Have some charity with your cookies!  Optional toy drive at the cookie swap.

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    Hi Guys!

    I was talking to the Family Programs Hawaii lady at Yelp Helps and she mentioned that they are 1,000 toys short.  That means that ONE THOUSAND foster kids might not have anything to open on Christmas morning.  I was halfway through my gigantic pour of Kai vodka when she told me this so I started to cry like a tired two-year old.  So, long story short, I am organizing a toy drive at my office and Emi said we can do an optional toy drive at The Great Cookie Swap on November 28.

    If you are interested, FPH is looking for gifts for boys and girls ages 8-18.  The gifts should be between $15-20 in value and should not be wrapped.  I will have a collection box at the event and will coordinate delivery to FPH.


  1. 20.11.2010

    Great idea Shelly !!

  2. 20.11.2010

    LOL, you're so silly-cute (re: crying like a 2-year-old). Mahalo nui loa for opening up your heart & taking initiative to do this. I was a foster kid myself, and being from an already poor 'ohana, these gifts we received from "the state" (don't know the source) brightened da lives of my brother & I for several X-mases. Where is your office located?

  3. 20.11.2010

    Durrr, read da last ? wrong! Disregard last ? from me!

    Is Yelp planning any kinda food / toy / fund drive for da holidays? Would be willing to help with such.

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    Emi wanted to do the toy drive at the December elite party but it would be too late for Family Programs Hawaii.  They are asking for the toys by December 1.

    If you come by the Cookie Swap with a donation (optional) you can have some of my cookies.

  4. 20.11.2010

    @ Shelly: Darn! :( I'll see if I can scrounge up anything before then; I usually donate any new to gently used toys to my favorite thrift shop.

    • Karen R.
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    What is the toy that is most wanted?  I'm in but need ideas, please.

  5. 24.11.2010

    @ Karen: Good question!  

    I just e-mailed dem asking for help on dis & let you know when dey get back to me.  

    @ Shelly: Oh, cookies!  Might make an unannounced visit; have a few items I can give you ... not complete gifts themselves, but can be combined with other gifts to give to da keiki.

  6. 24.11.2010

    Here's what da wahine, Shanelle V., sent me:

    Gifts can be:
    For boys & girls ages 8-18
    $15-20 in value
    Gift certificates or cards for teens
    Toys and games for children
    Stuffed animals & toys for infants
    Sports equipment & accessories

    Sorry, we cannot accept:
    Used items
    Food or beverages
    Age inappropriate items
    Recalled toys
    Bulky items

    Gonna be posting da flier in da Cookie Swap event.

    • Karen R.
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    Do you think Pillow pets is to kiddish?  I have them for my kids and they do provide a lot of comfort at night.  I think they might be more packable.  Thoughts.

  7. 24.11.2010

    @ Karen: Not at all! They'd be perfect da younger keiki :) Like you mentioned, would be a nice source of security & comfort for dem. Being away from 'ohana wen you stay young is very traumatizing for choke of dem.

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    Thanks for getting so excited about this guys!  I'm still playing phone tag with the FPH gal but hope to be able to pick up the collection box and some type of receipt book if you want to claim it for tax purposes.  I'll see you guys Saturday!

  8. 24.11.2010

    @ Shelly: Helping/community service is always exciting for me. :)

    Maybe e-mail might work better?  She got back to me within 45 minutes after my initial inquiry.

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    Initial contact was by email.  I sent her another email this afternoon.  I picked up some cute sock monkeys at Sam's Club to donate.  The best thing is the money from the sock monkeys goes towards St. Jude.

    • Emi H.
    • Honolulu, Vereinigte Staaten

    Just a reminder that the Great Yelp Cookie Swap is on Sunday from 2-4 pm at BambuTwo! Don't forget to bring at least 3 dozen home made cookies & 36 copies of your recipe to share!


  9. 26.11.2010

    @ Shelly: No update, huh?  You need large box for put da toys in?

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