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2013, here's to 100 smashing reviews :)
  • 804 W 31st St
    Chicago, IL 60608
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    So I bought a deal on lifebooker for a 50 min scrub with reflexology for $29.…

    So its easy online scheduling.

    The PranaFlo is inside the colon clinic...kind of interesting.  HAHA, there was lots of things to look at and read all about your health, nutrition, etc.

    My biggest complaint was that Toni was 20 mins  I hate when people are late, however, I am trying to be more Zen like.  

    The space was fine.  Its not super spa like.  More do it yourself, however I liked it.  There is nice spa music playing in the background.  Also, you can hear your surroundings which didnt really bother me.

    The scrub is a little messy, however it felt really good.  She also really worked my toes and feet. hurt but felt good at the same time...ya know?!?!

    It seems like she is really reasonable for the price...Ill definitely be back because I bought two.  I might check out her massage as well.

    Bring exact change for tip, etc.  they could not break a $20 for tip.

  • 420 N Clark St
    Chicago, IL 60654
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    Cockroaches and fruit flies everywhere....I love a dive bar but not bug infested.

    Went here on Saturday before the Health Department shut it down...gross!

    Boss bar, you used to be my your just disgusting!

  • 25 E Washington St
    Chicago, IL 60602
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    25.7.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    So I went here again for the cheap mani-pedi.  I just cannot pass up a deal.  Its like an addiction...I have to do it.  Im like, for $22...?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

    I like that they added the online reservation system.  That was really nice.  I hate calling.  I prefer the gen X way of texting or online communication.  Its just too much effort to call.

    The pedi was actually fine...probably like 3 stars.  Average, cheap, got the job done...gosh, am I describing nails or something else??  Haha, no I am not talking about VIP's.

    The mani was really where it was lacking.  She did a pretty horrible job filing down my nails.  My pinky had a snaggle that I kept futzing with, but she paid no attention.  The paint (pound cake by OPI) seemed really old.  It was thick and glopy.  She also got paint kind of all over my cuticles and didnt clean it up after.  

    I mean, for $22, and I got an average pedi and a shit it that bad?  Most pedi's cost at least $25.  Plus, I really was going into it thinking, I dont really want the mani but if its included...fine.  I always get no chip because my regular mani's chip in like a day.  This one was chipped about 5 hours later.  That pinky snaggle edge chipped right off.

    Would I go here every week for my nail fix?  No
    Would I go back on a deal?  Probably.  Dont judge.
    Would I go here for a special occasion nail prepping?  No

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    Ok, so I actually went with a friend because she had a coupon.  I actually didnt buy the coupon when… Weiterlesen
    Kim L.
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    27.7.2013 Hi, Stepfanie so sorry that you have a very bad time at the salon.please for give the tech that did… Weiterlesen
  • 5220 Fashion Outlets Way
    Rosemont, IL 60018
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    Ummm, yes please!

    So here is the skinny...go during the week and its easy peasey shopping.  We went on a Tuesday and it wasnt crowded at all.

    There is a lot of great stores.  This is for people that normally shop at the high end isnt for people that dont.  Plain and simple.  If you like Tory Burch, Longchamp, BCBG, Saks, Neiman, etc...this is a great place.  If you normally go to Macy's or JCPenney...I dont think that you are going to be amazed by the price point.  Stuff is still pricey, but its less pricey than normal.

    Do I think its ridic that you have to wait in line to get into Tory Burch...yes, but it was worth it...if you like Tory Burch things.  If you wasnt like stuff was dirt cheap.  Like I said, expensive things, just a little less expensive.  Most things were about 35% off retail...which is a good deal if you are looking to pick up some Burch things.

    5 hours free parking..then its like $3 after that...I think reasonable.  I mean, how long are you going to shop?

    Overall, I most definitely will be back.  And probably soon!

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    So I usually love going to the StyleChicago events...however, this past one was a little meh.

    The Girl's Night Out night was at Venue One, which is a nice space for events.  This year, it was one the first floor, which was cramped.  It definitely seemed like they didnt have as big of a turn out as they usually do.  I am not sure why.

    Also, the vendors this year were meh.  Last year, it was amaze (5 stars).  This year it did not live up to my expectations.  Some of the vendors were a stainless steel pot and pan company (?), wigs, hair (styling and braiding), nails (regular manis), eyebrows, one makeup stand, VEN, Concierge Med Spa, arbonne, rodan & fields, several accessory stores, get the idea.  

    My biggest complaint was the lack of organization of the tables.  If you wanted a service (massage, hair, nails, eyebrows, makeup), you had to wait in line.  There was no TIME sign up like in the past.  This made it very ANNOYING to do anything.  Who wants to stand in a 45 min line to get a mediocre manicure?  Not me.  The whole point of the event is to walk around and see/buy things and socialize.  You cant do that if you are stuck in line.  Places that did have a "sign up," it was a joke.  You write down your name, but no one checks it and they werent going by it so I wasnt sure what the point was.  You just had to sit there and wait.

    The food was catered by Native foods (delish), RA sushi (pretty yummy), Wow Bao (one of my favs), and Luna Bars.  They had booze, wine and vitamin water there as well.

    The goodie bags are usually amazing as well.  Again, this year, I feel that they went a little on the cheap.  Lots of weird products I have never heard of.  Pantyliners, flatbread, tend skin, several lotions, etc.  In the past, it was much more of a mix of makeup, skin products, beauty tools, food, etc.

    Overall, the bag is worth it.  The event is worth it.  It was just way more fabulous in the past.  Hopefully they will beef it up for next time!  Where's the BEEF?!

  • 3350 N Western Ave
    Chicago, IL 60618
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    YIKES!  This Marianos is gross!!!

    We normally go to the one in the West Loop...which we love.  We were out and about so this was convenient.

    The produce section was like a teenager's room.  Messy, dirty, smelly, unorganized and missing things...UGH!  

    Also, all over the store (Sunday afternoon), there were boxes and crap everywhere.  Probably not the best time to be stocking and leaving sh*t everywhere.

    The parking lot here is a mess...similar to the one by us.

    We will avoid this location in the future...two thumbs down~!

  • 299 E Ontario St
    Chicago, IL 60611
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    So I walk in and no one is sign, no note, no one...anywhere.

    There is an iphone behind the counter.  Needless to say, I thought about swiping it and leaving...but I am a good person.  Along with a laptop and some other things.  I just made myself at home after about 5 minutes.  I even called the phone and it just rang and rang.  

    I waited about 10 minutes.  At this point, I was kind of curious where in the heck was the staff?  I guess if I loved tanning lotions, I could have taken one of those as well.  Alas, I hate smelling like coconut and feeling like a greased monkey.

    Ah, finally, walks in a shorter, Asian girl with her Chipotle!  The mystery is solved.  Sorry I interrupted your lunch.  She was crude and rude...I should have swiped her iPhone while I had the chance.

    The beds here are OLD, gross and whatever...I mean, do people really go tanning anymore???  Yes, yes I am here to tan...but I bought a groupon for super cheap.  I am slightly embarrassed that I went tanning.  Somehow I justify the act in my head and get my vitamin D dose a few times after this time.  Each time feeling dirty and shady after leaving Ultimate Exposure...kind of like leaving a strip club...hmmm, maybe I will just stick to tan towels.

  • 131 N Clinton St
    Chicago, IL 60661
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    My two favorite things mixed together...DONUTS and ICE CREAM!  A donut milkshake!  GENIUS Beavers...genius.

    I thought it would be gross, but it was delish with just the right sized chunks of donut mixed in with the creamy ice cream.  F**KING FANTASTIC.

    I also got the minis that were drizzled to make the turtle...I think...I cant remember because my brain was all high on SUGAR.  Mmmm, donut millkshake...I just picture Homer Simpson...mmmm.....

    DO IT

  • 118 W Grand Ave
    Chicago, IL 60654
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    Ahhhhh, I really want to love it, but I just can't....maybe like a 3.5.

    Space-totally nice, clean, going with the Asian Peruvian style.  Beware, it's slightly loud in the restaurant but not overtly so.

    Service-I absolutely loved our server.  He was nice, attentive, explained everything, and made appropriate suggestions when asked.  I really liked the explanations of the food, culture, etc.

    Food-this is kind of where I was disappointed.  We decided we wanted to try a bunch of smaller things to really taste a lot.
    Street Food Fest-pork sliders were good.  The bread was ridiculously tough and hard. The meat and sauce was flavorful, but the bread ruined it.  The potato balls were meh.  It almost tasted like they weren't cooked enough.  Barely any flavor and slathered in a sauce.  Chicken skewers were flavorful and tender.  Empanadas were amazing!  Yum!  Overall, the platter was disappointing.
    Corazon-beef heart skewers-tough, fatty, weird texture.  I was not a fan.  I have had heart before and liked it, but not this
    Crab Causitas-delicious!!!!  Creamy mashed potatoes with a fresh kick and topped with crab!  Amazballs!
    Next time-yes to empanadas and crab causitas and no to everything else.
    Banana dessert-good, not great.  Very small for the price.

    I like the online reservations.  The price point is standard for the area.

    Maybe I would try it again, but more than likely...nothing knocked my socks off.  I was expecting more because of the chef...but overall didnt deliver.

  • Canal St from Taylor St to 16th St
    Chicago, IL 60686
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    Manolo's is good...but Rubi's is better.

    Went to MSM to check this place about specifically because Yelpers said it 'might' be better than Rubi's.  I thought, wow, this is going to be amazing.  

    I have to say, yes, its good and a much shorter line than Rubi's, but my heart still belongs to her.  
    RUBI's WINS!  I guess I am a lesbian inside.

  • 5 S Wabash Ave
    Chicago, IL 60603
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    Great little shop and cheap.

    About $10 for a watch replacement...which is cheaper than anywhere downtown...BY FAR!

    30 minutes, 4 watches later, $40 lighter...perfect.

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    Went here for lash extensions from Micki.

    Overall, it was good.  

    I had a gilt city offer for application and fill.  I love me a deal!

    The first application was ok.  I like my lashes a little more full.  It was a good length, but I just like them super duper full.  The fill, she made them more full.  Maybe I was at a shedding point when I first went.  The second application I liked a lot more.

    Also, I found that her extensions didnt last as long as the other places that I went.  You will most definitely need a fill every two weeks to keep your doe eyes up.

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    I love me some Butterfly.

    I love me their awesome Panang Curry with noodles and Crazy Spicy Noodles.  

    Its, oh, oh, oh sooooo good.  

    No joke, the best Panang in the to Urban Vegan (but they dont deliver to me).

    I put on my fat girl pants (the stretch waist banded ones) and pull them up over my belly button to hide my FUPA.  

    I order up Butterfly when I want some GREAT thai food.

    Its cheap!  Its easy online ordering.  Its delicious.

    The delivery can be spotty...sometimes its 30 mins...sometimes its 75 mins...but worth the wait.

  • 2748 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60614
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    Batter & Berries & Brunch & Breakfast...Oh MY!

    This place is twerking me...just like Miley.

    Our girl went over everything.  Was attentive and showed us lots of yummy pics on her handy mini ipad.  I was drooling within 5 mins of walking in and wanted everything on the menu.

    Yummy crab omelette with egg whites, smoked gouda cheese, HUGE chunks of crab (#sorrysebastianfromlittlemermaid.Iateyou), delicious cheesy, creamy, crunchy hashbrowns.  Amazing super french toast flight...yup, didnt need extra syrup.  I loved the crunch that was in every bite.  Strawberry, blueberry, caramel, lemon, oatmeal raisin...they all were #delicious

    Brunch that doesnt blow the bank...yup, its here.  BYOB if you are interested.  Fantastic coffee



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    Love the Paws in Motion team.

    They did an excellent job taking care of our kitties while we were away.  MEOW!  One of our cats is super temperamental and she was fine when we got home.

    They left notes daily to let us know what they did and what they did with the cats.  

    We will be calling them in the future for our pet sitting needs!

  • 1914 W Division St
    Chicago, IL 60622
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    Of course, I had to check out the Russian bath house in the city.

    There was a groupon deal for admission.  I think it was $15 for robes and everything.

    The actual spa/salon, etc has a lot of parts to it.  There is a restaurant, nail salon, facial/massage area then you go downstairs to the locker room.  In the female locker room, there is a steam room, sauna, hot tub, showers and toilets.

    Anyway, we did the traditional Russian thing.  I cant remember the name.  It consisted of going into the hot sauna area and having a lady hit you with a eucalyptus leaf.  Yes, you heard me right.  It was HOT in there.  She had to be dying.  Next was a salt scrub and then lotion and massage.  The whole thing took about 35 mins.  I think it was $55, plus 15% tip.  Not terrible...but King Spa is so much cheaper.

    In the city for the folk that dont like to go outside of Chicago
    You can wear a bathing suit!  If you are uncomfortable walking around naked, this might be the place for you.  Now, clothing is optional so others may be in their bday suits...but you dont have to.
    Alcohol that you can order and get it brought down to you.  Kind of interesting because most people go to detox.  HA
    Food if you are hungry...we didnt eat anything so I dont know if its any good
    Salt scrub felt amazing
    Lotion and massage after was amazing.  It felt like she was slathering warm Crisco all over my body
    Easy street parking
    Lots of different services-nails, facials, massage, tanning, etc
    Steam room smelled of eucalyptus
    Staff was nice and helpful

    Small area
    Expensive (when compared to King Spa, my favorite little bath house)
    I wasnt a fan of the hot eucalyptus leaf beating...but maybe you will be

    For me, it would do in a pinch, but I prefer King Spa.

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    I'm so excited and I just cant hide it...and I know, I know, I know...I want you, I want you...but after going here...I didnt want it.

    Oh OPART!  What a disappointment!  

    I got the tiger eye with friends to start.  It was tender and juicy with a great dipping sauce.  Some pieces were a little fatty, but overall it was good.  

    Kuay Tiew Kee Mao with tofu...MEH.  I ordered it very hot.  It wasnt hot at all.  It lacked flavor.  It honestly just tasted like a greasy mess of cabbage and noodles.  It was extremely was like all the folk at Big City Tap at 4AM.  So excited, but didnt deliver.  They end up going home disappointed...I know the feeling after Opart.

    I also had a bite of Pad Kratiam Prik Thai.  It was a little better, but definitely not worth a trip up here.  

    Oh I think I can part with OPART.  Bleh...maybe I ordered wrong, but nothing really impressed me.  Honestly, I would take Butterfly Thai over this ANY DAY!

  • 1144 N Milwaukee
    Chicago, IL 60642
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    I'm antisocial sometimes and I love that they have online scheduling!  Yay!

    I actually really like the space.  It's clean, wood, refreshing...zen like.  

    I got a no chip mani here on a deal...of course because I'm a deal whore.  They have several gelish colors.  They have something else called gel lacquer.  Normally the gelish is $35 and the lacquer is $45.  Personally, I think that's wayyyy too expensive.

    I told the girl that I wanted my nails short and round.  She made them short and square.  I think there was a bit of a communication error.  She was super nice but I don't think she understood me when I said round.  Yes, I could have told her again, but whatever.  It's not the end of the world.  I'm just not a fan of square nails.  

    She did a great job cleaning up my hands. The paint job was excellent.  I just did not like the shape.  Oh and it looked like the sanitize the instruments in between and have them in individual packages.  That's nice instead of the glass of blue stuff.

    The staff is super nice.  They did a good job trying to chat it up.

    Overall, I would probably only come back if it was on a deal and I would definitely make sure my nails were round...not square.

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    Overall it was fine.  I purchased a living social deal thinking that it might not work out.

    Our lady showed up on time in an older car, but overall...not terrible.

    There's lots of hidden cost but it was still cheaper than a regular taxi to O'hare.

  • 4754 N Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60625
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    So I came here on a deal...what else is new?…

    Anyway, I got the full set of lashes.  

    It was super easy making the appointment over the phone.  

    The spa is located in the heart of Lincoln, I havent been up here in FO-EV-VA.  It still looks the same.  Still Brauhaus, etc.  Still super easy street parking.  Still lots of families.

    Anyway, my appointment was at 11AM and yay to Havana to actually being open about 15 minutes before 11AM.  I hate the early appointment when they show up when you do and you have to wait for them.  I know its dumb, but I like a spa to be open when I get there...

    Joel did my lashes and let me tell was the fastest eye lash application that I ever had.  It was like Jimmy John's fast you will freak!  I probably went back to the room at about 1105 and he was done at 1153.  Wow.  Amaz.  

    Also, the application was pretty damn good.  I would have like a little fuller, but overall, it was awes!  And I paid less than half price!  BOOM!

    A friend did the LVL with tint for $55 for first timers and it looked great!  I will be posting our before and after pics in a bit.

    Overall, Havana Spa was a win.  I would be interested in other specials, but I wouldnt pay full price since its out of my way, etc.  Also, the spa is mediocre at best.  It seems almost like an upscale nail place.  I wouldnt go here to get great ambiance for anything else...but lashes, brows, nails...YES!

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    What an identity crisis this little place has had.  I have heard such mixed reviews, but I went...reluctantly...

    It was super easy Open Table reservations.  On a Friday was dead.  There was probably 8 other tables in the large space.  We didnt mind.  They have huge plush booths...which I love.

    Our server was great.  She was bubbly and always checking on us.

    The food was delish.  We got a ton of stuff and just shared.  We received pickles for free.  I know a lot of people said they had to pay for them.  Must be part of the new concept.
    Goat cheese and tomato app-YUM!  So creamy and garlicy
    Cheese Dumplings were creamy and corny.  I would definitely order this again
    Burrata-although it was good, it wasnt the most amazing I have ever had.  A little pricey for $10 for a small portion.
    Chicken Pot Pie-crunchy, crust with buttery after taste...whats not to like?
    Pastrami and Corned Beef-its a delicious sandwich.  Al la carte...$10ish is a little expensive
    Reuben-Holy grail tasted amazing with the mustard they provided.  Homemade bread...yes, please!
    Fries-super truffle like...and the aioli was garlic heaven
    Latkes-although wasnt anything special and really priced high.
    Rice pudding was amazing!  Creamy and raisiny with a touch of cinnamon
    Chocolate cake-the ultimate cake.  Lots of frosting, etc.  Delish and fresh!

    Lets get it straight...this isnt a deli and they should have never marketed it as one.  It will probably be the demise of this place along with the odd location off the beaten path.  They need to do some serious marketing to get people in because honestly...the food is delicious, but its an upscale restaurant...not anything less.  It is pricey...way pricey for a deli, but I am not sure that they can save the initial concept.

    Overall I thought it was good.  It was standard pricing for the River North area upscale restaurant.

  • 906 W Randolph St
    Chicago, IL 60607
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    I love me some meat.  What I love better than meat is CHEAP MEAT!  

    Alas, I vaguely remember the days when I was vegetarian....for 8 years.  What was I thinking???

    This place is a gem!  Tucked in the West Loop, it is easy to overlook.

    They have all the standard stuff and about half the price of any other grocery store.

    Go get your ribs on!

  • 1920 W Division St
    Chicago, IL 60622
    Vereinigte Staaten
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    Stopped in here after my detox at the Red Square.

    We sat outside on a beautiful day.  It was gorge.  I love a nice patio.

    The black bean burger was good, but it was lacking a little flavor.  The hummus wrap was great.  I would have liked some condiments but there were none.  And no one came and checked on us after they brought our food.  I was too lazy to get up and go back in.  

    Overall, it was a pretty good place to grab a bite.  It is a little pricey, but what do you expect.  It has that organic-y, locally grown, etc feel...ya know what I mean??

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    I find this the most overrated tourist trap ever...

    Its a small, very crowded all of the time place that is usually featured on multiple tv shows for its upside down style deep dish pizza.

    The space is a mess.  Good luck going with a group, which is exactly what most tourists do.  If you drive, they have valet, but honestly just park on the street.  We waited for over 5 minutes looking for the valet guy when I spotted an open street space and pulled in.

    The service...meh.  I mean this place is constantly slammed so expect to see your server like once, maybe twice.  You will have to get their attention for water, more drinks, etc.

    The pizza is unimpressive for me.  We got the traditional upside down pizza.  We opted for the small size, which is ridiculously priced.  The sauce is lacking in flavor as is the meat.  Its just hamburger in didnt even have any flavor.  Honestly, it seemed like an expensive imitation for Chicago pizza.  I feel bad for people that think this place is good.

    Yes, I like the little upside down pizza, but the little trick of watching them flip it over isnt that exciting if the pizza isnt that good.

    Skip it and go to a pizza place with lots of flavor, less line and lighter on the pocketbook.  There's only about a million within Chicago!

  • 737 N Lasalle Blvd
    Chicago, IL 60654
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    23.9.2013 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    HA!  I havent been here in years.  I just read my old review and it still is right on the money!

    I find the food to be mediocre at best.  The goat cheese and spicy potatoes are good.  The calamari is decent.  The garlic shrimp is gross.  It is small, fishy shrimp with no flavor.  I usually love shrimp and never let them go to waste.  Here, I left 3/4's of the dish.  Bleh.

    The service is also mediocre.  They just seem like they are super busy all of the time so they dont give you the attention that you need.  No refills on drinks, water, etc.

    I probably wont be back here.  I thought, well its been a long time so lets go and see.  First impression still stands.  :)

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    3.12.2009 Vorheriger Beitrag
    Disappointment!!!!  I have been wanting to go here for so long and finally went....duh, duh,… Weiterlesen
  • 721 W Grand Ave
    Chicago, IL 60610
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    Beitrag des Tages 8.2.2014

    WOW, what an interesting place.

    Went here with a group and a baby...probably not the best place.  It was JAMMED on a Sunday night.  I mean, it was like sardines in there.  We had a reservation but ended up waiting like 20-30 minutes to be seated.

    There's old pictures up all over the place of famous people, etc.  The restaurant definitely has an old vibe to it.  Even a little bit of a dirty vibe, but cute.  We wanted an old school place.  Originally we were going to go to Club Lago, but its not open on Sundays.

    The menu is extensive.  Its a little disappointing because they dont make any of their pastas.  I know, I am a snob.  The mussels in the white sauce were fantastic.  I love dipping the bread in the sauce...Mmmmmm!  I had this risotto seafood special and it was delicious...but GARLIC-y!  Also the spaghetti and meatballs is delish.  The meatballs have a lot of flavor.

    HUGE portions.  Be prepared for your carb fix and then some.
    The specials are handwritten!  HA!  
    The price point of this place is definitely right.  It is cheap as hell.

  • Taylor Street at Ashland Ave
    Chicago, IL 60607
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    I loved this fest!

    There was lots of great restaurants where you could get MOUNDS of food.  We had the heart attack plate...and it definitely was.

    I also tried lots of other Italian things...gelato, meatball sandwiches, arancini, artichoke something.  All delish.

    I didnt see too many wife beaters, but it was a fun fest.  There was games and everything.  HA!  I am getting more into the less mainstream fests that all the trixies go to and more of the city fests.

    Go and check it out!  You wont be disappointed!

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    17.2.2014 Aktualisierter Beitrag

    I went back & had a different lady.

    Seriously the best threading I have ever had.  They give you the best shaped eyebrows!  Plus, she was much more gentler than the last lady.

    This place is great!

    Yes, they just leave all the strings all over but I'm sure they clean up at the end of the day.


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    26.9.2013 Vorheriger Beitrag
    $9 threading!!!

    So I found this place because of Kris R.  I saw her check in and was in the area...of…
  • 617 N Wells St
    Chicago, IL 60654
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Its really a 3.5, but alas the Yelp struggle with the halves.

    Went here for some lunch.  Its an A-OK restaurant.  

    I had the feta salad and the veggie platter.  Overall pretty good, not anything that I would be dying to come back for.  It was OK flavor, but I have had much better falafel, grape leaves, hummus, etc.  You get the point.  Semi boring flavors...ho hummmmm.

    The real thing that I found annoying was that they brought out two of the entrees and it was a good 5-10minutes before they brought out mine.  Not really sure what happened, but the veggie platter is pretty much all pre-made stuff...hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, etc.  The service was just OK.

    Elias Y.
    Kommentar von Elias Y. von Kan Zaman
    15.10.2013 It's disheartening to hear you were disappointed with the lack of flavor, Stephanie. We try hard to… Weiterlesen
  • 4.0 Sterne

    I like BBB.

    I always find what I am looking for.

    There are constant coupons for 20%, $5 off, etc.

    Lots of variety

    One stop shop

    Helpful staff, but can be sllllooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Overall, I am a fan!

  • 1415 N. Kingsbury St.
    Chicago, IL 60642
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    I love PetSmart!  Its so much cheaper than other pet stores...ahem...petco.

    This one is new...SPARKLING and gleaming!  Plus, a parking lot to boot!

    I loved it.  I think I am going to ditch the Petco that is super close to me and start coming here.  

    There is about a 10-15% difference in price.  That is huge!

  • 2.0 Sterne

    A friend of mine goes here for their lady needs so I called and made an appointment because I was in the market for a new gyno.  She actually goes to the APN here, which I didnt know when I made my appointment with Dr Skul.

    It took over a month to get an appointment and I have almost full availability during days.  Kind of sad, but hey, what are you going to do.  Such is life in the the female world.

    You have to call their "hotline" so they can verify your insurance.  Gosh, I hate healthcare...and I work in the field!

    When I checked in, the front desk girl was nice, but kind of distracted.  Her pop and chips sitting right out, eating and drinking at the desk.  I mean, whatever, but personally I would like some sort of professionalism, especially being a new patient and this is the first thing I see.  And I had to repeat things at least three times.

    I sit and wait and wait and wait.  My apptmt was for 1230.  I showed up at 1215 because I am a good patient and figured I would have to fill out some paperwork.  At 1PM they took me to get my height and weight and health history.  The woman, who never introduced herself to me (not sure if she was a nurse, tech or what) told me they were running behind and it would be another 15-20 mins before Dr Skul would see me.  

    So I head BACK out to the waiting area.  After 10 mins she comes and gets me and puts me in a room and says Dr Skul will be coming in any minute.  I then wait for another 25 mins back here.  At this point, I really cant contain my impatience anymore.  I get up and head out.  I ask the girl sitting at the desk how much longer it will be.  She of course, cant tell me.  I walk to the front and just say forget it.  

    I have little patience for a practice that runs over an hour behind schedule with nothing to be said.  When I was walking out there was no one that tried to stop me.  No Dr Skul in site.  Forget this, I would rather give my co pay to someone else!  WHAT A JOKE.  So after 1.5 hours...I didnt even get to see anyone at this practice.

    Also, a few other complaints.  I really wish I would have seen the APN there, however her "office" is right off the lobby and you can hear EVERYTHING.  I mean, I heard her talking in a normal voice to several patients.  This is a serious HIPAA violation.

    I was really looking forward to going to a center that focused on the whole body, mind and spirit but this just isnt it.  While waiting, I saw several ads for diet and weight loss, acne products and vitamins.

  • 1664 N Ada St
    Chicago, IL 60642
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    Chheeeyeah, finally made it to Ada.  Talk about boon-docks!  Where am I toto?

    So I was confused about the "no reservations" but then they allow you to call on the day of?  I'm still confused by do you take reservations or not?  I didn't think so, but then it seemed like it...still don't know.  Jury is out on this.

    Shityeah, they have all vinyls and you can request whatever you little heart desires :)  Nice little touch.  I found the vibe in the place to be interesting.  Its like a bar, but a restaurant, but a lounge, but hipster like...  They have an open air area...with a ping pong table.  I guess, trying to be different?

    Food wise we had:
    Crispy Black Eyed Peas *found them to be fantastic!
    Fried Manchego Cheese *the most disappointing.  There was no cheese in three of the bites so it was like they fried it too long and all the cheese leaked out.  BOOO!
    Tuna Tartare *pretty refreshing.  It was good, not the most amazing I have ever had
    Fried Oyster Sliders *great flavor, just slightly dry
    Steak Tartare *better than the tuna, YUM!
    Goat Cheese and Chorizo *whats not to like about meat and cheese???
    Octopus *great flavor and not rubbery.  YUMMY!
    Duck Confit *delish
    Flatbread of the night *amazballs, garlic, onion, truffle and breath was reminding me of this dish for days :)
    Donuts *pretty good
    Chocolate * great salty, sweet combo...would recommend
    Also some drinkys were had at the table.  They have a nice list of beers, spirits, wine, etc.  Friends loved the moscow mule.  refreshing for sure.

    Overall, I found the food to be good...not great.  I also found the small plate to be excessively small and pricey for what you get.  It did seem pretty overpriced to me, but what are you going to do...?  EAT anyway!  the chocolate dessert was HUGE will just want to keep diving into the hunk of chocolate with salt....mmmmm.

    Super easy street parking.  If you are planning on cabbing it over, call your cab in advance because it is desolate over will never get one unless you call.

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I had a discount deal as well for an interior detailing.  

    Getting an appointment can be challenging.  I called and they didnt have any availability for a month.  Ha!  I was shocked.  Oh well.

    Saturday came and this place was a mad house!  I had no idea.  I dropped off my car and they told me they would call when they were done.  Now, when I called to make the apptmt, they stated that it would take like 3-4 hours.  It definitely took longer so be prepared.  I dropped it at 9A and at 3P I still hadnt heard from them so I called.  They said they just finished.  

    It was a super easy check out.  I just showed him the voucher.

    The car itself looked really nice on the inside...however, it wasnt that dirty to begin with.  I am not sure it was worth it for me.  Also, I had some stuff in the console that they just assumed was garbage...which it was not...chapstick, a discount card, etc.  It was gone when I picked up the car.  Not a huge deal, but maybe saving it and asking when I picked it up or putting it in a bag?

    Overall, the staff seems professional and nice.  My car looked good.  Convenient location for me.

  • 3.0 Sterne

    This shit is finger licking good!  KFC and Popeyes have nothing on this!

    * to the chicken!!!
    * to the amazingly thick, spiced up coating/crust.  I thought it packed in the flavor
    * to the juicy inside
    * to the chinese broccoli with lots of flavor and crunch!
    * to the awesome outdoor patio with heat lamps
    * to the honey butter and hot made the meal!!!
    * to the chicken pot pie thingy...but I wanted MORE!
    * to getting there at 730 and beat the ridic line that formed after us out the door
    * to the tea!  It was delish

    * to the expensive sides that were just mediocre and SMALL.  Mac N Cheese was meh.  They were already sold out of the creamed corn at 730P on a Monday...bummer
    * to the meh tasting corn muffins in a honeycomb pattern
    * to the uber slow ordering process because there is only one person at the front that takes orders and is SLLLOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
    * to the expensiveness of it all.  It is pricey for what you get.  
    * to the small font sized menu...definitely need to make it BIGGER!  You cant read it until you are right up at the front

    Overall, I think its worth a trip.  Definitely get the chicken.  Maybe try the sides.  Enjoy the patio!

  • 902 W Randolph St
    Chicago, IL 60607
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    Holy wholly guacamole!!!

    I love this place.  I stopped in after riding my bike over.  It's a small shop, however they have everything you could possibly want...or you can ask.

    Also, John is like the nicest guy ever.  Not pushy, but there for all your shopping needs.

    They have fruit, vegetables, dried goods, herbs, nuts, canned stuff...etc.

    Cheap!  Omg, so cheap!  This is going to be my new place!!!

  • 212 N Carpenter St
    Chicago, IL 60607
    Vereinigte Staaten
    3.0 Sterne

    Probably less but I got a super cheap deal on…  

    I think it was like $17 or maybe even cheaper.

    Anyway, this is tucked away over in Fulton Market.  Its easily missed if you arent looking for it.  

    This is a salon that has two nail stations.  Its nothing much.  They have the Gelish no chip, which is fine with me.  Probably like 30 colors or so.  Nothing too crazy.  The girl that did my nails was just OK, at best.  Normally their no chip is $40.  I would be PISSED if I spent full price, but since its a deal, I added a star.  

    She didnt do that good of job of cleaning up my cuticles or shaping them.  I like my nails short and round.  They are kind of like that.  

    Also, the paint job was meh.  There was some paint on the cuticle and sides.  I am sure it looks fine from a distance, but up close...not so much.  Its definitely a Monet.

    No lotion, no massage, it was really bare bones.  Almost seemed like just a polish change, which is disappointing because it is fairly close to me.  

    Lastly, they have online scheduling, which makes me super happy.  I dislike talking on the phone.

    Go on a deal and low expectations.  I doubt I will go back, even on a deal.  Its just not worth it.

  • 2013 W Division St
    Chicago, IL 60622
    Vereinigte Staaten
    5.0 Sterne

    HOLY GRAIL!  #JAYZjustintimberlake

    This place was twerking for me!  #ilovemiley,not!

    We got to sit outside on a beautiful night.  #chicagoweatherhasbeencrazy

    The food was so amazing.  #imafatpig
    polenta was creamy, cheesy, bacon-NESS. whats not to love. could've ate the whole dish myself.  
    heart of palms salad was so refreshing and crisp
    tacos.  we had the crispy redfish and the lamb chirizo.  both amazing.  would highly recommend them.  
    chocolate ganache. yummy, however i didnt like the aesthetic of the dish it was in. if you didnt dig down with your spoon, you didnt get the chocolate.
    rice pudding was creamy and sweet!  MMMMmmm

    They have lots of different kinds of drinks.  Margarita flavors galore.  Long list of whatever you could possibly want!

    Only thing that I found annoying was that you cant mix and match tacos.  All 3 the same.

    Oh, and it was reasonable in price.  Valet was $10.  It was damn good.  I would definitely be back.

    Anshul M.
    Kommentar von Anshul M. von Takito Kitchen
    7.11.2013 Hey Stephanie!

    First of all, this may be the #BestReviewEver. I wanted to reach out and thank you…
  • 1851 W Addison St
    Chicago, IL 60613
    Vereinigte Staaten
    4.0 Sterne

    HOLLA!  Endgrain is the ENDGAME for BRUNCH.  

    Damn that sh*t is gooooooood!

    Small, little cutesy place in Roscoe Village area.  
    Definitely a hipster vibe place so if you hate glasses, handlebar mustaches and skinny jeans...avoid!
    The food is fatty and fantastic and mostly fried.  If you are on a health kick...avoid!

    The fried chicken biscuit is excellent.  The sauce was zingy, mayo, mustard deliciousness!  The biscuit was buttery and just enough crusty-ness to it.  The chicken was good, but personally I would have liked a little more flavor on the crust.  Overall, it was a fab-o sandwich.
    The torta was amazing as well!  Fried up pork, with eggs and peppers...oh so good.

    The maple bacon donut was pretty damn good as well.  The bacon was super crunchy and crispy.  The doughnut itself was a little denser than I personally like, but it didnt stop me from eating the whole thing.

    :) sitting here in a food coma...I dont have much else to say

  • 4.0 Sterne

    I love this place.  I have wanted to come since before it was "cool" and finally it happened.

    1.  All of the food was AMAZ!  I wasnt expecting it.  Shrimp, ribs, crab rangoon, papaya salad, chicken skewers and almond joy bites.  Only thing I wasnt a huge fan of was the pork sliders.  I felt the cucumber overpowered it.  We had everything on the menu and it was all fantastic and packed with flavor!
    2.  Dry ice!!!  Its the little things that make me happy.
    3.  Slushy drinks in cool glasses.  
    4.  Totally accommodating.  You dont want alcohol or less alcohol, yep, they can do this for you!  Be mindful, they dont have a lot of the standard stuff...this is a TIKI BAR!
    5.  Texting when your table is ready.  So smart!

    1.  The line to get in lines up right by a dumpster...HA!  Awesomeness...not!
    2.  Crowded and a mess if you dont have a table.  We got an awesome booth, which made ordering so easy, peasy.  If not, good LUCK!
    3.  Pricey...yes, all the amazingness comes to you at a high price tag so go and expect to spend some cash.

    Overall, its a different vibe from most of the restaurants/bars in Chicago so dont go and expect the same...expect DIFFERENT!  

    ENJOY!  :)  VICTORY!

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