Truckin' (13)

Love food trucks?  So do I.  Inundated by the influx of so many trucks in the Bay Area?  Me too.  Hopefully this list will help you navigate the roads a little better.

Home & Auto Repair and Maintenance (4)

South Bay home & auto repair/maintenance places I do (or don't) recommend

Italian from a true East Coaster (19)

You don't have to be from Italy to know good Italian food - You just have to be from the East Coast.

Out and About in Milpitas! (23)

As a Milpitas native and a foodie, I figured I'd give my favorite (and least favorite) Milpitas joints a list on Yelp.

Planning a Wedding in the South Bay (13)

Here are some reviews for places we looked at while planning a wedding, and some of the places we ended up using.

We planned a wedding for 200 guests in only 6 weeks.  We did a lot of process of elimination type things but also we visited a lot of places, checked Yelp a lot, and met with a lot of "wedding specialists" in order to make everything go smoothly.  I learned a lot but man was it hectic!

I can tell you this though:  organization is key.

Hopefully this list can get you started so you can head out there with a plan instead of feeling lost in the giant world that is the wedding industry!

Best and Worst of Oahu (20)

The Best (and Worst) of my first trip to the island of Oahu!

"Good food and good fun go hand-in-hand."

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