Fake Much?

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    • Paul K.
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    Normally I don't care but man, I've never seen so many 5-star one reviews, and I don't think it should get rewarded with front page real estate.  


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    For sure

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    Hey, at least a few of them had pictures. You have to give them a little bit of credit for stepping up the effort in creating fake reviews.

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    Did anyone else notice how many of the reviews mention that they "will definitely be back" etc.

    • Eric W.
    • Tarrant, Vereinigte Staaten

    And most on the same day, or within a day...

    I'm sure it was a "Free drink if you 5-star me." moment.

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    Speaking of, I noticed a lot of the same from multiple Dickey's locations with a ton of fake reviews. Later found out that Dickey's was offering a free bbq sandwich for a tweet, facebook page comment or yelp review. Funny that they required you to review Dickey's on Yelp BEFORE you actually go into the restaurant to get your free sandwich.

  1. 20.7.2011

    Andrew - I saw that too, and thought it was odd of all places to start having an increase in reviews.  Figured something was up.  Haven't had a chance to flag the reviews, but certainly will.  Yelp police!  :D

  2. 20.7.2011

    I just flag it all, usually they go away

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    I have noticed a few reviews that aren't actually reviews at all, and aren't even attempting to pretend-- giving a 5-star rating, and then copy-pasting the company's own blurb from their website?! Wtf?

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