• Family or Friends Visiting Pittsburgh von Jonathan D.

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    Hey, Fellow Yelpers!  If you have friends or family visiting from out of town that are looking for…
    12.11.2014 von Jonathan D.
  • DC restaurants von Dale H.

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    I just realized the other restaurant I mentioned is actually called Founding Farmers, not Farmers…
    25.6.2014 von Laura M.
  • AirBnb ? von Lucretiz C.

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    Thank everyone for the responses. I have a pending request for a whole place in Kensington Market in…
    5.6.2014 von Lucretiz C.
  • San Diego von Vanessa L.

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    Good for you Vanessa. Tell us more about it and write a few reviews of your experiences. That would…
    7.5.2014 von Chuck W.
  • Planning a trip to Columbus von Sarah T.

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    Thank you Linda!
    7.3.2014 von Sarah T.
  • Camping? von Lisa G.

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    I frequent 3 state parks for camping all of which allow dogs. The closest, Kooser state park is…
    16.2.2014 von Jeremia F.
  • Places to visit in 2014 von Joe D.

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    How about that. Most interesting collection of places he recommends. Pittsburgh sure has been…
    22.1.2014 von Chuck W.
  • Holiday Travel of the Pittsburgh Yelpers von Chuck W.

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    I would love to do a field trip to Erie. Then you could do a weekly yelp about our travels. :)
    6.1.2014 von Amy C.
  • Family visit von Jay S.

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    If you go to Monroeville they have a hotel called the extended-stay it's it's right behind primanti…
    16.9.2013 von Britney C.
  • Pittsburgh von Shivon S.

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    If it is a Fri-Sat night, the Arcade Comedy theatre is a great place. Shows at 8 & 10 it's BYOB and…
    29.8.2013 von David H.
  • I am the first one to post this... von Andrew V.

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    There not opening yet instill next year.
    11.8.2013 von Andrew V.
  • fallingwater!!! go together!! von Sophie Z.

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    Anybody wanna a green trip?? Lets go to fallingwater together!
    22.7.2013 von Sophie Z.
  • Your Coolest Yelp Check-in? von Tom M.

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    For me Westside Market in Cleveland as well. Steve's Gyro's!!!!
    8.4.2013 von Tim W.
  • PNC Park Officially the Best von Joe D.

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    Chuck, I did some research and the Rooneys wanted their stadium to look like it was "unfinished."…
    23.3.2013 von Joe D.
  • Visiting Yelpers! von Heather H.

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    Mel what's the name of the new speakeasy in OWP?
    22.2.2013 von Lucretiz C.
  • Check out Cook Forest area. I would not think it's more than 2 hours away. I don't know about B &…
    27.1.2013 von Tricia L.
  • Gas station shuffle. von Matthew U.

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    I love Sheetz!
    24.1.2013 von Deborah N.
  • I actually met a family from New Zealand who came to Pittsburgh for two weeks on their family…
    9.8.2012 von Joe D.
  • America's 100 Best Wine Restaurants von Chuck W.

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    "And, Darren, I don't eat at NACL but I'd rather have it there on Penn Avenue than an empty…
    2.8.2012 von Darren W.
  • Wineries in Erie von Kate E.

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    Kate,  There are a lot of wineries up there...some are good, some not so much.  For a more "upscale"…
    29.6.2012 von Chad W.
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