Comcast Must Die

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    OK. So I was reviewing my local Comcast office and all of my fellow Yelpers are giving them the same bottom of the barrel rating. I am not exaggerating when I say that every time I think of these guys, my blood starts to boil. Ask my wife! If I did not NEED Internet access for work, these guys would be out of my life forever.

    I need more closure than a large collection of bad reviews on Yelp. Does anyone know the inner workings of the cable industry well enough to help us hatch a plan? A simple boycott hurts me as much as it hurts them. No way the wife is going to give up America's Next Top Model and Jon & Kate Plus 8. How can we REALLY get under their skin? I read about an 80 year old lady that went into the office and attacked their phone system with a hammer, but I hate jail.

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    I don't know the inner workings of Comcast but know enough that you need to spend at least 30 hours with their customer service to have all the wrong corrected. The secret is to keep moving up the hierarchy chain. I normally would ask to speak to their retention specialist as soon as I have problems with them. Then it's simply asking for these people's names + boss' names until I speak to someone who can do something. I've been sent to collections due to error on Comcast's part and so has my husband before we were married... They are grossly incompetent at the lower level but you just have to be patient (and believe me... a lot of patience) and keep calling and talking up that hierarchy chain until you get what you want. For me, my process took six months to be resolved to somewhat of satisfaction. For my husband, it took four. Good luck... BTW. Talking to people at the locations does not do anything because they are all low level people who can't do anything unless you are at their main office... I'd say phone is faster. I've gotten refunds for the days when the cable doesn't work as well as when internet is down for days...

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