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    200 Roy St
    Seattle, WA 98109
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    I am so with Jeremy on the subject of the occasional lack of table service.  This is primarily a bar, not a full service restaurant so: first breathe, then get up and order at the bar.  Everything will be ok.

    Ok, so that said, I love Solo.  Good people work here, and good people from the neighborhood come here.  It's an eclectic crowd, even amongst the regulars and that why I love it.  (Oh yeah, I should mention that I'd probably be considered a regular and I would count most of their bartenders among my close friends).

    Travis, Solo's chef, cooks food that is way above average for bar food.  Actually, it's above average for almost any restaurant in the neighborhood.  He deserves a lot of credit for creating and consistently delivering a menu that is delicious, thoughtful, and affordable.  The veggie pot pie is exactly what you'd hope it to be, and the rabbit mole tacos are divine...

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    I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of this place since learning that the folks behind Solo were taking over the old Rosebud space.  I am a devotee of Solo, and so I was very excited that some of my favorite people and food in the city were now going to be within walking distance from my home (sorry, wallet and liver).

    So I guess it could go without saying that I've already dined and drunk here on several occasions since the soft opening, and it totally lives up to expectation.  Val & crew have done an awesome job cleaning up and re-designing the space while keeping the best of the old Rosebud furniture (like the retro light fixtures). Very tasteful, airy yet cozy space.

    The food.  Homey, crafted with love, and delicious.  I've eaten or at least sampled the St. John's burger, the chicken thighs w/ brussels sprout salad and bacon vinaigrette (pretty much what I'd make for myself at home if I were a trained chef, so basically my perfect dinner), the salted goat cheese stuffed dates (which I have deemed to be literal amazeballs), and the trout.  Each and every was delicious, balanced, and well-executed.

    Booze.  I'm a wine or bourbon type of gal, so I can't comment on the cocktails or the beer.  But I can say that, like Solo, there's a smallish, but very well-selected wine list at affordable prices.  

    I'm a bit biased about the service as I count some of the staff as close friends, but there's a reason why their older sister restaurant has so many regulars (and why St. John's will follow suit, I am sure) - these folks treat their customers with the kind of warmth  that brings people back again and again.

    Plus, brunch is coming soon and in the summer the patio will be open for al fresco dining and drinking.  What more could you honestly ask for?

  • 601 Summit Ave E
    Seattle, WA 98102
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    This is a solid neighborhood bar with a good rotating selection of beers, a low key clientele, and sports on the tvs.  I expect and desire no more and no less.

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    I have spent more Saturday mornings/afternoons/evenings on the bar side of the Mecca than I care to count.

    There is no pretense at this place.  

    The bacon is delicious.  And the rest of the food is decent diner fare that is cheap and not trying to be anything other than what is (kind of like the Mecca itself).  

    The juke box has a quality selection.  

    The clientele is eclectic.  Spend a morning at the Mecca and you will find yourself surrounded by all sorts of characters - some unsavory, some not, and many very entertaining (from afar).  

    This is a good place to saddle up the bar and keep to yourself.  If you are into that kind of thing.

  • 5.0 Sterne

    Great staff, great beers and wines, great cocktails (ok, at least great based on the one I sampled), great space and cool decor.  Love the fake fireplace upstairs. It's a nice addition to Capitol Hill.

"Please tell me about how you're from California and are therefore an expert on Mexican food."

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