• GoPro Hero 4 black or silver von Jamie W.

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    I found the Amazon reviews to be most helpful.  For water or action, I am going to bypass the $200…
    Vor 1 Stunde von Coty S.
  • If you want the files on your iPhone you have to sync it to your Mac after you have imported the…
    Vor 2 Stunden von Chris W.
  • Bike Fitting von Brittany L.

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    Outspokin has a very good fitting set up
    21.11.2014 von Rebecca K.
  • Calling thrifters! von Alicia D.

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    Island Cowgirl has some interesting stuff. Maybe not mid century modern though.. Dade City has some…
    21.11.2014 von Nick S.
  • Spices and Whole Chiles von Brittany L.

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    I think I saw some at Natures Food Patch in clearwater
    23.10.2014 von Candice M.
  • iPhone von Fayee G.

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    I got my camera roll back in iOS 8.1!
    21.10.2014 von Chris W.
  • Neighborhood Yard Sale Barclay Estates von Follow My F.

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    Barclay Estates is having their neighborhood yard sale today.  Big sales, great deals.  Stop by and…
    18.10.2014 von Follow My F.
  • What To Buy at Trader Joe's..... von Kelleigh M.

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    No, I was there for the first time in weeks a few days ago and was tempted but did not buy the…
    16.10.2014 von Chris W.
  • Deck Boxes von Brittany L.

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    Yeah but that stuff will be safe...
    14.10.2014 von R B.
  • iMessage von Jennifer C.

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    The weird thing is, this happened with my 5s through AT&T, now I have a 6 with sprint...I just…
    11.10.2014 von Jennifer C.
  • A Modern Line in Seminole Heights is having a huge end of summer sale for one day only (Sunday,…
    21.9.2014 von Mala V.
  • Missing Review von Ben K.

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    Brett - I've experienced something odd with some of my reviews lately. I've had about half a dozen…
    17.9.2014 von Tiffany H.
  • I manage to only use about 1GB of data each month by connecting to WIFI when I'm at home or the…
    30.8.2014 von Michelle M.
  • Teavanna Anyone? von Jamie W.

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    Making iced tea is pretty simple. Just double the amount of tea leaves that you would use for hot…
    28.8.2014 von Michelle M.
  • Gum and a donut (or two) at Publix
    15.8.2014 von Yada B.
  • Warning von Bill B.

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    14.8.2014 von Chris W.
  • Engagement rings von Julian W.

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    Gesner Estate jewelers in Westshore. They will make you a custom piece and have amazing quality,…
    28.7.2014 von Claire K.
  • The most expensive gyms in America von Chris W.

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    That's getting quite intimate...
    23.7.2014 von Alicia P.
  • Ybor Dry Cleaning??? von David H.

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    There is one nearby at Grand Central at Kennedy.   It's in the courtyard between the two building.
    19.6.2014 von Jim C.
  • Air Conditioner Sales von Janice C.

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    Hi Janice!  My BF bought a new unit from Lloyd's and I have used them for repairs, and both of our…
    8.6.2014 von Karen F.