New restaurant in Lackawanna

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    Did anyone go to the white elephant yet ... omg the food is so amazing and the place is 100% different .... I highly recommend it.... very well priced and $5 martinis

  1. 5.4.2013

    Never heard of it.

  2. 5.4.2013

    The fact that you have felt the need to post about this place on multiple talk threads has convinced me never to go there - clearly must not be doing well if it requires an internet troll to drum up business (I will note that your comments about it were removed on two separate talk threads for violating Yelp terms of service - troll).

  3. 5.4.2013

    Yeah I was going to say, quit spamming. We've seen your several posts and have also seen them being removed. Totally annoying.

    • Tom D.
    • Silver Creek, Vereinigte Staaten

    Just to let you both (Christina and Lindsay) know - being a newbie to Yelp - it brings much reassurance that no one puts up with crap and that you aren't ever afraid to speak up against spamming - I understand why you are both Elite and look forward to one day joining the ranks!

  4. 6.4.2013

    You'll find that fools aren't readily suffered on here. Haha! Even if we don't retort, Alex C., aka Squirrel will no doubt have a sharp quip to hit someone with. He's ruthless against everyone though. Beware. HAHA!

  5. 6.4.2013

    Beware the Squirrel's Foamy Wrath! "Fools aren't readily suffered." lol

    • Alex C.
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    ...especially in Lackawanna!

    BTW, on Ritchie's profile, it clearly states: "Ritchie has no friends."

    P.S., I'm now "Le chat grincheux".

  6. 6.4.2013

    For what it's worth..this is the old Jacobi's.  Crap location...nothing really lasts here.

    Ritchie should pay for advertising and clean up his act.

    • Ana J.
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    Tom can have my Elite status if he wants! I don't go to anything anymore. You look great in that shirt my friend!

  7. 12.4.2013

    Ana, don't relinquish your Elite badge!! We miss you and your witty banter.

  8. 13.4.2013

    I totally miss Ana and her positivity, witty banter and sweet hair do'! Wish you would come to something soon!!

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