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    Hey guys I wanted to see if anyone has a suggestion for a late night sushi restaurant. I know about Chaucers and Nadina but I want something fancier for a first date. Anything within Dallas would be great!

    Thanks in advance.

  1. 30.11.2010

    Try searching Talk. You should come up with quite a few threads. Good luck! :)

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    Abacus has 1/2 price sushi in their bar area from 9-10 Monday-Friday

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    You might also want to define "late night"

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    Zenna in Plano is open till 3am.

  2. 30.11.2010

    I noticed that Zenna is open in downtown Dallas (didn't realize its a chain) and they are also open till 3am.

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    Zenna just opened up their second location about a month or so ago. I'm hoping it does well, although we did experience some taste issues at the Plano location during the transition. They sent their head chef to Dallas to train and it resulted and not so tasty cuisine in the interim. At least, the non-sushi stuff. :) All is back to normal now, though!

    I'm a Zenna fan, fo' sho' but I'm not sure Zenna is the spot since Jerry is asking for a place fancier than Chaucer's. Most of the Chaucer's I've been to folks are dressed fairly nice. Zenna is pretty casual although the atmosphere is pretty. Also, the loud and obnoxious birthday celebrations will likely ruin any romantic mood you were hoping for.

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    Thanks guys. We just decided on chaucers that night but decided to make up for it at Nobu this weekend.

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